Baitullah Mehsud dead, what next?

Baitullah Mehsud dead, what next?

With the death of Tehrik-e-Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud being confirmed, it is hoped that the wave of terror gripping the country will lose strength. While Pakistani government officials are yet to give an official reaction to Mehsud’s death, the White House has said that Pakistan will be a safer place now that the country’s number one enemy is gone.

How will Mehsud’s death change the tactics in the offensive against militants in the tribal areas?

Will the ‘successful’ drone attack affect Pak-US relations in fight against the Taliban?

Will it really make Pakistan a safer place or will a new, more dangerous TTP leader emerge as Mehsud’s successor?

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92 Responses to “Baitullah Mehsud dead, what next?”

  1. human growth says:

    Your post has been more than helpful.

  2. Syed Bacha says:

    According to my point of view this is nt the solution to get rid of terrroris.The real solution is to dismantle the TTP network across the country as Sri Lanka did eliminated LTTE.

  3. Mustafa says:

    jawad yousuf Said:

    “This incident is hardly significant in Pak America relations coz both countries are pursuing own interests and in the long term their interests hardly coincide.”

    I say this, both Pakistan and America want peace in Pakistan as well as in Afghanistan. None of the two have to gain anything from turmoil.

    But there are people, specially “Mullah Brainwashed Pakistanis and Afghanis” who will bash Pakistan and America until their last breath.

    All we should say “May Allah help Pakistan and America to work together to eliminate evil enemies of peace”

  4. bilal says:

    I think this a big achievement. Also there are news that there were contineouse infighting among the millitants on whom would be the next successor. Government and millitary establishment must not lose a single moment to completely root the millitants leadershership out from the Pakistani soil. This would help demoralize the second and third level leadership, and so would contribute to peace of the region.

  5. jawad yousuf says:

    Baitullah Mehsood’s death will hardly play any role in fight against terrorism.The question is who are funding terrorists?This incident is hardly significant in pak america relations coz both countries are pursuing own interests and in the long term their interests hardly coincide.

  6. Mustafa says:

    Baitullah Mehsud dead, what next? Good question.

    Unfortunately, this is not the end of Pakistan’s problems.

    Iqbal said “Muslim hain ham watan hai Sara Jahan Hamara” Meaning we are Muslims and the entire world is our homeland.

    If Iqbal comes out of his grave and see Pakistani Muslims, he will be shocked to see Pakistani Muslims are no longer the Muslims of his time. Their Watan (homeland) is now Bangal, Bluchistan and soon it will be Pakhtonistan. No one know what the Sindhis, Punjabis and Mohajirs will do because Pakistanis are racially divided and that is against the teachings of Islam.

    Then the problem of Muslim teenagers attending Madrassas where they are taught to kill and be killed. It is beyond the power of government to stop Madarssas to produce terrorists and militants who will kill their own brothers and sisters rather the outsider enemies of Pakistan.

    Then the problem of feud between Pakistani leaders. There is a move to try Parvez Musharraf. Has anyone thought what benefit it will give to Pakistan even if Musharraf is hanged like Bhutoo. On the other hand there is more chance of division in the ranks of Army at a time when Pakistan is fighting terrorists and it is in the best interest of Pakistan to keep the Army united. Musharraf, regardless of what wrongs he did, he definitely saved Pakistan by joining Americans in war on terror. If he had not done what he did, Pakistan would be in the same state as Afghanistan.

    May Allah give wisdom to Pakistanis to become united and powerful and have better future.

  7. Roy, Canada says:

    If there is no body, he is not dead.
    If he is dead, and that is a big ‘if’, some one else will take his place.
    Noting is going to change in the long term.
    In the short term there will be a spike in the violence as a result of revenge attacks.

    The drone attacks/targeted assassinations have a place in the fight against al-quaida and taliban.

    So what is new?

  8. Imran says:

    I would like to congratulate the Pakistani for haunting down the criminal involved in the hideous crimes, Beitullah Mehsud. Although there were a lot others like him, but it is a lesson for others who are following him.
    We should press the America to transfer the Drone attack technology to Pakistan so that our Air Force can be proved to be effective in dealing with such criminals.

  9. Irshad Ahmad says:

    Besides interests of various powers in this geogriphical region, there are some important domestic factors due to which people like Baitullah Masood emerge. The most important one in my view is our belief, forcefully excercised in tribal belt and Balochistan, that every child brings his own rizq. So, ‘Men’ of these areas have at least 8 to 10 children with one wife.If some one has four wives, you may expect around 40 in a single house. In a rugged environment where there is not much to do for survival,mostly these children go to madersas where they get opportunity of free food and shelter and in turn become toys in the hands of mullahs.With their own interpretation of religion, these immature minds, mostly sexually exploited, become people like Baitullah Mehsud. Don’t celeberate the death of Mehsud, because this area is full of people like him.

  10. Aamnah khan says:

    Simply,the hidden confidence of pakistani government in the U.S drones strategy is no more back stage.Wether he has died or not the government has successfully given the impression that they are dealing with ‘Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan’ in Waziristan very well, in fact accordingly with the U.S strategic idea.They have justified U.S interferance much better than the Musharaf’s government.

    Baitullah Mehsud if dead, i am glad just like all evils he met his fate but lets be not be so happy to forget that beside his successors, we have to finish the ideology of Baitullah Mehsud that is still alive.

    If alive, the ministers should try to be careful next time he dies.

  11. Zubair Khan says:

    Pakistani govt should not celebrate Baitullah assassination in this way that they are endorsing drone attack.Because now USA has strong and valid points that they have the power or authority to kill taliban leaders because Pakistan cannot capture them or kill them.So this is the need of the hour that Pakistani govt should be careful while favouring US drone attack.They should condemn them if they are sincere but if this is happening mutually then one can not say something.

  12. Johnny says:

    Another terrorist is shaheed.

  13. Larry Stout says:

    It’s a hydra, not a snake.

  14. Hussain says:

    I fear if Monster is yet killed. Taliban and Al-Qaeda brainwashed the young generation. It is high time Pakistan should now introduce aggressive changes in the curriculum to brainwash the next new generation to expose Terrorists, specially Mullah Umar, Usama and Baitullah Mahsud.

    Well-wisher of Humanity, God protect civilised nations from the wrath of terrorism, amen.

    Baitullah (Meaning God’s House) was unfortunately, a Devil’s Arena.

  15. Dr Vimal Raina says:

    Oh brothers! oh Pakistan!
    This is how it works
    strategic depth of yesteryears
    now a total jerk.

    What is in a name, the bard
    had wisely said.
    call him Hakim, call him Wali,
    Even if Mehsud is in earthen bed.

    I have a sword, I will kill
    If not in name of my religion
    Or for the book
    I will for my electricity bill.

    For you who from your politician mansions
    look down upon us
    that is not tomato puree you see
    it is our human blood.

    Divide us not , for lines are blurred
    As you go down the chain.
    Hold us not in the chains of hatred
    in our sighs is your shame.

    So what is this,a bad dream?
    Be it Wali or Hakim
    Oh Maula! to thee i pray
    Or was it Mehsud , did you say?

  16. Harambe says:

    OK — so pakistan killed one Baitullah — there is a Saitullah who is ready to do the same job.

    Problem is Pakistan is not serious about dealing with Extremism. It deals with it selectively and as long as this policy continues — there is no hope for Pakistan.

  17. Nicky says:

    Show me the bodies!. Without a display of the remains i will not believe the Interior Minister of Pakistan, whose tall claims are just that. Tall claims. Who’s fooling who?.

  18. Bob says:

    Beware my fellow countrymen, the cancer has spread more than you think! source of this cancer is still alive and in Islamambad.

  19. Muhajir Hashmi says:

    shame on Media who is publishing News without confirmation.

    before this News Govt. announced his Death Many Time. but he is Still Alive. “Jisay Allah Rakhy usay kon chakay”.

    Well if Baitullah was the Enemy of Pakistan then USA is your Friend who is dictating to Govt of Pakistan….? and we are supporting to Pakistan Army and Govt, on the other hand we are busy in IDP’s Help. what a Double Standard.

    i think we need the lesson of truth, honesty and Faith First, then we Can support some kind of group.

    Baitullah Mehsud is Still Alive.
    Please correct your Database

    Down with America
    Down with US supporters.

  20. Nehal says:

    What next, I think first the government will use the Lota used by Mehsud to compare the DNA, can anyone explain how will they achieve that.

    Where is the army plan to invade the trouble (err…. tribal) region, are they waiting for the Drones to finish all of their problems.

    All the brouhaha from Pakistanis on use of Drones, and here is the first supposedly successful hit(May be we need to petition for a Drone hit on mullah FM as well!).

  21. Akhlaq Ahmed says:

    It is ok, good but we need to focus on such elements who want to destablize the countrty and give wrong lesson to the masses. Our system should address the problems why people want to move towards such elements. Our system need to be at the satisfaction of the general public. There should be developments, basic entities in FATA areas. There should be proper education for all, why we dont introduce Political Act in these areas as to enable the parties to work there and give awareness to the poor people of the area. Teach them PAKISTAN FIRST concept.

  22. Keti Zilgish says:

    The taleban are only the symptom the cause of which are the lawyers, doctors & mullahs. “Many rivers to cross”.

  23. Ravi says:

    This is good progress with chemotherapy.

    With this showing a larger convergence of US’ enemy and Pakistan’s enemy, hopefully the focus will shift on rooting out the enemy and not on the ‘allowing of the drones in Pakistan airspace’.

    The best thing about the way this chap was taken out – the State is beginning to speak a language the terrorist understand. Hit them where it hurts, no mercy, do what it takes, compromise is not a part of the ideology. And all this without jeopardizing conventional forces.

    The next logical step will be for Pakistan to acknowledge and act against terrorist acts against India as ‘by a common enemy’. At that point the neighbors would have moved a step away from animosity and towards cooperation. There is no better time all nations stop paying lip service and to unite and subdue any and all terrorists.

  24. Mustafa says:

    Q Ali Said “All miseries looting,killing, lack of law and order, assaulting and snaching mobiles, and purse on bus stop, all these misfortunes, are not due to talibans, but due to the cruel kindness of corrupt, and irresponsible leaders, and politicians of the country.”

    Ali, you are not the only one saying this. There are many like you saying the same things.

    A question for you. If a person has heart attack, would you say he has many other illness such as flu, fever, rash on skin and many others and let us not attend to heart attack until all others are also attended.
    People like you have failed to realize that attacks by militants, the deadly enemies of Pakistan, are the greatest threat to the existence of Pakistan, not looting and purse and mobile snatching and other offences. So do not brush aside the greatest threat by making all sorts of excuses.

    I am not saying the other offence should be allowed to continue. All I am saying, the greatest threat should be attended right away and eliminated before doing other reforms.

    We should pray to Allah to save Pakistan from its enemies. We should also pray to Allah to give wisdom and intelligence many people of Pakistan who have failed to recognize the immediate threat to the existence of Pakistan by Militant Talibans.

  25. the evil is dead,but what about his insects which are spread in our society, and some of them are sitting in the assemblies. on Facebook on Facebook