Assault on PNS Mehran in Karachi

Assault on PNS Mehran in Karachi

Taliban militants assaulted the headquarters of Pakistan’s naval air force in Karachi, killing 13 people, injuring 16 others and blowing up at least two military aircraft.

The assault that started at 10:30 pm on Sunday at PNS Mehran base near Shahrah-e-Faisal ended 14 hours later, after more than 20 Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militants stormed the heavily guarded building with guns and grenades.

Monday morning saw trucks carrying military and paramilitary rangers into the base as security forces battled to end the siege during which two P-3C Orion, maritime patrol aircraft, had been destroyed.

As the gunbattle continued, there has been a lack of information on the residents living at the airbase. One Twitterer, @RJ_kulsoom has been tweeting live on what has been happening at PNS Mehran. would like you to share your eyewitness account of the events and update us on the security of the residents in the area, in the comments section below.


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28 Responses to “Assault on PNS Mehran in Karachi”

  1. anonymous says:

    Yes born in Pakistan gives you the right to say whether you are proud of being Pakistani or not. And i am with Saqlain and millions more who are ashamed of being Pakistani

    • Syed Chishti says:

      This is not a matured comment. Nations take generations to build. Don’t loose hope in 170 million plus people; who live day in and day out for a viable Pakistan. I am optimistic. We will one day become part of front and leading democratic countries of the global village, never to be ruled by undemocratic people ever again. Pakistan is life line for the East and for the West. No one can loose Pakistan. Everyone; in the diplomatic circle and corridors of the global politics/forums understand that. Pakistan will become a thriving and peaceful country in just less then two decades?

  2. Bharat says:

    More and more like Somalia every day ???

  3. HA says:

    C-130s, which were parked in PAF Base Faisal next to PNS Mehran, remained untouched. It seems P3Cs were the prime target to weaken the Pakistani Naval surveillance activities in Arabian Sea. God forbade us, I fear that in coming days some kind of terrorist/subversion activity is gonna surface out from our shores in south.

  4. Rashid Choudary says:

    This attack is not thought out after May 2, It must be planned and surveyd for months. The security forces are talk only, no professionalism, so called special forces and marine took 18 hours to clear 4 guys and let the other escape.
    It is high time the upper brass should pay for it (navy and the army) for failure and such planning to park valueable assets on open road.

  5. Abbas Hussain says:

    What a pathetic situation. After having spent Billions of dollars, the Pakistan Army is useless and can not even stop 6 people from attaching their facilities. I think the army should retire and let the civilians defend the country. This way, they (army) will be freed from their main responsibility so that they can rule the country.

  6. ismile says:

    I think it is time to face the taliban and other terrorist. “If good people are not united then they will loose”. its time to get united and oppose these terrorist, show them that we are united against you, we do not welcome you. Its not time to get afraid and mourning. these attacks are raising questions on survival of pakistan, the our country, which need to be answered in a strong manner.
    Wikileaks has shown no one is for no one. Even politician and army support these terrorist. Its time to tell them that we don’t support these policy.

    • MSM says:

      I endorse your views and, to unite we have to have a focal point for unity and that focal point could be “save this lovely country” save it from corrupt politicians, bureaucrats both military and civilian as well as all government servants. From all corrupt political parties, media personals, lawyers, judges, educationalists etc etc. Terrorists organization, NGO”S.

  7. Neil says:

    Whatever has happened, definitely, its a great loss to the reputaion of defence force’s top brass, Who again and again keep on befooling people of Pakistan, by showing artificial fear across the borders. A clean up process is required. Its a great time people should wake up and do the best for their nation, as we have done in India, people like Anna Hazare who was backed by millions of people and Indian govt. was forced to form a stringent law to root out corrupt leaders, top civil servents and any one adopting corrupt ways and means..Remember this can only be done when people leave luxuries of life bind themselves together..Best of luck….

  8. MSM says:

    If there is one person to be blamed for all this militancy, terrorist activities, lawlessness and patronage from government’s side within this lovely country, I’m sure every citizen of this country would take just one name.

    He was instrumental for the mayhem. Inaction by the others who followed him is yet another important factor for this disastrous condition, this lovely country is in. I agree with Mr. Dawood that unfortunate people of this country have to unite and stand up, governments present or to follow will keep on taking dictation form their masters therefore status post will remain. Action from/by the citizen of this lovely country is just the last hope for any improvement.

  9. Mubeen says:

    I come from a family with 2 generations in the navy. Its saddening to see this happen. The real heartbreak is the audacity of these taliban-whatever terrorist attacking pakistan. I want to do my part and stand up against this infection that has rot our country. I will not run from now on and i will not be afraid for my life … this country is mine and you are not welcome to stay !

  10. harry khan (Cheshire UK) says:

    I can tell my eye witness account from the pictures of destroyed naval surveillance planes; it seems that the armed forces are too weak, unprofessional and oblivious to what is going on in the country. This is not the first time that armed forces installations have been attacked by militants; it looks like that the multimillion dollars planes were parked next to crowded public areas from where even children can take control of these planes. It’s rather unfortunate that armed forces officers are living in well guarded villas but multi millions dollars worth of planes were left at the mercy of militants. All these incidents reveal the total weaknesses, corruption and extreme disregard for the protection of national strategic assets. As they say in Pashto, “if shame were goats, they would have been saying main main main behind the armed forces, but it seems that they don’t care and carry their business as usual but if they don’t change themselves, change will change them but that change will be probably too costly for the nation.

  11. Fraz says:

    Shame on all those who have sympathy for Osama bin ladden/Taliban and offered funeral prayers for him.They are the killers of our sons and still some people have the guts to argue in their favor.

    • Ahmed says:

      I support you fully. Of all others OBL, in my opinion, was responsible for 3500+ pakistani deaths and we still offer prayers for him. Are we that JAHIL that we can’t even put 2 and 2 togehter anymore. We believe more in conspiracy theories than actual facts which are right in front of our eyes simply said that these taliban are killing us one by one everyday.


    Although after successful operation in Abbotabad US president Barak Obama claims that now world has become more safer place than before but thirteen attacks in just twenty days in Pakistan and Afghanistan at high value security areas clearly show that despite claim of success things are going bad worst in both countries and dream of peace is still far from imagination. Even Hospitals, Police recruiting centers and Army installations are not safe from attacks in broad day light. Pakistan is facing worst situation and has caught between US do more policy and militants terrorist attacks. After Abbotabad operation security analysts in Pakistan already warned new wave of terrorists and suicide attacks. Only week ago eighty security personnels lost their lives in outside their base. Now recent attack in Pakistan political and cultural hub Karachi is enough to open eyes of concern authorities in Pakistan. Although extremist are operating in Tribal areas thousands of miles away from Karachi but they have capability to strike even most secure places like Naval base Meharn which is situated near heart of city. Siege of Naval Base Mehran continued several hours, several precious lives and two surveillance planes also lost in terrorist attack. Interior minister believe that this type of high profile attacks are not possible without help of foreign elements unfortunately government is still not able to find out financers of these elements and who is providing them money and sophisticated weapons to carry out their agenda and organize such type of attacks against Pakistan forces. Unfortunately despite Pakistan sacrifice and lost of precious lives country is still facing worst criticism from western median and US administration.

    • Kreazy says:

      You still believe in conspiracy theories.

      US protects it’s country. Pakistan must protect her country.

      Effective surveillance would have avoided this kind of attacks. Be it 9/11 or this, Better surveillance and security is required.

      Clearly the security forces in and out of PNS Mehran were complacent. Make an inquiry and punish the people responsible 4 the attack.

      I don’t see people being fired in Pakistan for this kind of attacks. It always lives in state of denial mode and maintains status quo.

  13. Sid says:

    Brother Saqlain, this kind of threat is not only in pakistan but everywhere in the world. I am in India and after so many attacks and explosions here, life is not much safer. Terrorism has overflown from Pak into India, and it is all the result of miscalculated misdeeds of the Government of Pakistan. I hope in the name of God, better sence prevails and peace returns in the world. All the best.

  14. qrasheed says:

    wake up people of Pakistan . Next election time please please take a few hours out for the future of your country . Please vote . Please please use your votes wisely . Reject the corrupt , opportunist , lawless , criminals and those who are either resident outside of Pakistan or whose loyalties and wealth lie outside of Pakistan. I know that does not leave many but please let us change our country for a better tomorrow through peaceful means and through exercise of our voting power, like other civilised countries of this world .

  15. Shan says:

    Its black day for all Pakistani’s, see how these culprits are freely moving in our society and still some Politician and TV channel are talking in support of these Militants. Nation is to decide now, should not a serious action to be taken against the supporters of Militants, which never talk against them. Rather, from day one, they are after this Government, Pak Millitry and ISI.

  16. adeel says:

    in times like these we should support the army and navy. Our men died last night fighting these agents. These attacks are far to coordinated for someone sitting in mountains to device. This requires months of surveillance on wht area are vulnerable. when the guards are off duty or in min amount and tons of coordination. IT was a planned attack and it cannot be done in 15days (since claimed tht it ws ravenge for may 2) these are efforts to establish that pakistan is a failed state and to tke over our nuclear weapons. Support the army bt not the weak government. We need a new policy a new leadership. Clearly 8 years of war has done no benefit.

  17. Dawood says:

    this is the extent of the lawlessness in this country, no property is safe. The media, politcians, civil servants, oridinary people all continue to kill the country for their private interests. My poor Pakistan is dying and no body cares about it. Can people stand up and say enoug is enough we cannot take it anymore????????

  18. PG Bokhari says:

    GHQ, Abbotabad, Karachi….. Three major security lapses, yet not one minister, general, admiral. or air-marshal has been fired from their posts for utter incompetence. WHY ?!?

  19. farooque says:

    Right reflection what happened at PNS Mehran. Another Abbotabad and another lapse on part of our so called defenders of nation. It appears that P3C Orion were parked right at gate and anyone could just access by killing a few security personel. I Naval Chief has consientious he should resign. Army Chief is equally responsible as terrorists are roaming so freely in our land. The nation is starving and those institutions are buying hefty toys which they can not responsibly keep in custody. Why should they do so afterall they are more interested in their real estate and other businesses. God bless Pakistan

  20. Sobia G says:

    its as if teh night would never end. i am glad that the operation is over now, still scared to venture outside my home though. the firing throughout the night had kept us holed up in our house. had to put my kids under the bed to sleep.
    what saddens me is how everyone is badmouthing the forces. for a min, please remember the men who carried out the operation are our brothers and sons. they are not fodder. have some respect.

    • Adeel says:

      Badmouthing the forces is not directed towards the actual jawans. Such an interpretation will only be naive. It is rather directed towards the strategists. It is directed towards to highups responsible for the strategy formation and enemy strategy interpretation followed by action plans. They have failed to realize what we are fighting. They, it seems are relying on human sense to prevail all by itself.

      Sadly we as a nation have allowed our democratic president and prime minister to lie to us. Why should the generals then speak the truth when the bosses’ lies go unnoticed? Why should they resign ? Will PM and President even accept their resignations ?

      • Sobia G says:

        when people say negative things about the armed forces they dont differentiate. also, the entire army cant be that bad. what you all forget is that these men burn in sun, face bullets and yes have to live with galiyan by people who they are protecting.
        everytime my brother or my friends son or husbands go on duty, we wonder if this is it.
        last night was just a reminder to us that while our men protect you all, we could be victims.
        the least you can do is say a prayer for the men who died.

  21. Saqlain Mehdi Syed says:

    I know terrain, from all sides, I know the only place from where Militants can enter, for decades I used to see aircrafts from my rooftop and we used to enter if our soccer/ cricket ball is gone inside a graveyard in the boundary of air base. We have our generations buried in the same graveyard.
    I havn’t such shock and destabilization even in 1971 war, we were united, there were not so many channels. There was might be a just 1 tv in our street.
    Now we have all but we have to live in shock, fear, we are broken society, we celebrate violence, deaths, target and put bodies on streets. Its GOD wrath on such a society.
    Now I am not proud of telling someone I am from Pakistan.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Now I am not proud of telling someone I am from Pakistan.”

      Depressed as you may be please earn the right to say these words. Only being born a Pakistani does not give you the right to say whether your are proud of being one or not. Do something for Pakistan and then if something happens then you will get the right to say so! on Facebook on Facebook