That’s Dr. Malik for you

That’s Dr. Malik for you

First it was the Sitara-e-Imtiaz awards that our government gave out so generously to numerous people that barely deserved them. Now, we are faced with the reality of knowing that our very own Interior Minister Rehman Malik has received an honourary degree of Doctorate from the Karachi University.

What’s more shocking than the fact that Malik is now Dr. Malik, is the reason given to explain why he was chosen: The degree has been awarded in recognition of his “matchless services to the country in the war on terror and particularly in restoring peace to the citizens of Karachi.”

The fact that thousands have died in the war on terror and are still dying seems to not matter here. The fact that Karachi has lost hundreds in target killings under Malik’s reign also does not seem to make a difference.

What seems to be the most disturbing thought on this news however remains, who actually believes Malik has made any kind of positive impact to Pakistan’s security situation?

More importantly, how could Sindh Governor, Dr Ishratul Ebad assess that “Malik’s efforts against terrorism and valuable help in maintaining law and order in Karachi are known to everyone.”

If that’s true, then could it be possible that we are all simply oblivious to the great man Dr. Malik just might be under that cloak of failures that he wears? invites its readers to give their views and suggestions.


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144 Responses to “That’s Dr. Malik for you”

  1. silent spectactor says:

    Ok …dosen’t matter if the PHD awarded to Mr Malik but it should have been given to him in the presence of Mr zulfiqar Mirza ……

  2. junaid says:

    Institutions should be poltics free. Karachi university do not give admissions in PhD to those students who got above 77% marks through, but can award honorary degree to person like Malik. Thanks God you saved me that I do not have to fell shame to be a student of this institution!!!

  3. yasir says:

    i think Phd degree without learning is just a piece of paper

    with no value

  4. Ali Zar says:

    This is what happens when a politically appointed Governor thinks better to oblige a political friend..and if in the process sanctity of the educational institution or its repute gets mauled then who cares ..its just collateral damage. In bestowing this honarary degree Dr.Ishratul Ebad must have taken lessons from the President when he bestowed National Awards to the leaders of his own party!

  5. abc says:

    good decision by the intelligent people of sindh and specifically the people of Karachi. Keep it up. The next should be Barbar Awan

  6. Muhammad ARIF says:

    I am surprised why this much clamor is being made in our country on award of honorary degree to Reman Malik? Because you do not like him or he is from your opponent party. I think in whole of the world honorary degrees are awarded to notable persons. Is it not so?

  7. Nur Siddiqui says:

    We are living in that country ,where might is always right :(
    i think Phd degree without learning is just a piece of paper

    with no value ………

  8. Bakhtiar says:

    Probably education for beyond political encroachment earlier; but thanks to Mr. Rehman Malik, he has set a precedent to get university degrees without making any effort or attending the university. In future any political government after coming to power will first of all award honorary (later they will be regular degrees) degrees to its cabinet members. Another feather in the cap of PPP.

  9. Indusonian says:

    That is the least of all the awards he could get leading this country towards anything other than PEACE!

  10. L Ahmad says:

    I think all ministers should be awarded degrees for their tremendous service to their country but doctorate degrees should be reserved for the President and the Prime Minister only. What a joke!!!

  11. shams says:

    This degree could have been given to mr. Edhi for his services to humanity. It seems this degree to mr. malik is for his services to MQM

  12. Ayaz Malik says:

    now at least one member of the current govt can legitimately claim to have a college degree from a recognized institution of learning

  13. Khawar Riaz says:

    I believe such an institution who have no honour for its degree, should be abolished.

    I dont think only KU administration is responsible for this, where are university faculty and thousand of students, why they were not able to stop such an act!

    Shame on KU!

  14. Rehan says:

    Today. I wash realy shocked that the PHD degree awarding institutions are in influence with government machineries. what is the credibility?

  15. mehmoona says:

    one more shame for our country………

  16. Iftikhar says:

    Can someone let me know why the convocation was held in Governer’s house. PEACE in Karachi, I suppose!

  17. Mohsinfancy says:

    Lolz. why why why, to this guy?

  18. wasiq says:

    well well is a very sad news for all phd’s holders… question is arises that who want to do phd now…………………….???

  19. Muzamil says:

    This is a very big insult to all PhD degree holders.

  20. Hamxa says:

    Means if i get in good terms with the KU Dean, i can also be soon doc then..

  21. javed qamer says:

    Look at it the other way. How low has Karachi University come down.
    To save face somebody from Karachi University should have resigned.


  22. Asad says:

    What a Joke!!!

  23. Zahid Malik says:

    Karachi University is a prestigious education institution of Pakistan, Why they do that ? Take it back from him. Lahore

  24. sairah says:

    this is the height of favoritism and ignorance…… on Facebook on Facebook