Protesting without guns

Protesting without guns

At least 11 lives were lost on Tuesday, when armed assailants opened fire at a rally protesting the proposed creation of a Mohajir province, according to reports.

The joint rally was being conducted by members and leaders of the nationalist party Awami Tehreek and the banned Peoples Amn Committee (PAC), with support from Awami National Party (ANP) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

Protesting against the recent increase in graffiti and posters demanding a separate province for Mohajirs, the rally was attacked as it neared the old city centre, reports said.

Identity of the assailants remained unclear and there is no clear indication on the hand behind the messages on the walls of Karachi.

Recent calls for division of provinces or creation of new provinces have gained momentum, but have also led to disruption of peace in various parts of the country.

If the demands for new provinces are genuine, why are such discussions leading to violence?

How can talks be held on the division of provinces on the basis of ethnic divides?

Must we always resort to violence in our attempts to suppress opposing voices?

Can the debate over creation of new provinces on the basis of ethnic divides be resolved by non-violent means?


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14 Responses to “Protesting without guns”

  1. zahid says:

    The Govt. should deal with iron-hand with those who have inflamed the peaceful and co-existence atmosphere of Sindh. Sindh is a land of sufis and is known for its vibrant culture and peaceful loving people. But, unfortunately, a handful number of people are widening gulfs between natives and non-native people. It is a greate sin even to think about the creation of new province in Sindh, as Sindhis are mad in love for their motherland, and they have learnt it from Shah Latif. So, the question of division of Sindh is a waste of time and beyond discussion.

  2. Raja says:

    Dear Editor: I don’t know to write suggestion on this page or not but please do consider this suggestion to Police or Rangers. When stopping the Motorcyclist for checking the person. Please also check their motor cycle. They could hide their weapon under the Gas tank or under the seat or else where. The small TT can be hide under the motor cycle. They knows that the Ranger or Police standing near by can check them, so they are not stupid that they can carry their weapon with them. The weapon are hidden. This is just my thought came to my mind. This is only for the safety of the people and women and children. Please safe the life. Thanks.

  3. jeeja-jee00 says:

    You Pull a Gun, Means You Lost ‘The Argument’.

  4. john says:

    A nation born out of the Inability to Live with others, Has no promise it will live with Each other of its own

  5. Zafar says:

    So amazing and stupid of us to see and believe that a rally was attacked and of 50 injured and died were people on the street, innocent and poor and none were from rally itself…how it is possible?

  6. Gharib Shehri says:

    According to my understanding this demand for a new province is a propaganda , and leading towards further division in the society. If the Mohajir majority claims it they should come out in the public with their representatives-in the assemblies to meet the legitimate demands.

    There is a need a harmony in the society , tolerance should be encouraged by politicians. We should not be going into making every city Baghdad (where walls are made to keep the ethnic people to their perimeters) .!

    A legitimate demand will always be resolved peacefully. (For God Sake! Its Democracy!! *fingers crossed*)

  7. JALAL says:

    I feel sorry for loss of innocnet lifes and I also strongly feels this has been done by third party to put blaim on Mohajirs becuase there cant be any other motive then this. This is done by those elements who’s interest will hurt if Karachi becomes a province.

  8. Mubeen Alum says:

    This is realy sick, dont know why people out here burn and break things! what do they get? NOTHING.

    • Shafi says:

      There are elements in Pakistan who just want power by any means. Life does not mean anything to them. Guns legally or illegally are easily available. The final agenda is to break Pakistan into tiny pieces .

  9. Kenneth John says:

    Why are these political parties using weapons to answer cant they get it that common mans life is also involved.

  10. J says:

    Problem with Pakistan is that we are very illiterate people, and we tend to rely too much on our government I believe the same violence should be done outside all government officials homes, so they know how it is because clearly they live in their mansion and keep on robbing the country without realizing the consequences. We need a revolution…

    • raika45 says:

      Illiterate people does not mean dumb and stupid people.Just because they may not be able to read or write does not make them useless.Look at some villages in Pakistan and Punjab India where the panchayat can solve their internal problems without going to courts where cases take years to resolve and the lawyers make money.The problem is this so called educated fools that spread all sorts of rubbish to their benefit.Including most of your talk shows on TV.The true picture is most often hidden from them.Since they have no other resources for information, this is where the rot sets in.

    • Syed Imran Ali says:

      Yeah well said illiteracy is the main theme..

  11. Manaal says:

    I think surely we can act in a civilized manner, violence breeds violence on Facebook on Facebook