Tehrik of Taliban against Pakistan?

Tehrik of Taliban against Pakistan?

Awami National Party (ANP) leader Bushra Gohar succinctly summed up the very intentions of the Taliban, yesterday, when she said “the militants are even scared of children now.” The horrendous act of terror showed that there are no limits to whom and where the Taliban can strike – even in regions that have been given the green signal by the government and law-enforcement agencies as being Taliban free.

It wasn’t until late into the night on Tuesday that political parties issued statements condemning the attack. Even then, most leaders decided against issuing an all-out condemnation of the Taliban or calling for action against them. Barring the ANP, none of the party’s representatives said the Taliban should be dealt with forcefully in order to restore peace in the country.

The violence and terror unleashed by the Taliban and their various factions over the last half a decade is there for everyone to see. Countless innocent lives have been lost to bomb blasts, IED attacks, suicide attacks, targeted killings and other similar variants of violence. Why, then, has it been so difficult for the mainstream political parties to openly voice their opposition to the Taliban?

How many more lives will be lost before the decision makers and power brokers go all out against these men who have committed so many heinous crimes?

In the 24 hours, or more, that have transpired since the attack on the brave young girl there have been widespread peaceful protests across the country and abroad, against the act. People have also taken to social media to register and voice their disgust.

Has the time come for the political parties, the elected representatives, the military and other law-enforcement agencies to unite against the Taliban and launch an all-out operation against them?

How long will it take until the decision makers put their foot down and condemn the terrorists without mincing their words?

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218 Responses to “Tehrik of Taliban against Pakistan?”

  1. muhammad says:

    A significant part of our mighty army, our unmatched intelligence agencies, our brave politicians our revered Ulemas our unaccountable judiciary have nurtured and still supporting the Taliban / terrorists openly or covertly therefore there is a little hope of any change

  2. Rusi says:

    All this won’t work as long as you don’t control ISI and your military.

  3. A patriot says:

    Drones are launching these attacks because our political leadership doesn’t have the will to go after the terrorists themselves. If we will not attack them the others will. We should be thankful to the Americans that they don’t nuke the area to get rid of this problem once and for all. We cannot turn a blind eye to the problem that we have. There are people who are using our soil to attack enemy in another country and then expect the Pakistani government to protect them from the drones. This is illogical. All Pakistanis should rise against them. Everyone living on Pakistani soil must be under Pakistani law.

  4. Peter says:

    GOD IS GOD! No matter what language or religion one practice and God has spoken thru this blessed child. This has shown the world the evil that duels in the heart of some men that want to control their fellow man and proclaim this in His Name! Blessings to you child and your love ones for god has touch you and YOU WILL GET YOUR EDUCATION!

  5. SJG says:

    What to say… Is Pakistan Army and ISI listening to Malala’s plight…

  6. xd says:

    I like Bushra Gohar’s position & she seems to be a true progressive. Sorry if I’m wrong, but from a completely outsider’s perspective a lot of ppl commenting above seem to be very sympathetic to Malala while agreeing with the vision, if not the practice, of Taliban & co. IMHO you can not have it both ways as the extremist mentality & ideology is very likely the root cause of tragedies like Malala’s. Good luck Malala & the ppl of Pakistan.

  7. a s ahmed says:

    Kayani must decide either he is with Malala or with Taliban. If he is with decent Pakistanis and Malala then he must declare war against Taliban and destroy them with all the military might.

    • Azhar says:

      Kayani has no authority to declare the war. If he is ordered to start the war only then he can attack the enemy.

  8. Musa Ahmed Bajwa says:

    Hi, i am a student and an studying in Canada, but my heart constantly beats for my country and my people,
    as stated by an writer whom i can’t remeber at the momment, this is probably the last warning nature is giving us, if we can wake up and take on these Murders, or we decide to condemn them from our homes and just talk about it during “chai” , then one day , one day , instead of Malala it will be our Sisters and Mothers who will be thier targets……

    • Rauf says:

      tell me musa how many malaas are dying everyday with drones .why you not crying over them.why media not showing them.why only Malala was highlighted by media and corrupt polticians.
      if you have little sense think and then post ur comments.

      • John says:

        Rauf – What do drones have to do with the attempted murder of a child? Such illogic is a root of Pakistan’s problems.

        • nimra says:

          this is not illogic…i do not equate what happened to malala with the drone strikes. both are wrong in their own place but we have actually forgotten how many innocent malalas die everyday and we dont cry over them… but after what happened to malala everybody suddenly started being all patriotic …doesn’t make any sense to me

          • Latif Khan says:

            This brave girl has seen the light which has cleared her path and she marched on. She had at young age wisdom and courage in middle of Taliban without any fear and weakness but carried on with her mission. I think nature was behind her.

  9. pervaiz says:

    Now a days childrens are being used in politics too. What a cheap and dirty politics played by our politicians… Malala herself is the part of game, she being is used to create bad image of pakistan in all over the world. Everyone is now talking about Taliban, about her etc etc. Talibans are also the part of greater game which is being played. Talibans are the bad character in movie but this bad character is helping police to attack pakistan. Alas My indian/Pakistani bro and sister are unable to understand this game… shame on us.

    • Syed says:

      Same old conspiracy theories, with a clear inclination of sympathies towards Taliban. People like you will only understand other’s pain, when (God forbid) they go through it themselves.

  10. Qaisar says:

    Appeasement of terrorists never works… look what happened in Swat in 2009… we did peace pacts with them and virtually handed over Swat to them… and then what next? they tried to ran over Buner, Dir and the rest of the country. All the civilized countries in the world have zero tolerance against fanatics & terrorists… whereas in Pakistan, everyone knows who the Taliban are, where their sanctuaries are, and yet no one does anything about it? This inaction is making the country weaker by the day…it’s time for Pakistan military and nation to say enough is enough and eliminate this Taliban venom once and for all.

  11. Satyameva Jayate says:

    Any action against TTP will not succeed if it is not accompanied by action against all those who aim to achieve their political goals via terror and violence. There are NO GOOD TERRORISTS, however sublime their goals may be. If the Terrorists really believe the people are with them they should be agitating for democratic elections instead of terrorising citizens to boycott the elections.

  12. Rizwanul Huda says:

    In any civilized nation the first and foremost thing is the strict control of Law and order situation.
    We should enforce the Law and order situation. All Tehriks should be banned or else should be properly registered under certain rules and regulation. Else there in no limit to the surprise that keeps on popping up every day from Pakistan.

  13. Atif says:

    Listen Pakistan: These savages need to be killed publicly. These corrupt politicians are the main problem, have we ever seen a Taliban punished or hanged? Hang 5 of them and you will see all so called Islam they are fighting for will be out of the door. Also hang every freaking mullah with them these bas…ard mulvis never speak a word against these savages they need to be dealt with starting with Jemmat. islami, that fake mulla from Peshawar Lota with pink beard. Every person with beard need to shave it in protest against these savages, this way anyone with beard can be killed. Also enough with these tribal areas use the nukes what are they for? Collateral damage will happen but that is how we can root the problem. Lastly attack Afganistan and kill all these talibans hiding there, US can kiss where sun never shines. Where are drones when you need it? Mullah are the real core of this issue and close all madrasah and convert them into public schools. This is how u solve a problem. May God give this girl a long life inshallah!!!

  14. S. Imam says:

    Drone program should be expanded to include Taliban supporters and sympathizers as well. Good ridden.

  15. Cyrus Howell says:

    The horrendous act of terror was an horrendous act of error.

  16. S. Imam says:

    Drones’ should be further expanded to include all Taliban supporters and sympathizers.

  17. Nisha Rai says:

    Condemning Taliban is not going to be of any use. They are already justifying the attack and threatening more. The only way is to engage them in a religious debate and answer the question one way or the other: Does Islam justify it or not?
    It seems that only if Taliban are convinced that their methods are unIslamic they will change, otherwise they will continue because they are PREPARED to kill and be killed for Islam.

  18. millat says:

    Why Pakistanis have closed their eyes and mind as well. Being a responsible and loyal citizen of Pakistan I will ask few question to my brothers and sisters;

    1. MALALA is our sister, what in the world AMERICA is doing here?
    2. Is PAK ARMY is not capable enough to deal with ORAKZAI qabails’s?
    3. If MALALA is more important for America than why not AFIA SIDDQIUE?
    4. Is MALALA’s life is more important than the life of those innocent kids those are brutally killed in drown attack on school this morning?
    5. I hate so called TALIBANS but i need the answers of my questions?

    this issue is raised but external hands like America, to have a reason to attack NWFP once again. I am in Punjab and can feel the pain of MALALA and those kids of ORACKZAI as well. I pray for MALALA and AFIA as well.



  19. A.M.K says:

    TTP explains and elaborates reasons that motivated them to attempt target-killing of Malalai: TTP successfully targeted Malala Yousafzai in Mingora, although she was young and a girl and TTP does not believe in attacking on women, but whom so ever leads campaign against Islam & Shariah is Ordered to be killed by Shariah.
    When its a matter of Shariah, and someone tries to bring fitnah with his/her activities, and it involves in leading a campaign against shariah and tries to involve whole community in such campaign, and that personality become a symbol of anti shariah campaign, not just its allowed to kill such person but its Obligatory in Islam.
    If anyone Argues about her so young age , then the Story of Hazrat Khizar in Quran that relates that Hazrat Khizar while Traveling with Prophet Musa (AS) killed a child, arguing about the reason of his killing he said that the parents of this child are Pious and in future he will cause bad name for them.
    If anyone argues that she was female, then we can see the incident of killing of wife by a blind Companion of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) because she use to say insultive words for prophet.And prophet praised this act.
    Its a clear command of shariah that any female, that by any means play role in war against mujahideen, should be killed.Malala Yousafzai was playing a vital role in bucking up the emotions of army and Government of Pakistan, and was inviting muslims to hate mujahideen.
    Tehrik taliban’s crime wasn’t that they banned education for girls, instead our crime is that we tried to bring Education system for both boys and girls under shariah.We are deadly against co-education and secular education system, and shariah orders us to be against it.
    If anyone thinks that Malala is targeted because of education, that’s absolutely wrong, and a propaganda of Media, Malala is targeted because of her pioneer role in preaching secularism and so called enlightened moderation. And whom so ever will commit so in future too will be targeted again by TTP.
    After this incident Media pour out all of its smelly propaganda against Taliban mujahideen with their poisonous tongues, they are shouting that malala has suffered tyranny like there is no else in the country whom is facing same.Were our sister in lal masjid whom were bombed, gassed and burnt to death, were not humans?? and the sinless women and children of swat , bajour, mohmand, orakzai, & Waziristan whom suffered inhumane bombardments by army don’t qualify to bestow mercy upon them?
    Will the blind media pay any attention to Hundreds of Respectful sisters whom are in secret detention centers and suffering by their captives? Will you like to put an eye on more then three thousand young men whom are killed in secret detention centers and their bodies are found in different areas of swat, claimed to be killed in encounters and died by Cardiac Arrest??
    Gain Conscious, Otherwise…………

  20. Ali says:

    Simple solution;
    1. Eliminate Taliban and their operations in Pakistan, with every Pakistani united on this issue which means no more sympathizers for any reason whatsoever including war on terror OR not.
    2. Ban all Mullah’s from spreading vitriol and hatred and bring into effect criminal offences which will deter them from being the constant idiots and criminals all these Mullah’s are.
    3. Separate Pakistani politics from Islam once and for all, yes we are a free nation and YET we are the phiephdom of these Mullah’s and their jahil Fatwa’s and bounty awards for every tom dick and harry.
    4. Start building Pakistan without the constant religious aggravation and confusion.


  21. Keti Zilgish says:

    When it comes to appraising an ideology, in this case, Islam, one who takes an apologetic attitude is in post-ww2 terminology referred to as a Neville Chamberlain.

  22. Javed Qamer says:

    Pakistan has to decide either they enact draconian laws to combat the menace of taliban terror or take luke warn action against them. All the authorities are scared that the taliban are going to attack them.
    Need to fight with everything that Pakistan has got to combat this evil. the attack on a 14 year old girl shows to what depths these beasts will descend to.

  23. Annie Golden says:

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  24. SJG says:

    As long as Taliban and Al Quida would be harboured for political gain, many such Malala would be hit by bullet or parhaps loose their life. Comeonn guys…. it is time to introspect our double standard and let’s redefine our desire once again…
    Whether we want Pakistan to grow by leaps and bounds.. Whether we want to see complete peace in Pakistan, choice is ours. We can’t harbour terriorist and also at the same time look forward to the Pakistan growth. Two things are absolutely two sides of the coin….
    I repeat, It is a time for sorrow and prayer as well as time to introspect….

    We need to take up a definite call and express our feelings to the nations and all political parties who are still blowing beween hot and cold on supporting the cause for which Malala stands for…

  25. Dr Ali Khan says:

    Let us not be fools and dance to the music of Taliban. this act of attacking a 14 year old is gruesome but Malala will never want tens of thousands more to die in her name.
    The time for these Zaliman will come but right now attacking North Waziristan will have disastrous consequences.
    Ultimately both Taliban and USA will be the biggest beneficiariaries. Let us not straighten the hands of our enemies.

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