Is Pakistan right to say ‘no’ to joint operations with US?

Is Pakistan right to say ‘no’ to joint operations with US? invites its readers to debate current affairs in this forum.

Pakistan rejected on Tuesday a US proposal for joint operations in the tribal areas against terrorism and militancy as differences of opinion between the two countries over various aspects of the war on terror emerged. The proposal for joint operations in the tribal areas had been floated by US presidential envoy for the region Richard Holbrooke and Joint Chief of Staffs Admiral Mike Mullen during a series of meetings with the civilian and military Pakistani leadership.

During meetings on Tuesday, US officials were told that continuing drone attacks inside Pakistan’s territory were counter-productive and Pakistan requested that drone technology be shifted to the Pakistan Army. US officials were also told that it would be difficult to bridge the trust deficit if statements maligning the ISI kept coming from the US and if US officials kept ignoring the contributions of the Pakistan Army and ISI in the war on terror.

Do you think the Pakistani decision to refuse to conduct joint operations in FATA is correct? Should Pakistan’s cooperation with the US in the war on terror be made conditional on the cessation of drone attacks? How best can the US proceed without the support of the Pak Army and ISI?


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204 Responses to “Is Pakistan right to say ‘no’ to joint operations with US?”

  1. Ananth says:

    Joint patrolling is in the best interest of Pakistan.

    Say NO to this only
    1. If Pakistanis desire for a Taliban style rule in which women and minorities will be treated as third grade citizens, can they oppose this.

    2. If you want to see your country competing with Afghan and some African nations to get the ‘Poorest and most dangerous country’ title.

    3. If you want see your children taking to terrorism as a source of employment.

    One region after other are slowly slipping out of government control and no action plan announced till date. What happens if tomorrow Taliban declares the occupied parts as a separate country ?

    I am surprised to see people’s ignorance when they say ‘Terrorists are our brothers ‘ or ‘Dont like to fight against our own citizens’. Terrorists are not friends and well-wishers of any country or community. Pls understad it. If you still take them as your brothers, just ask yourself why your brothers are unleashing death and horror in their own country ?

  2. Sameera says:

    Pakistan is right to say no to joined operations. And what US and Indians are telling to whole world isn’t true.

    America is working on another killing spree like it did in Iraq, I would like to highlight some of the facts below.

    1) Islamabad still controls most of Pakistan, Sindh and Punjab provinces with an iron fist.

    2) Pakistani police and army control most of NWFP. In so called “separatist” Balochistan there’s only 5% of the total population of Pakistan.

    For Washington to believe that a small, rural, Pashtun tribal fighters from FATA NWFP, with no air force, no heavy artillery and no tanks, could take over a Pakistan with a 650,000-strong well-trained army is an absolutely ridiculous notion. (Like they said to whole world about Iraqi nuclear weapons)

    And for Washington to believe – as Holbrooke implied recently on his trip to Pakistan – that a few Pashtun tribals and a few expat jihadis from Arab world can take on Western civilization as a whole is also an absolutely ridiculous notion!

  3. Firoz says:

    Pakistan has received billions of dollars US-aid. I feel that perhaps Pakistani agencies got corrupted by this money and lost will to fight Taliban or other Pakistani enemy. These people have big bank balance in Swiss banks and grab land in Pakistan. They have sent their kids to western countries so they can be safe from Taliban. Poor lower rank soldiers end up getting killed by Taliban. This is the truth. Otherwise how it is possible that armed forces can not defeat few thousands millitants with all their F16s and other modern weaponaries.

  4. FAZAL ALI BUTT says:

    ‘Yes, Pakistan can’ or ‘no, it can’t’?

    It’s surprising to find that anybody who does anything is named as TALIBAN. Media has given government of Pakistan and law enforcing authorities a simple name to escape from the trouble of investigating and bringing the real culprits to justice.

    Although, there might exist, let’s for a moment suppose they do, the real Taliban in Pakistan or Afghanistan, they are fighting for their self-interpreted version of Islam. ‘That it should come to this’ is dubious (Hamlet I, ii); they are unlikely to wage a war on a country that is profusely equipped with a weaponry of latest technology and has a trained, in institutions of war sciences, multi dimensional armed force, that too is backed by the governments of the world.

    There are more things in heaven and earth…, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. (Hamlet I, v).These more things that are not discussed in/by media hide the key. Sagacious Muslim leaders need to decipher this puzzle. Is America helping Pakistan because it is genuinely wishes to help Pakistan or because it has committed a blunder by opening up the proverbial Pandora’s Box.

    Pakistan should weigh all the possible pros and cons without letting in any missile, make its decisions before it says ‘yes, Pakistan can’ or ‘no, it can’t’. Pakistan, Afghanistan, and America need to learn that ‘When sorrows come, they come not single spies, But in battalions (IV, v)


  5. Sunil says:

    Taliban seem to be overwhelming Pakistani authorities. Alliance with Americans or anybody else to defeat the enemy within the state is always good idea as long as the so called key victory indicators and approximate time frame is pre-agreed. Whether this info is released public domain is different thing.

    Because fact is UN is respecting Pakistani establishment and watching patiently. Mind you this in-action is lot dearer to the world Nations (in terms of lives,faith and money)

  6. mashal says:

    The Americans have failed to root out Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, so what they will do so different in FATA and other Areas of Pakistan to root out TAliban and Extremists? Have they any new strategy in fighting the so called terror network in PAkistan? And by the way, why should USA not trust PAkistani Secuirty Agencies when its help has been recognized and aoppreciated in the start of war in Afghanistan and apprehending of hundreds of TAliban and Al-Qaeda figures.

    And last but not the least, any joint operation in this country will erode any credibility of the armed forces that has been left in days of Musharraf regime. it will further aggravate the situation. And very informd of the sentiments against USA and NATO, i am sure American forces will not be able to control this country from a downward spiral of violance once they enter it.

    Dear US, just concentrate on Afghanistan. Dont dig another grave for your hyper power.

  7. M.N.Syed says:

    Pakistan government writ in FATA and adjoining areas is practically nil. Talibans in these areas are now extending their terror and influence in to settled areas. In spite of accepting Nizam e Adal in Malakund Division by government, Taliban terrorist are continuing suicide bombing in NWFP(latest in Char sadda). Talibans are cancer, should be eliminated at any cost.In areas where their is no government writ, there is no harm in taking American help in the form of joint operation against Talibans.Talibans dont respect Pakistan sovereignty in these areas, if America helps us in establishing Pakistan writ in these areas we should be thankful to them
    M. N. Syed, California.

  8. Jamus O'Brien says:

    I would have thought that Pakistan should be grateful for whatever help they can get from the international community (including the USA) in defeating the Taliban. I know that Pakistani’s are very proud people (and you can defend yourselves) however, it appears to me that you are not having much luck at the moment defending your own territory from these bigots. As much as you may dislike the USA, the other option (defeat by the Taliban) is a much worse proposition.

    As far as arguments concerning these “conspiracy theories” about wanting your resources are concerned, what an absolute joke. The West couldn’t give a damn. You may truly believe that Pakistan is the “greatest nation on the planet” however, truth be known, most Americans would probably be lucky to point Pakistan out on the map.

    I’m in Australia, and I can assure you, there would be very few people who are even the least bit interested if you actually want to be “ruled” by the Taliban or not – that is your choice (but I suspect the overwhelming majority of Pakistani people don’t). What concerns us is that our own citizens have been killed by these fanatics for simply living their own lives 10,000 miles away because someone half way across the planet decides that we are “kaffirs”.

    Trust me, we would be more than happy to leave you alone in peace (or subjugation, if the Taliban win) however, I doubt these blokes are likely to stop at the border somehow!

    Please don’t regard an offer of help as some matter of national disgrace – I’m pretty sure that we should all be on the same side – shouldn’t we?

  9. adnan says:

    the first time around.. i said.. no to joint operations.. things have changed.. changed dramatically.. i say bring the us army in.. they might deal with the talibans. pakistan was created as a moderate islamic republic and that is what we want

  10. Hasan Mahmood says:

    First we spread our kushkols for the money. Then we try to protect these Talibanis by calling them our brothers and sisters. Then we rely on Americans for our life line. Then the politicians tell ordinary poor Pakistanis how they are standing up to Americans when in fact they allow the drone attacks. When will Pakistanis understand that they cannot survive without aid from America and beggars cannot be choosers. If America wants to come into Pakistan it will and Inshallah that day is close when someone (either US or someone else) will come in and rid this country of all the Talibans and all the people who call these terrorists their brothers and sisters. Hopefully now people understand that by shouting Democracy you don’t get Democracy. You get a mess…..

  11. An Optimist says:

    We spend all our energy and time in denying and arguing with the international community.
    It is like asking the neigbours to just lecture us when our house is on big fire and we are also not prepared to act! Others are showing urgency and being proactive only not to allow the fire to spread to them.
    When will we understand this.

  12. JE says:

    Some elements are using Pakistan to plan and train for attacks on targets outside its border.

    While it is completely up to Pakistan and Pakistanis how they want to deal with attacks inside their country, other countries have a right to ask for measures against the future attack against them from Pakistan.

    If Pakistan doesn’t want foreign assistance, it is fine. But they should act convincingly to stop further attacks. This has not happened.

    It is ridiculous to expect that these countries will accept the status quo.

    Also, it is a loss of credibility for Pakistan when it says that it will act only if country’s outstanding problems with Afghanistan and India are resolved.

    It shows allowing terrorists attacks by non-state actors in these counties from Pakistan have a strategic intent and tacit approval of the defense establishment.

    So the offer for joint operation is made to help Pakistan in the back ground of its failure to act against the elements who plans attack on forign targets from Pakistan.

    If the situation changes, I think Americans have no reason to get involved in pkaistn’s fight against its enemies through drone strikes or joint operations.

  13. s.akhtar says:

    Pakistan should be with US. Its time to show that Pakistan its realy sincere in its effort to eradicate extremism from its soil.

  14. Shakeel, Kuwait says:

    Pakistan is right to say no to joined operations. But time has come we clean our acts and control unruled areas of FATA and NWFP which in true sense have never been under our full control. Most of the Criminals from whole Pakistan used to take sanctuary in FATA to avoid criminal prosecutions from various parts of Pakistan.

    Pakistan is also right to convey anger to visiting US officials about ignoring Pakistani sensitives in the region and tying the aid to certain clauses in the initial draft presented to US Senate. Yes, people and government of pakistan should understand there’s no free lunch but US has completely ignored Pakistan’s major concerns especially in Afghanistan where our big neighbor has invested more 1 Billion US Dollars since 2002.

  15. I’d say that it is a bold step by Mr. Gillani. If not really, but it is enough to show the Americans that we had had enough of their dictation, now we can also take decisions ourselves.

    It is a good decision also because I think the Americans want to sneak into the Pakistani borders inch by inch and finally towards the capital….’an approved capturing’….and Pakistan will face the same fate as Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I think that will be America’s plan now. Wherever they go, they attack for resources in the cover of war-on-terrorism. Take the example of Iraq, oil and Afghanistan, for the ultimate strategic position in South-East Asia, perfect to launch an attack on either Iran or Pakistan. For Pakistan they are after the resourceful Baluchistan. Where gold, gas, coal and other minerals are in abundance. Moreover the favourable conditions for building ports at its coast are also worth-mentioning.

    The recent wailing by the Americans at our unsafe nukes can also be linked up to their desire to have Pakistan under their control. They want to attack Pakistan in order to eliminate the extremists, but in reality they are also after the nuclear warheads of the only Muslim atomic power.

    Recent reports also suggest that Beitullah Masud is also an agent of the Americans. Claiming responsibility for every incident in a frenzy. May it be the Manavan Police Academy shootout or the overseas shooting in a U.S market. All of this for one purpose to tell the international world that Pakistan is an extremist state, in the light of Pakistan’s reluctance on ‘a joint-operation’, its protest over drone attacks etc.

    In the end, i’d like to say that Pakistani armed forces are equally capable of carrying out an operation against the terrorist groups and there is no such need for a U.S assistance.

  16. Shaz says:

    America does not only issue blank checks. Remember “Bomb you back to stone ages”? So, don’t celebrate yet! the Govt will have to give in sooner or later. Right now America is the BOSS, if we think Gilani or Khayani can stand up to them for long whoare we kidding?

  17. An Optimist says:

    Dear Imran,

    1. I am an Indian. If Pakistanis are so sure about an Indian state agency aiding these terrorists, what are you waiting for? Present the evidences to the public. We can’t expect international community to take these accusations seriously with out evidences.

    2. Why are they afraid of Sharia: Do we still need flogging and stoning to death to achieve progress? Have not societies around us progressed in the last thousands of year? Will something achieved by inducing fear last longer? Is the Sharia system open to public discussion and changes like the laws in other countries? Does this system considers people who may not believe in God but want to live in a peaceful and progressive society? Do the laws exist for the society or is it the other way round? There is a fear about the interpretation of Sharia law apart from the way it is implemented now.

    3. Is it Pakistan’s war? Taliban is openly stating everyday that they want to complete control of Pakistan as well as the rest of world and take us all back to the past! No point in dreaming & waiting that they will stop themselves at Swat. Is it worth taking this risk? Money & power is what matters to them. History clearly has shown their way of doing things. What will happen if Talban have access to Pakistan’s nuclear arms?

    4. In the past Pakitan and to some extent India too have avoided taking bold & correct decisions for short term relief/political gains not concerning about its impact on future generations. Promoting Jihadi groups during proxy war is a classic example. Although it is going to be pain, I hope that we think, debate and take bold and correct decisions now so that both India and Pakistan can build a peaceful and prosperous society.

  18. Billirang says:

    Dear Imran Khan of Dir

    I object to your saying that India with their three consulates in different cities of Afghanistan near Pakistan’s border are operating in the tribal areas and other districts NWFP. That’s incorrect. You are saying the same because you and some of your fellow country men have the false perception of India instigating troubles from there.

    India is there because of development reasons and is involved in assisting Indian firms in their development projects. So many viable development projects have been developed for the welfare of Afghan people. Also, tell me, was any worthwhile growth oriented projects developed to benefit the people of those areas during the infamous Taliban (backed by Pakistan) rule in the glory days of 1990’s. Nothing, there was no growth and development.

    America has totally ignored all that, why? I think it is because it knows that Pakistan’s claims on the same has no substance and also because it understands the worth of India’s good work in those areas. I believe the world knows this too.

    Coming to your telling that this is not your war at all. Of course it is not. But to say that America and India brought this war to our doors to destroy Pakistan is incorrenct.. It is your country’s wrong policies driven by the combo of your armed forces and agencies that has brought Pakistan to this present position, on the brink of collapse. Now to your saying that they will be defeated very soon, don’t even imagine the same even in your dreams, for both are powerful and have the resources and intelligence.

    Be cool and don’t get carried away emotionally. Think positively and get your facts right. All the troubles that Pakistan is facing now is due to your country’s support to militant factions in the past. I hope you will be cured and feel better after reading this.

  19. Abdul Rahman says:

    Supporting terrorism is a good business for Pakistan. If we did not have Taliban, Al-Quaeda, Sharia Laws, Jihad then we wouldn’t be getting Billions of dollars from the US.

    How else can we survive? We produce very little for the rest of the world, for the welfare of the word. The only way for Pakistan to have good life is get ransom money from the West.

    Like Pirates, Pakistan is smart to maintain terrorist support and get the dollars from the US.

    This have been Pakistan history in the past 60 years.

    Look around, what the remaining 80% of the world think about Islam in general and Pakistan in particular.

  20. Imran Khan, Dir says:

    Dear Ragu,
    Regardless of the question whom war is it! Pakistan has been paying a lot for this war but what Pakistan gets in return, is internal instability and chaos. You may say this is our self production but that is not right. This instability is brought by America in two ways:
    1.We fought in FATA with our own people and killed hundreds of innocent tribesmen. Even today the Americans are bombing the innocent people with drones. One can see Geo News analysis on the success of drones attacks in FATA broadcasted few days back and he will find the fact there how successful these attacks are..
    2.India’s involvement in Pakistan, so called moderate may refuse this but India has established three consulates in different cities of Afghanistan near Pakistan’s border where from they are operating in the tribal areas and other districts NWFP. America has totally ignored all that and wants to give India even a stronger position in Afghanistan, saying that India is the leader of the region which is not acceptable to Pakistan because of Indian role in the region over the past few years.

    This not our war at all, I think America and India brought this war to our doors to destroy Pakistan but they will be defeated very soon.
    One thing I will ask my country men Why are they afraid of Sharia?? Many will reply they are not against Sharia but against Taliban Sharia… Then why the Govt is not signing Nizam-i-Adal regulations which are according to the constitution of Pakistan not that of Taliban?

  21. W@sim Merza says:

    the war on terror in this very region is posing a great threat to the Pakistan. our country has been the part of this war but unfortunately the expected results are not shown up till today and this will remain the same.Pakistan has lost $34.5 billion during this war and this amount will go on to touch the new level. when we look at the US PAK relation,it never been in the interest of Pakistan. so i think Pakistan must not take this adventure along with US coz this will increase more hatred among the inhabitants of North Waziristan and the other burning areas of PAKISTAN.PAF should now take a bold step,not to allow planes from US to hit the so called selective targets.

  22. Ragu says:

    Many in Pakistan seems to believe this war against Taliban and other militant groups is a foreign war being fought in Pakistani territory. On the contrary, Pakistan is doing itself a big favor by fighting this war. Many in Pakistan should ask following key questions-
    Is it good for Pakistan to stop this war and share governing their country with a bunch of extremists who do not believe in moderate values. Are Pakistanis truly willing to live under the sharia of Taliban? Why not try Taliban ruling Pakistan for a few years, if it feels so bad to fight against them for a foreign cause after taking billions of dollars in aid?

  23. Vinod says:

    Dear Sarwar Husain,
    In reply to my comments you have said that “The fact is rather otherwise, it is India who from the day one wants to destablize Pakistan.” May be you are right. But, with out any sarcasm may I ask that what is the basis or reason of your this belief. The fact of the history is that Pakistan was created with mutual consent of the people and leaders of that time including the Quaid. Voting was carried out under the British Raj to determine the geographical areas whose people desired to form Pakistan. There was no war like the war for Palestine or many other places going on today. Yes the other fact of history is also that scores of people were killed during partition BUT Sir this was due to the large exchange of population and their frustrations of leaving their homes on both side AND NOT because of any teretory. Greed also played a role where people wanted to grab the properties of the people leaving.
    Today after sixty years let us think that is it not true that the myths of India attacking or destabilizing Pakistan or vice versa have been propagated methodically by leaders and Army to rule and befool us. Let us unite and fight Terror that is awaiting to destroy us.

  24. tariq mian says:

    I am impressed by the Dawn forum, because the readers get a good chance of learning good or bad opinion.
    However, it’s the best practice if every one responding to the debated issue/topic stick to the topic without prejudice/bias.
    Honesty is the best policy.

  25. Khalid Rao says:

    These so called politician should wake themselves and bring the masses on front.

    Mr. Qureshi a Multani Pakistani,took a very bold step to say no we can not do more to USA.

    Mr. Qureshi they are Pakistani do not let USA to bomb them . We do not need this cooperation we will fight this war by ourselves, listening their views,educating them.Controlling them not to go and spoil their generation.
    Khalid Rao on Facebook on Facebook