Pakistan vs India: You have to have your say

Pakistan vs India: You have to have your say

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No matter where you are, just as long as you’re tuned in to the live coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 India vs Pakistan semi-final, here is your chance to provide your analysis, set the field, live commentate, share pictures and videos, predict the outcome of the match and have your say as Pakistan takes on India in what promises to be a cracking showdown.

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The prospect itself is so hot that it does not require you to employ the art of phrasing and utilise your gift of gab in order to have your say, but have your say you must because its Pakistan versus India and the cricket fever doesn’t get any hotter than this! This is exactly why we at would like to invite you to have your say and let it out your way regarding the biggest event, need I say, bigger than the World Cup final that the cricket crazy world is about to witness.

You can send us your critical analysis in the form of a blog post ( or shout out in a comment. You can also tweet at us @dawn_com or leave your comments on our Facebook page and we will feature it here along with all the other contributions from our readers. We’ll be challenging our own producers to come up with interesting content on the epic event to be held in the near future but we want you to have your say as well.  Compose a song, make a webcam video cheering your team, or send us an audio visual slideshow! Do something and we’ll put it up for the world to see.

The internet has become an intense driving force in modern times as recent events have shown. Fuelled by the voices of the online population, this time around Pakistan vs India is bigger than ever! So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to have your say, your way, and let it rip. However, we do advise you, for the sake of “good sportsmanship” to refrain from the “free and frank exchanges of views on female relatives” which has always been an essential part of the India-Pakistan rivalry, as alluded to by Cricinfo.

P.S. Our friends from across the border are equal contributors to debates on our website, so let us be insightful towards content vouching India triumphing over Pakistan and not forget that as fans, what we’re really celebrating is the spirit of cricket.

P.P.S. The winner of this competition (it’s not really a competition, it’s just an opportunity for you to rant out whichever way you want) will get the chance to watch the Pakistan vs India Semi-Final of the ICC World Cup 2011 live on our competitor’s television channel!

The views expressed by the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

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Featured Comments

Taimur Sikander says, “This is what Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik had to say about the Pakistan-India semi-final on March 30: “I had given a warning yesterday (Sunday) that there should be no match fixing. This time I am watching it very closely. If any such thing happens, we will take action,” Malik told reporters in Karachi Monday.

“They should continue the practice and go to bed early, rise up according to their schedule and dedicate themselves to the game for Pakistan,” he added.

Mr Malik, we are also watching you very closely. Go to bed early, eat your cereal and focus on your job.

We’re sure it must be a tough job, picking out the right tie and handkerchief combination.

It is understood that you have since called and apologised to Pakistan’s captain, Shahid Afridi about your earlier remarks.

“A section of (the) press has twisted my statement out of context, and wrongly projected my words,” Malik posted on Twitter, Monday night.

You know what they say about those who speak too much…

P.S. The people do in fact trust the players more than they trust you, as is being said by many a Pakistani politician.”

Shagufta Naaz sent us a short piece titled “War Games”:

“‘Pakistan and India go to war in the semi-final’ screams the headline of a leading Urdu daily (incidentally, one of the same group that has been shouting itself hoarse in the pursuit of Hope for Peace). “It’s war!” say my friends as they gear up in green T-shirts (the price of which keeps rising as the date of the match draws closer). “It’s war!” state all the commentators, analysts and of course, the ubiquitous morning show hosts. Oh yes, a match between India and Pakistan can never be just that: a game between two teams; thanks to over 60 years of a very complex, painful history, any meeting in the ground is seen as yet another encounter with the enemy. It’s not just cricket, it’s war.

Excuse me, but am I the only one who finds this casual use of the ‘W’ word distasteful? Yes, winning against India is a matter of pride and honour (or so they say), more so even than winning against the Aussies, even though it was an Australian who called our captain ‘idiotic.’ What would our reaction have been if an Indian had said that I wonder?

But to come back to the impending semi-final, feelings are running high on both sides of the border — and even further ashore. Students studying abroad report that fights between Pakistani and Indian students erupt daily on campuses, even before the two sides have come together in the ground. These are kids, many of whom may not even have seen their ‘homeland.’ Certainly none of them lived through the horrors of Partition, the trials of the ’65 and ’71 wars or perhaps even the tense days of Kargil. So where is all this anger coming from?

Perhaps all Pakistanis are born with an anti-India gene; perhaps Indians too have an anti-Pakistan gene; and perhaps venting this anger at a cricket match is better than taking it out in a more deadly manner. But just for the record — war is about death, destruction and unimaginable misery. A cricket match is about fun, excitement and, if we’re lucky, a reason to celebrate. Let’s try to keep the difference clear.”

Comments on Facebook

Chinmay Sharma says, “Many ppl have said that this is just a game but lets be reasonable it is actually a war on sports field. India and Pakistan are playing after 4 years. It doesn’t mean that ppl will kill each other but its a kind of satisfying frustration of an uneasy relationship like tom and jerry. So far but so close.”

Muhammad Hasan says,  “Clash of rivals, but with manners and ethics. :) bats not guns, balls not artilary crackers.”

Raahil Faraaz says, “There is huge excitement over the match and we are all looking forward to a great game of cricket that will be a victory for sport. It gives me great pleasure to invite all pakistani to visit Mohali and join us and the millions of fans from our two countries to watch the match.”

Zia Ullah Akhunzada says, “It ll be more than a cricket match.Pressure will be on both teams.A great chance for Pakistan to take the 1996 revenge.”

Tweets @dawn_com

Anjum_y tweeted, “I hope India and Pak cricket fans keep in mind they r playing Gentleman’s game semifinal. Let the sportsman spirit prevail please.”

RishadShaikh tweeted, “I have to admit, I am guilty of Youtubing Shoaib Akhtar’s crazy yorkers against Dravid and Tendulkar in hope of a repeat spell!”

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742 Responses to “Pakistan vs India: You have to have your say”

  1. Rana says:

    Its amusing to see Pakistanis become so benevolent and kind and talk about sportsman spirit whenever they lose to India. Same people who cry about a ‘war’ and ‘revenge’ otherwise.

  2. Shriman Pande says:

    It may or may not be difficult to defeat somebody, but it is definitely difficult to win somebody. As an Indian, my view is that, we must try and win Pakistan’s heart. How can these two brothers be arch enemies?

  3. hahahaha says:

    Yet another war that pakistan lost!!!! Some people never learn!

  4. Om says:

    How is it possible that a US who have world latest technology and equiped with advance electronic equipments.

    Needs for 10 year to find out the Osama Bin Laden ? It’s very Serious to know what Us wants ?

  5. Sundeep says:

    A good game of cricket overall; with some failings and some sun-shines.
    On Pak side, the bowler Wahab was amazing. He stopped the Indians enroute with his accurate bowling and reverse swing.
    On the Indian side, the collectively played as a better team – better in bowling and fielding departments.

    Some Wins and Some Loss…that is life is all about. Cheers to both the team and to the thousands of die-hard supporters for their raw energy which supported the game.

  6. Hakim says:

    Today, Pakistan lost to India by 29 runs. One can blame many factors: Had Pakistan not dropped Tendulkar 4 times, the Indian total might have been lower for Pakistan to scrape by. But then there were other mistakes by Pakistani batsmen, some strategic and others just silly: Had Kamran not tried a reckless shot, or had Hafeez not got impatient and stuck around longer. Had Younis played more maturely, or Afridi not hit aimlessly, or Misbah not played so defensively for so long, had Pakistani hitters done their job well, Pakistan could have reached 261 runs rather easily. Pakistan’s low scoring average finally caught up to the tailenders. In terms of bowling, Pakistan bowled aggressively and kept the huge batting talent of the opponent in check, and except for tense spells by Umar Gul, I thought Pakistan did superbly in the bowling department.

    I suppose one has to give credit to the Indian bowling too, they forced Pakistan batsmen to low scoring average. In the end, when Pakistan needed runs, the hitters ran into excellent fielding by the Indians.

    To sum up, every team has ups and downs, and after all is said and done, today Pakistan lost to an Indian team, which somehow displayed more confidence. Congratulations to Afridi, who effectively put together the talents of young and experienced players into a unified team that won our hearts. I wish Pakistan Team better luck next time around.

  7. A Khan says:

    Indiaaaaaa I love you! God bless my India. What a match

  8. Mallik Umapathy says:

    First off i would like to congrajualte both India and Pakistan team for being sport in Mohali through out the game, secondly i feel sorry for heartfelt fans of Pakistan.

  9. MrKaych says:

    India won! Crackers bursting all over Indian cities.

    But well played Pakistan team too. Esp. Wahab Riaz and Misbah. Hope they improve their fielding which disappointed them a bit. I’m sure their young team will do better in coming years.

    Happy to see players played it in good sportsmanship spirit.

    Hope we play matches regularly.

  10. pnpuri says:

    who will win is a big question mark, but, this evening let victory of cricketing spirit is celebrated on both sides. god willing let cricket wins today

  11. moshi008 says:

    So glad to see all of the positive comments on here and to realize that there are decent people on both sides who want peace for everyone.

  12. saqib says:

    hi lads have already made us proud another coupleof wins will be a bonus guys play ur heart out u win or lose we love u

  13. Amir says:

    Saying one team is better than other is not really fair as both teams reached to semis so both got same standards and lets not forget Pakistan was not the strongest in 1992 either. Pakistani bowlers are dangerous so do Indian batsmen but I feel so sorry for Indian team who are getting less attention in their own media who is busy threatning them with Pak bowlers….

    So lets hope for good game and most imortant good relationship… and a message for my Indian friends that whatever the politicians are doing on both sides lets make individual effort to come together or we will be fighting forever

  14. Zafar Ahmed says:

    Hello all Pak & Indian cricket lovers…. Please dont take this semifinal as a war between the two countries, just relax and enjoy this match and keep in mind one will loose & one will win… so it depends on who perform the best in the semifinal. Enjoy the game being called ” Mother of all matches” in true sportman’s spirit and admire all who perform excellence…….Zafar Ahmed

    • krisvel says:

      \M/ i appreciate ur view….who ever wins Asians r in finals,at last we c some change in world cup history.

  15. MrKaych says:

    I expect Pak cricketers to be more hungry – a win for them will bring so much cheer to Pakistan which has seen much bad news lately. Whereas Indian cricketers have IPL to look forward to.

    Wishing Pakistan gets man of the match, best fielder, highest individual score, fairplay trophy etc. etc., but India wins the match.

  16. Vivek says:

    Just Hope for the Best. best will win. Enjoy Cricket.

  17. Tanveer says:

    It is time to rise to the occasion for both India and Pakistan and show the whole world that not only the good fences make good neighbours but good cricket can also make good neighbours.

  18. Sanjiv says:

    Good to see the Dawn is not taking a rabid stance on the game; the responses on this message board are a reflection of that. Can’t say the same for Indian papers and TV channels who are trying to create unnecessary friction.

    Pakistan’s cricket team have to be complimented whatever the result of tomorrow’s match. The situation in their country as well as affairs pertaining to the team itself are enough to cast a pall of gloom and lead to demotivation. But these boys have their chins up and have made their country proud. Congratulations to Shahid Afridi and the team. The impact of success in cricket is huge in our countries. This will already go a long way in lifting spirits, and make others look at Pakistan with more respect.

    As for the match. I believe Pakistan’s bowling hasn’t been tested yet. They had an easy quarter final, and a weakened Australia whom they only just managed to beat. The Sri Lanka win was good, but the scoring rate was not frenzied. I’m not so sure Umar Gul will be able to stand the heat of Sehwag and Tendulkar together (with Raina, Dhoni, Yuvraj to follow), nor do I think Afridi will be as successful against India’s batting. The one time batsmen got after them (Ross Taylor), they wilted. However, one has to respect that they are in the semi’s. You HAVE to be VERY good to get that far. May the best team win.

  19. Salman Ahmad says:

    This is not a game, This is WAR :)

  20. Arshad Mahmood says:

    Good luck to both teams; performance of the teams will draw line between VICTORY or LOSS. Media should not give –ve projection at both sides. It should remain battle between both teams but not in nations.
    Hoping to witness good game…

  21. Khan Baba says:

    Looking forward to a very exciting match. I hope this match brings both nation’s together and closer as friends.

    Leaning towards Pakistan winning :-)

  22. Khan Baba says:

    Even though leaning towards Pakistan winning, however, hope this match brings both nations together and closer as friends.

  23. bharat says:

    Dear sir,
    we indian will definatly win. because indian team are far batter than pakistani team.

  24. Ravo says:

    This is a game of sentiments, emotions among the people of both countries. Tension is on both sides, more than the players… :-). It’s been a talk all around the world. My colleagues, relatives are all planning to take off or work from home and watch tomorrow’s exciting match. Nevertheless, it’s a game that should be taken sportingly. I just wish both the teams to give their best. Wish them good luck!

  25. pnpuri says:

    the mohali match will depend on skill of two teams and one lucky captain. but the comments of mr. rehman malik are unfortunate. an average cricketer is more honest than an average politician. it is politicians in particular ministers who are required to be kept under surveillance. both countries will do lot better if politicians in place of finding faults with others start looking within on Facebook on Facebook