How can Lahore be secured against terrorist attacks?

How can Lahore be secured against terrorist attacks? invites its readers to debate current affairs in this forum.

On Monday, terrorists used machine guns and grenades to launch a savage attack on a police training academy in Manawan, leaving 15 policemen dead and 150 injured. Eyewitness accounts estimate some 20 militants carried out the attack and that at least 11 explosions were heard through the course of the morning.

This attack comes on the heels of the militant attack against the Sri Lankan cricket team, which occured on March 3, 2009. Before that, the penultimate day of the World Performing Arts Festival was marred by three explosions on November 22, 2008.

Why is Lahore increasingly the target of terrorist attacks? Does the ongoing political tussle in the Punjab have any relation to the security situation? Who is responsible for ensuring the safety of Lahore’s residents? How can the Walled City be secured against terrorist attacks?

Are you in Lahore? Are you or anyone you know close to the police academy? If yes, please share eyewitness accounts from Manawan with


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272 Responses to “How can Lahore be secured against terrorist attacks?”

  1. ozzy says:

    Mr Mohd. Sukhera it seems u have been reading too many of those pak studies books printed and authored under the dictatorship of Ziaul haq glorifying thocractic state of govt…read what Jamal said in another forum:
    The Quaid did not create a country for Islam. He created a country where Muslims could protect their culture and religion without hinderance from the majority. He had clearly elaborated his vision for Pakistan after independence. He wanted Pakistan to be a secular, progressive welfare state. The mullahs who had called him a kafir, now claim ownership of his creation. Have you noticed the all pervasive expressions of Islam in Pakistan without the slightest effect on people’s morals. Jinnah was a century ahead of the so called leaders who followed him. Give Zia all the credit for the bloodshed going on now.

  2. Mortal says:

    “If i am wrong then correct me-it is a reality that India never recognized Pakistan sincerely-so for as pakistan anit Inidia tactics are concerned so why India has opened about 2 dozens of its Counselates on Afghan border with Pakistan?” – Arshid

    Arshid, why do you (and many other Pakistanis) think that India doesn’t recognize Pakistan?
    Doesn’t Pakistan have an Embassy & consulates in India & India have the same is Pakistan? That means ‘Officially’ recognizing a state as a sovereign nation.

    When former Indian PM Vajpayee visited Pakistan in 1999, he said that he wanted to clear all misconceptions & clearly stated that ‘India recognizes Pakistan as a sovereign legitimate state’.

    As for the Indian consulates in Afghanistan. Most Pakistanis seem to be under the impression that Indian consulates in Afghanistan train & send terrorists to attack Pakistan.

    This is as farther from the truth as can be. You think, with American & NATO presence in Afghanistan, they would allow something like that to happen?

    The reality is that America & NATO want Indian presence in Afghanistan so that India can have it’s democratic influence on Afghanistan & help build and strengthen it’s democratic institutions. They want India to help Afghanistan get rid of the radicalism that has existed in that country for decades.

  3. Walker says:

    Killing people, Flogging people, Injuring people are all wrong wether in the name of religion or not. I see a lot of people writing in this forum about how killing other people is wrong because the Quran says so. Reality is “It is the wrong thing to do irrespective”. Militants are power hungry and they will do whatever it takes (terrorism etc) to get it. See them for what they are.

  4. Mohammed Sukhera says:

    The muslims of sub continent separated from Hindu majority India so that they could live their lives based on teachings of Islam. The main slogan of the masses was: “Meaning of Pakistan; There is no diety worthy of worship except Allah” which has been totally forgotten. The politicians did want Islamic law in the country and the struggle still continues. Politicians set up political parties based on regions and creed. The Former Pakistani dictator (Musharaf) used the military to kill innocent people who either did not agree with his policies or wanted the Islamic law in the country and called them terrorists. He ordered the militay to destroy the Lal masjid seminary where thousands of children were learning Islam. Musharaf wanted the country to follow Kamal Atturk’s teachings who was a heavy drinker and his first priority was to build a German brewery right in Instanbul(capital of Turkey)which is still functioning today.Pakistan’s militray’s job was to defend the country against foreign agression and not to kill its own people.Pakistan’s problem is its leadership which is hypocrate, corrupt and arrogant. They spend more time to safeguard their leadership than help the masses. Pakitan’s problems can’t be solved with military force. There has to be a political solution and we have seen that force has not worked in the last 6-7 years. Talibans are not against the West, they just want to live their lives in peace and without any foreign agression. Drones which are being operated with the help of Pakistani government from bases in Pakistan are killing innocent people and they are fighting back. pakistani government should encourage the west to negotiate with Taliban in Afghanistan to bring peace to the wartorn country.

  5. Khuda ka banda says:

    Now this is going to hurt.
    Perhaps, Pakistani institutions are using terror as a way of doing business. It helps them get huge sums of money by keeping the rhetoric of an unstable Pakistan destabilising the region going. This has been stepped up recently and now it says that entire Asia will be destabilised unless money is poured into Pakistan to upgrade its economy. This is plain silly, but the Western countries are falling for it and so it encourages the Pakistan government to keep this charade alive and let terror flourish. The one flaw in this scheme of things is that the Pakistani citizen loses his dignity and in the eyes of the world he is viewed in poor light for no fault of his. The ordinary citizen seems to have lost his pride through the actions (or inaction)of those in power.
    The people need to realise that the money Pakistan gets does not translate into development but only lines the coffers of some. It is time that Pakistan ventures forth to change itself from within & become self reliant or else it will be be condemned to remain a near failed state and Lahore will be continually repeated elsewhere by these worthless predators. Please dont allow it to happen.


    My dear friends
    We in India feel sad when we hear such attacks on our Pakistani brothers, yes we feel Pakistani as our brothers, let me tell you through this news channel that most of the Indians are aware about the pains common Pakistani is suffering due to some of the radical groups from inside Pakistan. Unfortunatly in Pakistan democracy was not implementated properly and therefore Pakistan was under military rule for long time, If one man take a decision for whole country for his own intrest common people are going to face such problems one day. But if common man comes together for a good cause what can happen is proved by reinsisting Justice Chowdhury. We Indian welcome such move. We want Pakistan should live in a peace but having said that it is required that common Pakistani has to change their anti India mind set that got cultivated by your politicians for their own intrest. It is possible to change the faith of your country if you all come together, nobody can stop you.

  7. Farooq says:

    I believe we will get through this. It is a learning phase every nation has to go through. We have to hang in there, believe in Allah, believe in ourselves and do the best each of one of us can do.

    Times like these give us an opportunity to expunge the rot out of our society.

  8. Please come support our brave policemen who are laying down their lives fighting terrorists despite lack of resources, training and equipment @

  9. Tarique says:

    I read all the news and comments of fellow Pakistani’s. How long you all be acting like sitting duck and critise your politicians or world for your own problems.I consider this as your own problem because you have right to choose. You make wrong choise. You are one to blame no one else. The ISI, why are they given such privilage, ban them and make a country a social democratic like others in the world. Become non islamic, if this is Islam in islamic country it is shame to all the muslims, that a muslim is not safe in muslim country but is safe in non muslim country. Stop blaming others for your own fault.

  10. Humi ---Pakistan says:

    Dear Sirs and Madams,

    With all due respect, i see almost all of you talking about Symptoms not the cause?

    The core reason was at the very first place was the injustice done with Pakistan at the time of its creation by depriving it with its due share which made Pakistan a Poor and a desperate nation.

    On the other Hand at the end of the cold war America left Afghanistan alone (forget Pakistan) with extreme miseries and poverty,,, hence leaving them all at the disposal of a Poor Country Pakistan… So What you think? who is the real culprit?

    The one who left the region when their Adventure and instead of development went for an ugly decision of supporting Talibs or the one who could do nothing more then to go for the American Masters (a mare cost for survival) or an ignorant neighbor always adding fuel to the fire on instability????

    Please Stop Blaming Pakistan and pray for its success acting as the only shield for our neighbor.

  11. Arshid says:

    I would like to correct MR Amanjit; Its not only Pakistan who is against India, Its the attitude of India towards Pakistan. If i am wrong then correct me-it is a reality that India never recognized Pakistan sincerely-so for as pakistan anit Inidia tactics are concerned so why India has opened about 2 dozens of its Counselates on Afghan border with Pakistan?
    One should be realistic; passing remarks while sitting in New Dehli is not a big job! open your mind and face the reality!

  12. tarik khan says:

    solution to this mayhem is elimination of propagation of religion. with that i mean shut down these madrasas or convert them into regular schools. no speeches over the loudspeaker of mosques . use mosques as culture centers emphasis on learning and healthy activities. no mullahs . use media to reform the mases towards peace justice and productivity. turn comunities int self governing and enforcing security , along the line of kibbutz.emphasis of religion in every aspect of society is the disease we have to and responsibleleadership with vision is required. eliminate extremism and opposition to freedom and peace. relgion and state has to be separeted. should have check and balaces in the aministrative system.

  13. Nusrat Hussain says:

    Govt. should tell the public about the result of investigation with these terrorists. They have not revealed anything abt. the Sri Lankan team, Benazir’s murder so far and I am afraid the same would happen to this investigation too.

  14. tadaham says:

    There is a lot of truth in Sanskrit saying, ‘The Ghosts live where the scholars are not respected’.
    Pakistan is paying heavily for showing utmost disrespect for Dr Abdus Salam.

    -An Indian

  15. Shahid says:

    I don’t understand why so many Indians are providing their unwanted opinions on Pakistan. Taliban or Baitullah, someone is felicitating these terrorists. Million dollar question is who??…13 consulates for the development of Afghanistan..Hint Hint. I’m not shifting blame, rather focusing on real enemy. The first step to stop a menace is to indentify the source. Only then you can concentrate on remedy.

    Tell US and ISAF to manage the border from their side. Likewise we’ll manage it from our side. If you see someone crossing over, feel free to shoot, detain him (them), but once and for all stop blaming Pakistan for everything that goes wrong on your watch. And no more drone attacks or we won’t provide land routes for shipments.

    Either the coalition forces will put their act together or leave. Chances are that they’ll leave and even before they leave, our neighbors on the west would pack up the 13 consulates and say goodbye to Afghan hospitality.

    I bet my life fact that the moment these 13 consulates are shut, Pakistan would be back to normalcy.

    Till that happens, people please keep your eyes open and focused.

    As for TTP taking the responsibility, even I can call up a newspaper and claim to be Baitullah and take credit for these attacks. Who is to say that this Baitullah is not on raw’s payroll? If he is taking revenge for the drone attacks why has he not attacked US interests in Afghanistan? Neither have I seen him taking credit for the Indian consulate bombing in Kabul. Especially so when cossing the border is a walk in the park..LITERALLY or so is alleged!

    Wake up people of Pakistan!

  16. khan says:

    Police arrest suspects in Manawan attack
    Punjab Inspector General Khawaja Farooq said that police had captured 50 suspects in connection with the attack.

    hmm , so 50 innocent people rounded up in 24 hrs , just like they did after the Sri lankan attack. and then the next week —Nothing!

    is this a joke? after every attack round up local people and claim – hey we got some of them? do you think these jihadis keep 50 of their brethren around to be picked up? This is showmanship / symbolism at its best!

  17. Sal says:

    Now the people of Lahore should realize what the people of Karachi were going through.

    They always used to say Karachi main hangamay hotay hain. Yeh to sada Lahore hay.

  18. Dr.omer bashir says:

    One thing which has emerged from these barbaric acts is that the so called Taliban have lost the public support, support which they enjoyed during peak days of Kashmir uprising. These are the same people who used to be called mujaheedeen in Afganistan and later some of them were labelled as Kashmir freedom fighters from our side of border.
    Lets be very clear about this, this is a civil war, a war which is directed against the very core of the federal establishment.
    These people will not stop, they will not negotiate, they will not hesitate to kill innocent people. If you look deeply and peel of the cloak of sharia which motivates these mullahs, it is a power game. In a way it has similarities to the Sri lankan civil war, only difference being that in our case Afganistan is a lawless country which gives these terrorist a hiding place and a base to operate from.
    The current Obama policy of treating Afganistan and Pakistan as a whole or one country makes lot of sense at this time. The only way for us to survive as a nation is to have a safe and secure Afganistan. The days of treating Afganistan as a buffer against India by our goverment are long gone. The Americans really want to help, let them. We are only saving ourselves by accepting there help. Dont you think that they have the right to hold us accountable for the money which they give us. After all we accept it with conditions.

  19. mani zia says:

    I say, Seal all borders with Afghanistan. Seal all borders between the four provinces and establish a very heavy security check point between the Pak Afghan border. Doesnt matter if it requires positioning 10,000 soldiers on each check point .. scan each and everyone coming in and leaving out!

    Between Borders of the country and also with in the PROVINCES …

    And then lets see if we dont get rid of these loosers

  20. auk says:

    This is the state of Pakistan under attack, by an enemy that knows no bounds. This is also unlike any war that we have seen. Unless we wake up and join hands against it, it will eat us all up. The problem so far has been that we fail to recognize the enemy within us – there has to be no excuses for murder and crimes against humanity.

    The state has failed because we have chosen to hand over the country to the most inept, the most corrupt. Those who aren’t competent to run a “karyana” store are trying so miserably to call the shots, giving the criminals (read TTP) a free hand. If the ISI is complicit in safeguarding the Taliban leadership as alleged by the Americans, those responsible need to be hanged. If the Army does not wake up to this threat from within, there won’t be a PakLand left to defend in the near future. D-Day is here and it is now. We have to decide if we are going to counter this threat, or if the dillydallying will continue, because we have run out of time.

  21. Mohamed says:

    I am an Indian. I believe Waseem Sarwar’s comment is very relevant as he has focussed on the core of the problems haunting the Muslim world, especially Pakistan, i.e education. He has only mentioned madrassa education but if what is taught in Pakistani schools is anything to go by then a major overhaul of your school curriculum is also urgently required. Reading what a concerned Pakistani group has to say about school texts was shocking. I suggest readers take a look at this web site:

  22. Syed Nasir says:

    Khan Yousaf said the right thing.
    Rehamn Baba had said that if you dig the well for others, you will yourself fall in it. Zia ul Haq was one well digger and look what has happened now.

  23. tony says:

    Pakistan has been ruled by rough leaders and shameless bigots. This country needs a complete overhaul in all stages of government rule. This present government is no different.Once this mess is taken care of by president Obama then the next step is to get rid of the menace that rules the country.

  24. suman says:

    It is a fearful and shocking to see youth of today are dying for no apparent reason in Pakistan. Human life worth nothing during these times when most of the World Nations have been competing in the good fate where as in Pakistan with corrupt politicians and terrorist hand in hand are playing deadly selfish game together. Wake up people of Pakistan make a choice to support either Americans troops or Those guilty politicians

  25. Khan Yousuf says:

    Okay… time to move on – till the next bombing , next week . on Facebook on Facebook