NRO ruling: beginning of the end?

NRO ruling: beginning of the end?

After much deliberation and debate inside the courts, in the media and among the general public, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has given its decision on the controversial National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) that paved the way for the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) to come into power.

The Supreme Court declared the NRO null and void in a short order which was passed unanimously by a 17-member bench.

The landmark decision is set to create ripples and shake up the government as all old cases and convictions that had been dismissed under the ordinance can now be revived as per the court orders. invites its readers to comment on the court’s historic decision. Do you think the decision will create instability as claimed by the government? Do you think this move will serve to discourage corruption? How will this decision impact the political and security situation in Pakistan? Do you think that politicians and bureaucrats accused of corruption will now be held accountable? Do you think that the debate regarding NRO focuses too much on politicians and less on accountability measures?

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264 Responses to “NRO ruling: beginning of the end?”

  1. tariq says:

    As I think, if the courts were fair, there would have been no need for NRO. Why these judges did not decided on theses cases which are pending for 10 or more years? These Courts and politicians are playing with us the people. Even the next amendment in Constitution will do no good for us. What has the previous amendments done? Were they passed by us, or by National Assembly? Every time politicians are involved, they just play with peoples mind, for their own use, either it is PML,PPP, Army or now Judiciary is a party also.

  2. Air Commodore(R) Arif Moinuddin says:

    All said and done what about the total and complete implementation of the SC verdict.

    Will we ever see a Pakistan where the law is above the political powers of a handful of individuals.

    Time to do a reality check and put Pakistan on the right path.

  3. MUNIR-UL-HASSON says:

    NRO was promulgated to deal with ‘politically motivated’ cases and provide relief to those who were involved in such cases.

    And Supreme Court’s judgment on NRO is also ‘politically motivated’ to get rid off faces that do not fit into the scheme of those people who matter.

  4. A Rizvi says:

    A historic decision by the SC headed by a couragesous and honest CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry. The decision shall give a deserved blow to the corrupt of Pakistan who never cared for any body as they thought and were accountable to none in past.

  5. We like to congratulate to Supreme Court of Pakistan chief judge Chaudary Iftkhar for this good work to expose all the corrupt. Looks like there is some kind of awakening taking place in beloved country Pakistan.

  6. I hope and pray that the Supreme Court’s decision to declare the NRO null and void will not cause political turmoil in Pakistan. Pakistan does not need any more turmoils! Pakistan needs stability. Any progress is not possible in a climate of turmoils and instability. The branches of Government, Judiciary and the public should realize that peace is necessary for the progress. We hope every one will calm down and get back to work.

  7. A.D. Talpur says:

    The NRO ruling should be taken seriously by the elite: no one is above law, corruption will not be tolerated, and that accountability and rule of law will prevail.

  8. basharat says:

    Many historic decisions, in the past, had been pronounced by the Apex Courts in the past which failed to get approval of the history although these decisions were excessively glorified at the time they were pronounced. The judgment of today we ought to respect, as to its place in the future history, the people have diverse opinions.

    The judgment has created a sort of euphoria within a certain segment of society as well as a considerable turmoil, which is very likely to destabilize the already crumbling political structure which, it was better to have been avoided at least for time being.

  9. Qasim Khan says:

    Comments by L Ahmad paint a more realistic picture of events.

    I am not euphoric about the court ruling because I know nothing will change in decades to come. Our leaders excel in corruption, lies & dishonesty.

  10. L Ahmad says:

    A good decision but unenforceable. We have already seen the reaction from all those who have made to the list of honor. All innocent, all honest, never corrupt; so they claim.

    From the President to ministers, secretaries & civil servants involved in alleged corrupt conduct. Not to mention the ever alert army generals.

    There is no precedent & I don’t think there will be one now. Pakistan’s corrupt hierarchy is corrupt to its very roots & very powerful. You can name & shame them but can never hang them. I’ll believe it when I see it; until then it’s only a wishful thinking.

  11. New Yorker says:

    A very important decision indeed in establishing the rule of law. The era of personality worship is over and era of the supremacy of institutions has begun.

  12. KC says:

    Supreme Court has given a unanimous verdict and all subjects including the sitting President shall abide by the supreme law of our nation. Why it has taken so long to implement the verdict? Who is being benefited from keeping it aside? The rule of law when applied equal to all, will be beneficial to the society.

  13. Bhatti says:

    Well done to the Judiciary, but who is actually going to arrest the likes of Zardari?

  14. Nur Ali says:

    A good decision, indeed. But within a corrupt system. Perhaps the Judiciary is changing for better, but let’s wait and see.

  15. Khan says:

    The decision made by CJ Iftikhar along his 17 member bench is a historical decision made by the Pakistani court ever made in history and I think if our court work like this and make decision regardless of position and status of the person having will prevail a real democracy in the country.

    But now it is govt. turn to implement the court decision if govt. think that it is the govt. of public but unfortunately if govt. not play it crucial rule it has to play the consequences would be very worst and it may not be only worst for the current govt. but may be for the existence of Pakistan more

  16. Air Commodore(R) Arif Moinuddin says:

    After more than six decades finally we have witnessed that the supremacy of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

    A Landmark decision that should be the starting point of cleaning Pakistan from corrupt politicians, Generals, Air Marshals, Admirals and Government officials.

    It’s time that a group of few corrupt individuals not take the people of Pakistan for a ride.

    If we cannot manage our affairs skillfully and with full dedication towards the betterment of our people, then we do not deserve to enjoy the perks and privileges which come out from the sweat and blood of our people.

    May Allah save Pakistan.

  17. hn says:

    I think people have come to believe that nothing will work. But democracy does work in Pakistan if people will give it a chance. This is demonstrated by the reinstatement of CJ by protests and his ability to pass such ruling.

    It is those who think that people do not have power and hence don’t mind a dictator ruling them that really challenge Pakistan’s political development.

  18. roger says:

    Applaud the SC in its decision, it sends a message that no matter what, corruption charges have to be addressed and not swept under the carpet in a so called “Deal”.

  19. Jabral Jamal Tariq says:

    The whole world is applauding Chief Justice, Iftikhar Mohammed Choudary for his NRO decision and for his undaunted bravery and honesty in confronting the debauched corrupts and criminals of Pakistan.

    May you live long and healthy Mr Choudary and may you bring hope and dignity to Pakistan’s prestige abroad.

  20. mehboob badshah says:

    Yes, in principle this is the right decision, and should be the only decision. The problem lies in implementation.

    Mehboob badshah.

  21. Sajid Ahmed says:



    You had this great opportunity to serve and protect the poor, the deprived and the underprivileged of our nation but you chose not too. You have wholeheartedly made a mockery of the system and have played with the sentiments of this nation for way too long.

    Long live Chief Justice and forever live, flourish, rise and shine Pakistan.

  22. ALI says:

    An excellent and historic decision of SC.

  23. Mustafa says:

    The 17 judges made the right decision but at a wrong time.

    What will come next is anyone’s guess. Not a good news for Pakistanis. A government by corrupt is a disaster for all. There is no alternative but to support the government in power to keep the country stable specially at a time when it is in state of war against terrorists and militants and has to win confidence of International community.

  24. Fazal Ur Rehman Siddiqui says:

    Just after the “Ruling of the Supreme Court of Pakistan Against the NRO on 16 December 2009″, an ECL was made public by the NAB, in which the Honorable Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar was named doubtlessly. He was also stopped at the Islamabad Airport.

  25. asmat jamal says:

    Good decision. on Facebook on Facebook