Pakistan and the way forward

Pakistan and the way forward

With August 14 approaching fast, would like to know your thoughts on Pakistan and the way forward.

In your opinion, what should be done today to fix the many problems Pakistan faces?

Please give your answer in one sentence along with your name, age, location and profession to qualify for the survey.


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259 Responses to “Pakistan and the way forward”

  1. Early riser says:

    A true Islamic state with a muslim hero is the only answer as our religion which is the best of all and a complete way of life has all the solutions…i m hopeful that in near future we are going to see a best era in pakistan..

  2. Moazzam Jalal says:

    In my opinion, every Pakistani is required to select the best candidate in the coming election.
    Selection shall be based on one own choice not on the choice of candidate.

  3. Umer says:

    We need to have an independent and Just Judicial System to remove all the ills in society. Though some signs of progress is seen in the superior judiciary yet the same must transcend to the lower tiers. Secondly the support tool of Judiciary i.e. Police needs to be reformed like the Georgian model (recent continuing Police reforms in Georgia). To me this packaged reforms of Judiciary and Police will help do better and improve the things in our beautiful country Pakistan.

  4. Haroon Bux says:

    Establish Islamic Political system in Pakistan.

  5. imran sheikh says:

    First, we need to calm down and get a proper perspective on where we are. Fear, over-excitement, hype, hysterical outbursts, frequent changes of the national course–all these do is muddy the water. We have a governance problem, a population problem and a low earnings vis-a-vis cost of living problem, all inter-related. The others stem from these ‘mothers-of-all-problems’.We are as a nation as good or bad as any other nation, and consistently running ourselves down is unfair and un-necessary.
    So, let us take off the collective hair-shirt of guilt we seem to have donned, have a good scratch–aah! That feels so good!– and get on with sorting it all out patiently, courageously and tenaciously, without looking for quick fixes.
    Himmat-e-mardan, madad-e-Khuda.

  6. Muhammad Mehtab Khan says:

    To resolve the problems of Pakistan is very simple and not a rocket science. We would have to follow the below points
    1-Supremecy of Judiciary
    2- Land Reform
    3- To say Goodbye to World Bank, IMF and USA.
    4- People will elect people apart from family, cast community or Baradri only
    Elect good educated, sincere and honest
    5- Media should educate the nation and present both sides of the picture not only dark side.

  7. Indusonian says:

    Elimination of feudalism is the only way forward.

  8. Sifar says:

    Pakistan’s greatest mistake is taking loans from IMF. IMF will make sure that the Country will become poor and stay poor by a continuous series of interests to pay. It will dictate the economic policies. It will bring in corrupt corporate giants in the name of investment and improvement who will gain huge contracts, eliminate local competition and take away 10 times what they invested.
    Only a very strong determination can repel such an attack from a faceless enemy, unfortunately, Pakistan is too easy a target.


  9. Latif Khan says:

    When Pakistan was at infant stage our beloved Quaid advised that keep the theocracy out of the state affairs but Pakistan decided to ignore this. Can they revert to Quaid’s vision now? If yes, we can do better..

  10. Rabia Anjum says:

    First of all of us have to understand our responsibilities towards the country. It has become a general phenomenon free oneself up by saying that the government is bad, and if we really feel that way, we have to come forward to rule the country. Better Education and Tolerance as told by our religion, is the only answer.

    Rabia Anjum
    Medical Student
    Quetta, Pakistan.

  11. Kiran Peter says:

    The missing element in our system is transparent monitioring, Evaluation and accountability. If we implement these techniques in our governmental and non-governmental affairs. I hope present condition of Pakistan will changed to a better one.

  12. Roshan Sharma says:

    For the prosperity, fraternity and a peaceful era, of which would be highly beneficiated the young, old and coming generations of India and Pakistan, the later should annex to the former.

  13. Bharat says:

    Will any of the positive suggestions made here, will they ever be taken on board by the powers-that-be?

  14. Mustafa says:

    There are many horrific problems in Pakistan I pray to Allah they are resolved. In my opinion, corruption should be eliminated from all walks of life. Meaning upholding the law and protecting the citizens of Pakistan the no. 1 priority of the state in order to bring peace.
    2. Accountability
    3. Education- free education for all the masses till class 10 or metric also learn about different cultures and languages
    3. Equal rights to citizens no one is above the law; tolerance for one another.
    4. Unity meaning no distinction amongst people based on ethnicity such as Punjabi, Pathan, Sindhi, Balochi, etc. or sectarian grounds like Shia Sunni. All are 1 people who are all Pakistani but people should truly believe and follow this.
    5. Taxes- taxes should be paid by all citizens of Pakistan and this should be used sincerely and honestly in providing education, health care, transport, roads, infrastructure, new business developments etc. like in Canada or UK or other European nations.

    Mustafa Umar, 27
    Marketing Manager
    South City Hospital Karachi

  15. RKYusuf says:

    separate religion from State.

  16. Hamza says:

    Shoot all the corrupt criminal politicians, throw out all the so called maulvis, make friends with neighbors, provide citizens with their basic and human rights i.e. education, healthcare and security, support social welfare, be self-sufficient, solve the Kashmir issue and be grateful about what we already have.

    Hamza, 21, St Andrews, UK, Student.

  17. Guru says:

    Cut a deal with China, let all Pakistan be part of China for next 20 years. I am not asking to merge but deal like Hong kong. We improve our system, culture and then move out as a separate nation after 20 years.


  18. Khan says:

    The biggest problem is of leadership. A strong diplomatic, strategist and dedicated leader can rescue this country.

  19. ASIF BUTT says:

    we have a agrarian economy, so what we need is LAND REFORM, LAND REFORM, LAND REFORM. All the ills and bad political system is born from there. (37 years old, Live in toronto, Canada, Worker in a pharmaceutical company, Originally from Lahore. Crave for nationalist leader)

  20. Ahsan says:

    First and most important, Education. Second, separate religion from state and respect other religions. Third, have talk with India and cut the defense budget, invest in science research other than nuclear !!

    Ahsan Aziz

  21. Tariq Kamal says:

    Recognize LOC as international border between India and Pakistan, sign a no-war pact with India with international guarantees, reduce defense spending by 30%, increase education and development expenditure, eliminate the divide between have and have-not’s as wells as religious and secular forces. Religion cannot be left at periphery in an Islamic Republic with 97 % Muslim population. Toleration moderation and social justice should be promoted.

    Tariq Kamal
    Houston, TX

  22. A.Bajwa says:

    The approach should be to get rid of the problems that encumber development of Pakistan into a modern state:

    1. Secularize the education system, with regional languages up to matric and English on wards.

    2. A higher grade and status for teachers.

    3. Deregularize the economy and manage it through a professional bureaucracy.

    4. Replace existing provinces by 16 divisions who should have full control on resources and local government.

    5. Peace with India and Afghanistan by leaving the matter to Kashmiris and Pashtoons.

    6. Reduce the Army and focus on nuclear deterrence.

    7. Open democratic and transparent governance.

  23. Z.Rehman says:

    Rule of Law is first of rule of Law, where every single individual in society to top most Govt official should be accountable. And an system independent of different political and other forces to run that accountability.
    Secondly bring awareness in people to stand for their right. Don’t let other treat them like animals.
    Stop so called war on Terror and start a dialogue with Taliban to resolve the issue. Bring investment
    back so more jobs opportunities are created. Set up energy plant to over come energy crises.

  24. Tausif says:

    The All Suggestions And Solution Given By You People Here Are True But Who Can Implement Them Practically , Powerfully , Innocently In Pakistan???

    The Answer Is Sharp, Intelligent, Powerful And Honest Mr. Parveiz Musharraf ..



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