NRO ruling: beginning of the end?

NRO ruling: beginning of the end?

After much deliberation and debate inside the courts, in the media and among the general public, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has given its decision on the controversial National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) that paved the way for the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) to come into power.

The Supreme Court declared the NRO null and void in a short order which was passed unanimously by a 17-member bench.

The landmark decision is set to create ripples and shake up the government as all old cases and convictions that had been dismissed under the ordinance can now be revived as per the court orders. invites its readers to comment on the court’s historic decision. Do you think the decision will create instability as claimed by the government? Do you think this move will serve to discourage corruption? How will this decision impact the political and security situation in Pakistan? Do you think that politicians and bureaucrats accused of corruption will now be held accountable? Do you think that the debate regarding NRO focuses too much on politicians and less on accountability measures?

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264 Responses to “NRO ruling: beginning of the end?”

  1. M. Mansoor Baig, Ph.D says:

    To my knowledge not a single person named/ listed in the list of NRO has resigned or asked for forgiveness. We are a nation of shameless and nothing touches us. Admitting guilt would result in loss of money and influence. Not admitting and or acknowledging any wrong doings does bring no harm. So we remain. In civilized part of the world such accusations would have caused opening of many inquiries, appeals, suits, submission of many resignations and rolling of several heads. Here we can only hope for miraculous ignition of correctness.

  2. Suleman Maniya,Göteborg,Sweden says:

    The ruling was amazing but what about the result! None of the MP’s resigned in the aftermath of the ruling to clear their names!!

  3. Amber says:

    It is so good to see that somebody has courage to question those in power and not just waiting to challenge when they no longer are.

    However, we have seen many stunts in the political history of Pakistan. How can we be sure that there are no hidden backhands in the judiciary this time.

    Or will we be hearing the other side of the story in due course??

  4. Mirza M Kashif, PUGC, Gujranwala says:

    Judiciary has played a vital role in development of nations and then maintaining peace, prosperity in them.

    I hope we will become a powerful country soon but support of youth and intellectuals is required. So it is appealed that be sincere with Pakistan.

    Mirza M Kashif
    Punjab University Law Department

  5. Jabral tariq says:

    The decision by the PM to suspend the Secretary Interior and the poor FIA Inspectors for stopping Mr. Ahmed Mukthar from going to China is down right repugnant and act of misuse of his power.

    No where in the world would a prime minister could have sacked or suspended an officer of the government for performing his//her duty in accordance to the law and regulation.

    If NRO beneficiaries are prohibited and they should be to travel abroad on private or official visits by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, then the ruling must be observed and carried out by the authorities.


    An excellent decision by excellent judiciary. Finally on right path. Let’s pray to God that this decision brings more stability to our beloved country.

  7. muhammad usman ali says:

    An excellent decision by the CJ and All the other judges of the bench. A land mark decision in the history of Pakistan.

  8. Shafqat says:

    PM Gilani is coming to the rescue of corrupts. His should be wiser than that. He should submit to the will of people and do what is right.

  9. swarup says:

    Well…let’s look upon the exit control list under which the defence minister was disallowed to travel to china, as an austerity measure!

    And putting Mr. Zardari on that list will curtail his wanderings.

  10. Mustafa says:

    May be it is time to abolish the position of President in Pakistan and let the Judiciary take over the Presidency. Let the Army Chief take orders from Chief Justice.

  11. basharat says:

    People of Pakistan are full of joy and are enthusiastically chanting slogans,” Supreme Court has given a Historic Judgment”. People have very short memory, it is not first time that a historical judgment has emerged, many judgments likewise were termed to be historical but the history did not approve any of them.

    All those who abrogated, suspended, or in any other manner violated the constitution along with their abettors and/or facilitators should be taken to task so that such situation does not occur again.

  12. Zubair Nawaz says:

    The latest decision by the PM to suspend the Secretary Interior and the poor FIA Inspectors for stopping Mr. Ahmed Mukthar from going to China proves that these corrupt politicians need to be removed out by the people of Pakistan. They do not have any respect for the law. Add to this insult another decision by the PPP high-ups that no one of the “NRO hit” ministers will resign!! These people are shameless.

  13. usman says:

    I would not comment on the merits of this verdict but there has been a long trail of events suggesting that Zardari is out of favor with actual power brokers in Pakistan and the verdict is quite in line with their wishes and desires. However Zardari can still redeem his party by resigning forthwith and facing the trials in the Courts.

  14. Gazoo Martian says:

    Tanya, you have pointed something very true.

    Anyway, assuming that all NRO affected crooks are in fact convicted, what sentence would they get? Few months, few years perhaps. They will be back to rob the country again. I say life time jail or something high.

    Gazoo Martian

  15. Qaseem Siddiqui says:

    Entire credit goes to CJ,who proved that “Nothing Going To Stop Us Now!” Big shots must face what they done with sinking boat of Pakistan. To me, All listed & accused must be on ECL immediately, irrespective of name, designation & relation. The whole Pakistan is looking forward anxiously to see the climax of NRO. Culprits must not be given green channel to escape. Looted money must come at all cost to save our Pakistan. May Allah shower His blessings upon CJ’s team.

    Pakistan Zinadabad & Paendabaad.

    Qaseem Siddiqui

  16. Saif says:

    Chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhry is possessing honest personality and has fear of God and he wishing to see a developed, free of corruption and free of evils, Pakistan. Moreover, he is honest with his position as Chief Justice of the country. Injustice is the root cause of instability. Once the justice is established, then the country will rise. It is the responsibility of the honorable Chief Justice to establish justice in the country and institutionalize it.

    Whatever decisions he has taken so far are commendable.

    Pakistan Zindabad.

  17. Dr Aziz says:

    Well done your Highness. You are our the Hope of justice in Pakistan. We are fully trusting you.

  18. The unprecedented decision of SC regarding NRO is commendable. The ordinance was no doubt against the constitution and also the spirit of Islam. But it is hard to digest for our government and politicians. In my opinion the real task is still left i.e. the execution of the decision because it involves a huge number of high officials and specially the constitutional office. I hope the decision could be implemented in its real form and we could finally witness the actual independent judiciary in Pakistan.

  19. Muhammad Ishaq says:

    In my point of view not a good decision. Will create political instability. Target of decision is only one person ‘the President’, which is injustice.

    We need an independent and fair trial of all corrupt, including untouchables.

  20. Usman says:

    Now that the honorable judiciary has shown that it really is an independent organ of the government, in return the so called professors of independence of the judiciary must accept what has been done in the interests of the country and should step down themselves showing the least of a level of dignity if there is any left in them!!

  21. muhammad mujtaba says:

    Now it is our duty to guard our judiciary from the enemy of our country. We all have to stand with our honorable judiciary to protect our country’s assets. We have to pray for the long life of our country and its brave judiciary. May God save our country and judiciary from the evil eyes and people! May Allah protect our honorable chief justice of Islamic country!

  22. Mohamed Lalji says:

    Those propagating that justice will lead to instability are trying to scare people from taking bold decisions. The terrorist got foot hold only because of these corrupt people.

  23. Hassan Abbas says:

    Supremacy of judiciary should be respected. All convicts should be barred from holding public office and immediately be removed from their current posts and stand trial. Losing them wouldn’t hamper the ‘economic’ development of the country as not much is happening because of them either way. Immunity to the president needs to go away. This was introduced into the constitution by Gen. Zia and has so far only ruined the country by protecting them.

  24. Mustafa says:

    The 17 judges made the right decision but at a wrong time. Pakistan is in the state of war, fighting militants and terrorists who are blowing up men, women and children on almost daily basis. Terrorism is the greatest threat at this moment, not corruption. Resignation or sacking of political leaders will destabilize the country and that is what the enemies of Pakistan will welcome.

    I have great regard for the judges as they are most competent in law and they do not get involved in politics. However, only politicians can make right political decisions. This is the most critical time for Pakistan in its 62 year history. This is time to fight and defeat the enemies of Pakistan within and not to destabilize the country in political reshuffle. Once life in Pakistan returns to normality then clean the political mess by all means

  25. Fazal Karim says:

    It is a bold decision by Supreme Court of Pakistan, all Pakistanis wish that the criminals are brought to justice and looted wealth of the country is returned to Government. This is only a wish which will not be fulfilled, because government prosecutors are neither competent nor they will peruse the cases sincerely. Most of the beneficiaries are from government in power or their cronies in government jobs. on Facebook on Facebook