Better than cure

Better than cure

With the vast majority of dengue cases initially plaguing Punjab, almost half the districts in Sindh are also in the grip of the mosquito-borne fever now.

There have been 116 deaths and more than 10,000 infections in the city of Lahore alone.

Whereas, the latest figures released by Sindh’s provincial dengue surveillance cell showed that 567 patients suffering from dengue fever were admitted to various public and private hospitals in Karachi and 13 other districts.

As preventative measures, among shutting down educational institutions, students have also been instructed to wear full-sleeve shirts until the epidemic ceases. And health workers have fumigated parts of various cities in Pakistan.

Despite these precautions, the outbreak is rapidly increasing. Is the government’s response in preparing the country for the epidemic adequate?

More importantly, is the public responsibly observing precautionary measures? invites its readers to give their views and suggestions.


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3 Responses to “Better than cure”

  1. zulfiqar khaki of daily kawish says:

    As a pakistani, i am of opinion that there should be a criteria for The post of the chief Minster of every province of Pakistan. for punjab CM, it should be must that he should be well awarded about every kind of mosquito and other kind of water disease like malaria etc.. if a medical expert is available then people should nominate him for the candidate of MPA because only an expert can save punjab from dengue assault in future due to his capability to meat the challenges of this killer thing. i think other friends should com pleat my idea above given in the light of the saying that right person for the right job can provide better results.

  2. Khalid says:

    Last week i have gone through the agony of dengue fever when my four year son was diagnosis dengue positive initially then after detail investigation there were some infection as well. Sometime dengue positive test are deceptive as well. However self prevention is good. I have tried all things Panadol to keep fever low, rest and plenty of fluids, juices, ORS, pedialytes etc. Also the raw juice of Papya leave twice a day for 3 to 4 days. Honey wax is also good for increasing immunity. Small piece of it can be chewed before throwing it away. It can be easily found from Islamic Shahed Center in all major cities of Pakistan. And the most important thing is the prayer to Allah for help is the key to counter this illness.

    Next all dengue fever are not dangerous only some cases converts to more dangerous type. Prevention is better than cure however if some one got this disease must drink lot of juices and water to keep body fluid level up.

  3. Maria Rahman says:

    As a resident of Lahore, i hear almost everyday that a certain so and so acquaintance has been suffering from dengue.The proportionality of it’s rise is comparable to a jolt of 9 magnitude Earthquake,the casualities might not be similar but it has jolted this part of Pakistan Severly.It is indeed a horrid situation where its spreading to other parts of the country aswell.Dengue has no cure but simple preventive measure can escalate the chances of possible viral attacks and also be effective in keeping the situation under controll.just today i read an article of a student feeling angry over the fact that schools has been shutdown and later their semesters would be increased.We need to take it more seriously than this.I think people fail to realize the repercussion of the disease.Dengue is an alarming illness and strict measures should be taken by self aswell on Facebook on Facebook