From the frying pan into the fire?

From the frying pan into the fire?

“…involved in corruption, committing irregularities and serious violation of law and indulging in favouritism and discrimination.”

This is the introduction to Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) new chairman Zaka Ashraf, at least according to a petition filed against him in the Supreme Court by a senior officer of the Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd (ZTBL) of which Ashraf is the serving chairman.

Quite an enviable track record (details here), one of Ijaz Butt proportions perhaps.

To Butt’s credit though, he has not been accused of corruption and violation of law just yet, only bad administration.

Ashraf is reputed to be a close friend of the President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, the Patron of the PCB, so the appointment might not come as a surprise to some, but the decision seems to be an unwise one considering the new International Cricket Council ruling which states:

“The ICC Annual Conference unanimously supported a proposal to amend the ICC Articles of Association to provide for the important principle of free elections and the independence of member boards.

“It was agreed that all member boards must implement the provisions before annual conference in June 2012 and a further 12 months (to June 2013) would be allowed before any sanctions would be considered. It was noted that it was a well-established principle of modern sporting governance that national federations should be autonomous and free from interference from government in the administration of their affairs.”

So at best, Ashraf is a stop-gap appointment, and that too with a lot of alleged baggage.

Hours after his appointment, the new PCB chairman claimed that he would cleanse the game of corruption and scandals.

But can an individual who has apparently failed to deliver in one position of power, be inspirational in another?

With no cricketing background and administration the only criteria to judge by, is Ashraf a logical choice? invites its readers to give their views and suggestions.


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47 Responses to “From the frying pan into the fire?”

  1. Unquestionably imagine that that you stated. Your favourite reason seemed to be at the web the easiest thing to keep in mind of. I say to you, I certainly get irked at the same time as other people consider concerns that they plainly don’t know about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the entire thing with no need side-effects , other folks could take a signal. Will probably be back to get more. Thanks

  2. R.S.Mahmood says:

    A very sad state of PCB. From amongst the choices President had i think Zaheer Abbas was the best one !!!

  3. ubed says:

    my thinking is that cricketer shouldnt be allowed to be adminstrator…and best adminstrator comes from Banking system..this does’t means Mr. Ashraf deserve this job….

  4. narayana murthy says:

    What’s the surprise.

    Show me one aspect of Pakistan that is not going from bad to worse!!!!

  5. kamran azim says:

    A man is known by the company he keeps, so how come the “friends of Pakistan” president be good or wise guys? why would he care? for sure after the change of power he wont be around – as in Pakistan.

  6. aniqa sherazi says:

    why we always criticise and dont miss even a single chance ??

  7. Syed says:

    corrupt government, corrupt appointments … “Pakistan Khappay” … what an insult.

  8. K.A.Muhammed says:

    K. A. Muhammed, Wednesday, October 12, 2011.

    More the merrier, it is now or never, make hey while the sun is shining, it is never too late, Pakistan is a personal property of privileged: people in power.

  9. Hani says:

    Very shameful decision from President of Pakistan. He has appointed another corrupt person who has no back ground to run PCB.
    We have so much talent in the field of cricket but we are not utilizing it. Government has no interest to appoint such person who has passion and love of cricket and who will work hard to improve the name of Pakistan.

  10. Khalid says:

    Ashraf has better mustache than Ijaz.

  11. Kanishk says:

    I feel very sorry for Pakistan cricket. A strong Pakistan team is mandatory for healthy competition and maintain the world order. But as one can see from the sidelines, in past few years things have gone from bad to worse. A bad (or rather pathetic) set of administrators, some players with tainted conscience and lack of high quality players (at least in batting department) is hurting Pakistan badly. And growing violence and public unrest in not helping matters unrest. Attack on players and match officials was pathetic blot which can never be forgotten or forgiven. Match fixing (or spot fixing as they say) is revealing more skeletons in wardrobe.
    I dont really know what can be done to make things better but I can just hope and pray that some change do happen to bring this country back to course on path for cricketing excellence for which they have been known for years, rather than for bad name and publicity which has been pushing them down the gutter now.
    Being an Indian I strongly favor my team and always endorse them, whether they win or lose. Though I am not too fond of BCCI because of their autocratic ways but I think PCB needs to learn a thing or two from them regarding administration and management to put their house in order. I can just wish them best of luck.

  12. Ilyas hussain says:

    This just shows how in sorry state the Pakistan is,never mind just cricket,can’t we find even one person who’s name is clean from” corruption” from top to bottom this just shows how he’ll bent we are in for making money,even on the cost of Pakistan as a country.PAKISTAN I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU.

  13. Sohail says:

    corrupt government selected a corrupt pcb chairman…

  14. ammar says:

    I am not surprised and this suffering will continue even after next elections. we as a nation have accepted and become part of this corrupt system. until we as individual change, i do not see a change.

  15. Paracha says:

    What’s new, why evrybody surprised. What else has been done right by this govt. or Zardari. Any progress in last 3.5 years, new schools, new universities, new plans for progress, new industry, new technologies, new vision, any thing, any body know if this govt. has delevered any of the above?

  16. Raza says:

    So the ONLY Qualification this person has for this job is “He is a close friend of Zardari”………what a joke.

  17. NAEEM says:

    Mr. Zardari, Mr. Zaka Ashraf, Mr Salman Butt…….i wonder what have they got in common!!!

  18. Abdullah Jahangir says:

    The problem prevailing in our country over the last three and half years is our President and PM have rewarded their friends with astonishing benefits mutilating merit to extreme extent.
    It is a sad sight that the pattern continues under the name of democracy, which should now rather be called mock-racy!!!

  19. asif says:

    Cant wait untill 2013 . Then we will have to abide by ICC rules and bring a elected head of PCB.
    That man has to be Majid Khan.
    Maybe by then Allah will answer the prayers of all descent honest hard working Pakistanis in Uk and Pakistan and once and for all get rid of the Zardaris, Bhuttos, and Shariffs.
    Once we have got rid of our corrupt money worshipping leaders then and only then will we have a clean cricket team

    • bari says:

      I completely agree that Majid Khan should be the head of PCB.
      He is the only other Pakistani crickterer apart from Imran Khan who is respected listed to and admired all over the cricketing world..

  20. Salim Khan says:

    This bad appointment simply means that we are not yet serious about cricket in Pakistan. Lets hope for the best that the new chairperson work honestly and bring civility to PCB.

  21. Ali says:

    We should give him a chance. Former chairmen of PCB with cricket experience and knowledge have undermined the talent in Pakistan. Maybe someone inexperienced (in cricket) like Mr Zaka will bring something new and might not bow down to pressure.
    And as for the petition in supreme court is concerned, all I have to say is ‘innocent till proven guilty’. How can we diss a person when we dont even know him. By the way for all the critics Mr Zaka has done wonders for ZTBL. It was a rubbish institution and now its one of the most progressive in the country.

    • ansa says:

      i totally agree with u ali. people just assume that if hes zardari’s friend then he must be corrupt. how quickly people give the ‘corrupt’ title without any knowledge or research. he not only did wonders for the bank but he was known thoughout his tenure to not listen any safarish or illegal appointments. furthermore, throughout his 3 years at ztbl not once did he even take his pay and infact donated his pay to the bank. in today’s world, who works for free? if that act alone doesnt scream “honesty” i dont know what does. pcb is lucky that it will be run by such an honest man who will obviously work for the betterment of cricket. and i must say im astonished how people just give titles to others with just a hunch.

  22. aliya says:

    It is no surprize that Zardari has picked one of his cronney to postion of PCB.
    The most obvious choice would have been the only Pakistani cricketer apart from IK who is respected worldwide and clear fron any corruption and that is Majid Khan.
    Who can Zardari the patronage of Pakistan cricket or his new head of PCB set any standards to pakistani crickters?
    That is why we had the captain of Pakistan as Salman Butt. The most disgracefull captain of all time. Zardari and the new head of PCB should bring Salman Butt back to Pakistan and tried in Pakistani Courts for TREASON.
    Then and then only we will have Pakistani cricket safe from corrupt players.

    • Desihungama says:

      You are missing the point. Zardari does not know any honest people. Have you ever pondered that it just might be the idea is to get Pakistan banned by ICC, thus depriving people of this holy entertainment? Lonely minds are not only contagious but dangerous. We already know the results.

    • naeem says:

      I agree with Aliya.
      Majid Khan would have been the right man as head of PCB.
      He is the only x pakistani player and captain apart from Imran Khan who is clean and respected world wide.
      As far as Salman Butt is concerned maybe Treason case is to much but at least he should be brought in front of the Supreme Court. Salman Butt has a good defence for his corrupt and greed.

  23. Mehtass says:

    What a mockery in MUSLIM country. This guy too have corruption record. The procedding now going on in ENGLAND agaist BUTT & ASIF & MAJEED is insulting the community more. Do Pakistan have anybody clean cut or whole nation has gone to such goons. Surprising!!! It looks how much greed has creeped in…the Prophet Muhammad said (More or less) ” when we musilm adore this this world (and actually all are in ) then people will fall upon muslim from allside and wipe them off”.
    Hope sanity will prevail soon

  24. Wasif M. Khan says:

    He is probably corrupt to the hilt which must have been his only qualification to head thw ZTBL, but frankly this guy looks like he couldn’t even string together a convincing paragraph or even a few sentences in English that the ICC might just understand!

  25. Indusonian says:

    Why is anyone surprised? on Facebook on Facebook