No, thank you

No, thank you

According to the Defence Department press secretary George Little, Pakistan has refused to be part of a joint investigation into the November 26 Nato attack on Pakistani check post in Mohmand. The decision is one of the several that Pakistan has taken in its protest against the attack that killed 24 army personnel.

It has been reported that in his November 29 briefing to the media, Director General Military Operations Major General Ashfaq Nadeem had already ruled out the possibility of a joint probe, saying that earlier joint investigations carried out after similar attacks were unable to produce any results.

Meanwhile, the parliament is expected to hold a joint session to discuss the attack and the senate has passed a unanimous resolution opposing the attacks.

Will the senate’s resolution and the parliament’s impending joint session be able to form a concrete strategy against such attacks? And if formed, will such a strategy be followed in the future?

Has Pakistan made the right move by refusing to be part of the joint investigation being carried out by Nato? Is the snub going to hurt Pakistan or benefit it? invites its readers to give their views and suggestions.



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223 Responses to “No, thank you”

  1. Shujahat Ali says:

    Pakistan need to deal with the situation by using apple to apple policy, because we are not Afghanistan or Iraq.

    • multan says:

      If you look at the timing this is done on purpose because US will pull out in a month’s time
      and they want to make sure no help is given to pakistan after that.

      US thinks 10 times ahead of everyone

  2. Suhayl says:

    It is difficult for any nation to accept that Osama could have lived in Abbotabad for 5 long years right under the nose of Pakistan Army and Pakistan claims that the Army did not know about it…very hard for any one to chew and accept. So even if the Pakistan Army and civil leadership has good intentions, their acts will be seen with colored glasses.
    If Pakistani leadership wants to show their seriousness on war against terror…and for the world to accept that they are serious..then the leadership needs to introspect and come out with real white paper on Osama’s hiding in Pakistan.

  3. Khan Jee says:

    Pakistan has adequately responded to the attack. It is true that in joint investigation, Pakistan would only be allowed to participate in unclassified sessions and have to own whole proceedings and inquiry report. Therefore, by deciding not to participate in the inquiry, Pakistan has squarely shown that the investigation like previous ones will not be trust worthy at all.
    It is a common believe that the attack was deliberate act of aggression against Pakistan, Therefore now NATO or US would only try to conceal the truth as they have made a strategic blunder….

  4. Mateen says:

    A knee jerk reaction by Pakistan’s military rather than civilian govt making the right decission

  5. Mustafa Hanif says:

    If we re-visit history, it will be clear that we seldom made intelligent choices. we pretend to be brave and jingoistic, but have never been able to question martial law in this country. We select buffoons as our leaders and then express frustrations on their inability to rule. We must be sure about our rights and dignity, and abide by them. We must have principles that are pragmatic and lead us into the future along with other countries.
    Insha Allah , we will be okay.

  6. WAqar says:

    There are two things to remind AMERICA and others
    1) Democratic government always gives the answers of the questions of their public.
    If your own friends or Allies start killing your soldiers, it means they are not loyal to you or they are in sincere to resolve the problem.
    2) Dictators who fallow what you say, are interested in having their own interest. This, on the other hand results in losing your respect in the eyes of the masses.
    Mushraf had done whatever America asked for. So Mushraf and America lost the value or respect in the eyes of Peoples of Pakistan.
    On the other hand Kiyani has done action against the terrorist after taking their people in confidence and they are successful. Those terrorist are not able to disappear in public.
    So the main thing is America has to take the people of Pakistan in Confidence and give assurance as China gives.

  7. Iftekhar Hassan says:

    I don’t like to see any military generals making any international policy for Pakistan. This has been a problem for Pakistan from day 1. We now have elected civil government and foreign minister responsible for such task. Also, military generals should not be in contact with any foreign leaders except related to military matters.

    Pakistani military needs to respect, it is the people’s representatives are the boss.

  8. waqar says:

    I think we should not attend bonn and stop Nato supplies till we have the results of investigation.
    Pak and US have to work together for betterment for both pak and afghan issues.
    as long as US show some remorse for what they have done and congress realize that pak has done many sacrifices and change there attitude toward pakistan things r not gonna change

  9. Chaigram says:

    I have strange feeling that the attack was deliberate action on part of US and NATO. They knew the uproar it will cause. Their first objective is keep Pakistan out of the entire Afganistan solution giving India a major role in the entire sub continent. They (US and NATO) trevelize pakistan in to role same as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka. If Pakistan becomes insignificant they can block Chinese influence from the warm waters of the Arabian sea.
    Investgation, apology whatever, if Pakistan does not attend next time they will not be invited and there will be a SOLUTION without Pakistan, India comes out as clear winner.

  10. Imran Husain says:

    If similar inquiries had not been fruitful in the past, there is no point in trying again. This doesn’t mean that we should not go for any investigations. United nations should be involved in the detailed analysis of the unfortunate incidence and their recommendations should be adhered to by both parties.

  11. A.R.Shams says:

    Its not US and US people that most Pakistanis and huge number of global people dislike and condemn, rather, in true sense, what they dislike and condemn is US Government/administration policies it implements upon the beloved nation’s beloved homeland Pakistan.

  12. bhinder says:

    Joint investigation in this incident stands no where in the context of previous investigations carried out to determine the the causes of so called friendly fire staged by the NATO forces in the arena of war against terror and remedial measures suggested to avert such mishaps in future.It really sounds very strange that an ally like Pakistan playing pivotal role in war against terrorism is being treated like a foe.It is high time to redefine the relationship with NATO forces operating in Afghanistan.

  13. anas says:

    i think pakistan should take a more balanced approach and untie all relations with NATO…. going in other country and killing it’s own people is messed up… where are those human rights now when everybody needs them….

  14. Ibne Khaldoun says:

    Pakistan has taken a correct decision under very difficult circumstances.

  15. F. Shaikh says:

    I believe if one really wants to record an objection, it shud be on the highest level. The Bonn conference could have been used to make it clear to the NATO and US that the lives lost by the 24 soldiers and the hundreds and thousands of civilians is gonna cost them an ally and the most imp partner in the so called WOT……..Every life is precious so the outrage shud not only be for the army personells but for the innocent civilians aswell whose fault is what??? no one knows……
    As for the investigation……….well No body is clean in this dirty business………No one knows whts the truth…..Media is doing what it always does…….Politicians, democrats, policy makers, aggressors, victims…………………U can name many, but believe on none…….Thanks to everyone concern…….The only reality today is, we are far from reality…..!!!

  16. rash says:

    What Pakistan has done is right, and I will back it to the hilt. But my basic question is that if there were casualties on the Pakistani side then why were there no casualties on the NATO site?

  17. Iftekhar Hassan says:

    No other country in the world is at such a grave delicate situation as Pakistan at the present time. That is why Pakistan need some of the best mind to navigate the nation from state of failure to that of state of success story. Pakistan must keep her position as an important player as well as a strong regional player.

    Those who are calling Pakistan to take unilateral steps to cut herself from the United States and the west seems still must not understand global power politics, dark clouds over anything Islamic. If Pakistan engage the west, she will know what is going on. September 11, 2001 changed all that. However, traditional enemies of Pakistan and the Muslims in general have used the United States and the west to convert war against Al-Qaida to war against Islam. This is the fact, those who deny these facts indeed live deep inside the cave and even near the mouth of the cave.

    In the west it is a fashion now, that anything Islam is evil, thanks to FOX news, American Christian rights and well known owners of the western media, popularly known as Zionist control/own media of the west. Even President warn about them from the White House in 1972. In a way they are the master of the world. At least that is the way they see it and many agrees.

    War against Iraq, war against Afghanistan, war against Iran and relentless war and atrocities against the Palestinians, so who is next after Iran? Is that Pakistan?

    What is the master plan of the west on behalf of their master who control them with their media under constant blackmail. America is already occupied by them, Europe is 50%.

    That is the reason Pakistan need some sharp brains.

  18. Mohammad Syed Husain says:

    Its time to ask tough questions which may not be liked. Failure of communications in this raid in Mohmand Agency is no answer and somebody has to held accountable for this lapse. Normally the head of the organization takes responsibility. How many times are Pakistanis going to be subjected to such evasive replies which fit a schoolroom scenario and how many such lapses will the people tolerate from the armed forces.

  19. Ahmed Saeed says:

    Many of our Indian friends are worried for Pakistan neither going for the conference and nor joining the inquiry. Don’t know what interest do they have?

    • ajit says:

      Mr. Saeed,
      Many Indian friends are worried that if and when Pakistan dissolves as a political entity it will not be good for India.
      As always happens in a situations like this millions of dispossessed people pour across borders to preserve their lives and seek safety…. millions of people crossed border to India when Banladesh seceded from Pakistan.
      Dont think it can not happen to Pakistan because it has already happened during bangaladesh creation.
      Who had ever thought that the mighty Soviet Russia will cease to exist as a political entity. Former Jugoslavia is broken into several nations and resulting instability caused war,genocide,facism and movement of millions of people across borders creating untold human misery.
      It is also a fact that there are about one hundred and fifty million muslims who will agitate to open border in order to avoid human catastrophy

  20. Neil says:

    When Pakistan decided not to attend Bonn conference, I was waiting, how long it will stick to its stand.
    I knew one or other way they wont stick to their stand.
    And thats what happened.

    I pity Pakistani people, they are passionate abt their country,
    but politicians making them fool again and again for their own benefit.

    They should have join the investigation and help to bring truth out.
    And also make responsible for this incident pay.

  21. Imran Adil says:

    No matter they attend or not. Our Military is also doing the same fun as our Political leadership is doing. Its now an open secret and everyone knows that US ground troops are already on Pakistan soil since 2007. Our Generals are now again trying to show that they are brave they can also take stand. Very sad please this time not make fun with your people this is warning from a public opinion we are well aware of every thing.

  22. Vikrant [India] says:

    I would say current Pakistan response to NATO strikes is too rigid. These decisions are part of state policies which should be carefully moulded/incorporated by giving enough time. US has already been using Pakistan for their own benefits. Pakistan should gradually comeout of depending too much on US or China.
    I am not playing down the tragic incident where precious 24 soldiers lives were lost. I am questioning the sudden outburst and the policy makers’s attitude to suddenly trying to move away from US. This will definitly hurt in short and long run.

    • Anand says:

      It is the “policy making” of angry individuals, such individuals which also comprise the lnation and its leadership.

      Which is what is the problem with Pakistan in the first place, aided and abetted by a primitive rigid religious legal structure and supporting social structures which virtually guarantee no divergent points of views.

    • Vikrant [India] says:

      I would rather suggest to take balanced approach

      1. our 24 soldiers killed…lets vacate the military base from Pak
      2. Pak will not be part of investigation but will take part in Afgan conference in Germany (remember everything happening in Afgan is very very important for Pak…not joining conf is like Pak risking alienation in world)
      3. Pass a resolution in parliament that all agrement with US would be revisited…revisit them in next one-two year on after the other…
      4. and so on…

      • Mustafa says:

        Loss of 24 lives is very tragic and possibly, NATO will not repeat the mistake. However, conference on Afghanistan in Bonn could possibly save thousands of Afghan’s lives. Pakistan will make a grave mistake by boycotting that conference. This would mean Pakistan has no value for Afghan’s lives.

      • shakeel says:

        Pakistan has taken an admirable stance . It has enough nice things to please the world and specially the West for so long . This is a positive step , with Pakistan displaying to the world to go ahead and solve the issue without us . It is about time we did it .
        God Bless Pakistan .

  23. Kashif Satti says:

    I think US would try its level best to please Pakistan on Afghan issue. But the real problem is that US and allies, heading towards the door out, want Pakistan to clear the mess they created during last 10 years. Every country protects its own national interests, Pakistan is now finding hard to match and keep pace with narrow US interests in the region. Can Pakistan face unfriendly Afghans and local Taliban, if policy of ‘search and destroy, instead of winning ‘hearts and minds’ is continued by American before leaving. What about the socioeconomics issues of the people of tribal regions? They are not going to eat drones but it is feared that they may retaliate once the US goes back with lots of mess tossing on Pakistan’s shoulder

  24. Kabilan says:

    The decision seems to be correct ! I am not sure this is just because of Mohmand incident. US has been continuously snubbing ISI and Army of links with terrorists openly.

    Anyhow, I dont think Pak will stick to its stand. Politicians will use this situation to get more aid from US.

    Moreover, we really dont know, mohmand incident was deliberate or not. If deliberate, what is the need to do ? Something is hidden under cover, which either Pak or US is revealing to the people.

    • Usman says:

      By not participating in a joint investigation of american and Pakistani authorities, Pakistan has portrayed a tough stance. Although the tough measures taken by our government are commendable, they will not last as Pak’s leaders will seek to milk the situation and will drop the hard measures as soon as the right amount of aid is offered by the american govt. Before the start of the new year shamsi will be back In american hands and afghanistan will be where it is now, no closer to finding a solution than it was 10 years ago.

  25. Matloob Hussain says:

    I agree with this decision. We have to make sure that this should not happend in the future and if there will any aggresstion, it should be responded with the full force on Facebook on Facebook