No, thank you

No, thank you

According to the Defence Department press secretary George Little, Pakistan has refused to be part of a joint investigation into the November 26 Nato attack on Pakistani check post in Mohmand. The decision is one of the several that Pakistan has taken in its protest against the attack that killed 24 army personnel.

It has been reported that in his November 29 briefing to the media, Director General Military Operations Major General Ashfaq Nadeem had already ruled out the possibility of a joint probe, saying that earlier joint investigations carried out after similar attacks were unable to produce any results.

Meanwhile, the parliament is expected to hold a joint session to discuss the attack and the senate has passed a unanimous resolution opposing the attacks.

Will the senate’s resolution and the parliament’s impending joint session be able to form a concrete strategy against such attacks? And if formed, will such a strategy be followed in the future?

Has Pakistan made the right move by refusing to be part of the joint investigation being carried out by Nato? Is the snub going to hurt Pakistan or benefit it? invites its readers to give their views and suggestions.



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223 Responses to “No, thank you”

  1. Khalid says:

    Absolutely right decision? 24 Soldiers , 24 families are killed by American , But we need justices , the culprit have call in Pakistan and has to face the court.. Numerous Pakistani are in USA and Afgan jail , Now its turn to tell USA about the justices ,, Call back R. Davis , OUR sister Arfia Siddique still in USA Jail ..

    Peoples of Pakistan have to come out ,,

  2. Qadeer Ahmed says:

    “A stitch in time saves nine”, if are able to gauge this decision to be a “stitch in time” or the “ninth” then its benefits are as clear as day.

  3. musadiq manzoor says:

    i think Pakistani govt and specially army and i salute to Gen kiyani for this audacious steps i think now they are on right way :) GOD blessed them .. INSHAA ALLAH victory will be ours

  4. ysk says:

    Waiting for the Army to make one right decision in this century …….waiting……..

  5. abu mudasser says:

    decision of saying NO seems to be a decision of ours ,could it be wrong, is still right and reflects our KHUDEI.

  6. syed says:

    in my opinion pakistan’s decision so far is on the right track . we need to stick to the decision and show the world that we are an independent nation and willing to make tough decision and will not be dictated by others

  7. Laiq Nawaz says:

    its very good decision. Allah with us. Allah is the greatest. America is nothing. Singh you know we are the warrior and we can do everything very easy that no one can do. We can handle any situation. Becoz allah must help us.inshallah. Allah ho akbar.

  8. john says:

    Well:It look like these general has no option,as they new after killing of so many army personal at the hand of other,will definitely know they are sold out,and if they dont change the tactics,then their will be revolt in army.So this is just an eye wash.These army general are just working for their comfort.If media can asked for the accountability of politician,why not audit of general asset.

    • Observer I says:

      You have a worry some but valid point. If true, instead of a NATO investigation…a Court Martial should be scheduled.

  9. Furqan says:

    I personally appreciate the step taken by the government, joining the investigation team will clearly acepting that there must be some problem of our sides.

  10. Leena says:

    Well NATO intentions are very clear, thery are playing heinously. As they are very good in turning the table to their own side, so my request to Pakistan that never ever go to talk with them. Cold war should continue so the world should not only know but also realize that US imperialism will not be accepted.

  11. Abuyousuf says:

    When there is an attack for long 2 hours there is no requirement of going for joint investigation. This filthy attack clearly speak how indiscriminately they are killing civilians in the name of war on terror. Those are asking Pak Army to go for joint investigation, either they are yet to know Zionist control America or they are the stooges of Nato forces.

  12. M. Shahjahan Bhatti says:

    Who will pay for this new war between Pakistan, Afghanistan, USA and NATO Forces? I think media and army should do that.

  13. sradhanand from Mauritius says:

    I think Pakistan must be part of the joint inquiry in order to be able to tell its side of the story , if not people will get the impression that the Army gave the nod to Nato ,unaware that its soldiers were there.

  14. Sajid Rabbani says:

    Current decision of saying ‘no’ should be better understood in the context of previous developments. This is not the first time NATO (actually USA) exercised these sort of blunders but had not passed on any final investigation results to Pakistan.

    Also, one should not forget what Raymond Davis did in Lahore. At that time also, USA high officials clearly gave statement that thorough investigation will be carried out in Raymond Davis case. One year or so already passed away, where is the probe result ?

    Whether it is going to hurt Pakistan or benefit, only time will tell since we already suffered a lot when we said ‘yes’ to USA some ten years back…

    • osmond says:

      Well Sajid u can’t complain….. Its ur Sharia laws that set Raymond Davis free.

    • MB says:

      Pakistan has not suffered because of any body but because of its own policies and dishonesty, not true to itself.

    • Neil says:

      Raymond Davis responded to having a pistol pointed at him. If you point a pistol at someone they’re going to assume you mean deadly harm to them and will probably respond accordingly. I’m not aware of any outstanding probes or reports. Everything is out there already.

      • Sajid Rabbani says:

        Neil, Don’t pretend as you are the judge or eye witness. I said US authorities promised to undertake full inquiry once he reaches his country but they did not.. You are not aware of it because US did not took any action against him in any court of law. Decision comes after that …

        MB, yes it was Pakistan’s wrong policy at that time when we said ‘yes’ .
        Can you comment on our ‘policy’ and ‘dishonesty’ when Russia was in Afghanistan ?

        • Neil says:

          In the United States you are innocent until proven guilty. Citizens are not subjected to trial until investigations provide evidence that that warrants such action.

          In further researching your accusation of inaction I see that there is an on-going probe by the USDOJ. In fact the investigation was announced in March of 2011. I make that nine months, not “a year or so” ago. We’ll have to see if the evidence warrants action once the DOJ completes their investigation.

          If the government of Pakistan says “no” to diplomacy then they are primarily hurting the Pakistani people. It’s up to the people to hold the government accountable.

  15. Abid says:

    General impression , that this decision was taken in all haste and fury is incorrect. Army had thought of these contingency plans for long. They were aware of the overall geo political situation prevailing. After calculating all the pros and cons they’ve taken a decision. Now as they’ve taken a decision, right or wrong they must stick to it.

  16. Naeem Malik (Dublin) says:

    Indeed irrational decision and showing that we are nation who love jumping to the guns without probe outcome…shame.

  17. Khawaja Tahir says:

    Good, Pakistan’s decision is RIGHT.

  18. Imran Shah says:

    By rejecting option of Joint Investigation Pakistan has given them clear picture that we(Pakistani’s) knows very well what happend exactly and what we are blaiming(a provoked attack on Pakistan military having complete info) is right.

    We should boycott them in every ground …… no matter how much you feed a (snake) but dont forget the charactertic of it!!!!!

    • indian says:

      yup..pakistan proved that they think they hv d complete info even though they knw nothin abt what really happend ….this decision can also b taken as pak’s unwillingness to find out the truth.

  19. shahzad says:

    i think it is the right move say america enough is enough

  20. Om says:

    This is very good steps taken by Pakistan though very late. Having said that , with full respect and sympathy to Pakistani solders who died, the step taken now only goes on showing how strong army is in pakistan, otherwise why the civilian government have not taken any such decision when hundereds and thousand of pakistani innosent civilans were being killed. I hope the good sense will prrevail and not only now but any future decision will be taken in the interest of the country and not to get charity.

  21. Shafi says:

    There is no political advantage by Pakistan’s refusal to either take part in the joint investigation or to take part in the Bonn conference. These ‘gestures’ are only for home consumption i.e. to show to the people of Pakistan that we are being tough with America. Once the dust settles Pakistan will still be unning after America for aid. We just have to ;look at Pakistan’s record.

  22. Ashfaq says:

    It’s the right decision, Pakistan should not participate in that so called investigation – this is apparently an effort by Nato to cool down the situation which will pave the way for another such attack

  23. Khawar Saleem Aslam says:

    Pakistani prime minister has said very well that first we need to be concerned with the security of Pakistan by reviewing at the highest forum how to prevent such attacks. Participating in Bonn conference is first Afghanistan security and as Pakistan is focused right now on it’s own security not much should be expected now from it. Many Afghanis including their leaders have accused many times Pakistan of endangering their security, so it is an opportunity now to find that security in Bonn without Pakistan endangering it.

  24. Ikram Khan says:

    Yes, it is indeed right decision. NATO / US has been attacking Pakistan from a long time. There is no logic of having a “joint” investigation if your country’s boundaries have been violated from many years – either by drone attacks or attack on military. I thank God that at least Pak Army is taking right decision after this event.

  25. Jaffar says:

    I think it’s the right decision. As nothing was the outcome of the previous joint investigation. Pakistan has publically described the attack as deliberate and uncalled for.

    They might be creating an excuse not leave Afghanistan. on Facebook on Facebook