Brotherly love

Brotherly love

With the recent trip of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai, Pakistan’s ties with its two Western neighbours seem to be strengthening.

“The presidents of the three countries, at their summit, agreed to bolster their counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics cooperation despite bitterness during bilateral parleys between Pakistan and Afghanistan over allegations related to Taliban,” a report in this newspaper said on Saturday.

Later on Saturday, Pakistan reportedly agreed to launch an operation against banned militant organisation Jandullah on the insistence of the Iranian president.

The two countries have also agreed to carry on working on the gas pipeline, with Iran saying it will honour the commitment despite international sanctions against it.

Will the two countries be able to turn the gas pipeline project into a success?

How vital is it for Pakistan to have strong relations with Iran?

Can Pakistan sustain strong ties with Iran and Afghanistan? invites its readers to share their views and opinions.


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166 Responses to “Brotherly love”

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Both India and Pakistan should understand and consider the benefits of leaving aside all differences and start building a future together as one. For too many years men, women and children, all brothers fought in a war that was not their own. The battles should stop and the love and brotherhood should start about now.

  2. Kabir Khan says:

    I can understand that we should have decent relations with Neighbors but i don’t see any advantage to Pakistan.

    Both Afghanistan & Iran are one of the world’s most under developed countries (not that we are far behind). There is much brighter future in linking with India (because of its stable democracy). India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world.

    Its about time that we stop barking like dogs & bring employment in our country.

    • Bobby Kumar says:

      Kabir, being a good neighbor is not PLUS MINUS game. I am totally agree with Jacki and you. Inshallah it will happened soon.

    • aisha says:

      I can understand your view about Afganistan but you need to do research about Iran brother. They are developing Alhumdulilah.

  3. Maqbool Ahmed says:

    Being a good neighbor there must be a trade relations,that will benifit for both If you want India a favorite nation why not Iran most favorite nation .We must do most trade with each other,It will benifit for both People of both countries want to come close .BUT DO NOT FORGET IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT FOR THE PUBLIC. Its benifits the public not the third party.Think Iran is our next doo neighbor

  4. Prakash says:

    I wish we stopped thinking about every thing as Muslim.

  5. Mustafa says:

    Malik, you said “Remember India (East India Company), Mexico (Spanish),the Native American Indians in America were the ones that suffered the most.”. You are wrong. If it was not the British government and British educational system in India, we could not have founders of Pakistan and India like Jinnah, Ghandhi and Nehru and many more plus Pakistan and India would never be the most advanced countries in the third world in science and technology. The same way the aboriginals in North America now have judges, professors, engineers, doctors, business owners, politicians, scientists. It is the West that made son of a Kenyan, President of United States. Please do not spill poison against the West.

  6. Wasim Rana says:

    Will the two countries be able to turn the gas pipeline project into a success?

    both countries need to implement the project as its outcomes are in mutual interests of both countries. Iran, an energy rich country want their thermal units to be sold out as there is enormous pressure on its other international business and trade due to the propagation of its nuclear program. Its a strategic window of opportunity for them to balance the lost trade and business. Also, the 912 km mutual border’s security urges Iran to have friendly relations with Pakistan. Its through trade and mutual projects, countries establish friendly relations with their neighboring countries. mutual benefiting Interdependence plays a major role in long term and sustainable friendly relations. Now Pakistan’s first and foremost interest in the project is its power deficiency which has almost paralyzed the economy of the country. Its has not only affected the industrial sector but the ordinary Pakistani household in multiple ways. Pakistan will surely implement this project provided that its stance on its execution remain solid and clear without any international foreign pressure. American sanctions against the implementation of the project are not the only cause of lingering it on. Delay is also on the part third party, India. initially India was a party in project. then presented an alternate piping rout from coastal side, which was not approved. India with Pakistan, then decided and agreed upon unit price of gas to be given to Iran and lastly withdrew on the grounds of price and security reasons. These delays are fatal for the crumbling Pakistani economy.

    hopefully, I will answer the remaining two question by tomorrow

    How vital is it for Pakistan to have strong relations with Iran?

    Can Pakistan sustain strong ties with Iran and Afghanistan?

  7. Moiz says:

    The problem with 3rd world is, it is too much dependent on the ‘Developed countries, the West and USA’. Plus there is too much corruption. Many people in power, first consider, “How much it is going to benefit them first, specially Financially”. How can you build a country, when you do not consider the Country first. Having coalition is good, specially coalition of the equals. The West and USA have their coalition, and use it for their interest, whether it is good or bad for others, is not their first priority. It is about time the Muslim countries to form their own coalition, Religion, can be a powerful force, when used appropriately. Use the religion to unite, not divide. Also, Islam is not for absolute authority, but rather cooperation, consultation and Peace. Let us follow the right path.

  8. Pervez Siddiqui says:

    Pakistan should have good relations with all Muslim countries, especially the neighbors. The efforts we are making for better relations with India should first be made with Iran who has helped us in our diffucult times. We should do what is best for both our countries and not what is wanted by some powers who have not helped us much except giving aid for their own cause. Iran has much that we can benefit from especially in the energy sector and we can help Iran in food items or be a go between with other countries. This will also help to have and others for their interest, then why should we not

  9. Shafi says:

    Brotherly love, what brotherly love? If there is no brotherly love between Balochis, Punjabi,s Sindhis, Pushtoons and others, how can we talk of ‘brotherly love’ between Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    First we have to stop killing each other, stop sectarian violence, stop Shia Suuny clashes and become a peaceful nation, then and then and only then we we can think of brotherly love with neighboring countries. There are people in and out of Pakistan who are thinking of breaking up Pakistan further. Pakistan should first do something about these elements. Are they not our ‘BROTHERS’?

  10. Mirza Hussain Turi Parachinar says:

    Now the time has come that Pakistan must build up relation with Iran and Afghanisatn as well as with its neighbours countries like India ,and with china Pakistan must boost up relation to the peak level ………pakistan must know that America is not sincere with any Asian country and America is well aware about the increasing power of Asian countries……..AS it is said that “Charity begins at home” so pakistan must have good Relations with Iran ,China ,Afghanistan and India………Pakistan must be sincere to the neighbours ,,,,,,,,,if we want to see peace and prosperity in our country then we must have strong relations with our neighbours ………….

  11. Mustafa says:

    It seems to me the vast majority of readers are in favor of Pakistan/Iran friendship because both are Muslim countries. However, does being Muslim countries mean also permanent friendship? If this is true, why there was war between Iran and Iraq, two Muslim countries that lasted for 8 years with almost a million dead and 2 million wounded? Also, why Muslims fought with Muslims in war of independence of Bangladesh? The lesson is just being Muslims is not a guarantee that at some point of time they can become worst enemies.

    • Naved says:

      I believe, its not only the case that both the countries are muslim only. Pakistan and Iran are neighours, secondly, we have common economic and security interests. Thirdly, both the countries are under pressure from US and on of the ways to get rid of the undue US pressure is to build a relationship with Iran based on mutual interest. The shared heritage of lauguage and literature is also there, may be it is not that important for a common man.

      • Mustafa says:

        Naveed, have you ever thought of problems to Pakistan if United States starts to deal with Pakistan the same way as it deals with Iran and North Korea? I am not saying United States will do it but the point is the national interests of Pakistan comes first. I cannot see how Pakistan can see India as a friendly nation of United States but not Pakistan.

        • Mustafa says:

          Unfortunately, after posting my above post, I heard the re-action of America on Pak/Iran pipeline. May Allah give wisdom to Pakistani leaders to make the right decision in difficult times.

  12. Mehwish Khan says:

    Brotherly ties with Iran is a good thing, Iran is a rich country with oil and we have poor people in Pakistan dying everyday from hunger. Pakistan must continue with the GAS PIPELINE project and make it easier for common Pakistani. But Pakistan is being run by corrupts and they will think about themselves first before they think of Pakistani people. Iran can really help eliminate poverty in Pakistan. Pakistan should keep far distance from India and come more closer to Iran and China. There countries can help Pakistan but India will no more to unstable Pakistan.

  13. sarmad says:

    The question is about success of gas pipe line, how vitals are our relation with Iran and can it be sustainable. Unfortunately the answer is “NO”. Iran present regime has chosen a path which is making them aloof in this world. Any warmth toward them at this juncture is asking for world’s trouble. Iran has oil but Pakistan has nothing to survive in isolation. It’s not understood how we can go for the gas project when UN sanctions on Iran are being tighten and world is trying to stop them for making a bomb. Most probably by repeatedly mentioning of gas project President Zardari was trying to play some sort of politics with America. History can tell us that both Iran and Pakistan have difference of perceptions in the region and until both start deviating from their past policies; they cannot come close together beyond some extent. The only sensible path Pakistan can take meanwhile is stay neutral when more pressure comes on Iran like they did very wisely during eight years long Iran, Iraq war

  14. Mosavi says:

    There are heaps of common grounds for Pakistan to build sustainable relations with Afghanistan and especially with Iran but unfortunately it’s not as sweet as it should be. First we separately discuss Pakistan’s strategic partnerships and barriers 1. Iran is the first country which recognized newly Pakistan and unconditionally supplying Pakistan during it’s bad days including the wars fought with India.

  15. zeeshan says: is very good article. I thank to all my friend those who comment on this article.Our majority of people in the favour of relation with iran not only for gaspipline but also for other things.But the main reason in relation between iran and pak is only American. But our leader is responsible not our people.
    soo my mean that the pak must relation with Russia, China and iran for the best interest of the people and for the interest of country rather than his own interest and cut friendship with his enemy my mean America.

  16. Chaman says:

    International relations are set purely on self interest. Any other percepts are at best an illusion. Pakistan’s interest would be best served by having good relations with all countries particularly with all its neighbors.
    You can not prosper unless peace is maintained within the country and with neighbors.
    If Pakistanis feel used and exploited, it is because of their own past policies based on hate, exploitation and petty interests. Time to change and put emphasis on education, economics and social justice.

    There is too much emphasis on religion both at the individual as well as in governance of the country civilian as well as military. Pakistanis can be as productive, creative and innovative as any one else. Pakistani’s living in western countries are living examples of that claim.

    If Pakistan has suffered after independence, it is because of its own weaknesses in political systems, hostile relationships with neighbors.

  17. Hasan Raza Zaidi says:

    The biggest curse in this region is too much US involvement and we are the culprits for providing the space to them. Its a changing world now and US is now losing its grip as the super power.Its a sinking ship now. Instead of relying on them.. we should be proactive in our approach and start strengthening ourselves by making strong partnerships at the regional level with Iran, China, Russia and India etc. Afghanistan issue will naturally settle once we are on strong footings at the regional level. All the new world powers are emerging from our region.

    The biggest issue we have is the energy crisis which is the root cause of all economic problems in the country and in a way to all political & terrorism issues (when your are weak economically then you are vulnerable to all sort of problems) and we have the best opportunity to settle it with Iran. Let us get the energy from Iran and grow our own industry and revive the lost confidence of investor. This will automatically settle all of our problems including the biggest prob. of unemployment and curb terrorism.

    Let us now change our mind set by being wise, we should start believing that can live without US and let us find new partners or the time will tell that standing with US will hurt us even more..

    • LOB says:

      People in Western countries are sick of America’s war based on lies. If you guys could find a way to kick the US led military out of your region we would all be very happy about it.

      Keep buying Iranian oil – do not let the US control the world’s oil supply which is exactly what it wants to do.

      Best wishes

    • Mustafa says:

      Dear Hassan, the fact is almost all countries of the world including Russia, China and India wish closer relationship with United States. Also, Islam is the second largest religion after Christianity in United States and growing rapidly, Masha Allah.

  18. Asif says:

    I think pakistan should have close relationship with india & china because it has power to challange presence of america in central asia (politicaly & economicaly)

  19. Visionary says:

    India and Pakistan are indispensable to each other, with regards to regional economic growth, highwr education, security, and sports and entertainment. It is now for the masses in the two countries to ask/force their politicians and leaders to adopt/take measures to implement the change and lower the temperature. Let other contentious issues such as Kashmir be resolved with the passage of time, while continuing to keep the dialogue going, once the people can see how they are inextricably
    Linked economically; such as the oil pipeline, then people and the leaders will value the tone of the relationship, and will force them to adopt comprising stance on issues such as Kashmir, water, etc. Regional partnerships can then be built with other countries. For now line of control should be respected and external influence on bilateral relations be removed or minimized. To implement the change, you all in India and Pakistan have to bring change through elections, peaceful demonstrations, and petitions.

  20. Hussain Najafi says:

    i strongly believe that ties between iran and pakistan are vital for whole region, especially for pakistan itself. Majority of people in pakistan want a strong relationship with iran because of its reliability. Pakistan must continue with the pipeline project, and allow its people to overcome with their energy problem..

  21. Saeed says:

    Muslim or non-Muslim. We must have good relations with all the countries especially our neighbors, based on mutual respect and and non-interference. Theory of strategic depth and all season bitter relations with India has cost Pakistan with its many foreign policy options. Putting all our eggs in American basket has left us with no other options.

  22. Tauheed Ahmed says:

    If we even have to debate a question like “Should we have brotherly love with neighboring countries”, then it means we need to lie down and wonder what kind of a country we are if we even have to ask such a question. We should focus on addressing the serious national issues instead of ignoring them in favor of such soap operas.

    Btw, please save some brotherly love for the US too. If for no other reason, then for the fact that the US is home to hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis, and millions more in Pakistan would vastly prefer to migrate to US than to any “brotherly muslim” country. And when in the US, they will be treated with respect and friendship that is in sharp contrast to the miserable manner in which Pakistani expatriates (laborers in particular) are treated in many “brotherly muslim” countries.

    • Gautham says:

      A great comment. Applies to pretty much to citizens of any other nationality living in the US.

      One has more liberty, freedom and opportunity to grow in the US than anywhere else on the planet, regardless of who you are and where you come from.

    • Akbar Khan says:

      Well Said. USA is not our enemy. They are always come first to help, even to their enemy like Iran. They helped Iranian during the earth quake. No body should challenge their geneousity.

    • Rahul says:

      Bulls eye !

    • Kaiser says:

      A wonderful set of comments. Thanks for sharing these thoughts and I wish more people in Pakistan would think like you.

    • Ghalib says:

      Dear Tauheed, would very much like too do what you suggest but with USA, it is only friends until you do what ask too,
      otherwise you are enemy number one you can sacrifice your soldiers for them and when they kill yours USA president cannot even say SORRY.

  23. Bandana Girl says:

    Thats a very nice Comment you have there. It would be a shame if something were to happen to it..

  24. Imtiaz Faruqui says:

    Muslim countries have never been together , and have a history of hating each other all over the world, the key element muslims need is education which in turn will bring tolerance for each other. It need generations to achieve such a goal.

  25. Hafiz Rehan says:

    all these countries are muslims so i want to here all these will unite and leave the relations with America.AND NOw THIS condition we live together with iran on Facebook on Facebook