Rocky road

Rocky road

The United States’ relationship with Pakistan has not “collapsed,” according to diplomatic sources quoted in this newspaper on Tuesday. The statement coincided with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s assertion that Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri is “somewhere in Pakistan,” which was then followed by a rebuttal from Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar.

In the preceding week, Defence Minister Chuadhry Ahmad Mukhtar said that Pakistan might face sanctions if it did not resume the transportation Nato supplies to US forces in Afghanistan, while Pakistan is still waiting for an apology from the US over last November’s attack on Salala check post.

There are growing fears that despite being a US ally over the years, Pakistan may be dealt a financial blow over these strained ties. This, while the US has shown no indication of halting drone attacks inside Pakistan’s tribal areas.

With this growing lack of trust, what route should the government take in its “negotiations” with the US?

Should it allow the resumption of Nato supplies?

If, as is feared, the US decides to impose sanctions on Pakistan, what impact will it have on the country? invites its readers to give their valuable feedback and insight on this debate…


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46 Responses to “Rocky road”

  1. Mubeen Alum says:

    A goverment should do wateva is right for a country’s economy,health, development, reputation in the world.

  2. Nasah (USA) says:

    As a well wisher of Pakistan may I ask my enemy-obsessed Pakistani friends — how many enemies do you really want around you to really feel insecure — look around your border — East and West North and South — is India your friend — is Afghanistan your friend — is Iran yes Iran with the Jundallah your friend — is wary China your friend with the Singkiang rebels being trained by the Jihadis.

    Now you want a friendly America to be your enemy – as well?

  3. Suprakash says:

    Only one path to get rid of such situation ..pakistan has to concentrate on democracy…

  4. tikki says:

    If the aid had been used to address from bottom up rather then top down,I could see the concerns for the common man,but like many said it here,it concerns the top brass because they won’t have millions going into their pockets.It all comes down to pride,which unfortunately our politicians don’t know nothing about.Non of this has anything to do with religion,its greed,simple.Everyone of our politicians are proven and convicted felons who are able to hide behind either the so called immunity or the PPP friendly constitutation.Either way,one one ever knows what to believe or who to trust.They are all full of it.

  5. Stanley says:

    What I feel is that Pakistan is always under impression
    That china will help them
    In a way not true for these brutal communists will never help
    Any one for free
    Look so much US has helped Pakistan from decades
    I mean the history tells
    So don’t bend towards these china men else you will end up
    Becoming communists
    Their aim is to balance pak with india
    That’s all

  6. tariq k sami says:

    Let me make it simple.
    Think in terms of Cricket and you will find your answer.
    My thoughts and fancy turns to who will be our next great fast bowler.
    Or should I change the old paradigm and think of a great spinner (since we beat England 3-0 in the recent test match series).
    Pakistan will always remain the most unpredictable side. That’s what makes it so exciting.
    Pakistan will always remain an important country.

  7. The Rocky Road, the Bumpy Ride, the Roller Coaster! We are “Cruising for A Bruising” This whole scenario is a dillemma, every country enjoys soverign equality, other countries do not have the right to disrespect that, peaceful relation cannot be achieved just by clapping one hand, the other partner should also be sincere enought to give a high five. Most of all I really admire the photographer who took this picture in which the Expressions of our foreign minister are watchable! She has already made clear evey single point of concern but… I hope we’ll see a peaceful earth at least in my life… Thank you! :-)

  8. Amn says:

    As a Muslim nation we have to have faith in God then anything else. Iqbal also said that in his poetry. Correct your deeds and see how God’s help comes to you. Read the stories of prophets and you will know that nothing can benefit anyone till God wills so.

  9. Salman Khan says:

    Why, why ??? Degrading Pakistan. Why dont we trust our self, our Pak community, why asking or awaiting for aid. Why ???

    • Gamerwamer says:

      The aid that you will get will find its way into the hands of your military and their friends. Nothing will ever reach those for whom the aid was intended.

      A society built on fear will never survive. Your army and their friends hold your entire country hostage.

      As the “enemy” neighbour, I can only express sympathy and hope that the people of Pakistan will stop falling prey to extermists and their agendas. You have to start with the very basics – education for the maximum possible people and by education, I mean “western” education – the kind that gets jobs anywhere in the world. Education and jobs – especially for women. Your attitudes towards life have to be governed by the principle of economic and social liberty and not by the ideas of the neighborhood religious leader.

      I know what I say is futile but I gotta say it

      • ahmir says:

        As a Pakistani living abroad, I whole-heartedly agree. Thank you for your sincere and constructive post…

  10. M. Asghar says:

    It has been clear at least since the start of Afghanistan war, that the strategid thrust of USA has been to do everything to neutralise the nuclear capacity of Pakistan. However, this nuclear capacity is for this country an exitential asset that cannot be sacrificed at any cost. Hence, the choice is obvious: Pakistan has to keep and defend its red lines whatever the threats of blackmailing of different sorts. Let us not forget that USA are trying to play the same game with Iran.

  11. sajid khan says:

    Pakistan can’t expect to be treated with respect by USA if they always seem to be needy
    and willing to sacrifice their own interests. It has to negotiate with confidence and make
    its own interests clear to Americans as well as the red line which it will not cross and
    wont’ allow America to cross either.
    Aid is much overhyped. It is really the tanks, planes,etc to keep the military beholden-
    same tactic used in Egypt also. The money goes right back to USA to pay for the military toys.
    Pakistan has been US ally since 1952 and received the aid during this period. Has any one
    in Pakistan conducted study to show the benefits to Pakistanis from this aid? May be
    the rich folks have benefited and any cut off in aid will deprive them and the army.
    Pakistan has to overcome this relationship of dependency and learn to stand on its own
    feet. That will earn it the respect of other nations. However, it shouldn’t make America enemy.
    It is important to reach a compromise based on the mutual respects and understanding of
    each other’s interests. If USA is not ready to understand Pakistan’s interests, it is time to look
    for other friends. How about commonwealth of Islamic countries with free trade?

  12. P N Eswaran says:

    Pakistan must do soul searching. Be grateful to US for having supported you all these years through money and political support. Be humble if you are not to be humiliated. But for the support that US lent to Pakistan it would have surpassed Somalia on its downward path. If US imposes sanctions your nuclear arsenal will not come to your rescue. You have made your citizens eat grass to develop your pride of the nation – “nuclear assets”. if US imposes sanctions your population will have to feed on mud.
    Do what the US asks you to do. You owe it to them if you have any residual self respect.

  13. Salah-ud-din says:

    Let me first question the title, ”rocky road”. Why on earth do you see the stringent relations as a rocky road? As rightly mentioned earlier on, what else can we add to the list of the sufferings of the common man. All the so-called US aid has inflated the pockets of our politicians, rulers, bureaucrats and the army. Can anyone show a single sign of this aid spent on improving the plight of the common man? And mind you, the US is not dunce to realize it only now that the Pakistani governments have been toying them. Well aware of all this, the US deliberately flooded money into the rulers’ pocket for their own strategic interests. Let us stand united against both these evils, to throw away their aid on their faces, and live a simple, contended and modes life independent of the US aid.
    Salahuddin advocate

    • Chris says:

      Blaming the US for Pakistan corruption and dissapearing aid that never makes it to the bottom of Pakistan? Read the article that shows the new missile launch, than read the dozen articles about acid attacks, bombings, and soldiers being hanged. Pakistan’s priorities all seem to be directed at the outside world and not about the tough job of clearing house. If Pakistani’s want their Democracy to work THEY must stand up to there own government and DEMAND better leadership. Not leaders who beat up on America to deflect from the really poor job they have done raising Pakistan up from it’s state of increasing chaos. Ballistic missiles and political drama will not stop home grown terror. Good responsible leadership will. Pakistanis must DEMAND this from there leadership its their right and duty to under a Democratic society.

  14. Hashmi says:

    Do not make salala incident a ploy to breake our relations with USA . We have a long years of good relations breaking at this stage will be very harmful for our country . Listen to what the world is pointing out at us if you have aligned with the world against terrorism be sincere . Do not allow those self styled leaders who are preaching us hatered , violence in the name of Islam or patriotism . We have had enough of them they have already harmed our reputation .

  15. john says:

    Pakistan’s Roof is leaking , leaking with Ignorance

  16. Cautious says:

    You relationship with America and it’s NATO allies have devolved into outright extortion and it appears that you have overplayed your hand. Demands such as “unconditional apology” maybe great for chest thumping but in reality it paints you into a corner which you now find difficult/impossible to get out of. Opening the NATO supply line would help relationships but even that may not be sufficient to ward off economic and political payback after 2014.

  17. malik says:

    It is so sad that we are at this point in our existence where we have to beg,borrow,steal, plead,cheat,murder and tell lies to ourselves. Please look in the mirror,look at each other,look in the eyes and see what they are telling us. We need to break the habit of depending on some one else, please satnd up or forever live like beggers, begging everyday. We are Pakistanis first,forget everything else,we have to depend on each other,live with each other,no one is better than their neighbor.
    We need a change,first with ourselves then with the leaders. Kick all of them out,everyone of them,stay away from the mullahs also. Trust in the Hadith, follow the teachings,make yourselves one first. This is our nation we don’t need to kiss the feet of anyone,we don’t need to be afraid of anyone. Stand tall and do the right thing. We have been living with the same neighbors,work with them,trade with them,we can’t change them over night and we can’t move.
    Anyone that comes in for their benefit will also leave the same way leaving you to hold the empty bag.Educate your people,give them a direction to follow,lead them with examples. We can do it,we can do it

    • Nasir says:

      Well Said. I think for anyone/any country, they have to respect themselves first before anyone would respect them. Pakistan talks of “Islamic country” but they kill there own people, mullah/politicians/rich/poor all want to get ahead at someone else expense. There is no ethics no honor left. For few dollars, they will sell their mother. How is this possible that all the pres who came to power(except the initial few) are now filthy rich? Where did all that money come from? In this modern world there are so many examples to succeed in this world, Indonesia, Japan, India. Not sure what it will take to wake them up, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

  18. SIR says:

    All countries need as many friends as they can gather, ranging from close, all-weather friends to countries that bear no ill-will towards them. Confrontation is counter-productive most of the time, only serving to harden positions. Taking a stand is necessary at times, but these occasions have to be chosen carefully, and with at least a nod from some within the other side, and should continue without escalation only till the message is transmitted. Beyond that it just becomes a stalemate.
    That said, I think many of the recent US leaders are guilty of was crimes if an objective assessment of their actions is done against the definition of a war crime. Pakistan should tell the US it thinks George Bush, Ari Fleischer, and the other neo-cons who instigated the wars in Iran and Afghanistan are hiding in the US, and the US should do more about bringing them to justice.

  19. Shah Deeldar says:

    Pakistan should not pick a fight with US. It is not strong enough to bear the global pressure unless it totally capitulates to the Chinese. The balance can only tilt in one way.

  20. Tahir Naseer says:

    Pakistan does not have the capability to survive any sanctions and oppose US. With the current economical and social conditions the government should provide all the logistic support it wants.

    But on the same side strong retliation in military terms in is required to reduce the number of drone attacks.

    The only way out is to revise the economic policies with at least 50% reduction in defense related budgjet and 500% increase in food, health and education.

  21. Amir says:

    Pakistan is in the receiving end both internally and externally. If the NATO supply is resumed, no sanctions from US and can avoid possible economic collapse. However the militants will once again burn the trucks and cause more financial loss to US. If the supply is not resumed Pakistan will face international isolation. All weather friend china will give couple of million as a gesture to Pakistan. However the financial losses for Pakistan already run in billions. Pakistan will also face harsh scrutiny from international community.

  22. Shafqaat Bukhari says:

    We are already facing many many issues like:
    1. The energy crisis, which has disturbed the life of common man.
    2. The inflation rates, which has made our lives miserable to live.
    3. The judiciary vs Executive row.
    4. The terrorist attacks in all the cities.
    5. The drone strikes in our country.
    There is a long and un-enadable list of such issues we already facing. So by not complying with the US demands what more can we face????????

    We must have a bottom line for the dignity and so called sovereignty of the nation and country. Mr Rehman malik said this because he is not Pakistani, he is pure american. How many times had he spoken and the truth??? or howe many times had he spoken in our country’s interest.


    • PAK says:


    • Mansha says:

      Brilliant my bro
      this should be desire of every Pakistani

      • john says:

        i second your resolution, Eat Grass, because dignity is impotent for pakistan

        • Ashar says:

          Thanks John, but in reality it has been one sided friendship and extreme sacrifices by Pakistan that has placed us in this position but, if we can ever get out of US influence, we will get stronger and we will get better. I remember the Pressler Amendments and sanctions thereafter, best time for Pakistan, I hope the relationship with US is severed permanently.

  23. Bharat Kumar says:

    Dear Editor,

    The current situation in Pakistan is created by its own leaders. Your leaders were aware of the where abouts of Bin Laden and they hid this information form your care taker, US. Despite the fact that it is US which has the best intelligence agencies in the world.

    It is now difficult to trust to your politicians. They make say some thing and go back on their words. It is a truth that Taliban was created by the US, but now, Pak should realise the real fact that, it is an indepedent nation and should decide its own policies rather than depending on others for financial aids and become a puppet of west. The Indian sub-continent got independence at a time, but if you see the growth rate and developement, India is far ahead in this region (despite evils like corruption).

    Please make policies that can benefit your people and overcome the fear that India would attach Pakistan. Also, dont continue terrorisn against India as your state policy.


    • Ashar says:

      Our leaders were aware of Bin Laden’s presence? Dude, you are so delusional. Our leaders are imposed upon Pakistan by the US, you reckon they would have hidden this piece of information that would have blessed them forever?

      Wait for the OBL Commission’s findings, they have uncovered some interesting facts, I wonder if the report will ever be made public but the presence of OBL at Abbotabad has been seriously challenged in that report along with the rest of the story about the operation!

  24. ravi says:

    Pakistani leaders were denying about Bin Laden being in their country, some even suggested he may be even alive. but he was found and killed in Pakistan. Al Qaeda has lot of support in Pakistan. So people suspect that Al Zawarihi may also be in Pakistan, supported by some relegious fundamentalist group or groups.

    • Ashar says:

      OBL died in 2003, fact!

      Talibaan are not the enemies of the US…..declared by the US itself, so what exactly is the issue here?

  25. Karan says:

    Do what is right for your country’s economy,health, development, reputation in the world.Please do not get embroiled in religious dogmas or let religion influence the political direction of your country. on Facebook on Facebook