Dampening the excitement?

The West Indies qualified for the Super Eights stage of the ICC Twenty20 World Cup after their match against Ireland, which had been reduced to 19 overs per side because of an early rain delay, was abandoned after the rain showed no sign of stopping.

The West Indies went through because of a superior run rate over Ireland and without having completed any match in the tournament as their first match, against Australia, was also called off due to the weather in Colombo. The match between Sri Lanka and South Africa in Hambantota was also affected with both sides playing seven overs each.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) defended the scheduling saying this was the only time in the year when it was possible to have the two-yearly tournament. The tournament is being held in Sri Lanka for the first

“This was the only period available in the Future Tours Programme (FTP) this year to conduct the tournament,” an ICC spokesman said. “All the teams were aware of it.”

With the tournament under threat because of rains, what measures should the ICC take to ensure that more matches are not ruined by the weather?

Should the ICC reduce the number of other series that take place in the year of a World Cup?

One possible solution is to play the matches earlier in the day but will the ICC be willing to take that step keeping in mind broadcasters’ rights and revenues from prime time television?

The ICC should take steps to ensure that the next World T20 in Bangladesh, where they have five monsoon months, does not go the way of this one.

Today’s match between Pakistan and Bangladesh will decide which team will progress to the Super Eights and also has a chance of being affected by rain. Pakistan will be able to progress with just one point but Bangladesh might suffer if they are not given an opportunity to play.


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3 Responses to “Dampening the excitement?”

  1. silver price says:

    South Africa scored 78 for four in seven overs against Sri Lanka in the rain truncated Group C match in the ICC T20 World Cup at Hambantota on Saturday.

  2. Arbab Zahid says:

    bhai jan btao tu kia ghalat kaha ?

  3. Mandeep says:

    Rain can really spoil a good match. The tournaments should be shceduled keeping in mind the weather pattern. However, in countries like Sri Lanka, and coastal parts of India the threat of rain is ever present, so you cant really plan. Also it will be unfair to deprive any country of staging major tournaments based on weather. So either cricket should be moved indoors or there should be enough spare days to re-play a match affected by rain. Playing under a ceiling could impact the playing conditions and things like what if the ball hits the ceiling, however, it is worth exploring.

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