If not now, then when?

After President Asif Ali Zardari’s speech on Sunday, it is clear that there is no consensus yet between opposing parties when it comes to launching a military operation in North Waziristan.

Where the political parties agree that action does need to be taken against militants, they can’t seem to decide on what the next step is.

The president also pointed out the possibility of a blowback once action was taken against militants. Do you agree with him here? Should more time be given to pondering over military action in North Waziristan with every risk and reactionary outcome analyzed, or should the military launch one anyway, considering the deteriorating security situation in Pakistan?

Why can’t the political parties come to a consensus when it comes to the war against terror – ensuring peace and security should be on each of their agendas, then why do we still see them stalling?

The president said both the people and governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan should join hands to eliminate the terrorists and their hideouts. Realistically though, can we see that happening? Should Pakistan keep waiting for Afghanistan to take some action, or pursue its operation anyway?


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34 Responses to “If not now, then when?”

  1. Abbas says:

    All the right wing parties will never support the action against Taliban..and everyone knows why they won’t support. Those parties care less for the country but more for the there vote bank. Pity them to call themselve national parties…shame on PML(N), PTI, JI, JUI etc

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