What does Iran’s border closing mean for Pakistan?

What does Iran’s border closing mean for Pakistan? invites its readers to discuss current affairs in this forum. On Sunday, Iran closed its border with Pakistan at Taftan. The decision follows a suicide bombing last week in Zahedan, which killed 25 people and left over 125 injured. The Iranian government’s decision has led to the suspension of trade in the region, causing tribes on both sides of the border to suffer food shortages. What are the political implications of Iran’s...
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American food vs military aid

American food vs military aid
Acknowledging mistakes is a prerequisite to building a healthy, honest relationship. Only then can a mutual vision be defined and pursued in the search of a better tomorrow. On Tuesday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton again lamented America’s ‘incoherent’ dealings with Pakistan over the last 30 years. She made it clear that Washington had abandoned Islamabad once the Soviets were forced to withdraw from Afghanistan. It was also implied...
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Representation or vision?

Representation or vision?
India’s political landscape has long been dominated by coalition politics. This happened because of the rise of regional parties, particularly in the country’s south, and later by the increasing influence of politics based on caste. Now, scores of political parties are contesting the elections and neither of the two national parties — Congress and the BJP — is expected to get more than one-third of the 543 seats in the Lok Sabha. There...
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The proliferation problem

The proliferation problem invites its readers to debate current affairs in this forum. On Thursday, United Nations nuclear inspectors in North Korea left the country amid an escalating standoff over the regime’s April 5 rocket launch. Earlier this week, North Korea withdrew from an international nuclear disarmament deal and claimed that ongoing six-party nuclear talks ‘have become useless’. The expulsions and decision to restart the Yongbyon nuclear...
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What will determine India’s elections?

What will determine India’s elections?
Phase one of India’s month-long parliamentary elections kicks off on April 16. The 714-million-strong electorate appears to be split between myriad parties and their competing platforms, with the result that analysts predict a new government hamstrung by coalition politics. What do you think are the issues that will be on Indian voters’ minds when they go to the polls? Employment? The economy? Communal issues? Or India’s global standing?
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