The proliferation problem

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On Thursday, United Nations nuclear inspectors in North Korea left the country amid an escalating standoff over the regime’s April 5 rocket launch. Earlier this week, North Korea withdrew from an international nuclear disarmament deal and claimed that ongoing six-party nuclear talks ‘have become useless’.

The expulsions and decision to restart the Yongbyon nuclear plant come after the UN Security Council unanimously condemned North Korea’s rocket launch as a violation of previous resolutions barring the regime from ballistic missile-related activity. North Korea insists that the launch was part of its space programme, and that it launched a satellite, not a missile.

Do you think North Korea’s decision to resume work on its nuclear facilities has a significant impact on global nuclear proliferation? In your opinion, is nuclear proliferation one of the gravest problems facing the international community? Do North Korea’s actions force you to rethink the nuclear debate in places such as Pakistan and Iran?


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21 Responses to “The proliferation problem”

  1. Farooqui says:

    Mr Ashok theory is ridiculous in that any one can have guns except criminals and further justifies that India/Israel can have Nuclear weapons and not Pakistan etc.
    If we eliminate criminals or their access to guns, we do not need guns. when ever we need to fight, we fight with bare hands. Similarly every country should have the right to have any weapons they want including Nuclear weapons and necessary delivery systems.
    Alternately, the world should get rid of ALL nuclear weapons be it USA or India or even undeclared Israel.

    This will not happen because the Nuclear Mafia including India will loose the arm twisting stick they are using against neighbors and non-nuclear nations.
    Pakistan became Nuclear out of the blue for defensive purpose only, which is not being tolerated by the Nuclear Mafia and are out to destroy this under garb of proliferation.
    All present Nuclear powers became nuclear by proliferation of scientists and technology be it legal or illegal depending on who defines legality.

    No country will dare using a nuclear weapon if it knows, it can be annihilated in return.

    If Mr Ashok touts and brandishes a gun, I as a neighbor have the right to acquire at least a pistol. This is true for all countries.

  2. TM says:

    World powers needs to practice what they try to preach. Every country has a right to self defense. Prime example Pakistan, if it was not for Atomic Bomb our neighbour would have destroyed Pakistan long ago.

    Yes, nukes should be wiped off from the planet but again we as human race never learn from our history.

    Have and haven’t has to improved. Once there was famine in ARABIA, do you know what were the instructions by Prophet PBUH?

    He instructed all the Muslims to share the food. Greed has taken over the world. West, East, North South are not safe.

    2nd WW only America has Nukes,within six decades 7-8 countries claims to have nukes.

    All this noise about North Korea Nukes is a approach to justify going after Pakistani Nukes……..NO MUSLIM COUNTRY DARE TO HAVE NUKES….pls. ponder hard about this and puzzle will be solved.

  3. Gulam Rajani says:

    It is extremely disconcerting to hear views like SHAKEEL’s that all self respecting countries should have nuclear weapons. What about the one’s that are not self respecting like Pakistan?

  4. Ashok says:

    If guns kill people,it does not mean guns should be banned or those shops which sell guns should be closed. Its the criminals who have guns kill people, therefore we should make sure that criminals do not get guns easily.The same logic applies to the nuclear technologies, the rogue countries who have nuclear bomb technologies, should not pass it on to those who have war on their minds against the human race because of their distorted religious beliefs, therefore we must identify those nations first.

    One thing must be remembered that nuclear bomb is not like a regular bomb which these terrorists could tie to their bodies and explode in schools or market plazas to kill people,it needs a delivery system like a supersonic plane to be dropped to be effectively make some damage,therefore danger is not from a terrorist but a terrorist state and pakistan and north korea most easily qualifies as a possible suspect states. Pakistan because of its past history of proliferation and keeping in mind that 1/2 of pakistan is under taliban control,one can say that USA,Isreal and India should keep their eyes on pakistan constantly and that will solve the proliferation problem.

  5. Jah** says:

    Money tree

    This nukes are best instrument to blackmail US,EU,JAPAN,AU and INDIA.

    Whenever we need money, tell thse country to help us otherwisenukes will go in hand of terrorist.

    The will easily blackmailed and give money

  6. Shakeel says:

    Nuclear weapons are a must for all self respecting countries, they are required to help protect against the attitude of the western world.

  7. Imran Khan, Timergara says:

    Ideally the whole word should be free from nuclear weapons. In my opinion, the aggressive and injust attitude of Americans itself compelled many nations of the world to safeguard them with nuclear weapons. Knowing all that, they are still playing double role in dealing nuclear proliferation issue. If Israel is making a nuclear bomb its their right but if Korea or Iran try that, they are wrong to protect them. Why there are double standards for eastern and western nations? Don’t stop making nuclear bombs, stop humiliating other nations of the word. It will create harmony and prosperity among different nations which will automatically disapprove nuclear weapons…

  8. Larry Stout says:

    Historically, all technological advancements have been adapted to military use, and nuclear weapons provide the foremost and scariest example. Non-proliferation was doomed from the start to fail. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Three may keep a secret, if two are dead.” Nations or other polities most often make war at times of accentuated resource stress. The out-of-control world population is creating the mother of all resource stresses, and the consequences will be truly catastrophic. There is no doubt that terrorists will one day use nuclear weapons; probably they already have acquired them, or at least the means to create them. If there is a reason for long-term optimism about the fate of mankind, it is not apparent to me. Some of the world’s best minds have stated the odds of civilization surviving the present century at only 50/50.

  9. Nusrat Khan says:

    I agree that all countries of the world should be treated equally. When Israel develop any kind of nuclear arsenal, no country especially European and American do not raise their voice. If a similar activity is done by other countries and especially currently Iran, N. Korea, UN sanctions are imposed. It is a dubious policy and that should be stopped.

  10. israr says:

    Actually everycountry has the right to reap the benefits of Nuclear Technology e.g. Power, use in health care etc. Infact a international system must be made to own or sell electrical power drived from Nuclear power stations etc. This way things will remain transparent and within control.

  11. Muhammad Suleman says:

    Asalamo Alyekum,
    North Korea has the right to get nuclear technology like the other 7-countries have.
    In the present era it is most important to get power by every nation who has a enemy in his neighbour
    US doesn’t want to see any country to come in power and after the USSR dissolution, US now has the monopoly.
    I think N.Korea has done the right.

  12. Mawali says:

    Yes Nuclear proliferation is one of the gravest problems facing the World community. And yes North Korea, being unstable as it is could be an easy target for some extra cash if you will from other states vying for the technology. With Nuclear weapons come a boat load of responsibilities perhaps heard of the saying “bundur kya janay adruk kaa muzzaa” North Korea and Pakistan certainly fall into that category. This is not an issue of self defense its more an issue of self preservation and that of the neighbors. Sure all have the right to self defense, however, they do not have the right to acquire a weapon they do not possess the basic infrastructure, know how and security to safegaurd. While North Korea maybe safe from internal proliferation problem and rising internal threats from enemy of the states. Pakistan clearly has experienced internal proliferation courtesy A.Q. Khan, and Pakistan also has the growing threat from the Taliban. The nuclear weapons of Pakistan are NOT safe. I hope Pakistani’s have a contingency planned for the safe removal of the Nuclear assets out of Pakistan in the event the Taliban extend their writ beyond Attock! A very scary scenario!

  13. Fersos says:

    It would be ideal if the United Nations would call for the destruction of all Nuclear weapons from the face of this planet. However even though there are just 7 Countries possessing these weapons there is no unanimity for the move.
    For Pakistan having Nuclear weapons is a curse that threatens to sink it,not strengthen it. The Taliban and Al Qaeda have made themselves very comfortable here and the big PRIZE is just too tempting for them to resist violence in getting it. North Korean stand is based on jingoism and tendency to challenge the World order. Iran’s quest is based on a need that if Sunni Islam can have a Bomb it better safeguard its own interest by getting one. However the Pakistani Nuclear weapons will continue to pose the greatest danger to World peace because the citizens are brought up on a diet of hate,conspiracy theories and the cult of Violence.
    We have watched the Trailer,now the Movie has just started. Let us continue to dream as no one wants to confront realities.

  14. Nadeem says:

    well, i kinda see both sides views
    one side wants to defend its rights on the other hand we need to strengthen our economic situation first
    yes you have right to do so , but look at your economic problems also . what if we can divert all those funds to make our people prosper?
    just a thought ,,,,,,

  15. Hisham Mazhar says:

    Let us not forget the ordeal of Iraq which it experienced after international powers leveled concocted and fabricated charges based on phantom WMD. On the first step IAEA inspectors were sent to recover WMDs but failed and alleged that Iraqi government did not cooperate with them. On second step a commission was formed under auspices of UN and in the supervision of Weapon’s Inspector Hans Blix which rejected the notion that Iraq has WMD and can attack US within 45 min. The Iraqi government was obliterated by the world powers despite UNO disapproval of military action on Iraq. When these countries were attacking Iraq UNO had been a silent spectator; watching, condemning and only providing lip service to the atrocities committed by its member countries. UN has lost its essence and importance; it is only acting to legitimize the actions of powerful members. Iraq was first disarmed of even the small range missiles and then was attacked. This was one of the countries of former US President George W. Bush’s ‘Axis of Evil”. North Korea and Iran are other countries of axis of evil’s list, how come they believe the UN’s words? How can they believe the activeness of UN in promulgating its writ? UN has just turned out to be an English language prefix ‘un’ e.g un-stable, un-important etc. If the international community wants peace and stability in the world then the leaders and champions of world peace should set an example for others to follow by taking initiatives to perish their nuclear arsenal first.

    ‘First cast the mote in your eye then cast the beam out of mine’

    Every country has its fundamental inherent right of self defense. If the world has turned nuclear so it is their right too to acquire that capability. This will be done in order to maintain balance of power.

    Apart of it, N. Korea is claiming to have launched a space program but security council is not convinced with this N. Korean reply like they were not satisfied with Hans Blix report and Iraqi government’s claim of non possession of WMD.

  16. Gulam Rajani says:

    In this age of anarchy the name of the game is to get more powerful weapons than your adversary. As the Obama administration endeavours to preach nuclear reduction, It is an oppertunity for others to play hardball.
    North Korea is ideally positioned to proliferate, to anyone who will give them money, oil,resources etc. It goes without saying that many countries and terrorist groups in Africa and the odd arab countries would be very interested in buying this technology from the Koreans. A.Q. Khan and his cohorts on the army may have started a more sinister exercise than we have come to realize as of yet.
    In Pakistans case the possession of nuclear technology puts us in more of a hard place than a rock but very close indeed. At the very most it gives the nation pride that we are a nation with a BOMB. Does it really deliver on it’s true value..I think NOT.

  17. Indian says:

    DPRK is an irresponsible rogue state which is trying to use nuclear blackmail for its greed. Iran has no right to develop nuclear weapons and fuel as it supports terrorism (hezbollah) and has repeatedly stated to wipe Israel of the map. Hypocrisy is a deal breaker and all these countries have been stamped with it.

  18. Asif Husain says:

    What is amazing that there never is a question about all the western powers and Israel having nuclear weapons that blow up this world many time over. Why are the countries that disagree with the western world ideology become dangerous and not the former. Democratic countries practice democracy within their land and as soon as they step out, they are biased dictators.

    No wonder they are not successful.

  19. M.Nasrullah Khan says:

    I think nuclear position and situation of all the three countries, North Korea, Iran and Pakistan is different. North Korea and Iran trying to get the status of a nuclear state while Pakistan is a confirmed and declared seventh nuclear state of the world. Pakistan has a big and efficient Army .If the Miss-hap of A.Q.Khan had not happened in the past then no doubt of nuclear proliferation should be in mind of the world. Now recently few events of activities of non-state actors happened and a, continues, threat of Al-Qaida and Taliban is there. So when you have a big ability then you should feel big responsibility. Top alert and high security needed on nuclear assets of our country.

  20. MT says:

    yes it will have significant impact on global nuclear proliferation, because it really does proliferate for money, tomorrow, any nuke could be built by Mafia or extremists groups.

    It has proliferated to pakistan, which I believe is backed by Saudi funding( saudi wants it proliferated to them) , which then proliferated to others. China is equally partner in this ( not for money) but to get a seat in the negotiating table, for geopolitical reasons.

  21. Farooq Ahmed says:


    Every country has right to defend themselves. They are doing what US and other powers have done almost century back. There is no harm if they want to defend their country and people.

    Iran has the right. on Facebook on Facebook