Can the PPP and PML-N make amends?

Can the PPP and PML-N make amends? invites its readers to debate current affairs in this forum.

The Pakistan Day meeting between PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has led to amiable photo-ops and assurances of mutual respect. But any talk of reconciliation remains tentative, as Sharif has slapped down several conditions. He has demanded the implementation of the Charter of Democracy, details of which can be found here. Although the PPP has expressed its commitment to the charter, the party has stopped short of stating that all its provisions will be implemented in letter and spirit. Other stumbling blocks – the government in Punjab and the electoral eligibility of the Sharifs – also continue to stand in the way of a PPP-PML-N reconciliation.

Do you think the PPP and PML-N can sort through these sticking points and work together? Is Sharif correct in making his interactions with the PPP dependent on the implementation of the Charter of Democracy? What happens if the Supreme Court fails to overturn the Sharifs’ disqualification ruling?


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107 Responses to “Can the PPP and PML-N make amends?”

  1. Yusuf Jan says:

    Outsource! Outsource! Outsource!

    We can easily outsource the whole goverment of Pakistan and let a couple of thousand virtual but qualified managers run it from around the world.

    Just one message to all the politicians – YOU ARE FIRED!!!

  2. IMAM says:

    Our Leaders have all been tried and test aforetime and thy continue to do the same thing which is bring chaos and destruction to our nation, they must be accountabl for the well being of our people and they should all say what they do! for if they will continue in this manner, then it is they who will be responsible for the dispersion of our nation.And for that they will be punished in a most severe manner by the people of Pakistan.

  3. BS Rohilla says:

    At any cost Democracy must be established in Pak. Further, Force and ISI must work under the instructions of Elected Govt.
    Talibans and Terrorist Grous must be ruined, if PAK wants to progress like India.

  4. BS Rohilla says:

    In any way or at any cost Democracy must be established in Pak if Pak people want to progress like India. And amendments in constitute must be done that Military works under Govt. and no dicision making power should be with ISI.

  5. Shahzado Bhutto, Doha, Qatar says:

    1. All the leaders need to bring back their bank balances and to get it invested in the country.
    2. Mr. Nawaz Sharif should not be reduced to address the large gatherings only at Raiwind and GT.Road.He must move a step forward to sind ans baluchistan.
    3. He needs to address the masses in every nook and corner of the country.
    5. religious parties should also join hands together while keeping aside their petty differences and tiny vested interests.
    6. They should also work together in driving out the wave of pseudo modernity and vulgarity from the society.
    any politician of national ranking should not speak even a single word ill of th e people of the other provinces as was done by the PML-N laders in the recent days.
    7. The sense of provincialism would further divide the society into small ethnic groups. rather, it will not bring the national cohesion. PML-N leaders should feel a word of sorry whatever they uttered in the public gatherings against sindhis.
    8. This move would further enhance the political morale of a leader like nawaz Sharif.
    9. Mr.Imran khan can best be exemplified as he publicly begged for pardon as he had supported Musharaf in his early days as in the form of referendum.Thus, he is the most popular figure amongst the youngsters who are the builders of tomorrow.
    10. Mr. zardari should strive hard to bring the ppp intellectuals back like Aitzaz Ahsan and those who defended ppp even at its critical juncture.
    11.Mr. zardari must bring out those ministers who could defend the case of ppp at all fronts.
    12.The current condition of the sitting government ministers, while at different talk shows is disappointing,discouraging and shocking.
    15. Government representatives should return back to their voters because they are eagerly awaiting for them.
    16. All the opposition parties should give maximum opportunity to those parties which got the landslide majority in the election.People are the best judges in this revolutionized print and media era.
    ***. National interests of the country should be given the topmost and utmost priority at all levels, not the vested interests and the political pointing scores.
    all that is being expected from the popular leader, Mr. Sharif who is considered to be a mature and patriotic politician while reading and listening his latest statements.

  6. Moetesum says:

    Pakistan faces greatest challenges never being faced since partition and then its sad breakup. Now their are key questions one is NRO, second is 17 Amendment and last is the trail of ex-dictator. On resolved issue is the restoration of judiciary. Why as a first part they should not say that lets have referendum on these core issues and what ever is the outcome we will accept it and work together to uphold the voice of the people. They have been elected by us and they represent us not them self. Right now its their war and the only thing that is suffering is our motherland and our economy and foremost our reputation. The only way to unifying the nation is through referendum.Let the nation voice be herd what they have to say about these issues and let their decision be final.

  7. Bilal Ahmed says:

    i believe tht Mr. Zardari is totally taking things unserious and his policies are just to increase the time of his government.
    he has done sawat treaty but every one will see within few weeeks that he will abolish all this by just saying that they were helping in taliban attacks in Afghanistan.

  8. S.Rahman, Australia says:

    PPP or PML-N or any other party as a matter of fact are power hungry, all they need is power no matter what happen to Pakistan its people and its integrity, all they want is to be in power. These big parties have no democracy in them, they are monarchs, they want their sons and then their sons to rule pakistan. And ignorant people keep on electing them again and again. who ever is in opposition talks about justice, equality, and people’s problems, but as soon as they get the power, they forget everything. This will keep on happening if WE the people of pakistan keep on voting them. The most ironic thing is that in pakistan people vote one party because they are from same ethnicity, or same religious group or just because their fathers used to cast vote for them but not on merit. Recently i have seen so many street show in which people from PPP are hating what this government is doing, but when asked will you vote for them again they said “yes”. So where is the accountability and justice among masses, they are equally responsible for what is happening to this country. We are hypocrites ourselves, we want to see justice happening but we dont want to do it, we want these politicians to be hanged for what they have done with country but when it comes to us to punish them we for strange reasons award them with our precious vote, we want merit’s rule in country but we elect totally worthless people to rule us, we want peace and security but we vote for murderers and terrorists, we want corruption free Pakistan but we are happy to have most corrupt people in power, only because they are from the party which we love!

    Unless we change our mind set nothing gonna change here, it will go from bad to worse. We should tell everyone that this is ENOUGH for us Pakistanis and now we will vote for clean people, as we did in restoration of judges…. but i think this is just a wishful, a very wishful thinking!

  9. Atif says:

    NO Period

  10. Robert-Taylor says:

    Do oil and water mix? or Will there be a peace between Sunni and Shia Muslims?

  11. mohsin malik says:

    Yes. When Pigs fly. And sun sets in East. And when the rivers flow upsteream. Both paties have been at each other throat for atleast two decades. And it is going to continue forever. Have a nice day Pakistan. Go Taliban.

  12. Iqbal Masood,MD says:

    Both NS and AZ are not sincere with Pakistan. They only see Pakistan as a source to gain Power.Has NS and AZ decrese their expenses due to current Fincial situatuion? No Ofcourse, just see what Car Indian PM used and U will find out why India is way ahead of Pakistan.

  13. muhammed usman says:

    according to my view, ppp or pml(n)neither of them is a demoratic party because in their history they have never elected their party official by country wide election at the grass root level,instead they nominate their sons, son in laws, or relatives for the party positions, this is not a democracy, it is their personal design and egos which is wrapped in their defined “DEMOCRACY” cry.

  14. akhlaq ahmed qureshi says:

    These leaders are still busy in making their positions strong, and everything for themselves. The government does not have any programe what to do and how to handle the problems facing the country.

    The dont tell the nation what they are doing, and just statements. They have not conveyed what they will do. They should satisfied the mases that there is somehing in pipeline, as such people are shaky, lack of confidence and un-certainaty.

    Why are short of leadership. We need strong leader, take in confidence the nation and give message, for planning,betterment to follow it.
    Very simple is electric problem, what programming is there? The old faces, aged ministers are hopeless.
    We need new leadership and fresh blood with a clear concept of PAKISTAN FIRST, a new thinking to build the nation and safe our custom and traditions. we are muslim and will remain, we need to satisfy those who are againt each other. We invite everybody to come forward, write on and make a stand on PAKISTAN FIRST. Thanks.

  15. Shahid Shakur says:

    Make amends or reconcile. Do our politicians truly understand that the people of Pakistan are struggling to discover their identity?

    What is their identity in the modern context of national states? Are we a nation like other national states, which developed their identities and direction over a long course of history?

    So far it seems we have not evolved into a nation in that sense. Our history of common joys and common sorrows is short and superficial. And, we have yet to cultivate mutual respect and confidence and a sense of sharing and belonging.

    It is claimed that we are an ideological state and Islam is the basis of our statehood. We are not a nation, but a ‘Millat’, which transcend racial, geographical and cultural factors. But in practical terms it has turned otherwise. The people of former East Pakistan asserted their independence, and are now Bangladesh. Sindhis, Baluchis and Pakhtuns may similarly assert themselves.

    Will Pakistan divide itself into different national entities or is there a substantial possibility of a Pakistani nationhood being fostered in time to come?

    Historical observation and human experience show that groups and nations are the products of common sharing of mutual security and confidence. Those groups, nations and groups of nation evolve, which can ensure the maximum security and satisfaction of its individual members. Those, which cannot do so, ultimately perish.

    We can survive in the present form and develop into a vibrant nation with a profound vital national outlook, if we cast off hypocrisies, see the light and remove the frustrations, and remove the insecurities of the people. These frustrations are historical, social, psychological, economic and political. The rulers have to concentrate on these various aspects of our relations.

    Let everyone personally feel the warmth, the affection, the confidence and self-reliance, which is essential for the development of group psychology. Let these vital constituents of group psychology be institutionalised and fostered. Let everyone and every cultural and ethnic group bloom and flower in the framework of mutual sharing, cooperation and freedom. Whether we have the vision and wisdom to do so, is yet a question mark?

  16. I feel they will make but when it would come to issue of Punjab government, some forces from behind will resist and the both parties will once again be at logger heads.

  17. Waqas says:

    We are more divided as a nation than ever before. There is a need to bring social, political, economical, cultural and religious cohesion. We need to build bridges not destroy them. Currently all the key players including politicians, media & civil society are creating and expanding the gulf in the society.

    Personally I don’t expect anything good coming out of these self serving politicians (these are not leaders and lack the capacity to lead) There is much concern in the world of Pakistan imploding in a matter of months and nothing is being done about it.

  18. Sayed Athar Husain says:

    I think if no solution is found for the Governemnt of Punjab, the Law of Necessity should be invigorated and Governor Salman Taseer’s rule should be indefinitely extended. He is a good man, he has stick for the grabbers – in this case Nawaz Sharif and his party, and carrot for the deprived – in this case Qazi Husain Ahmad and his party, and sobering council for the pampered hosts on the TV – in this case the overdoing Kashif Abbasi.

  19. Hameer says:

    I don’t think so because i heard press conference of Zulifikar Khosa with same calls of defiance and civil disobedience. Khose has blamed that over 400 “ghundas from Sindh” were sent to suppress the movement for restoration of CJ. I will suggest readers to go through article of Rehaman Sahib of HRCP–il

    PML (N) leader Sharif told nation of Pakistan that they are playing cricket and PML (N) team is bowling to PPP team and the nation should watch and enjoy the game. Someone please ask him a few questions, like: who are the empires of the match? Whether it is test match or one day? Role of Al-Qaida and his allies Jamiat Islami and Imran Khan in this game? Are N team is using Imran for attack bowling or Hameed Gul and Rasool Bux Palejo for medium pace bowling?

    I A Rehman has clearly illustrated the game and role of law enforcement agencies in that game. But if he is playing fair game then let him to play but the nation should not allow him for ball tampering and match fixing with conditional support from America, ISI or Baitullah Mehsud.

  20. Qasim Ali says:

    No sir i dont agree, because Zardari is not a sincere and trustworthy man while Nawaz Sharif is a matured, sincere man of principle – but in Pakistan, of course, anything is possible.

  21. I have studied comments made by intellectuals. I believe firmly that what we need today is to bring programs which can stimulate people of Pakistan to understand ground realities of socio-cultural matrix. Unless we change the public mindset, the mockery of politicians would continue to exploit public at large. The politicians and religious groups had been exploiting and playing their roles to get power and authority to rule the people.

    The nation which has not been able to understand and recognize during the last two decades especially the Nawaz-Benazir debacle and now Nawaz-Zardari fight. The nation could not introduce a new leader or dynamic personality to lead them, I think let the nation face these two guys for another five years. Time will come when people would begin to think that the change is needed, a social and cultural revolution is needed and that we have to go with the world and swim in the mainstream.

    Certain extreme rightist groups will have to be eliminated through natural process. Let media show the real face of these two political groups including jamat-i-islami which is a big menace in Pakistan. The redundant societies never find the destination. We need to revisit Islamic idea logy and fiqh as well. The current time needs lot of thinking and wisdom to change,

    These two parties will bring the nation to the brink of bloodshed, we have to avoid that by ditching both these parties. Let nation be prepared to find new leadership, dynamic leadership which can feel the real issues of people.

    There exists no democracy in Muslim world, let us set an example for the Muslim world to bring a democratic change by looking towards new leadership. Let us reject these two parties….let them be cast off, never to rise again.

  22. Sayed Athar Husain says:

    I think what has brought Nawaz Sharif in the lime light is his disqualification, not his demand for the restoration of the judiciary. This he had shelved. And his coming to limelight was not possible if he had not hung President Pervez Musharraf in the air with the passengers risking their life. And what brought Ifthekhar Chaudhari back to the supreme court is the mistake of the government. If they had not stopped the Long March he would not there and would be there where he was.

    Now that he is in seat he is going to bring disgrace to the judiciary. Because he is going to disprove the earlier judiciary to restore Nawaz Sharif. The best man was Chaudhari Shujat Husain, he suggested a workable formula to form a government of the three parties, but the petty minds in the PML(Q)and the PML(N) have perhaps stopped it. The trouble is the media do not know their role in the life of the nation properly. The God appointed Messengers – the media is so important a means. But the media had to be unscrupulously honest. Work detached from petty interests. Now look at journalist Mir he writes and uses all the ugly words like ‘Murdar’ etc under a biased writing in Jang of 19th March, he feels free to pour out his contempt without any ethical consideration that what effect it will have on the dispositions of the nation. The trouble is wanting education, lack of awareness, lack of deep considerations. Look at the ARY for the last few days they are showing a woman in the jail with a baby in the hand, their campaign is to discredit the government and arouse sympathy for her but they are not honest and do not say why the woman is there. If she is there legitimately she ought to be there, only the baby should be out. Some organization should be raised to take to the looking after of the baby, but she should stay in jail if she has done something wrong. The Lawyers, we are told ten of them, have come out volunteering to solicit for her. Its all good but we are not told why is it necessary for them to do so, is the process of law in jeopardy. The trouble in Pakistan is lack of meaningful education. The first in the education there should be the critical look at the teaching to orientate mind to think logically and to think in a manner that by their minutest of action no injustice was going to be done through them. This can only come if the Wahdaniat – that One definition of God is defined properly and for that Adl – the justice is adopted as the second principle in the fundamentals of the faith as the Shias do.

  23. Muhammad Ishaq says:

    Both should amend their ways, respect each other’s mandate. It is need of the time to save the country. Otherwise the nation will not forgive both PPP and PML(N.

    Our leaders Nawaz Sharif & Asif Zardari need to sit together on a table. No one should threat to other. Accommodate each others point of view and make final decision on following issue:

    1. BB murder case
    2. COD
    3. Provincial Autonomy
    4. Fate of Musharaf, Zia-ul-Haq and all other dictators

  24. Asad ullah says:

    Our judiciary is free now says Nawaz Sharif but the cases of lower class people are hanging in civil courts for years this is how good our judiciary is if revolution has come it hasn’t changed the life of miserable poor people who are struggling hard just to achieve justice to change their life. Mr.Nawaz revolution writes new history, culture, trends in a country not the old corrupted system and which doesn’t change the life the people who are fighting for food and good decent life like upper class people.

  25. Ahmed Shaheryar says:

    PPP and PML-N, both aren’t in the condition to work together as both have different perspectives to run the show. Charter of Democracy should be implemented as signed by both the parties. There is no point to talking about what Supreme Court will decide; in fact PML-N has the choice to decide instead of Supreme Court furthermore people of Pakistan have disagreed to Supreme Court decision as we all have seen in our TV.

    I would like to appreciate Media because media has played the vital role of judicial crisis and given us (Pakistani) hope for survival. Judicial crisis chapter has closed but Media crises issue is still pending for this; I would like to request PPP to give them an opportunity as they have given to deposed Judges. on Facebook on Facebook