How should Pakistan respond to Obama’s Afghanistan plan?

How should Pakistan respond to Obama’s Afghanistan plan? invites its readers to debate current affairs in this forum.

On Friday, US President Barack Obama unveiled a new strategy for the war in Afghanistan. This time, the US is planning on having a way out. The strategy relies on more US forces on the ground, an expansion of Kabul’s security forces, cooperation with ‘reconcilable‘ insurgents in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, and a significant boost in civilian aid on both sides of the Durand Line (Pakistan will receive US$ 1.5 billion annually over five years). There is also a push toward a regional approach to the conflict in Afghanistan. Senator John Kerry, for example, is advocating for the involvement of China, Iran, and India. For his part, President Obama also hopes to involve the Gulf States and Russia.

As the beneficiary of increased US aid, Pakistan is expected to facilitate the new US strategy on Afghanistan. But the country finds itself in a tricky position: even while Pakistani intelligence officials help the US identify terrorist targets for Predator attacks, US government officials are accusing the ISI of supporting the Taliban.

What should Pakistan do with regards to the new strategy in Afghanistan? How can the government balance cooperation with the US and other regional partners in the war against terror while protecting and prioritizing Pakistan’s interests? Are Afghanistan’s problems Pakistan’s problems too?


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183 Responses to “How should Pakistan respond to Obama’s Afghanistan plan?”

  1. salman says:

    sell Nukes(which we may never use at all) to the will yield billions which can be used for constructive purposes.dependence on foreign aid will also reduce substantialy

  2. Alexander says:

    Pakistan and India face similar social and political issues. Both have poverty, corruption and non-transperency to tackle.
    These issues have top be solved in top priority to have better quality of life for its citizens.
    Pakistan must additionally tackle its lean towards Islamic fundamentalism and authoritarian leadership which triffles the very existence of its nation.
    I sincerely believe that future generations will see properity between these two neighbours burying the past – past history and recent past history. As it stands today – the situation is indeed bleak, with world war clouds looming in this region.

  3. R. Albuquerque says:

    Pakistanis need to focus on themselves especially now. The country is in big trouble and requires the support of it’s own people and outsiders as well. Forget about getting even with India. In fact being friendly and doing the right things may bring about true recociliation and perhaps a solution in due course to the problems such as Kashmir. But that is later. For now just look after yourselves.

  4. zamash says:

    Obama’s New Pak- Afghan Policy
    Muslim world, especially Af-Pak inhabitants prayed day and night for the success of Mr. Obama during US presidential elections 2008. It was the impression that he carrying part of a Muslim name with close Muslim background in early life; will understand it better and break Zionist-Neo Con hold on US policies against speculative danger from Islam/ Muslim world. But he seems to have forgotten his election promises on this (few analysts pointed on it) or has been embroidered by the continuation of wrong American policies with its Zionists – Neo con hold which may ultimately cause doom for USA.
    It seems to be the continuation to destroy one Muslim country after the other i.e. Afghanistan, Iraq followed by a general belief that Pakistan and Iran to be the next targets. Due to certain internal problems, that policy was delayed and the period was used for preparing grounds for its continuation. This policy has been amply cleared in the policy paper by US ‘Think Tank’ ”RAND”, published by The News on 8th Jan 2009, according to which they succeeded in divide and rule by the end of 2008.
    The new Obama policy is clear indication towards the continuation of the same old policy; with grounds now favorably prepared by CIA, RAW, MOSAD in North and West of Pakistan (Sawat, FATA/NWFP and Baluchistan with political turmoil in Sindh and now Punjab). The decision of The Great Game has now been openly deployed – its crusade on Pakistan at the time when our leadership (both political and Militant) is busy in building their own empires. It’s clearer when Obama shows a carrot of 1.5 billion dollars to be spent through NGOs and the stick by forcing Pakistan to obey the World Bank and IMF and declaring Pakistan as the future battle field. It’s without a trace of evidence/ based merely on false propaganda i.e. danger of an attack on USA by Al- Qaeda. It’s the crusade which our leadership (Civil / Military) must realize and immediately deploy its counter policy before it becomes too late.

  5. Asif says:

    Some one should go back in the news archives and search for the developments after 9/11 attack. The real problem in Afghanistan was Osama Bin Laden, not TALIBAN. Taliban came in between because they guested Bin Laden wanted by Amerca for still unknow perpetrators of 9/11 attacks (search for Arial Sharon’s interview on CNN before 9/11 where he threatend to put America on fire). You must find from the old news in 2001 that while Taliban were getting a confernce “Girga” to how to hand over Bin Laden to a third country, America all of sudden turned their guns to Taliban, thus attacking Afghanistan and throughing out the Taliban government. Therefore, Americans and allies are seen as occupiers in Afghanistan with their puppy rulers. Unless until, US President brings Taliban in to negotiations and government, the situation will not be solved and it will ignite more problems if they open more fronts with Pakistan. By the way, why do we forget of anti Pakistanies who wish the country should be vanished from the earth. Even planned to separate it into various parts. India make propaganda against Pakistan in whole world but themselves stop flowing all rivers towards Pakistan. They now have collaboration with USA and trying to win their goals.
    Finally, although we have very bad Mulla’s but this does not mean the whole Pakistan nations is bad. We still believe in ALLAH and have strength to fight till death.
    One more thing to add, the war in Afghanistan is not for any religion nor for the freedom of westerns, but its for all the gas and oil pipelines coming from Russian states and passing through Afghanistan need passage to hot waters either through Iran or via Pakistan (gawader). West freedom lies beneath OIL and GAS. No gas means no survial in cold, no oil means no cars, no electricity, no pubs and no girls.

  6. J.Cook says:

    I suggest Pakistan and its corrupt politicians stop asking money from the USA or anyone else. Put the house in order. And I think what USA should do is to get out of Afghanistan because it is not there to fight terrorism, it is converting more and more people to join resistance movement which it calls TERRORISTS.It should not be forgotten that it was USA who invaded Afghanistan not Afghans invaded US. If it did not learned from the history, it will soon follow the same destiny as others big powers did before.US Economy is in complete mess and those who will join USA in this war will have no different outcome than US itself.Its a lost war already.

  7. Faree Imaan says:

    I wanted to write my view thus the comments I read, from Indian fellows and talks about India and pakistan instead of what topic is.

    Let me clear him one thing What Majority and minority he been talking about about muslim in india, everyone is aware of Gujrat Riot 2002, what Hidus did with muslim and still doing there, it is failure of their own democratic government. least in pakistan hindus are being treated as pakistani. India should learn from Pakistan, instead of taking issue of muslims and islam.

    As far Pakistan is not begging and nor ISI is supporting Taliban, no one is blind that Taliban are the product of United states against soviet union. former President W.BUSH was very close to Bin laden family, so United states should stop pretending WAR ON TERROR, because by drown attacks on our soil, in return they shouldn’t expect success. there is no war on terror when terrorist country ( united states ) is playing the chess backed by Israel since they are anti islam.

    Please stick to the topic and if you are not pakistani, mention your views here but don’t point not knowing particular information and having knowledge about it.


    Faree Imaan

  8. mehtab says:

    Dear Andy

    I take your advice and will join the fight for survival of my country which I am sure will be fought against India, Israel and USA.

    Its time for some aggressive response from our government to the Obama plan. Its time to ask them to stop their interference in our internal matters.

    If you can’t control things on the other side of the border (India or Afghanistan) don’t blame them on Pakistan.

  9. IMAM says:

    The ones who think that they can overturn our nation should know that we the people of Pakistan hold onto the rope of our Lord Allah, and it is He who is the Disposer of our affairs, if our enemies want to despoil our nation, then with certainty their lies foes within our own nation who wish to aid the evil perperators enabling them to have a firm grasp on our nucleur weapons. They seem to think that it is their God given right, that only they can possess such a weapon, and the rest of the world should be subservient to their desires!
    We pakistanis are a pround nation and the world should come to know that we are a kind and compassionate nation and indeed very tolerant, but if you cross the red line, we will indeed all roar like thirsty Lions and rip the heads of the ones who wish to despoil my country!!

  10. zain says:

    What needs to be understood is why have we created this situation for ourselves, and the answer is yet a very simple one, our leaders and I repeat all of them are merely slaves to their masters, they do not possess any brains whatsoever to mitigate a responsible plan for their people, and are continuously bullied at the corridors of parliament by their white supremace leaders, who also have no idea as to what they are doing, they are all completely in denial that they are facing a complete defeat, and their arrogance not to accept it, will only create strife and discord for our people. Someone who I might add possesses the spunk, should once and for all inform the westerners to mind their own business! and not create a story that we are facing threats by Al-Qaeda, this is all complete nonsense, and responsible people in my country should go on the chopping block for their betrayal.

  11. Sumant says:

    Its the foolishness on part of Pakistan because of which Americans are sitting next door ,they are not friends of Pakistan or India.

    We are not worried about Pakistan but Americans which have come so close ,a country which had a history of espionage to maintain its supremacy.

    “kashmir” is an emotional issue both sides ,people of India or the people of pakistan will not give up an inch of its territory ..both are nuclear and India is far more powerful..any war will be disastrous on Pakistan,its economy and same for India

    “Who will benefit(or are presently enjoying benefits)”:
    a)Americans/NATO-Selling arms,even have more control on our resources

    Unfortunately both sides are adamant on killing each other ,Indian RAW will continue to do what it is now till ISI stops.

    Jihadis and media Jihadis(Zaid hamid stuff..etc) are just running there shops and business ,its all money game in the end .

    “Things which are not possibile”

    a)Kashmir aligning with Pakistan
    b)Kashmir aligning with India
    c)Nuclear war (as India will not attack & Pakistan still doesn’t have delivery mechanism or hv limited strike capacity)

    “Things which are possible’

    a)Conventional war
    b)Siachen issue
    c)Resumption of cricket ties
    d)More suicide attack in Pakistan by Taliban aka US backed infiltrators
    e)More deadly attack on Indian economy
    g)NWFP & Balochistan movement flaring.
    h)any other US favoured move

    Considering all above ,lets be sensible..lets not give in our heritage to goras ..they rules us and still ruling us indirectly…let the common stand up and speak ..similar to the long march.


  12. Syed says:

    What ISI is doing is absolutely correct and in the inetrest of Pakistan. It is a great agency. Indians are using the Afghan soil and the puppet Government there to infiltrate Pakistan through a large number of so called consulates in the areas bordering Pakistan. If ISI is not there we will be left defenceless.
    The zionizt agents in Pakistan are encouraging Americans and providing them information to target innocent people. They may be killing an odd terorrist at the cost of hundreds of innocent people. this is shame for the Governament who are selling Pakistan so cheaply.

  13. A. Khan says:

    President Obama announced that he will send 17,000 more American troops to Afghanistan this spring and summer, to surge the troop level to 53,000. It appears to be a Vietnam-like solution for ending the war. President Obama came in the name of change and yet he is still following President Bush’s policy in Afghanistan. Surge in troop levels won’t accomplish the objective of ending the war rather it would promote instability in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
    In order to formulate a win-win exit policy, the U.S. policy makers need to understand the history and culture of Afghanistan; every bearded Afghan man is not a Taliban. Every Afghan woman who covers her face is not doing so under any duress: it is part of Pukhtoon custom and religious belief.
    What is the real objective of war in Afghanistan? The Russians and Chinese are looking at the U.S. to get out of Afghanistan. The Pakistanis have become suspicious of the U.S. They are fed up with the U.S. policies. They are angry with the U.S… They are almost ready to quit this war. They have paid a very heavy economic and human cost for this war. The continuation of drone attacks inside Pakistan is damaging public support in Pakistan. President’s Obama’s Afghanistan policy should be based on wisdom and not just continuation of President Bush’s policies.
    After the Soviets left Afghanistan, the U.S. left them in a state of misery. At this moment in time, the Afghan people remain the most suffering people of the world. Millions of Afghans are living in abject poverty. Then there are millions of Afghan refugees who came in 1980s, continue to live in Pakistan. World humanitarian agencies have abandoned them. Economic conditions in the country are despicable. Karzai et. al. has been involved in massive corruption.
    Yes, President Obama can formulate a win-win exit strategy from Afghanistan by:
    a. understanding the Pukhtoon tribal culture and Muslim religious sensitivities
    b. assuring Afghan people that we will leave once elections are held and a democratic government is formed there
    c. improving economic conditions in Afghanistan by developing the infrastructure and creating jobs
    d. building schools and universities to educate children and adults
    e. giving farmers better options to replace their opium crops
    f. building energy project pipelines and giving Afghans their fair share
    g. promoting regional trade to help Afghanistan stabilize its economy
    h. assuring Pakistanis that the U.S. will respect their sovereignty and no attack will be carried out inside their territory, and the Indians will not be allowed to carry out covert operations inside Pakistan from the Afghan side.
    i. developing an economic development plan for Afghanistan-Pakistan border similar to Marshall plan
    President Obama should encourage all parties to declare a ceasefire and start negotiations to develop a blueprint for peace. Afghan people living in abject poverty, in conditions similar to the 18th and 19th century, in the harsh mountain terrain, can not be tamed with 21st century weaponry. In this day and age, no one likes to be occupied. The solution to the Afghanistan problem lies in the economic and humanitarian aid and support. Let’s hope President Obama formulates an exit policy based on wisdom and not war.

  14. Zafar Akhtar says:

    The current problem was created by USA as a result of the earlier Afgan war and to destroy USSR so that USA benefits and becomes a sole Superpower.Pakistan helped USA in achieving this goal.
    It is therefore USA moral responsibility to assist Pakistan and Afghanistan to eliminate the current terrosium which was created due to USA desire to become a sole superpower.
    What USA is now offering Pakistan and Afghanistan is not a favour but it is its duty in order to be able to enjoy the sole superpower status.All the western naions as well as India are also benificery of Pakistan , Afghanistan and muslim mujahedeen actions during the earlier war where USSR ware driven and defeated.
    The Pakistan nation and leadership should not underestimate their leverage and demand that western nations should fulfill their obligation and should offer cooperation conditionally subject to international communities facilitate resolving Kashmir dispute.For Pakistan Kashmir is a life and death issue and all other problem related to terrosium will fall apart once the Kashmir issue is resolved.Terrosium can be eliminated if the issues like Palestian and Kashmir are resolved.

  15. Mirza says:

    Any strategy that is not home grown will fail. So will this. American interests has to be different than what is good for us. We can’t blame anyone except us and I refer to Leadership in Afghanistan and Pakistan. You can label anyone as Taliban or Al-Qaeda, but most of these are still ordinary people. They were there 20 years ago also but their views have hardened due to intervention by outside forces. We need to talk to them. Militancy in any form cannot be accpeted, but we have to reach out to them and we have to act fast and hard to change their views again. Violence only breeds Violence and this is an unending game.

  16. justin says:

    Why should Pak want a strategic depth in its western border?It wants to be a Super Power?Why dabble in Afganistan?In India many present day politicians find fault with Nehru.But the great man’s greatest acheivement is that he managed to keep the uniform away from politics.He had showdowns with few of the finest generals the Indian Army had.But he managed to keep the military away from politics.So it is the duty of the people of Pakistan to send the military to it’s barracks and the ISI to a mode aswerable to the people of Pakistan functionwise&financewise,afterall if you allow the Corps Comdrs to become Crores Comdrs then the people suffer.This breeds terrorism.(Kasab’s father reported to have told ‘THE DAWN’that he was selling Samosas to make both ends meet & I don’t think this is a very lucrative means of livelihood in a young country with energetic people)

  17. ashutosh mishra says:

    Mr Obama is doing whatever Mr Bush was anyway supposed to do had he been at the helm;it’s bureacracy that runs the show, civil or military. Objectives are global, not local. When in conflict, the global will supersede howsoever unpalatable. Indians ought to stop relishing the plight of a neighbour that actually acted upon the propaganda it carried out. Now, niceties will be shed aside the moment any of the multiple power centres, state and non state will interact and jump the gun, while the already sick population will suffer and resent. Unless they forgive and forget,they won’t come out of it. More complications could follow and the Frankenstein will keep devouring it’s creator. major overhaul of foreign policy goals in the region, careful and responsible education of the population and a grand settlement with regional forces and mutual trade etc might help. Eventually, it will be attained through secularization of education and ending the hate campaign against neighbours,since this has hurt their society more and nation building is completely lost, and even state building is at stake.Sorry to say this, but that’s my opinion.Thanks

  18. Jahez says:

    One of the most important element in the speech was Obama’s articulation of the reason US is in Afghanistan/ Pakistan. No longer were the reasons such as avenging 9/11 or bringing democracy and human rights quoted. Obama provided a very specfic reason for the US continued presence in Pak/Afghan context. It was that al-Qaida is present in this region and is planning attack on the US. Thus, ensuring US security is now the only official reason for the US presence.

    I have two major concerns here. First, this move away from democracy and HR is not an admission of the failure of the mechanism adopted to do so but a result of the increasing strength of the voice that is saying that cultures of Pakistan and Afghanistan are inherently incapable of being liberal, democractic and respecting HR. A recent example of this view is Jason Burke’s article in Guardian on Mrach 15: Personally, I find this sad and in fact a continuation of colonial thinking. Irony is that Burke wrote this article on the day when Pakistan rose for values such as the rule of law, supremacy of constitution, independence of justice, self-determination and so on.

    My second concern is the basis of the claim that plans to attack the US are being hatched in Afghanistan/Pakistan. This may be so but how do we know? Clearly, this claim is based on intelligence US must have garnered. But how to trust this intelligence? Were we not told through the same intelligence that Iraq has WMD? Was it also not the basis of Collin Powell’s shameful presentation at the Security Council and Blair’s blatant lie that Iraq can attack the UK in 45 minutes? How then do we trust what the US president is claimning? The point is not that he is lying, the point is that there is a crisis of trust. We have only the claim of the US establishment to go by. It is far fetched to assume that vast of majority of people – people on the ground in FATA, in Afghanistan etc- whose support is necessary to win this war against extremism will be willing to blindly accept the reason for US presence and military might in the region. US must do something to win back this trust. Perhaps it should bring its intelligence to non-alligned group of people to assess and endorse it. There may be other ways but unless the US regains moral ground and trust, it is hard to see how its military power can gain legitimacy. If people will feel the use of force to be illigitimate and unjust, they may be silenced for some time but their future generations will rise again. Moral high ground is as important as military high ground.

  19. Tariq Dogar says:

    Let first things be dealt with first.
    The USA had invaded Afghanistan not the backward Afghanistan invade the superpower. Is invasion of an independent country justified for the USA and her coerced NATO Allies? Is US invasion not aggression, if not then what about the invasion of the USA by any alien force? First the USA has invaded Afghanistan and the oppressed have all rights to protect them against alien occupation? Has the USA and her allies-in- invasion the right to brand a war of independence against American-led operation as’Terrorism’? Under this priciple the future invading the USA can be termed a new “war on Terror”. Do the Americans agree? The right of defence of USA is simply restricted to its own territories only. She has no right to violate the right to independence of Afghanistan, Iraq or Pakistan’s people under any pretext. The Afghan people have every right to choose even a Taliban system of government in their country like a system of government based on secularism for the USA. She was the USA which invaded Afghanistan to change the system of government in Afghanistan, then in Iraq and now in Pakistan. After the USA, now the same right of changing a system of government at gun point is permissible for others including Mujahideen, Chinese, Russians? Like President Bush President Obama shows disrespect for the principle of national sovereignty for countries other than the USA or Israel. This American attitude has already created a global disorder, since the condemned and dubious occurrences of 9/11. The 9/11 events yielded an era of all out terrorism against Muslim states as the mishaps of New York and Washingtons were especially arranged to serve as starter of a New Crusade against reemerging Islamic sentiments in the Islamic world? The USA-haunted by Ziionists stood as the godfather of all terrorism in post-9/11 era. The US ‘war on terror’ has backfired and strengthened Islamic elements beyond American perceptions. In Israel Hamas has defeated whole the US-led world? Was it possible before the ‘war on terror’? Hamas type elements, the US-led forces have been facing in Afghanistan, Iraq etc. The US-led war for terror also backfired in the shape of current global econmic meltdown–the price of global war for terror. Despite multi media projections of US successes in the war on terror she has to wrap up its aggression from Afghanistan and elsewhere soon. The onground situation is entirely against the US-led occupation forces. The anti-Islamic sentiments expressed by US stooges in media can not change the fate of the US-led forces defeat in Afghanistan and elsewhere. The fate of aggressor is failure in the end.

  20. Imran, Kuwait says:

    Pakistan has no business in Afghanistan except constructive contributions that it can make. Certainly not the way it is presently indulging in by supporting Taliban.

    The problem is that FATA areas of pakistan and Afghanistan is as culturally interweaved just as is the case between India and Pakistan. So, the problem arising in one part just cross over to the other side.

    The myth of Religion being the foundation of any nation has already broken in Pkistan’s case—-in 1971. Moreover, the islamisation of institutions i.e. Military, intelligence, etc. has nothing but compunded the problems. The policies of General Zia Ul Haq is haunting Pakistan.

    Pakistan continues to see India as its enemy. Pakistan has been under military rule for more than 30 years since it attained independence, which has ruined the democratic institions. The period of democratic rule have been overshadowed by personal enmity of political leaders, their selfishness and petty politics.

    The looser has been common people of Pakistan. What’s the use of having a huge army, atom bombs when you cant protect your sovereignity in case of drone attacks.

    Pakistan has to undo all it’s past policies and make a new beginning.

  21. Tariq Dogar says:

    Let first things dealt with first
    The USA had invaded Afghanistan not the backward Afghanistan. Is invasion of an independent country justified for the USA and her coerced NATO Allies? Is US invasion not aggression, if not then what about the invasion of the USA by any alien force? First the USA has invaded Afghanistan and in retaliation the oppressed have all rights to protect them against alien occupation? Has the USA and her alliies in invasion the right to brand a war of independence against American-led operation ‘Terrorism’? Under this priciple the future invasion the USA can be termed a new “war on Terror”. Do the Americans agree?

  22. Ashah says:

    It would be sad if Pakistan breaks up and the Blame would have to go to Punjab and the Army what most of them don’t understand is that once a country breaks up it is not that easy for the muslims to create a country !. look at Palestine , for one . So I hope the Army and Punjab understand we already lost East Pakistan, continue to do what you are doing we will loose what remains of Pakistan.

  23. anurag says:

    I’ve been reading the Dawn for a more than a decade to get opinion and news from the other side of Indian border. it is really my only source to understand the Pakistani psyche.

    The one thing I have concluded is that Pakistanis – not the just the army or ISI or the govt. – but the general educated (and maybe uneducated) public in Pakistan just does “not” get it. The problem in Pakistan which is causing everyone to focus on it, is that, it has not taken responsibility for it’s action over the decades in Afghanistan and India.

    Don’t get me wrong – I am an Indian and am going to be biased to a certain extent but I love Pakistan too. My dream is to visit Pakistan one day when I will be welcome – not today though. I see Pakistan going from bad to worse and still the “people” – not just the army, govt or the ISI – are blaming USA, India, Israel etc. etc.

    The sooner Pakistani people take responsibility for what going on inside their borders – remove terrorist elements and create security, the sooner Pakistan will get back on track.

    Terrorism is a one headed snake (not two as some people want to suggest within Pakistan) – there is “no” good side to it. Killing innocent people will never be accepted by any reasonable society. I plead to Pakistanis to realise and take action to improve the situation, or maybe it’s too late. If not done quickly, Pakistan will be history – the mission of 1947 seems to be fading and there seems to be a lack of purpose all across Pakistan. Pakistan needs to ask the questions – why was Pakistan created? Why did your forefathers (and mine) fight for Independence? Why did you separate from india? – definitely not for this.

    There was a time when I really really thought that people were the same on both sides of the border – now I sincerely feel we are not the same after all. On a final note, it’s going to be easy to criticise what I’ve written here…..but I’m hoping that some of you will think positively.

    your true friend – from India.

  24. zaiboo says:

    war on terror was just a bark through Bush administration, they just wanted to capture south asian coutries, through this issue of (Osama/Mula Umar) who are still fagutive, and can’t be caught yet, becouse they are of US intrests, if Sadam Hussain could be catch eassily, so why they (osama/Umer) can’t? it is really a burning issue which All MUSLIMS must think about it critically.
    So in current sircumstances what ever Obama is doing, he doesn’t need to ask to our leaders, becouse he already had bought our leaders through US $ Dollars.
    what ever happend so happend, afghanistan is our brother country our government must sopport her, becouse if we don’t then some other country will do it surlly, I REALLY APPRECIATE our ISI in afghan matter and i really want them to carry out such activities, whatever is being done,
    After all i really would like to suggest our leaders to adapt the Irians’ policy, to give solied reply to US, and never let them order around the Muslim WORLD.

  25. Dev says:

    In the endeavor of having an influence in the government of Afghanistan, Pakistan had taken a path which is leading to its own destruction. This series of destruction had started with arming and training the mujaheddin, who after vanquishing the soviets could not agree upon who should rule Afghanistan.

    In an effort to have a government, if not a puppet but a surrogate government the nation of Pakistan had joined the Taliban by guiding them to power seat of Kabul.

    The mujaheddin have became unemployed now, but a lot of experience in wagging Guerrilla war.

    Pakistan saw an opportunity of employing these unemployed mujaheddin in Kashmir. This prompted India to get involved in the greater game to have a friendly government in Afghanistan, which is not an surrogate or puppet government of Pakistan.

    The Iranian’s, Russia & India had joined hands with Ahmed Shah Masood to raise resistance force against Taliban.

    By striking the US of A, the Americans got involved after a decade but in a different posture. Earlier they were friends and provided the Mujaheddin with Arms & training now they are on the other side to kill and vanquish the same Mujaheddin whom once they armed. When they felt that they became vulnerable to their own creation (Mujaheddin), the Americans started to hit back with force.

    Sensing this as an opportunity, India joined the fray to have its sphere of influence in the government of Afghanistan to checkmate Pakistan.

    India would ideally want to engage the well trained Afghan Mujaheddin in their own courtyard rather than in the valley of Kashmir.

    India would ideally like to see a hostile government to Pakistan in Afghanistan, which would ensure that the western border of Pakistan are always engaged so that Pakistan will be busy protecting its border rather than arming and wagging a guerrilla war with India on Kashmir.

    I personally believe that Pakistan is in a quicksand like situation, where it will not be able to come out of it, as harder it tries to come out of it the more deeply it would find itself in the quick sand.

    It cannot relinquish its claim on Kashmir to get out of it, after so many years & wars it had fought for it and so many lives lost.

    I really think only a military dictator can bring the Pakistan out of its own mess, its not possible for an democratically elected government to come out of it.

    The sooner they realize the better for the nation of Pakistan, because they are spending almost a third of their budget to service the defense needs of the nation, which is not at all a good sign for a country’s economic point of view. Though its the prerogative of the people and government of Pakistan, but living life on the debt provided by another nations, i think is not a good sign for a country which believes its not a failed state.

    Realize the reality and function as per the necessity. on Facebook on Facebook