How should Pakistan respond to Obama’s Afghanistan plan?

How should Pakistan respond to Obama’s Afghanistan plan? invites its readers to debate current affairs in this forum.

On Friday, US President Barack Obama unveiled a new strategy for the war in Afghanistan. This time, the US is planning on having a way out. The strategy relies on more US forces on the ground, an expansion of Kabul’s security forces, cooperation with ‘reconcilable‘ insurgents in both Afghanistan and Pakistan, and a significant boost in civilian aid on both sides of the Durand Line (Pakistan will receive US$ 1.5 billion annually over five years). There is also a push toward a regional approach to the conflict in Afghanistan. Senator John Kerry, for example, is advocating for the involvement of China, Iran, and India. For his part, President Obama also hopes to involve the Gulf States and Russia.

As the beneficiary of increased US aid, Pakistan is expected to facilitate the new US strategy on Afghanistan. But the country finds itself in a tricky position: even while Pakistani intelligence officials help the US identify terrorist targets for Predator attacks, US government officials are accusing the ISI of supporting the Taliban.

What should Pakistan do with regards to the new strategy in Afghanistan? How can the government balance cooperation with the US and other regional partners in the war against terror while protecting and prioritizing Pakistan’s interests? Are Afghanistan’s problems Pakistan’s problems too?


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183 Responses to “How should Pakistan respond to Obama’s Afghanistan plan?”

  1. Dalbir says:

    Pakistan needs to play its card very transparently in close co-operation with the US . Running with the hare & hunting with the hound won’t do in times to come , just like Musharraf did post 2001. Musharraf did a big blunder in letting Al-Qaeda – Taliban have a safe sanctuary inside Pakistan after fall of Kabul , for which innocent Pakistanis r paying these days . Pakistan should aim for dissasociating themselves from Al-Qaeda -Taliban combine & stop thinking it as a strategic weapon . Nor it should repeat the past mistake of deepening influence in Afghanistan with their help which is anyhow the playground of BIG POWERS like US , RUSSIA etc now . It should focus on more & more welfare related projects like schools , hospitals etc in Pakistan . Raise the living standard of its people with the help of US & West .

  2. San says:

    Bad omen for Pakistan Iam afraid…Last time US made such a strategy 0.5 Million Iraqis died…i guess with the problem much bigger than the iraqi problem a few million pakis will be dead by the time this is done and dusted…

    After that may be Pakistanis should ask their smart generals what they achieved with their strategic depth strategy…Population control?

  3. Faria Khan says:

    The idea that Pakistan should disband its army would be a great idea if its neighbour to the East ventured down that road first. Oh I forget, there are not 800 million people living in abject poverty.

  4. asim says:

    Instead of being pressurized and dictated by others our goverment should pressurize the USA and NATO for the following

    1: Eradicate Opium production.
    2: Put soldiers on all routes connecting Pak and afghanistan. it is not only the responsibility of Pak to stop two way movement of militants. It is the responsibility on both sides.
    3: Fence the border.

    They do it or not depends upon their seriousness about the issue. But it will at least give some points to argument to our goverment and put some pressure back on allies. They keep on dictating to us “Do More” Why we should not ask them “at least stop Opium that is very easy task as the Taliban did it”

  5. cheemo says:

    people with opinion must bear this in mind that pakistan must be saved from evil forces within and from abroad,and we all must keep this in focus at all cost

  6. saroj kapoor says:

    Obama’s Afpak policy
    Terrorists are enemies of pakistan also.So pak should let the international community deal with the common enemy.
    It is critical miscalculation by ISI amd pak military that they can fight proxy with Nato and India with the help of Taliban. This will change the geography of pakistan.
    Being a SUPLLICANT nation ,it should feed its people and disband army who is part of the problem of terrorism.

  7. Deepen says:

    Why should US be making a strategy? Why can’t the initiative be taken by Pakistan? Afterall, who is currently getting affected?
    Pakistan should take charge of their country, why handover their control to anyone else? Is this Pakistan’s culture that you let ousiders come and sort out your own family problems? US holds the remote control for anything and everything in Pakistan; be it lawyers rally or drone attacks or who should be the President/PM of Pakistan. Pakistan belongs to everyone but the Pakistanis. When will you wake up?Is the answer clear now atleast, as to what Pakistan should do? Or more spoon feeding is required?

  8. Ahmad says:

    The first thing that Pakistan needs to do is severe links with Terrorists. It has been in bed with Terrorists for long to achieve its goals. Its high time it realizes is mistake and breaks contact with “All” terrorist organizations. on Facebook on Facebook