How can Lahore be secured against terrorist attacks?

How can Lahore be secured against terrorist attacks? invites its readers to debate current affairs in this forum.

On Monday, terrorists used machine guns and grenades to launch a savage attack on a police training academy in Manawan, leaving 15 policemen dead and 150 injured. Eyewitness accounts estimate some 20 militants carried out the attack and that at least 11 explosions were heard through the course of the morning.

This attack comes on the heels of the militant attack against the Sri Lankan cricket team, which occured on March 3, 2009. Before that, the penultimate day of the World Performing Arts Festival was marred by three explosions on November 22, 2008.

Why is Lahore increasingly the target of terrorist attacks? Does the ongoing political tussle in the Punjab have any relation to the security situation? Who is responsible for ensuring the safety of Lahore’s residents? How can the Walled City be secured against terrorist attacks?

Are you in Lahore? Are you or anyone you know close to the police academy? If yes, please share eyewitness accounts from Manawan with


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272 Responses to “How can Lahore be secured against terrorist attacks?”

  1. Laeeq Ahmad says:

    Ignorant people of Pakistan got what they deserve.When all muslims depend on those ignorant Maulvis for their faith related issues.Our people so ignorant, that they belive in what ever these Maulvis tell them. They dont bother to read them selves. They have no education, how they going to read their religion and understand it. Now some one tell me why we are more phonetic in religions than our Arab bretherns. In our country we start killing each other but why their is not throat cutting in Arab countries. We start destroy public and government properties If some imbecil said some thing regarding our Prophet (PBUH).
    Some one said that people who are
    killing innocent worshippers in the mosque cant be Muslims. I will say they are not Kafir either and they are not non muslims either. I have not heard any sucide bombing in the West, they are non muslims but they are much more humane than our people.In west they dont cut each other’s throat not they blew them selves in the churches or synagogues. Why we are so inhumane. Is this the teaching of Islam. No Way. This is all because we dont read our religion, we dont read quran and understand it. As long as we will keep our heasd in the sand, problem will not solve. As long as we dont read and understand our religion, we cant develope tolerence for other religions and sects.
    May Allah help our people to comprhend the gave situation we are in right now. As long as we dont understand the teaching of Quran and prophet Muhammad(PBUH), we will will never able to live in hormony and respect for each other.

  2. T. M. Syed says:

    I would like to express my deepest condolences to the people of entire Pakistan (not just Lahore) who have been facing this terrible and horrified sequence of events almost on a daily basis. Pakistan is in turmoil. Common citizens are uncertain if they will survive next day or be caught up in a crossfire. For the decent people of Pakistan it is becoming impossible to live in peace and raise a family. While one can somehow manage the skyrocketing prices, it is extremely difficult to manage terrorism specially if the terrorists are from your own kind.

    In a logical manner of thinking the government is supposed to guarantee safety for its citizens. Unfortunately God has not graced Pakistan with such amenities. The same corrupt politicians linger on and are being recycled. When they die they are preceded by their children who share the same inept and corrupt morality as their fathers. They are more interested in lining their pockets then in building the nation.

    Despite such negativity and adversity, it is amazing how the brave people of Pakistan still manage to go on with their daily lives.

    Given the current situation, there are not too many choices for the Pakistan in order to come out of the current crisis. In my opinion this is what needs to be done immediately:

    1. Get rid of the religious extremists/terrorists. This is war and should be treated as such. No more fighting with kid gloves. The entire armed forces should be involved. Remobilize the army from the Indian-Pakistani border if necessary after getting assurances from India that it will not attack Pakistan. Lock down the entire areas of NWF and Baluchistan and cleanup once and for all.

    2. After cleanup special handling will be needed to console and regain trust of those who may suffer during the operation. Remember, America initially won the war in Iraq but lost it later because it did not have a plan to handle the Iraqi people who turned against them.

    3. The funds from US and other countries should be utilized effectively to help build the effected areas. Create employment opportunities as it leads to satisfaction and goodwill.

    4. The madrissas should be shut down. Government must control the education in Pakistan by utilizing private and/or public school systems. All children must receive well rounded education to become productive citizens. Children can learn to read the Quran after school or in classes during school.

    5. Aggressively pursue the resolution of Kashmiri issue. Major powers and the UN will have to be involved to impose a solution. The Indian politicians will never do it on their own because they will be thrown out of the office. If the Kashmiri issue is not resolved, we will be revisiting this entire scenario of terrorism sometime in the future.

    My best wishes are with the brave citizens of Pakistan who I admire greatly and I pray to Allah that He restore it back on the path of progress when citizens compete with their knowledge instead with bombs and terrorism.

  3. Suleman Maniya,Goteborg,Sweden says:

    Now you have it from the Horse’s mouth! We released this man in exchange for some soldiers ( i am referring to Behtullah) and since then he has killed more than 1000 people if not less.Why can’t we not negotiate with these terrorists. We have to accept our military men are the biggest cowards. A case in point whenever an operation ends the army takes over it, it doesnt lead. I am still startled as t why we need FC in tribal areas when there is full scale war. Where is the army? Too busy getting plots in DHA allocated to them.
    I think Waziristan should be sealed now. No one should be allowed to exit it so there will be lower probability of these terrorists hitting again if they are coming from there. Why arent we doing what Israel is doing? Collective punishment for these terrorists.

  4. Babar says:

    Sharia law is the problem because you can’t force minorities to live by your religious rules or have separate laws for minorities and not for non-minorities.

    What law is applied when there is a dispute between a Muslim & a minority? Sharia or not.

    People who make sweeping statement about things they don’t know about only make a cartoon of themselves.

    Hindu and Sikh minorities from Swat and Peshawar have already started migrating to India since they don’t feel safe in Pakistan anymore. What next?

  5. Emad says:

    Well Mr. Sajjad.. our current politicians supported raiwind even after Zia. I understand there should secularism. Religion should be limited to public holidays and personal life style. Pakistan should be first concern… who ever wants sharia law can go to the neighbor in west and let us live and prosper in peace.

  6. Bhatti says:

    HOw many terrorist are there in Pakistan.. 1000 , 2000, 5000..??? What does our army and other forces DO. Why cant we Finsih them. Army is good for nothing.. They are just getting Higher Pays. I think Our Army should Decalre a REAL war against them and Kill thm all and thn Seal the Borders With Afganistan. They Need to Take COntrol over Tribal Areas as well. That’s the Only Solution.

  7. Tanveer says:

    I am an Indian muslim from Bombay and the issues in Pakistan affect me greatly.. I work in a software firm in Poona, a satellite town of Bombay. I have been under the impression that partition and Pakistan was not a bad idea based on conditions of muslims in India:
    1. Unlike my family, there are many muslim families whom progress has not treated well yet. But then, I see that there are other classes of Indian population who are struggling to improve their lot. I used to think that Pakis are much better off, which does not seem to be the case anymore.
    2. Bombay and Gujarat riots – many of our bastis were affected, but so were hindu dominated locales. Luckily where I live, most people were not swept up in emotions.
    3. The concept of “unity in diversity” that Indian textbooks like to teach us. India has too many religions, castes/sub-creeds, languages that it all looks like a wonder, if at all it can work – but looks like 60+ years have not done that much of harm – of course, there are inteha-pasand groups like naxals, sikhs and tamils (not any more if at all), some tribes in the north east, but they are like 1-2 percent of the population!

    Looking at Pakistan today, I think if Zia and the military had not gone wrong in misusing religion, it should have worked better than India. Anyway, hope for the best, dear brothers. If the motivational lawyer movement was any indication, there is ample scope for hope. Our prayers are with you.

    Khuda Hafis,

  8. Sami Khan says:

    Why save Lahore only? The question is discriminatory. I am from NWFP. How many people have registered that on the same day as this attack the Taliban killed 5 Pakistan Army soldiers in Bannu. Radio Pakistan said 5 soldiers killed by militants while terrorist had martyred the policemen. No politician condemned it while they were crying hoarse over Lahore. Terrorists do not discriminate but they get space to act when media and others do.

  9. sg says:

    Pakistan is in a bigger crisis. If people (or) politicians don’t wake up now and act, the country will be in the hands of terrorists !!

    Save your country! Save your people ! Save families, youth, children!

    Only when atmosphere is peaceful, so can you think of economy, prosperity etc., etc.,

  10. Ayusman says:

    this is in response to the post of “Omar” on
    March 30th, 2009 at 12:06 pm.

    What’s happening in Pakistan is disheartening.
    But to comments like “Highest bidder against Pakistan is” and “hired by you know who”…

    No one has been a greater enemy of Pakistan than Pakistan it self. It may be hard to swallow; but face it. I am saying this not because I am an Indian; but a very honest and neutral opinion.

    When I read these posts I get a feeling that there are people in Pakistan (and I am sure there are) who are peace and progress loving.
    To all of those Pakistanis; please act; or it may be too late. It’s time to act rather than leaving things to God and those who misinterpret God.

  11. Karlosk says:

    To comapre apples to apple , I was in Mumbai after 30 days of Mumbai attack and I am also from USA. And I was in one of that hotel which came under attack. Absolutely smooth trip , life and night life. I was out on roads on busiest downtown streets to lower middle class streets at night 2 pm or 3 pm every night. City was almost smooth and fun loving whole night. The same famous Mumbai night life was restored and people were still loving all. Hates off to the people of Mumbai to give suck a nice kick back to terror and start living dame life again.

    “zeshan says:
    March 31st, 2009 at 8:08 am

    I from NY born and raised right here in America, my parents are from Lahore and just one month back I was there in the middle of liberty at 2pm and found out I have to run back home since liberty along with most of Lahore is closing down. Every time I am in Pakistan something happens and usually it leads to destruction.

    Today as you sit in your house and watch your country being destroyed in the name of God get up and do something about it in the name of God. The Rehman and Raheem God that I know would never want what is being done in Pakistan. The youth, the intellectuals, the people of Pakistan with some sense should get up and fight a Jihad yes, that word again. Jihad but do it the right way, Jihad of the pen.”

  12. Sohaib Tanvir says:

    It disgusts me and huants me that our army can’t get to these people while our journalists can access them that easily. Secondly, recent comments by Major General Tariq that Bajaur has been secured made headlines but can I ask the army, so whats keeping it from moving into North Waristan and South Waristan, the stronghold of these Talibans. Why is that always our intellegence agencies are on the backfoot and they have to counter these events after they take place, why don’t eliminate them when they are in the planning stages.

    I am flabbergasted by the deal done in Swat, and can anyone beleive it, security forces have to get permission from these Mullahs to move around! Lastly, ever so often we read a specific number of militants have been released. Can I ask the authorities to go back to the drawing board and re-think their strategy because the current one is not working.

  13. Arun Sharma says:

    Adnan Raja,
    I appreciate your comments.

    But isn’t it ironic?

    For my appeal, I received one reply and that too from a friend living in USA. All of our friends who live in Pakistan either ignored my comments or chose to not respond.

    I am still optimistic. I will check the blog again to reassure myself that morality is still alive. We all can still, as a team, strive for peace in our sub-continent.

  14. Raheel Ahmed says:

    To respond to “Sajjad’s post (March 31st, 2009 at 7:15 pm)”, I quote Eeman’s post (again) below:
    “It’s ironic to see Indians connecting every single attack with Jihad and other religious doctrines. The situation Pakistan is experiencing today is just 8 years old since the 9/11 and Bush’s ‘War on Terror’. We were living in Lahore and rest of the Pakistan peacefully despite having Jehadis and all relgious schools around.”

  15. Abdul Al-Okullah says:

    The conspiracy deepens. Baitullah Masud is a CIA agent who has been tasked to attack the White House. Wah!

    Just wait — soon you will see claims of “false flag” operations being planned.

    This is known as Simulated Denial Recognition Effect (SDRE).

  16. mun kaz says:

    The problem with pakistan is not the govt or the taliban. the problem is the people of pakistan. every single person is lazy and inept. wanting to get everything the easy way or for free.
    stop blaming others for your own short comings. take resposibility for your own flaws and failures. the goverment sucks? why did you let them be elected? the police is corrupt? why do you let them get away with it?
    if pakistan is to be saved (which i doubt it will)we must take notes from iran and ( public enemy NO 1 isreal) there must be a total change in national attitude from the ground up. we must instill a spirit of hard work and due diligince in the entire nation, from the farmers and the sweepers to the president(sic) and the prime minister. a military draft must be instituted for EVERYONE, not just the poor but the rich too.
    cause until we do not learn that the easy/superficial way gets you nowhere, there is no second place in this race, we are destined to fail or be broken apart.
    mush said it best “pakistan ka allah hi hafiz hai”

  17. Tanveer says:

    Can you ask the worthy journalist that were taking the Interview to provide the location of the most wanted person!

  18. Akbar says:

    For once stop the blaming game. We have to look inside our own territory. Enemy is within us, stop the madness of blaming the whole world for this. It’s a shame how more we can degrade ourselves.

  19. Dr. Asad Sadick says:

    The Lahore attack has yet again proved the incompetence of our security personnel. It has also shown the that people responsible for security of Pakistan are not sensitive to the problem. The focus has to be to preempt and pro actively take measures. This Lahore attack is unfortunately not going to be the last one, and other cities are getting involved. Instaed of blaming India or the US we need to identify the potential targets. Educational Institutions could be a target amongst others and there is hardly any security there. Imagine an attack on one of the elite schools or colleges or university of the country. We will again cut a sorry figure. Shopping plazas could be another target and so on and so forth. Is it so difficult to read the wicked minds and methods of our enemies? For Gods sake do something before its too late and act right now. We can keep looking at the long term solutions seperately.

  20. omar says:

    Hello , In short , i think it was a sequel of Mumbai attacks and was far more poorer production, People from inside realize this and some must be well aware of it , in order to affirm the western Powers or Allies of the new tide of terrorism we face today, much stronger than formerly presented.. Am i wrong?

  21. Syed Riaz Ahmed says:

    I am not surprised by the recent attack by the Baitullah Mehsud’s trained and controlled terrorist, but extremely upset and frustrated by the government agencies, the PM, the President and the Army Chief, because they are just sitting in their well-protected and air-conditioned offices and doing nothing or not enough to protect the citizens of Pakistan, and just issue press releases that says “we will finds the terrorists and will not allow this to happen again”. But they neither find the actual person, in this case Baitullah Mehsud and punish him and such incidents happen again. I don’t know how our agencies cannot arrest him and other so called Pakistani and Muslim persons, when the media people can get to them and print their pictures and statements. All militants who want to enforce their Islamic law by force do not deserve any sympathy or leniency. They all should be punished in public and all those who support them should also punished, so that the image of Islam and the Muslim can be changed from Terrorists to Peace loving religion and followers. We need a bloody revolution to save the mankind. The sooner we do it, the better it is, otherwise no country will be safe for anybody.

  22. TryThis says:

    Well,,, we have tried dictatorship and Democracy both do not work for us. Now people please wake up and try Sharia… I know I know.. everyone is asking what is Sharia etc… Lets adopt Quran and Sunnah as constituion, Let us elect a shura who interperts them to drive rules and regulations for everyday governance…

    If this happens there will be no place for any of the people we have involved in the country… from Zardari to Nawaz to Kazi to the army… most of them have no knowledge of sharia so automatically will be kicked out.

    Whats wrong with Giving Sahria a chance… ???

  23. yusaf khan says:

    First of all my heartfelt condolences to the many victims of this atrocity.

    We the Pukhtuns from the NWFP have been screaming about this menace of terrorism for the last five years. But all the armchair politicians and the TV pundits were ignoring what we were saying and instead putting their own spin of “the pukhtuns fighting for revenge”. Pakistan has virtually lost the NWFP to the Taliban and AlQaeda. The people of the NWFP have become refugees in their own province. All of this was due to no choice of the people of the NWFP. In the early 80’s a military dictator decided to support jihad in Afghanistan and allowed 3 million refugees to settle in the NWFP and in Baluchistan. Mind you those refugees were not allowed to settle in the Punjab or Sind. Now on this forum I have read people suggesting special passes for people of the NWFP who want to visit Punjab – what a shame.

    The only way Pakistan can fight this menace is for the people to get united and face the terrorists. We cannot get united unless we stop thinking like pushtuns, punjabis , muhajirs etc and start thinking like PAKISTANIS.

  24. mehwish ali says:

    Our Media (especially Urdu Media) is very much biased towards right wing.

    Every thing is blamed upon India and Afghanistan and right wing Media every time defending Extremist Religious Fanatics by bringing different and every kind of excuses.

    This is the only reason why nothing has been done against these Terrorists

    RAW is indeed involved in spying against Pakistan, but certainly they are not able to Brain Wash people by opening up their own Madaris and produce suicide bombers.

    Right wing Media claim that Taliban has caught hundreds of US and Afghan spies and beheaded them. My question is, if there are really run by Indian Spies, then why not Taliban are unable to catch even a single such Madrissa?

  25. Muhammad Abbas says:

    WAKE UP! These kafir Taliban are NOT Muslims. They are worse than the kharjis in the Phrophet’s time, like the evil members of the Quraysh tribe who opposed Islam at the beginning. They want to change our religion of love and peace and tolerance. When we accept that these people need to be condemned by all of us, then we can move forward. Do not be jailed in your homes. Come out with your wives, sisters, brothers and condemn them. Don’t let them change your lives otherwise you will see a day (like in Saudi Arabia) where women are restricted from day to day life and men (like in the Afghanistan of the late 90s) are whipped if they don’t pray in the mosque and grow beards. Ya Muhammad! on Facebook on Facebook