What can Miandad do?

Former Pakistan captain and national team coach Javed Miandad has rejoined the Pakistan Cricket Board as its Director General Operations.

It may be recalled that Miandad had quit the post in January, citing poor contractual terms, ‘I did not have enough control over cricketing matters,’ he had said.  However, after holding meetings with the PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt, and after Butt’s meetings with the Senate Standing Committee on Sport, it was decided to call Miandad back.

The former great has vowed to help rebuild cricket in Pakistan, focusing at the grass-root levels.

While one can understand that Miandad’s cricketing knowledge and acumen is unmatched in terms of skill and experience, it remains unclear how he will fit in as a DG Operations?

Does he have the man-management skills and experience to resurrect the basic structure of the game in Pakistan?

Would he be better suited to the role of coaching young, aspiring cricketers instead?


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35 Responses to “What can Miandad do?”

  1. Salman Aziz says:

    Lets bring some professionalism and some accountability. It is easy, Dawn and Jang group should ask for the yearly financial audits of PCB and make the records public, where the money going? who is spending the money?

    Someone came up with the idea that Miandad should come to the US and check out how professional sports is managed here in the US. There are divas here too like Shoaib Akhtar but they are handled, sometimes the divas get away with the nakhras, sometime they are taken to task.

    A very interesting example is the GreenBay Packers Football Club. Due to the size of the market, it was very difficult for a small club like the Packers to compete with the big clubs so they floated shares and “sold” the club to share holders, all GBay fans have shares in the company.

    In the name of the people of Pakistan there are a lot of people who want a slice of the pie. I am sure even the Sports Minister is now drooling over the revenues that Cricket can generate.

    Wake up, ask for accountability, it does not need to be very difficult.

  2. RAMESH says:

    Miandad was a great batsman for Pakistan. But great batsmen need not be great administrators too. If one goes by his personality traits , it is difficult to see him running operations of the board in such difficult times with any degree of professionalism. He is not cut for the job. He will be better as a talent spotter.

  3. A. Samad says:

    Before working for China, one MUST work for his own team. A (sincere) legend like Miandaad should replace Ijaz Butt on immediate basis…

  4. Faisal hayat says:

    I think Miandad really deserve that position because he is only one who cares about pakistans’ cricket. Miandad, “lagay rahien poori qaum app ka saath hai”

  5. Viquar says:

    Miandad’s main problem is that he is too honest for the chair he is in.

    I don’t expect miracles from Mianded but what I am confident that if he remains in that position long enough he will lead a new team which has morals, and honesty to be called a true pakistani team.

  6. FM says:

    It’s not what Miandad should do, it’s what he shouldn’t do. Learn from your predecessors. don’t do what they did. It didn’t work what they did or how they did. Miandad needs to do something different. Learn from SA and Australia, why are they so succesful? Pakistan has better talent then any of those country, someone needs to bring it up. I suggest Miandad should come to U S for a month and personally see how teams are run here and implement that.

  7. from my point of view javed miandad is excellent cricketer. he knows well about the strategies of that game. but the thing is that what i understand from his past record he cant able to cope with pressures. that is a big responsibility as a director general operations. i dont think he has any management skills. only one think hopes me that he is a person ultimately sincere to pakistan just that he has the quality. i hope he raise the standard of cricket of pakistan.

  8. Wamiq says:

    Obviously, We have tried so many “so called” legends why not Javed Miandad? And for the record he was one of the successful captains. I do agree that his style is different from the others but one thing which we all can agree is that he is sincere to Pakistan Cricket. A bit emotional but sincere! Atleast he knows cricket… but hey people do have their opinions and can say whatever..As long we have players who are selfish and ego..No one can make pakistan cricket better even Miandad…I hope and will pray that he will succeed but it’s long shot!!

  9. QAMAR ISLAM says:

    It seems we have high hopes in J. Miandad as a capable D.G operation of PCB. A person with his portfolio can manage his team effectively provided he runs the show without any internal and external interferance. Since our country is going through a tremendous changes in all phases of life this change will help gives PCB a direction of prosperity and help elevate the our national team to achieve international challenges.

  10. saif ahmed says:

    I believe Miandad has been a most unfortunate individual as he never received the respect and honour that he deserved.

    I never believed that Miandad ever failed in coaching, the team prospered and gave some scintillating performances under his coaching, it is some of the players and the PCB who may have had issues with him.

    He should be given a free hand and a clear atmosphere so that he can do something for the country.

    Also, comments about his personal life are out of line.

    Good wishes to Pakistan and Miandad.

  11. senthil kumar says:

    miandad is one of the greatest legends produced by pakistan ever,but lot of politics is going in pcb if this doesnt get removed we will have once again expect a resignation from mr miandad or his sacking from the pakistan cricket board

  12. mujahid says:

    I appreciate this decision of PCB to invite Javed Miandad to become Director Operations. Miandad has all the capabilities to lift Pakistant cricket upto the required standard.

  13. Khurram Adeeb Noorani says:

    I agree with Mr. Ismail’s point of view. No doubt Miandad is a great player but his management and coaching skills are not up to the mark. I think that Wasim Akram or Inzamam-ul-Haq will be a better choice.

  14. Gautam Kumar says:

    Undoubtedly Miandad is among legends, but we can’t say he has good management skills. He was involved in so many controversies and polities in crickets. Even as a coach his experience was not so good. Rather than handling such high responsible post he should go for cricket academy to produce youngsters in Pakistan.

  15. Siva says:

    Miandad was a great cricketer indeed but he was at best a very mediocre captain whose team saw lot of infighting. I am not sure if he can command any leadership even in this new position.

  16. Waqar says:

    I think nobody in PCB structure knows well about cricket and its operations, but PCB is still alive. So, in this scenario, if a superstar cricketer, worldclass batsman & a successful captain of his time like Miandad is given a chance to direct cricket operations, it would definetly benefit Pakistan cricket. But to achieve healthy results, PCB must let Miandad take his own decisions and let him think by his own mind and not enforce political decisions in his sincere efforts towards cricket operations. It is off course a matter of time, but we have to be patient if we want valuable outcomes.

  17. M Munir says:

    This is all talk, he wont do anything either. Pakistan is moving backward not to the front…

  18. DesiHungama says:

    It is hard to determine whether he was a better cricketer or a worst manager. This guy has absolutely zero vision in terms of cricket future. He is opposed to any fresh ideas on the basis that it were suggested by western cricketers. I think he should be coaching talibans.

  19. Shahid Khan says:

    Miandad can do alot of things for example he will select his nephew Faisal Iqbal for 20/20 world cup, ODI’s & test cricket.

  20. Imran Ahmad Khan says:


  21. Ismail says:

    Miandad knowledge of the game cant be disputed, he lacks management & coaching skills very badly once we saw him in coaching tenure’s, its been rightly said “an excellent student not necessarily become a great teacher”. Great Sir Vivian Richards always said Miandad should be utilize for coaching young cricketers at Junior level. How will he manage his current post of DG – PCB only time will tell us how competent he will be , there is no doubt he had been reappointed by external pressure to PCB chairman.

  22. David Marsh says:

    The question of whether Miandad can do the job or not is the function of if PCB Chairman and et al allow him to perform. In my view he will and can deliver as he has on numerous occasions in the field. As for the Operations Management, one can find many examples of people running highly successful operation without PhD and drowning oneself and everyone else in the control charts.

  23. Altaf says:

    Miandad’s main credential is that he is a great amongst wannabe superstars of Pakistan cricket. There is a chance that they may unite behind him.

  24. Zeeshan Ali says:

    No doubt Javed Miandad has one of the best cricketing brains. I think he will be more involved in Cricket matters rather than Operations. He has the ability to lift the standard of cricket and players in Pakistan by working towards development of the game & its overall infrastructure. I am sure if given time he will be successful.

  25. Shazad Akram says:

    Why don’t we just contribute in opening up a new political party for this former “great”. It would then finally (hopefully) keep him out of cricket.

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