What can Miandad do?

Former Pakistan captain and national team coach Javed Miandad has rejoined the Pakistan Cricket Board as its Director General Operations.

It may be recalled that Miandad had quit the post in January, citing poor contractual terms, ‘I did not have enough control over cricketing matters,’ he had said.  However, after holding meetings with the PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt, and after Butt’s meetings with the Senate Standing Committee on Sport, it was decided to call Miandad back.

The former great has vowed to help rebuild cricket in Pakistan, focusing at the grass-root levels.

While one can understand that Miandad’s cricketing knowledge and acumen is unmatched in terms of skill and experience, it remains unclear how he will fit in as a DG Operations?

Does he have the man-management skills and experience to resurrect the basic structure of the game in Pakistan?

Would he be better suited to the role of coaching young, aspiring cricketers instead?


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35 Responses to “What can Miandad do?”

  1. Dr Akif Izhar says:

    Miandad’s cricketing abilities, skills & intelligence both on field & off the field are unmatched but to hold a position like DG Operations you need a lot of other skills as well. As a matter of fact not just man-management skills are prerequisite to this post & considering cricket scenario in Pakistan & Miandad’s responsibilities I seriously doubt that he lacks the ability to build, advice or supervise the restructuring of the domestic cricket in Pakistan which is a huge task itself. On top of this he shall be managing international cricketing plans & selection affairs as well – unbelievable is the word which comes to my mind – when we talk about the responsibilities & authorities bestowed to Miandad. Above all he does not possess the leadership skills required for this post.
    I believe Miandad could best serve Pakistan by grooming young & budding cricketers & as an adviser in selection of national squad & should be made affiliated with the NCA Pakistan. This is where he truly belongs!

  2. Concerned Pakistani says:

    I think it was totally ambiguous to make comments about Miandad management capabilities by the PCB head when he appointed Miandad the first time without executing any contract with him. Excuse me, how capable are you to head the PCB?

  3. Ali Akbar Barlas says:

    I feel the problem was due to the fact that his role and authority was not finalised before his appointment. I hope this is done this time and he will be allowed to work with the best of his ability. Earlier comments mentioned about his lack of management ability. I think if we can have Mr Zardari and Mr Sharif as our political leaders than Javed Miandad is more than competent and loyal to be DG of Pakistan cricket boaed.

  4. No doubt, Javed Miandad is one of the greatest cricketers hailing from the land of the pure with out-standing credentials which are second to none. Nevertheless, I don’t think he can do much in his new post as DG operations.

    Operations Management is a unique skill and trait, which is attained only after some very intensive training and exposure that also includes doctoral level studies at some of the best educational institutions in the world. That’s why, all sports teams in advanced countries like the US and central Europe consist of highly educated and experienced operation managers, some of whom never played the game but are smart and cool operators, who know their jobs well and always perform par excellence.

    Another example in this case is that of top hospital management staff, most of whom are not medical doctors but they smoothly run the best and the most efficient and result oriented hospitals in the world.

    Another acute crisis management problem faced currently by the PCB’s movers and shakers stems from “External Environments” on which nobody has much command and control.

    Consequently, even if PCB hires the best global crisis and operation management experts, it will be highly unlikely that they could do much to improve the situation.

    However, for the global scholars and academics of management, it will be an interesting and challenging topic to undertake a research study cum dissertation encompassing the current PCB internal and external crisis.

  5. Imran says:

    Dawood Ibhrahim Gang was involved in match fixing. How can Miandad be qualified since he has close ties with Dawood ?

  6. kumar says:

    Miandad is not only unqualified for this position; but also has questionable character since made willing family relations with Dawood Ibhrahim the MOST WANTED Criminal in 189 countries.

  7. Kalim says:

    In my mind Miandad is the man for the job. He is our best cricketer, perhaps the best player ever. Great sportsmen, leader and teamsmen. If anybody can do it than that has to be Miandad. Great choice and I am glad PCB is thinking right for once. Why did they ever change their name to PCB from BCCP.

  8. quresh says:

    Miandad does not have good education or management experience. I do not know what hell is wrong with PCB, Whole country is mess.

  9. Salman says:

    Mian Saab will be upset in 2-3 weeks again. This has been his attitude when he played and even as a coach . Run away when pressure mounts and come back when there is no pressure.

    He played awesome but the same cannot be said otherwise.

  10. Salim Adam says:

    Thanks,finally drama is over know we can see a good cricket in Pakistan and abroad with the new director general you will see Pakistan team performing best in the world.

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