Your favourite moments of the game

Your favourite moments of the game

People gathered around giant screens on roads and in front of televisions in hotels and restaurants in all the main Pakistani cities hours before the match. They clapped and danced on the beat of drums at the fall of every Sri Lankan wicket. They watched Kamran Akmal’s opening salvos with bated breath, too tense to enjoy the fact that the openers were playing a safe game. When Shahid Afridi, with his eagle-eyed look and bring-it-on walk, came on, fans dared to hope that there was still a chance, that he was going to be different. And what a difference he made. He made 54 off 40 balls, only two sixes and two fours, and even dived to save his wicket. A moment came on the fourth ball of the 19th over, a perfect Lasith Malinga yorker that Afridi edged on to his ankle, and ran a quick single to complete a remarkable victory. We all cheered, hugged each other, and thronged the streets, thrilled to see our team in top form again – even if Afridi might stay back in England to get that ankle looked at.

Where were you when it happened? How did you react? What were your favourite moments of the game? The most tense? And how did you celebrate? Send in your reactions and wishes for the Pakistani team.


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198 Responses to “Your favourite moments of the game”

  1. Hassan says:

    “Big man big game, Its a leg bye who cares” Who can forget that awesome words of David LLoyd. Afridi was standing with his bat. What a wonderful memories. Great come back by the cornered tigers.

  2. Winning T20 was perhaps a reminder of the 1992 fabulous stride into the hall of distinction by a team that rises to conquer only when the chips are down. The inaugural version of the game was lost by the selection of a faulty stroke by a batsman who dished out things but failed to eat them. Younis Khan, was a shade closer to the mighty IMRAN that day for he held the flocks together, goaded them into cohesion and arrested the belligerence of the traditional Pak on field behaviour. Md. Amir, again left a trace of his ability to turn things around by producing splendid exhibition of fast bowling. The inform Dilshan falling prey to an intelligently bowled delivery and that was the indeed the emergence of a hope that Pakistan can really pull that off. What an innnigs played by Shahid Afridi. It was a complete departure from his normal flair, blending defence with aggression, exhibiting an approach that he never had. It was his mature application, the selection of the right deliveries, the high sense of responsibility, the desire to do something great for his country, all mingled well to produce an innings of character from somebody for whom patience has been a sin. Hats off to all the eleven involved in crafting the destiny of a nation tormented massively by violence and catastrophes. Finally they had a moment of salvation and something to cheer at.

  3. fm053 says:

    Winning the T20 cup was quite something.
    The look on the South Africans faces in the semis was SWEET!!!

  4. Bilal Mustafa says:

    i was in my relatives’ home that day… and i waited desperately all day long for that match… and even offered extra naffil namaz for the succes of the team….. i shouted and hugged people around and clapped loudly at the fall of every sri lankan wicket…. i knew we had a stronger bowling attack… when we were batting i got a bit tense.. and watched very silently while lying down on the floor… my heartbeat increasing at every dot ball, and kept praying for the win whole time…. and that afridi six to that left arm bowler during the 18th over i guess was my favorite moment, it released the pressure from all of us pakistani fans and the team as well, that made victory easy for us! i just stuck myself to the tv screen during the whole match… did not even drink a single sip of water that i usually do while watching test mathes….!!!!! my heartiest congratulations to the whole of pakistan team… u have made us proud of our identity and have given us a gift during these difficult times..!!! keep on playing with the same spirit! i salute u all!

  5. Irfan Pardesi says:

    The sleeping tiger crawling to the Super Eights, Showing South Africa (which by the way was the favourites for the World Cup) the way to the pavilion and perhaps further back to Joburg and the exciting Final that tempted me so much that I managed to make my way to the UK, got there in time, Bought my ticket on Ebay and BAng! It was just falling perfectly and the cherry on the cake the fantastic balling which convinced us that we are to be taken seriously, we are here for the game, we have our country’s support and with the right frame of mind Believing We are the CHAMPIONS!!
    I was holding a Piece “I bought my ticket from an INDIAN” and joined the crowd on main edgware Road that completely blocked by cheering Pakistani and Arab (surprising but interesting sight) Free Baklawa all over the place, people shouting from the top of their throats…what a magnificent atmosphere…What a breath taking moment!!

  6. I forgot to mention that i work with about 200 indians who has been talking cricket for past one somehow they love it more than ever especially there win of last T20… i wanted pakistan win and pray to Allah all they time for that …….cuze some of them were bit arrogant (nothing i cannot handel)…..
    But now all of sudden non of those 200 indan are talking about cricket as they don’t even know if cricket exist …… I have Afridi’s photos on my desk top with arms up like superman….

  7. Thx to almighty i was able witness this moment agin in my life even though i am thousand of miles away … this time i watched with my 3 youner brother … mood was different to 1992 but feeling was same from inside … once again the first over from youn Ammer was unforgetble especially the delivery that took wicket of dilshan (same as Iqab bowled of greatbatch 1992)… then Razzak (then who free Afridi soul)….. batting was tense but will never forget AKMAL beautiful cover drive 4 to mathew (similar to Inzi bahi hitting 6 to long off in semifinal 1992)…
    but the CRACKER moment was when AFRIDI hit that 6 to Udana …. i will never forget Bumble words “oh boom boom boom… it’s coming home pakistan” that made the at back my neck stand …. i have seen this highlights about 10 times … is still hard to control my emotion when that moment comes ……….”Oh BOOM BOOM BOOM…. it’s coming home pakistan”….. this time there was no firecracker outside BUT THIS TIME I FIR THEN WITH MY EMOTION IN MY HART …..

  8. Yes i call it the “FIRECRACKER MOMENT”
    i was lucky to watch the 1992 semifinal and final back with my best friend and cusions.
    I will never forget Inzi bahi 6 to long off & Iqab slow bowled of greatbatch (that ball took 4ever to hit stump). But the CRACKET moment was When WASIM bahi took 2 in 2 …… that was the moment when we fire the first Fire cracker.. the noise it mad was special

  9. Every one’s favourite moment was when Afridi hit a sixer. That was a turning point and had tilted the game into Pakistan’s favour.

    The victory in world cup 20 has injected a new and much needed doze of confidence into this terror sticken nation. Pakistan and Pakistni nation have emerged with a new vigor.

    The world has also come to know that Pakistan is a country. Pakistnies are a nation. None can bow them down. Not even terror and terrorists.

    We can fight on every front and can make a come back, whenever, whereever we want to.


  10. Saima Khan says:

    Asslam alikum
    The match was worth watching. From Dilshan’s wicket till Shahid ran for the last winning score.The best moment for me was when the target was getting difficult, shahid and shoaib were playing and sri lankan’s were giving their best we were worried, at that moment I got a message from my sister “Nasrun MIn Allah e wa fathun kareeb” recite this ayaa’t till the victory of Pakistan….I and my friends conitnued to recite and it was then when Shahid hit that famous six for us that was Allah’s help for Pakistan and its team….
    I loved the moment when Younus Khan wrapped around him the Green flag like he is saving it in his arms. I am thankful to him too for this act in front of the world that my contrymen are the saviours of this land and this flag.
    I saw my nation united.I couldn’t stop tears from flowing when I saw SAJDA E SHUKRANA from Shahid and Shoaib, we all were screaming like fools (I have recorded all our screams)), we waited for these moments so long.
    We welcomed this cup nothing but with tears, this is not only a cup but its a statment to everyone that Pakistan still rocks. Pakistan Zindabad

  11. Faddie says:

    My favourite moment when afridi make a last run n stand like a super star . i like that style when he up his both hands . that was awesome .

  12. Syed says:

    Hi everyone! i was in Sydney at friends’s place when final was being played and to be honest my favourite moment was when young Amir was giving trouble to most run maker Dilshan and got him out on a superb deliver.
    well done guys!!! maintain the Rythem of unity.

  13. Raj says:

    The moment Pakistan beat SA and entered Finals, I knew they would win come what may whoever be the opposition.

    Moreover I wanted Pakistan to win badly this time for the sake of the country’s people who will have something to rejoice after experiencing so much of violence.

  14. Hijab says:

    I was watching the game at my university’s library in Washington, DC, on some sketchy live streaming website. It took all the self control not to celebrate out loud anytime we did something right.

    My favourite moment of the game was when Afridi hit that 99 meter six, and I started jumping up and down — in complete silence, of course. A group of PHD students huddled around a computer turned to look at me and I sat down in embarrassment.

    A second later, I realized all of them were Pakistanis and Indians and watching the game as well — their live streaming was coming in a little later than mine, and their reactions were as crazy as mine when they finally saw Afridi’s giant boundary.

  15. through out the match the hearts of kashmiri cricket lovers were throbbing at shoibs pace at this momental the end allah took our side and afridi and younus brought pride for us .especially at the momement when we kashmiries are fighting for our identity. may God bless pakistan.

  16. i was eagerly wating for this moment,i congratulate all the people of pakistan on this great occasion.we showed our potential at best i love pakistan.

  17. M. Asghar says:

    The passage from run 138 to run 139 was the sharpest and the most cutting momemnt, when I was thrown out of myself. I could not see anything anymore and I just clapped alone in front of my laptop and the walls of the room seemed to be losing all their confining
    quality letting me to be thousands of kms away from Grenoble, France, in Pakistan.
    When sanity came, I did congartulate the Srilankan team too for thier good game.
    Pakistan is the pivot of our lives and it must remain so.

  18. Muhammed Faheem says:

    First of all congratulations to all pakistanis whereever they are!!
    i remembered the moments when the match was about to start,each and every pakistani was voracious about this match and praying for victory of pakistan so from that moment i sured that today pakistan shall win….
    Every moment of the match was great specially afridi sixes but the starting point of the match,when aamir in his first over took an important wicket so that moment was big for me and also when jayasuria bowled…

  19. Proud-Pakistani says:

    Assalam Alaikum Public-e-Pakistan..
    Sab say pehlay.. Pakistaaaaan Zindabaad, Pakistaaaaani team Paindabad.. Thank you the great team of the great nation.. The best moment was when younis and the team hold that cup after winning. Second, Abdul Razzak was bowling and he fell to see that he has bowled the batsman…. Third best was when Afridi blew a kiss at Kallis… May Allah bring more wins like this to our nation in every way possible. Pakistanis lets make Pakistan proud and lets all work together and take Pakistan to a place where no one can mess with our motherland… Inshallah Ameen

  20. Ali says:

    The way one victory has united this country, it is something astonishing. If we have a true leader, a true lover of our country who can lead and guide us, we will be unbeatable in almost everything. Cricketers brought us fun, recognition & faith that if we have a purpose, passion and determination we can win anything. Thanks to ALLAH who provided us with all this fun and may he provide us with a leader who can take us to our final victory.

    ALL political parties, be ware a new QUAID -E – AZAM is coming..

  21. Mahrukh says:

    karachi is considered to be the city that never sleeps but the night of the final T20 match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, it seemed as if everything, from transport to ordinary pedestrians on the street, had vanished. the city had practically come to a standstill as everybody gathered together to watch the much anticipated final.
    i was with my family, huddled in front of the television, screaming with joy as one by one each Sri Lankan batsman was sent walking back to the pavilion. For me, favorite moment was Shahid Afridi’s massive six; it sealed the Pakistani team’s victory. and what a victory it was! congrats to the nation and congrats to the pakistan team! =)

  22. Raffay Khan says:

    I was in Dublin watching the match with my cousins, it was truly amazing how many people called from Pakistan and shared their joy with us.

    This indeed was the greatest gift Pakistani cricketers could give to their nation.

  23. Patriot says:

    I Was one of the lucky ones in that i was there to watch it all unfold from the stands. Lords never looked so good. Beautiful weather, beautiful game and such a great atmosphere in the ground. The crowd were fantastic. Green and white everywhere and when Pakistan got off to such a wonderful start the party never stopped. An amazing once in a life time opportunity. Was made even more special since me and my dad were given the tickets as a present for Father’s day and for me to be there with my father and watch Pakistan lift that trophy was priceless!!! I hope it brings happiness to my country folk…… a little piece of happiness in a country suffering. A smile to the average man on the street. A Proud moment for all Pakistanis wherever we are above the doom and gloom. JIYA PAKISTAN!!!!

  24. Amal Munir Ahmed says:

    wen one is away from the soil that one belongs to, one feels the passion for their country at a level beyond imagination…
    i am a Pakistani, was born and brought up and still am living in Kuwait…
    Pakistan has given me a stronger reason to believe that in every dark pit, if u look hard and believe in Allah, u will find a ray of hope…
    Pakistan has proved to the world that we are a country of citizens who can achieve, who can create and change history…
    amidst all the political mess and others of the like, we are reborn like the Phoenix, and inshAllah we will strike a change…

  25. Fahad bin Emad says:

    Even though winning T20 WC is the unforgetable moment in Pakistan cricket but I hope we won’t remember it as there are many more such moments to come InshAllah. There is a long way to go in Cricket as well as in building Pakistan as a great nation.
    May Almighty Allah continue to bless us and continue the season of good news which started on 21st June forever on Facebook on Facebook