What do you think of the reportedly low key response in Germany?

What do you think of the reportedly low key response in Germany?

Marwa al-Sherbini, a 31-year-old Egyptian woman, was stabbed to death by her neighbour Axel W in a courtroom in Dresden, Germany. Marwa, about four months pregnant, wore the head scarf and was involved in a court case against Alex for calling her a terrorist. She was set to testify against him when Alex stabbed her 18 times in front of her three-year-old son and half a dozen German police officers.

The killing has dominated Egyptian media for days but has received comparatively little coverage in German and Western media.   

What do you think of the reportedly low key response in Germany?


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136 Responses to “What do you think of the reportedly low key response in Germany?”

  1. Baig Moulabardi Ali says:

    Dear All,

    –This is really a very sad occasion for us-to hear to stab MARWA by Alex. This clearly shows that, all in our present societies- Developed and Undeveloped world the patient are becoming less and with the passage of time.

    —- The second point I extract from here, there is totally difference in our words and deeds. This is due to ignoring the good values of the Abrahamic Religions specially and as a human being in general.

    —–How we cab stop such incidents in the developed and Undeveloped World is a challenge for all of us.

    —–What are the immediate action points to stop such mishaps? Who will come forward to play the role-what will be the primary, secondary and tertiary steps to cope these situations as whole.

  2. Mustafa says:

    Abdul Hai said:

    When we settle down in these countries (Western countries), it is because they need us and not because we want to live there.

    Abdul, from your name I take it granted that you are a Muslim and as a Muslims you must speak the truth.

    What you are trying to say is that you were happily living in your homeland whether Pakistan, Egypt or in any Muslim countries and you had no desire to go to any Western country. But these Western people came to your country and knocked at your door and begged you to come to their country to helped them.

    You did not tell the truth that you left your homeland for better education, better paying job, better living and that has nothing to do with your religion.

  3. zia shams says:

    classic policy of western media of selected journalism and apathy on the part of Muslims

  4. Naila Malik says:

    its proved that man is animal to man.living example from modern world

  5. M Zaka says:

    Beggars cant be choosers. When you go before the world with a begging bowl, you cant demand that your beliefs be respected.

  6. Altaf says:

    At least the guy killed the women in front of every body to show his anger and displeasure. He was not coward as terrorists who just hide their faces and use using religion as justification to kill people and then never caught .

  7. Abdul Hai says:

    I have lived in UK for four and a half years. I am very much aware of the race and religion related crimes in these developed western countries. It is these countries who influence the third world countries to remain backward. Our destiny (democracy or dictatorship) are mostly decided by them depending upon their requirements.

    When we settle down in these countries, it is because they need us and not because we want to live their.

    As a matter of fact, they understand only one language. They aer willing now for a dialogue with mulla umar but not willing to listen to the people deprived in their own countries.

    When they will end injustices in the world for their vested interested, terrorism will automatically end in the world. They must be pucished for this crime against an innocent lady.

  8. Adnan Khan says:

    This was not one murder, legally speaking. It was a double homicide. The thing that escapes me (and I would like more information on) is how this racist fanatic was able to stab this woman 18 times, while a bunch of German policemen stood around watching ?.

    I mean, this is about more than just one, single, deranged German.

    This is indicative of what the most educated (judge) and committed (police) Germans are willing to visit upon an unarmed innocent in their midst… who has fallen out of favor, because of things that she cannot change about herself (race, religion).

  9. Irshad Ahmad says:

    The incident is deplorable but there is other side of the picture as well. First of all if the Muslims really love their Islamic culture than they should not move to a non islamic state where they can’t practice their own values. And if some one decides to shift than should be ready to amalgamate with the new society. Just observe how foreigners dressed and behave when they visit our country.

  10. S.Satti says:

    Let me start by saying sarey jahan ka dard humaray seenay may hay. Why do we Pakistanis worry so much about every small thing happens to muslims any where in the world , first of all does it make any sense to burn American and Isreali flags on the streets of pakistan beacuse an Egyptian was killed by a deranged man in Germany (must be a great American and jewish conspiracy!). secondly do we have a right to criticize any one when our own people bury the young and innocent girls alive and no one comes on street and finally if a Pakistani woman had faced such a tragedy u think Egypt or any other Muslim country would be having this debate ? absolutely NOT so my country men and women let us worry about our own backyard which is burning and let the judicial system in Germany take care of that

  11. Mustafa says:

    Saqlain Naqvi said:

    “The killing of a Muslim lady so brutally only because she was wearing scarf is nothing but a sheer terrorism. This shows that the West is not fighting a war against terrorism but a war on Islam.”

    You are absolutely right Brother Naqvi, no question about it. But the second question is why the West did not fight a war on Islam before 9/11.

    I am not defending the evils and savage murderers who fight a war on Islam but equally I must blame those who call themselves Muslims but doing eveything what Allah forbids that is suicide bombing and killing of innocent human beings.

    I post here what Allah says in the Holy Quran:

    “If any one killed a person, it would be as if he killed all mankind; and if any one saved the life of a person, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.” (Quran V: 32).

    The above Aya emphasizes how valuable the gift of life is in the sight of Allah. Do Mullahs know this? Suely they know this but many of them will incite young Muslims to blow thremselves up to achieve their evil goals.

    Bottom line: Some Mullahs are the greatest threat to Islam.

    May Allah forgive me if I said anything wrong.

  12. Imran says:

    I am sorry for the loss this family has to endure…

    The westerner media has reduce the amount of coverage that it gives to stories that show westerners in this type of light. Espcially in the UK since Al Jazeera started to broadcast in UK.

    This is why it is of paramount importance that other “credible” ways are used to communicate the reality. Many people in the UK still are under the impression the media is free and fair and in many ways it is… however the powers that be control what we see.

  13. Shoaib Malik says:

    We can’t simply walk away by simply pointing similar story elsewhere. At the moment, there is no doubt about the partiality of the western media.

  14. Kara Swart says:

    The correct answer to your question is that the issue is not of much interest to the Germans?

  15. Guru says:

    This brings all of us back to the debate on Integration!
    If The muslim countries ask visiting western women to cover their heads when they are in their country, why can’t western countries ask muslim women to remove their head scarves when they are in western countries?
    This is what is happening now. a backlash of your own double standards. face it.

  16. Saqlain Naqvi says:

    The killing of a Muslim lady so brutally only because she was wearing scarf is nothing but a sheer terrorism. This shows that the West is not fighting a war against terrorism but a war on Islam.
    This particular case was reported but dozens of other such hate-crime takes place in the so-called civilized Western and the United States.

  17. Aamnah Khan says:

    Gunjan says:
    Please consider the following facts
    – The lady was an egyptian and not a pakistani

    This is not at all a matter of nationality its just this that a women was murdered in front of a dozen of policemen who were there to support her murderer and open fire at her husband,just because of the right she used as an equality.

    -Imagine if a western woman was sunbathing in her backyard in Islamabad and the world could see her like that – would you like it ? Similarly, if a woman wears all her islamic accouterments in a western country, it sounds like she is trying to tell the western person that they are lesser than them because of the display of religiosity.

    Point taken but sunbathing and being attired in Islamic dresses are two incomparable things.Please don’t defend them for what they dont deserve,for the sake of equality of likes,dislikes or believes of any person who breathes in this world.Its unfair with the women to blame her that she was showing her believes or trying to upgrade her identity in front of people who already are identified as people who support every women who suffers from injustice in any part of the world except their own country,please its been more than enough.

    Just consider the fact that tolerance we have is so rare in the world that no muslim leader or group questioned this injustice till the date.A shame for us that we own such leadets.
    This will stop happening just in the case if we stop accepting these incidents as anything close or far to the victim’s earn.

  18. Tarek says:

    No doubt, a sad event, very very disturbing as well.

    But, I find some of your posts completely ridiculous! Like that last post, where was this kind of outbursts when Daniel Pearl was killed? Or when that girl in Swat was flogged by those fools we call the Taliban?

    Yes Western Media has a bias, and WE DO TOO. We turn a blind eye to the attrocities we commit yet lambast the west over this incident.

    Can’t you see how ridiculous this makes us look?

    I don’t know about the west, we are not the west let them say and do as they please. Personally speaking, if you know your not welcomed in a country, don’t go there. Simple. I don’t understand why some of these Muslims insist on going to countries where there is resentment against them.

    Last point, we have to change ourselves too. When non-Muslims in Pakistan are attacked, I expect the same kind of response from these very same and emotional people who have commented here.

  19. sadat says:

    Typical double standard response by western media. I believe the bias of media towards Muslims is exposed.
    Just few days back they were all cry foul on the death of Nida in Iran and how her death has caused a revolution, few days later they are deaf ear on the death of innocent pregnant woman in front of Police. Adding insult to the injury policemen shot her husband instead of attacker.
    It is a time to start debate Why westerns find it difficult to absorb Muslims in their society?

  20. Goodgenie4u says:

    Interesting how narrow and self righteous the opions are. It’s terrible simple! A human being was murdered in a court of law! That is the only issue. Just like honour killings should be viewed; plain and simple murder! No ifs ands or buts, like the world keeps hearing!

    What happened in the German courtroom was not a cultural tradition; there is no excuse; just downright murder with the justice system and law enforcement witnessing it. So many questions are begging answers from this bizarre almost primitive incident. It’s a dark day for all professional legal systems.

  21. Tariq Shah says:

    Al Qaeda and Taliban and all these hate groups, hate the US, which is amongst the most Muslim friendly country in the world, I having lived as a Muslim in teh US for over 25 years, even after 911 I have nothing but good things to say about Americans as ordinary Americans reached out to support me and my family.

    If Al qaeda or Taliban etc have to hate anyone who hates Muslims, then surprisingly its Europe, not the US in the forefront of anti Islamic teachings, remember the Prophet cartoons, the hate books, the banning of headscarves, even China, a great ally of Pakistan is vehemently anti Muslim as recent riots in China show, same with India, very very anti Muslim, destroying Babari Mosque, massacring 2000 Muslims in Gujarat, but surprisingly no whimper from Al Qaeda and Taliban goons against anyone but the US. The US protected Kuwait against Iraq, the US helps Pakistan against India with F 16s etc etc, the US helps when there is a earthquake or with IDPs when no one else reaches forward.

    Al Qaeda and their cronies in the Islamic groups are just agents of a handful of Arab groups preaching hatred against the US which is actually a friend of the US, who came to the aid of Bosnians? The US, while EU watched the Serbs massacre Muslims for 5 years.

    Think and see who is your real friend and who is your enemy.

  22. Tariq Shah says:

    The real crime comitted here is by the state, when 6 policemen stand still allowing a crazed man to stab an innocent woman 18 times, that is the real crime.

    Any society that reaches hate against others, whether Taliban preaching hate against Americans or Jews or White people because of their religion, ethnicity or the color of their skin or whether a German society that on the surface is civilized but underneath full of hatred and anger against immigrants or Muslims is wrong and evil.

    The world would be a batter place without all of these haters within Islam, outside of Islam, in Europe and outside of Europe.

    recently Muslims burnt and killed Christians in Kasur, where was the outcry then?

  23. Zain Abidin, Detroit says:

    The incident is very sad indeed and needs to be condemned by everyone who has any conscientious mind.

    The people here are shocked, exactly because we all, no matter where we live, are accustomed to putting more faith in the Western Society and their justice system, and believe that they have the Best system in the world, and it hurts and shock you more when you hear such news coming from the West. And also b/c we all know the weaknesses of our own justice system (or lack there of). We need to realize West is NOT the pinnacle of moral and judicial standards. This is why we need to focus on our own judicial and political system, so that we can show to THEM, by example how to lead the world (I know it is a far fetched dream, but nothing is impossible).

  24. Raki says:

    Would like to share the following FEELINGS. Feelings because feelings are more important than words and thoughts, and lead to more potent catalyst for action and change.

    1. The sad and inhuman crime should be appropriately and expeditiously dealt with. The sentence should be severer if it is proven to be a ‘hate crime’.

    2. One should feel and act in the same way when something similar happens to someone of a different religion, race and nationality than one’s own.

    3. Islam is a religion and not a country. When Pakistan wins a sporting event it is Pakistan’s win not Islam’s. There are Muslims who live in other counties and they equally fervently wish there own country to win. When Pakistan acquires nuclear capability it is a matter of pride for Pakistanis not for the Muslims.

    4. One should remember that more Christians have died fighting Christians, and more Muslims have died fighting Muslims.

    5. A society and country should measure its progress also in terms of how the minorities have progressed quantitatively and qualitatively.

    6. The religion deals with the soul. The rest falls in the domains of the individual, the laws, and the science which need to evolve as the world changes.

  25. sam says:

    when non Muslims hear of young girls buried alive for protesting forced marraiges, acid thrown on their faces,and no outcry from fellow Muslims, is this surprising?

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