Ask Afridi

Ask Afridi

Pakistan’s World Twenty20 hero, Shahid Afridi, is all the rage with cricket fans world over. As attention shifts to Test cricket, Afridi takes out time to answer’s readers’ questions.

What is it that you have always wanted to know? Why he blew that kiss to Kallis or how, finally, he decided to build an innings? Do you have questions about Afridi’s training regimen, or his favourite moments in cricket history? Or do you want to learn the secret of delivering a lightening-fast flipper? Now’s your chance to chat with the champ and learn all.


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96 Responses to “Ask Afridi”

  1. Bilal Mustafa says:

    salam afridi bhai,

    i am ur fan ever since i was 5 years old and started watching cricket during the 99 world cup. u used to open pakistan’s batting almost always during the time of wasim and waqar… and u used to set the tone for pakistan’s batting… and u were quiet consistent in ur batting as an opener for a long time, even till the time of inzamam’s captaincy, why then did u not open pakistan’s batting for quite a long time or bat high up the order during malik’s captaincy and let ur batting form decline?

    and yes i love when u open tha batting for pakistan and set the pakistan’s scorecard boom boom… keep on booming sixes for pakistan!!!

  2. noor says:

    if you weren’t playing cricket what would you do?

  3. noor says:

    Will you be in the 2011 World Cup?

  4. MJ says:

    Dear Afridi, i m from india and my one of the favorite team is pakistan. i like the way u play.
    but on a serious note, dont u think terriosim in pakistan is dangerous for the growth of pakistan and especially international cricket in Pakistan?
    Recently Indian cricket board has banned playing with pakistan upto 2020 which has made me very upset.

  5. syed ali says:

    are you going to play in the 5 odi’s and the t20 vs sl

  6. zikra says:

    as salam o alaekum,
    i have onw advise for you….change your gesture after taking wickets…….run jump, do more
    PAKISTAN hey to hum hain!

  7. Tariq Hussain says:

    How did it felt winning at the same place where the team lost in 1999 world cup

  8. Arshad Ghumro says:

    Salam Shahid Bhai,

    I liked your play in T20 world cup, I would request you to set that style as permanent, as you played sensibly, patiently and with stamina. That is the real Afridi we need.

  9. Abdul Rauf says:

    I remember your hundred against India in India; and by no mean you are an ordinary batsman.
    My question is that do you think Naseem Ashraf making Shoaib Malik captain has hampered your cricket? I think you are far better player and leader than Malik.

    Abdul Rauf, Fateh Jang

  10. yaqoob ahmad says:

    Big congratulations! Thank you for making all of us proud. if you were offered the captaincy how would you react?

  11. Imran says:

    Hello Mr. Afridi

    Do you think that it is ok for teams like Pakistan to get all religious after a win? No other team does this and i think it confirms stereotypes about Pakistan in the international media. Pakistan also has a significant other religious minorities, would they not feel alienated after they cheer they’re team to victory only to be told that you are not like them?

  12. Absar says:

    Since I’m a fan of “Boom Boom Afridi” — and not just “Afridi”, so here my questions go like:

    1) Express yourself candidly: do you always wish intensely to hit every other ball in endeavors of scoring a six — or least a four?

    2) Your highest six in meters?

  13. asif saleem says:

    Hi Afridi,

    I live in Singapore these days, met with you first when you and I were there in the BYJ school to give intermediate papers :) in 1998 and have been a fan of your cricket since then.

    my one single piece of advice to you would be to continue focus on your bowling and when ever batting try to stay at the wicket for 25 balls and after that you would automatically start scoring runs.

    you are an asset for pakistan cricket and I would wish for you to continue the same form and commitment you have shown during the 20 20 world cup. Best of luck and kind wishes!

  14. OR says:

    Hi Afridi… I left out my hopes on you before the Australian tournament played in Dxb. I started believing in you and thought that batting is a bonus, its your balling we should enjoy and bank on.
    You were heartening an amazing in 20/20 and loved the consistency you had. Keep your form there, you will need it next year in 20/20 and the year after in World Cup…

  15. Awaz says:

    Hello Shahid,

    Your skills and spirit remind me of Asif Iqbal who was a crowd entertainer, an all rounder, excellent batsman, superb fielder and a very effective bowler as well.

    Best Wishes.

  16. Hafiz Muhammad Tayyab says:

    Hi Afridi
    Is there a rivalry between you and Irfan Pathan? How do you feel when playing to him?

  17. Aerial firing is dangerous and caused multiple injuries on the day of our T20 victory due to stray bullets. Do you have a message for enthusiastic fans about aerial firing?

  18. salman says:

    You are a great player! I love Shahid Afridi!

  19. mansoor says:

    Dear Shahid,

    As I write this note to you, Pakistan has been handed a 50 run defeat by the Sri Lankan team, after leading last night.

    Do you feel your absence made a difference to the team? Do you feel Razzaq’s services were used properly by Younis Khan? Should he have been played more?
    Will our loss compel you to hurry and join the team for the next test – in five days – or are you still reluctance to play tests?

  20. Atif Rasheed says:

    Myself and all of Pakistan love you. Your bowling and batting was brilliant. You really provided the ‘Boom Boom’. I pray that you preform well in all your matches!

  21. Raza says:


    Every one know but don’t realize it by heart that,

    “Cricket is a game of luck by chance”, and also we know ” Jo Dar Giya Wo Mar Giya”.

    So keep on playing the way you play and enjoy the fame God has given you.

  22. Aamnah Khan says:

    Aneel Tejani says:
    Is retirement around the corner?

    He is just ‘Twenty Nine’ right now and we would like to see hime playing more Twenty Twenty’s,more One day’s,more Test matches and yes,more Worldcups.

    May his records keep growing..

  23. Khurram Raza says:

    Afridi should be considered a Bonus Wicket always whether he scores or not it doesn’t matter. But one thing is guaranteed that he would perform in any one of the cricket mode Batting, Bowling or Fielding. I always comment on teams or playes being a neutral person and theses comments are purely based on impartial medidation.

  24. Fahad says:

    Why are you not opening for the team? And is Pakistan cricket team really in crisis for the openers that Salman Butt is being constantly given chances in spite of his bad performance with the bat as well as in the field. Also tell me that being able to speak English is also a criteria for the selection in team, on the basis of which Salman Butt i s selected for SriLanka tour.

  25. Shoukat says:

    I think reliability or predictability is a positive sign in Professionalism because it shows the degree of trust, so, is it possible for you to be a little bit predictable in terms of performance in the ground? I know that no one wants to perform bad in the field but reliability (striving to perform well even in bad times) is also a factor. on Facebook on Facebook