Agitated Younis resigns from captaincy

Agitated Younis resigns from captaincy

Pakistan captain Younis Khan has resigned from his post, citing the match-fixing allegations and constant meddling of affairs as the reasons. While we await the response of Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ijaz Butt, invites its readers to voice their opinion on this breaking news.


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145 Responses to “Agitated Younis resigns from captaincy”

  1. zeeshan says:

    I like Younis khan because he is a very good batsman in current team , he is a brave batsman he deserve to lead Pakistan for few years ,

    He is our hero of T20 world cup

  2. It’s a good decision for him but not better for Pakistan.

    • omar khayyam says:

      Younis is a good man and a player, but problem with him is that he is too emotional about certain things, which as a player, is effecting his ability to perform at the highest level. He still has got few more years left in him to serve his country and achieve few more milestones.

  3. Though I believe that allegations of match fixing are fake and unfounded, but Younis Khan has made the right choice by resigning. In this day and age of competition, the captain has to lead from the front and be a achieving member of the team like Ricky Ponting, Smith and Vettori. I am surprised to hear that he retired because his performance was being affected. Younis Khan is an excellent and positive player, but I think its Time for him to retire honorably without negative statements. Perfect scenerio would have been to go out positivly without negative and embarrasing statements. Long Live Pakistan Team..They are the or can be the best in the game

  4. Hamza Hassan says:

    Actually, we have some famous politicians in our squad.

    And Younas Khan unluckily is a straight forward guy. He is not diplomatic. He only knows how to take the team to excellence. He knows nothing about politics.

    Thats why he is not a good captain.

    Moral: You have to be a good politician if you want to remain in Pakistani Cricket Team.

  5. Cricket lover says:

    I think that Younis Khan is trying a bit too hard to copy the legendary Imran Khan, and honestly he should stop even bothering to even think that he can be recognized in the same category. Some of his acts such as to resign during Mr. Shehryar Khan’s time just because he was made to wait outside his office for sometime did not at all justify that act. Secondly, bragging about winning the T20 world cup and then retiring from that format of cricket was another move of his which looked like a desperate effort to copy Imran Khan-who took retirement from cricket after the world cup victory in 1992. He has been making weird decisions ever since he was made captain.

    • Omar khayyam says:

      Imran retiring from cricket after the world cup 92 triumph was different to that of Younis’s after 20/20 world cup win. Imran was 39 when he decided to step down and hang his gloves for good.
      Imran was legendary in so many ways. Younis, however does not have that sort of charisma and understanding of the game of the cricket. Imran was never afraid of putting his views in front of the media and PCB. There is no justificatio in comparing these two. They are in a total different league to each other.

  6. noah says:

    There is no doubt that Younis is a good cricketer, but his form recently is pathetic, It’s the rite move to make him rest. We need new talent PCB needs to find talents like Umar Akmal.

  7. thormundru says:

    Required 2009 – 2050 reduction observations.

  8. mubeen says:

    Younis already resigned from playing 50/50 ODI against New Zealand. Why Aijaz butt did not accept ,Younis is not one day players, they should haved dropped Younis and middle order good with three malik / akmal /yousuf. There is no doubt that Pakistani would have lost the series. Instead of ODI, Younis should be given captaincy in test match against New Zealand. But the selectors again did reverse. Younis should play test matches at any cost as a player or captain. He is the best test players after Yousuf. But not for one day either 20/20 or 50/50.

  9. Ali Khan says:

    Younis Khan was clearly ousted by the player mafia. The PCB has shown itself to be completely clueless in the face of player politics.

    I hope the rumors about Inzamam being selected as coach are just that. The last thing people need is a return of the molvism in the team, a time when the team was spending more time in Raiwind than in the nets!

    Ijaz Butt must be replaced with a more assertive individual who can discipline the player lobby, and lead the PCB out of the mess it finds itself in today.

  10. Perdeep Kumar says:

    Should we Play cricket or Politics. At least you give him a time to judge and handle team mates but continuous interference and mental disturbance.

    I know after Imran Khan he is too much capable to do captaincy and he is best.

    He was the one who joined team mates and boasted the spirit of fight against other team and won T20 Cup.

    We should give him more time.

  11. Mushtaq Ahmed says:

    Out of form and unfit Younis should never have been selected to play against the NZ in
    ODIs. Younis should prove his form and fitness before thinking of coming back.

    Selectors should build team for World Cup. Youngsters below the age of 25 years should be given preference.

    Younis another resignation letter will neither get you Captaincy nor place in Pakistani

  12. zaheer says:

    Younus is a much better batsman– his past record is a clear proof of his batting skills. However, I feel, his batting suffers because of the pressures of captaincy. He should continue playing as a batsman for his country, even if he decides to relinquish is captaincy.

  13. Saarah says:

    Younas should leave the cricket. He is not a good player or Captain. Afridi is a good player and captain. All the people of Pakistan want to see Afridi as Captain. Mr. Ijaz Butt, Chairman PCB should take notice of it. Now Younas have to go.

    • Yaqoob says:

      I think it was Younis khan who won the T20 world cup and when he won it you sat him on your head and when he is not performing we are saying that he is not able to make his place in our team but as we know this is our habit. Shame on us.

  14. Azhar Siddique says:

    Younas should resigned from not captaincy as well from cricket. He is not a good batsman. There is no place of him in team. He should leave the team and captaincy for Afridi or Abdul Razzaq.(Younas is not a good captain, PCB should think about this.)

  15. Naseem Soherwardy says:

    Its a baseless aligation when yr fingure is hurt. its natural tendancy to avaoid the ball not to hurt hands.Yonus is good team player n captin but his techique of bating doesnot suit oneday cricket he should retire from oneday cricket but we need him for test love to see him in New zealand where i reside

  16. Shahid says:

    Its true that blaiming Younas for match fixing is very huritng for him, But to resign from captancy is not logical,
    Because new Captain should also resign from captency if he is also blamed from match fixing ans so on…
    Wasim Akram has long been involved in match fixing but he continued his play as cricketer & as captain and resigned only when he wanted to stop play

  17. Owais Taufique says:

    This is all because of Jamshed Dasti …. He shouldn’t have made allegations on YK unless he has all the proves …. not only did he hurt the dignity of a man, he also braught Pakistan to a very shamefull incident.

  18. It sad and bad news for Pakistani team. Mr Dasti’s is a politician he has no right to give baseless elligation to pak team I could not understand what kind of politician pak is producing. The stupid politician has destroyed pak in the hands of crulity and duality. Regarding Y khan he is very good and has a quality of good leader ship if pak wants that somebody else should do captancy why they not appoint dircetly with out insulting the x-captain. I feel this is the history of Pak board to give fals elligations to hounered captains.
    Honestly speaking I am kashmiri lying under indian part when ever there any prob in pak it not only hits the feeling of kashmiri people but also their sole. Plz dear brothers Save pakistan it is the honour for Muslims through out world.

  19. Intisar H. Alvi says:

    The allegations of match fixing put on the cricket team were shameful and baseless. Its a pity that we as a nation always expect a victory for our team. Afterall its a game and every team is giving its best in the match.
    YK should have taken the allegations lightly knowing the attitude of our people. He should hold his emotions and need not resign instead face anything that would come up. Practising sportmanship does require facing such odd situations.

  20. Majid says:

    What a loser! If he was a real leader, captain and a fighter he would have had the courage to face the allegations and answer in a professional manner. This was basically telling everybody, I don’t care and leave me alone. A true leader never does that and I lost all my respect for YK.

  21. ABRAR A. KHAN says:

    YK should not have resigned because as a leader he should be ready to face all sorts of critism & allegations no matter how baseless they are…… As far as Mr. Dasti goes in my view should be the person who should be accounted for his baseless allegations that he has levied against the Pakistan Team and especially for the shame that the whole nation had to face in front of the international world. Also I am sure that if dug in to the career of Mr. Dasti one will find a lot of things that he should be accounted for and would be proven
    against him but he being a politician would even then not resign & continue……..
    ALL IN ALL ….. please stop blaming the team & its players and let the public have pride in the game of cricket which for the Pakistani people is passion.

  22. Komail Ali says:

    If They Win they are Hero’s n if the Loose we don’t accept any Excuse. Politicians should analyze them self first, concentrate on core issues and then try to analyze credibility of others

  23. tanveer says:

    Nothing unusual in either india or pakistan .When we win no questions… when we lose start the storm in a tea cup . … So typical of us — very non sporting

  24. Hassan kh says:

    The major problem with Younis Khan is that he,s so blunt thats where problems occured.The Team manegement does not like his blunt attitude.younis khan does not get rattled to reveal the true story.The decision of his resignation was a nasty one.i think he should summon up courage to face these hurdles in their way.The PCB are really trying to hush_up this controversy that would not work.

  25. Amanzeb Khan says:

    No body should have to put up with allegations on their integrity without evidence. People making such allegations should be taken to task to ensure it does not happen in the future. Having captained a very young and developing team to the 20-20 crown and then to the semi final, this is just extremely cruel on him. It is very easy to say that he should put up with. But I ask the ones doing so to place themselves in a similar situation in their own workplace. We all need to back Younis on this and demand the persecution of these stupid politicians. on Facebook on Facebook