Terrorists target Shia procession in Karachi

Terrorists target Shia procession in Karachi

Dawn.com invites its readers to share eye-witness accounts and photographs from the incident.

 An explosion occurred on Karachi’s M.A. Jinnah road on Monday during a Shia procession commemorating Ashura.

For the city of lights, it’s the third blast in three days and the latest in a series of blasts that have taken place during the holy month of Muharram.

Photographs can be sent at photos@dawn.com

*In response to Dawn.com’s forum, an eyewitness, Waheed Zuberi, shares his photographs from the explosion during the Ashura procession on M.A. Jinnah Road on Monday afternoon.



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264 Responses to “Terrorists target Shia procession in Karachi”

  1. Kamal says:

    My salute to all those who continue to stand bravely in face of terrorism because I myself do not have the strength to live through the aftermath. I am not sure how Pakistan is moving forward in such circumstances but I continue to believe that this is a turning point for all of us. Shun ignorance, corruption, and terrorism. I can not even give my condolences to those who lost their loved ones because my gesture would be nothing in face of their losses. I cry for all of my fellow Pakistani citizens.

  2. Roomi says:


    It is very obvious that the path of Imam Hussain (A.S.) is of sacrifice.

    It is very clear that people whoever is on Imam’s path (without any restriction of sects-history witnessed) is on swords path.

    My heart mourns for people who embarrassed shahadat but at the same time feel proud that our fellows get this high stature.

    Imam Hussain is not for any particular sect or religion. History witnesses that Imam is being honored and accepted by whole world.

    Only those are against Imam who are by themselves follows atrocities and zulm.

    Few people are certainly annoyed with Imam’s name and teachings as they go against them.

    May Allah give us all a sight to capture our actual enemy and guide us to the siraat-e-mustaqeem.

  3. Naveed Ali says:

    Dear Mr. Hassan,

    I don’t know where you grown-up, but this is not about security this is about promise of someone to someone. And we (shia) are just fulfilling that promise, till the end of this world.

    I am afraid after sometime you will say stop going to mosques for pray, because there are chances of terrorist activates.

  4. Abdul Jabbar Qadri says:

    Instead of closing processions we must close mudarssas.

    May Allah bless the souls of all those Muslims who martyred on that accident.

  5. nik says:

    As long as religion dominates, there will be violence. It will take decades of education for religious tolerance. History has proven that if a nation prospers, religion takes a back stage.

  6. Sajjad says:

    I have got 2 questions:

    1. As I regularly take part in procession, and I am aware of the area and security arrangements, this is ironic that how can some body enter in the jaloos with out being body searched.

    2. Those who are saying that Jaloos should be cancelled, I ask them what about the Jumma prayers, Eid Prayers, Namaz-e-janaza and Weddings etc. What do you say about these events.

    That is exactly what the terrorist wants. You stay home mind your business, and I am sorry you are helping their cause.

  7. Sarkar says:

    Please do not differentiate between ‘Muslims killing Muslims’ and ‘Muslims killing non-Muslims’. Non-Muslims are also human beings, some of them (not all) could even be better ones

  8. SANIYA says:

    My condolences to the families affected by this tragedy and specially to the Faheem Siddique. I am 15 year old teenage girl but What is happening around my country it is very very sad and I want to say that I cannot see my city and my country in this condition we have to do something. The mothers who lost their sons, the wives who lost their husbands, the children who lost their fathers, money nothing mean for them at this time. But I have a faith in my Allah that one day all these evil acts stopped and my country will be happy again.

  9. Farah Tauseef khan says:

    It gives me a pain to think about the families who lost their dears in the blast. With whatever we are going through is just because of our own carelessness. We are responsible for killing hundred of people and for burning Karachi. Because so much had happened and we didn’t do anything against it. We are all in the hands of evil. God is not going to do anything until we our self rise voice. Please lets do something and save Pakistan. We are the power of our country. We can change the world. We can do anything. Words can’t do anything. Let’s take serious action against it.

  10. Hassan Ali Sadiqi. says:

    Salam to all. As I am looking above that some people posted comment that majalis and matam should be in Mosque or in imam baraga. I explain for them that don’t they do suicide attack in Mosque or Imam Baraga. As we know that they did lots of suicide attack in mosque and in Imam baraga. They do not have any religion. Even they are not human being and person who does not have any religion where ever he will want he will attack. They do not take care of anything. Most of people said why they come on the road for azadari with that much crowd. Because they right to come on the road for azadari and they will do matam and majlis on the road. My prayer will be always with the one’s who left us and we are not afraid of this suicide attacks.

  11. kashfia latafat says:

    I feel really very sad. Please don’t have any other such events in the city because it’s impossible for security agencies to provide security to people.

  12. Ali says:

    May Allah bless the souls of those people who died in the Ashura blast.
    All I have to say is that we as a nation are very strong and we have proved it from time to time in various crisis and emergency situation. Unfortunately we are dealing with an enemy ‘so called Taliban’ who wants to sabotage our way of life. We as a nation should not give in to these cowardly acts targeting our gatherings and economy.

  13. Syed says:

    A pathetic media role, for most of the time it was reported as if the procession participants are setting the properties on fire! They simply failed to show who were the actual culprits! If you can’t report the right atleast do not give a wrong tone!

  14. abdul haleem says:

    We have to banned all processions in Pakistan. Government and people doesn’t understand. We are in war with extremist and taking out these processions we are inviting them to come and kill us. These processions will not help any way to common people. Our leader don’t care about common people. That’s our duty to fight against evil forces like Taliban. Otherwise they will make our life a hell.

  15. Farrukh Husnain says:

    My heart bleeds at the tragedy. The loss of innocent lives is simply not acceptable. I salute the Rangers as they had probably saved another 50-60 lives.

  16. Bob From Texas says:

    In fact, the Quran conveys that killing of one person is like killing the whole humanity, likewise saving one individual’s life is like saving the entire humanity. Islam does not preach killing of humans. Islam strictly prohibits killing civilians, weak, woman, trees, animals. Islam’s war ethics are very high. These people who are killing civilians are totally misguided, and far away from the teachings of Islam, far away from the Prophet’s 23 years example as the last messenger of Allah. It does not make any difference for Allah if someone attributes something to Islam, that the Prophet’s never saw it, never experienced it. Prophet’s personal experience over the 23 years is all what Islam is all about, in totality. Terrorists are miscreants, far away from the teachings of Islam, or the personal experience of the messenger from 23 years.

  17. Rak says:

    To all those who are saying that Juloos should be cancelled, Eid Milad un nabi should be cancelled, let’s cancel everything stay at home save yourself, my dear fellows your life will be saved but your soul will die. This is what they want. Always do the right thing even if you have to die this is what Islam teach and this is what Imam Hussain A.S did.

  18. rajeev says:

    As an Indian, my condolences to the families whose loved ones died in Karachi attack.

    @Hasan/December 28th, 2009 at 10:04 pm:

    It is the solemn duty of every Pakistani, Sunni or Shia to condemn these animals.”

    Hasan: I fully agree with your comments in that post But these terrorists are misusing religion as a tool and are criminals by anyone’s definition, strategic depth of anyone aside.

  19. ParkYK says:

    I sincerely wish your contry stability.
    And Hope my friend’s wellbeing.

  20. Sadiq from New Jersey says:

    Let us not blame anyone except for mullahs who believe and propagate their belief to ignorant followers. Let us not try to stop moharram procession, why not close down the madressahs that train fanatics to kill Muslims (both Sunnis and Shias) during their prayers and rituals.

  21. Masood Mukhtar says:

    Every explosion takes innocent lives and hundreds of families lost their beloved, now they have challenged the real Haq, Husseineat cannot be defeated with this cowardly animal thinking. These terrorist are enemy of humanity they don’t have any religion and their sympathizers are also criminal minded. They have been using Islam to exploit the peoples of Pakistan specifically and all around the world generally.

    We cannot afford anymore hanky- panky and misguide the people and this act of barbarism would only be stopped by educating the people who is their real enemy. What do you think those who are exploded themselves are the real problem or the mullahs who are misguiding them? No it’s a big mistake.

    This is not Sunni and Shia conflict.

  22. Noniofnj says:

    My condolence and prayers to innocent lives lost in this senseless act.

  23. Mujahid ussain says:

    Very Sad News from Pakistan. I think now Pakistan as a state is on the brink because every section of state is facing hard time by terrorists and other militant forces. Unfortunately there is no political party or political force to address these issues. Media powers are busy dismantling the government and they have no concern with changing shape of Pakistani state.

    Mujahid Hussain

  24. Syed Shahid says:

    It was a sad day in Karachi that on such a religious day this kind of criminal activity took place and many innocent lives have been lost. Also property loss of business community was very high. What a shame that we lost innocent lives because of total failure of Sindh Home ministry and police inefficiency.

  25. hussain ali from Houston says:

    What a shameful and cowardice act of terrorism killing and injuring so many people. Still as heinous a crime is to burn down people shops, businesses and livelihood. Both acts should be equally condemned.

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