What should political parties do to end Karachi violence?

What should political parties do to end Karachi violence?

Since violence flared in Karachi on Friday, 41 people have died as a result of targeted killings. The upsurge in violence has been attributed to a turf war between rival political parties in the wake of an announcement that local government elections would be held in Sindh within four months.

Instead of calling for peace and urging their activists to refrain from violence, the leadership of the three main political parties – the MQM, PPP, and ANP – are stoking tensions. During a Sindh Assembly meeting on Tuesday, Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfikar Mirza and Local Government Minister Agha Siraj Durrani lashed out against the MQM and described recent killings as “politically motivated.” The federal government had to intervene to prevent the Sindh coalition from collapsing.

Meanwhile, the information secretary of the ANP, Senator Zahid Khan, threatened to part ways with the government to protest the targeted killings of Pukhtuns in Karachi. He also criticised the government’s failure to consult the ANP on the issue of local government elections.

Security measures have been taken to quell the violence: Section 144 has been imposed and the Rangers have been given special powers to shoot-to-kill for a 30-day period. But no political solutions to the local government tussle are being brainstormed or proposed.

What should political parties do to end Karachi violence? Do various political parties still have control over their workers’ actions?

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104 Responses to “What should political parties do to end Karachi violence?”

  1. Being a regular reader of political issues about Pakistan I would like to say that there is urgency to end the blackmailing of political parties.

  2. waqar says:

    Poilitical parties should work together to ensure security plans in the cities.Together with city government and Provincial government, Federal and opposition should also do something useful rather then sitting and only condemning in their speeches.The day these political parties will stop fighting, sooner the stability will show signs

  3. A.Bajwa says:

    In the long run without a strong local government and turning off the religious frenzy there is no hope for peace in Karachi or elsewhere.

  4. khurram says:

    Political parties are responsible to maintain law and order in city. They must get rid off extremist elements and thinking from their lines. Karachi is the city for everyone who so ever is Pakistani. Political parties must educate the people who are under their influence, to respect human values.

    Always think for betterment of fellow countrymen.

  5. Pakistani says:

    It is like asking how can the corrupt stop corruption.

  6. JK says:

    Federal government should take over the responsibility of maintaining the rule of law in Karachi. Political gangs and mafias should net be allowed to fight turf wars prior to elections. Karachi should be made a zero-tolerance city for political violence.

  7. salman A. Khan says:

    Sending back all Afghani’s from Pakistan’s land could make a big difference to control the situation. If only on this point, we come to a consensus, it will help to increase the stability and peace in our country.

  8. Actually the root cause of that is Police has been powerless by the party system, so therefore government should not follow rule of thumb, and eligible Police Officer may be Appointed, who may be with free hand, who may be independent, without support or pressure of any party, although Operation may be done in Notorious areas of Karachi, however all Illegal Arms may be collected by the Police accordance with law.

  9. Jahanzeb says:

    Everyone is wasting time over here. Political parties don’t care about the lives of innocent people.

  10. Suleman says:

    I am not a Pakistani nor a person from Pakistan. I do not think you have to be a genius to know that the killings in Karachi is perpetrated by political parties. When ever there is disagreement between parties, killing begins and as soon as these parties patch up their differences, the killing stops. What is needed in Pakistan is an independent police force, which does not act on the whims of politicians. After mayhem nobody is arrested. So much for the Pakistani police efficiency. No wonder the country is in such a mess!

  11. Ali Noor says:

    To end the Karachi violence, political parties have to get rid of their greed and corrupt values and leadership. This will bring about good governance, which will make efforts to upgrade education, alleviate poverty and law and order within the city, provinces and the country as whole.

  12. WorthPublishing says:

    It is about time that we realize that our political parties have a dark side. This is critical in their ‘Political’ success and unless we get rid of these parties we have no real future.

  13. shaukat khan says:

    Its a complex problem MQM wants its share of administration in Karachi with the current system they can win all the seats in Karachi and Hyderabad and still can’t have their CM or any major administrative post not a stamper governor, because party winning in interior Sindh will always form the Govt.

  14. Rizvi A says:

    There is no possible short term solution. Political parties won’t do anything, the day they start thinking about people and educating them, it will be the start of their downfall (atleast that’s what they think)

    What we can hope for is someone should…

    Spend money on people instead of weapons. Give people the reason to live. Invest in people.

    Education is the key (not necessary at high school or college level). Make everyone technically capable of earning their live hoods and supporting their families) so they have confidence to survive

    Learn good Islamic practices from non Muslims western countries (Respect your own people, Value for life, Honesty, Justice etc).

    Major changes in police infra structure only hire top educated people and give them maximum salaries.

    Pakistan can not afford democracy. Majority of people are not educated enough to make a right decision, agree or not we need a brave and honest dictator from which every one is afraid off and do right things. Get rid of multi time proven corrupt political parties and their leaders.

  15. Sammy says:

    Karachi should be a lost cause unless there is an army action. There are political mafia that are controlling various areas at all costs and would do anything for that.

    The irony is there are parties who are continuously in the government for decades in Sindh but they take no responsibility and play the role of opposition while forming the government.
    While Zardari the president is held responsible for all evil acts, the governor of Sindh is not blamed for anything!

    It is past due to clear Karachi of all arms and dangerous weapons, no matter who has them. This is the only fair and just solution.

    Pakistan zindabad.

  16. Fareed Khan says:

    Dismiss Sindh govt. including governor and appoint a new non political impartial governor

  17. Fareed Khan says:

    Government of Sindh has failed to preserve law and order in Karachi, it should be dimissed, governor changed and new non political person be appointed as governor who should run the provincial government with strong hand.

  18. Syed Ali says:

    kkrishna & those who support his views seem to have no idea how bad & corrupt the whole set up is!!! I believe the root cause of the ills in Karachi is the hatred among the Karachiites based on provincialism, language, & patronage of powerful people of culprits…and this is totally against the teachings of Islam…
    Secularism has nothing to do with what is happening in Karachi; & I understand it is very difficult for the likes of kkrishna to understand this..

  19. I think krishna’s advice is pragmetic long term solution is secularism in pakistan

    • Shaukat says:

      Would a pragmetic short term solution be secularism as not allowing any political argument in religious words (i.e. no koranic verses in politics) and no religious arguments on political banners in political processions?

  20. everybody has the right to move to any place in the country and earn his livelihood. But it is also a fact that everyone should be made to contribute toward the betterment of that place and to pay for the amenities being enjoyed. Karachi is unlucky in the sense that none of the people who have made it here and enjoying the benefits, pay any taxes what so ever. They should love the place, contribute toward its betterment or leave.

  21. Syed Ahmed says:

    It takes a thief to catch a thief. The political parties well know how to stop violence, provided they want to end it and restore peace.
    The problem is that each other is “Seer pey Sawa Seer” and no one wants to yield to others hegemony.
    The only solution to the problem is that public should get up form the slumber, keep their eyes and ears open and reputation in mind when electing their leaders and unseat them as soon as they fail to do their duty.

  22. NARAYANGURU says:

    What should political parties do to end Karachi violence?
    Arrest people who are habitual mischief mongers

  23. Kerry Lugar Bill says:

    Karachi needs a local, educated & well-paid police force.

  24. Haider says:

    Every culprit should be brought to justice without any suppression.

  25. haider shaikh says:

    Punish the responsible police officer, if the crime takes place in his jurisdiction! Punish doesnt mean suspend. Punish means capital punishment. Judiciary has to be active to give them capital punishment. Crime/violence happens when policeman is corrupt. If he is made responsible for the crime in his jurisdiction, I think, he won’t look up to the politicians for promotion or “green” posting and the crime will wipe out.

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