Share your account of the Karachi blast

Share your account of the Karachi blast

On Friday two blasts took place in Karachi killing at least 22 people. The first blast occurred when an explosives-laden motorcycle rammed into a bus on Karachi’s Shahrah-i-Faisal, while the second explosion took place inside the Jinnah Hospital.

Were you near the site of the blast when it occurred? Did you hear the blast? Have you passed by the FTC since the blast occurred? invites its readers to share their account of the blast.

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67 Responses to “Share your account of the Karachi blast”

  1. Aamnah Khan says:

    I will never forget the bang of that blast ever in my life because I live in the residential area around that bridge, and I also had a cousin’s engagement in few hours. Two of my relative’s cars just passed that road and my aunt was shaking badly and started crying as she reached home.
    That white smoke was sort of a question for me that why are we paying in this manner?

  2. hn says:

    “Islam is the most modern religion”
    This suggests that other religions are less modern. On what grounds and what was the necessity to stress this?

    • Abu Ubaid says:

      I am a Kashmiri guy and I know better than you what other religions are. Since 1947 how many Kashmiris were killed by Indian security forces?

      • hn says:

        Beijg a Kashmiri, or Pakistani or Indian does not allow you to be a better judge or rekigions. To you your religion and to others their.

        OK, Kashmiris were killed by Indian security forces. Is that the only action that went on or you are only talking about one aspect of the conflict?

        What about the Kashmiri pundits displaced by jihadists? These people lived in Kashmir well before Ghasni ever came to the area.

        From your own assertion what does this say about the religions involved?

  3. hn says:

    Condolences for the innocent lives lost.

  4. Abu Ubaid says:

    Strike a deal with Taliban. In my opinion that is the best way by which you can save your country. Launching operation against Taliban benefits USA not Pakistan. I am a Kashmiri guy and feel sad.

  5. Abu Ubaid says:

    Strike a deal with Taliban. In my opinion that is the best way by which you can save your country. Launching operation against Taliban benefits USA not Pakistan. I am a Kashmiri guy and feel sad now.

  6. ASAD ABBAS says:

    Mr. Ahmed and Moiz are right may be. But I just want to ask one thing with You guys, you are talking about surrounding procession. Is there any guarantee that we are safe there, if yes then what about Masjid Hyderi and Imam Bargah Ali Raza’s Blast are they not in surroundings.

    They want to shut off all these things like procession. Its time to wake up dear not to sleep in boundary.

  7. sam says:

    I want to sympathise with the innocents.

  8. raagi says:

    Very sorry for the loss of more innocent lives.

  9. azhar says:

    Their is law and order issues in Pakistan. Processions moves on roads all over the country. Processions usually cover miles of distances. These processions remain on road from morning till evening.

    Providing fool proof security to such processions all over the country is difficult. If these processions are held at safe allocated places then precious lives can be saved. May Allah shower his blessing on all those who died in this unfortunate blast.

    • aLi says:

      The news said that the attack was on the people who were heading for procession. If these processions are held at safe allocated places, like you said, people heading there will still be attacked. Its time to change the thinking and mentality not places of activities.

  10. hn says:

    My prayers to families of those lost in this human catastrophy.

    I think way too many people do not value their own life and hence the life of others. This is the time for the society to stand up and fight for the value of life by discouraging those who do not see life as real.

  11. muthukumar says:

    My condolences to the families affected.. The theory that US presence is responsible for everything is illogical and unfounded. Blaming the US is an easy way out. This should be a time for introspection.

  12. Ahmed says:

    Knowing the current situation, such procession should either be avoided, postponed or carried out with in a limited scope and under secure environment. Nothing is precious than human life, Ulema of ehle tashee must realize this.

    May Allah give courage to families who have lost their memebers, Ameen.

  13. Imran Ahmed says:

    I was having lunch when I heard a loud bang. Initially I thought it was the sound of a tyre burst, and ignored it. But when I heard people shouting, I got out of my home and saw blood-stained bodies of both men and women lying in the unfortunate bus that was carrying Shias from the area of Malir. It was a horrific site, really. Never in my life had I heard such an ear-splitting blast or seen people lying dead and critically hurt with amputated hands and other body parts. In fact, I’d only heard of such heart-rending tragedies from those who’d actually witnessed them first-hand or watched them on TV.

  14. shereen fatima says:

    I agree with chili bomb and Nasir, at this stage our government still does not look so serious regarding these aspects.

  15. Hussain Naqvi says:

    I reside near Society Office Apartments, that make my house almost eqi-distance from the place of the first blast i.e. Shahrah-e-Qaideen and Numaish round about, where the central procession was under way. Since morning the atmosphere seems charged as tens of thousands of mourners loaded in buses from all place of Karachi went by from Shahrah-e-Qaideen in which “Momineens” chanting “Labaik Ya Hussain” and “Azadari ya Shahdat” (Procession or martyrdom), and truly so, the demand raised from some quarters for limiting or aborting the procession, has indeed attracted score more people to the central stage, defying the danger of potential terrorist action or even death. This clearly shows the charged emotion of the Nation, for whom Death is not a hindrance in path of Azadari.

    I was at the central procession on Numaish along with my Father and elder Brother. My mother heard the frightening sound of the blast, loud and clear, at home, and was unsure from where it came from. First thought was obviously for the main procession at Numaish. She tried calling us desperately on our mobile phones, only to face the most un-wanted signal problems as almost none of the mobile phone networks were operative at the place of the procession. The news on TV only revealed her about the actual blast place. However, the news of the second blast at JPMC shook her completely as she left home to look for us in the Central procession. Luckily, the mobile phone started working which help her locate us in that people flooded place.

    Only Allah can save us now.

    Labaik Ya Hussain

  16. MOIZ AHMED says:

    I am 100% agreed,The major responsibilities lies with the ULAMA who does not discourage to avoid such situation by given a call for observing such occasion on restricted and well protected surroundings at selected places. I pray to ALLAH may guide us to true path.

  17. MOIZ AHMED says:

    I am 100% agreed, What is happening in Karachi ? It is intolerable. May god save Pakistan and its people.


  18. mansoor says:

    I live on Tariq road and the blast was heard quiet clearly in my house. Not just the first but the Jinnah hospital blast was also heard by us.

  19. Tamoor Ahmad says:

    It is really a very bad news. Please Please protect innocent people and make our children future more and more bright. Very strong and aggressive decisions required to make our country progressive and safe for Pakistanis.

    May Allah Bless all the innocents and forgive Pakistanis if they do something wrong.

  20. Indian says:

    My heart goes to poor people who died in the blasts.

  21. SS says:

    I am amazed by folks here blaming the US for these blasts.

    Let’s not be ostriches with their heads buried in the sand. It is terrorists doing this. Wake up folks! And, eliminate the extremist elements in Pakistani society.


    • Abu Ubaid says:

      Where are the weapons of mass destruction? Killed millions of Iraqis in the name of democracy. In Afghanistan how many civilians were killed by western forces and who supports Israel?

  22. AKHLAQ A.QURESHI says:

    We need proper administration, decentralize at district level, coordination with central and provincial level agencies, or create some new agencies and ask private concerns to fix their securities too.
    Advance the system, hire educated and trained persons. Fix responsibilities and accountability. Use techonologies. Results will be there.

  23. kat says:

    If you see the comments from people. This is the problem with Pakistan. One is busy blaming other countries and another is busy praying. Put blame on others, seek help from god etc. Nothing will work until you remove religious intolerance in the society and come hard on all preachers who preach intolerance. Good luck. heartfelt Condolences to the families who lost their loved ones.

  24. saeed zaidi says:

    A tragic loss of innocent lives and my deep sympathy with the bereaved families.

    While the security situation has deteriorated in the past few years, I would request the shia ulema to consider the possibility of holding the Muharram and Chehlam processions in a restricted and safe areas rather than exposing thousands of marching mourners to undue risk and hazard. The safety and security of the mourners should trump all other considerations. on Facebook on Facebook