Reliving March 25, 1992

Reliving March 25, 1992

March 25, 1992 will always be remembered as one of the most glorious days in the history of Pakistan cricket. It was on this day, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, that Imran Khan’s ‘cornered tigers’ completed their fairytale journey at the cricket world cup. Wasim Akram’s magic, Ramiz Raja’s flight of victory, Aamir Sohail’s sajda, Imran Khan’s controversial speech are the various moments that spring to mind when one recollects the magical 22-run win.

What is your favourite moment from the final? Where did you watch it? Did you think Pakistan would be able to pull it off? Who was your player of the match?


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293 Responses to “Reliving March 25, 1992”

  1. Ahmed says:

    I was 9 years old then and remember skipping school that day to watch the final at home. My favorite moment was those two magical deliveries by Wasim Akram to Allan Lamb and Chris Lewis. And yes, as Hafsa rightly pointed out, the 92 World Cup song :).

  2. Saad Khan says:

    Imran is the real hero of our nation.

  3. Fahad says:

    When waseem bowled Lewis…..

  4. Hassaan says:

    I was 7, but yet I remember Imran Khans ball, with Ramiz Raja taking the catch. Picking a favourite moment would be very difficult…Wasim Akram talking to himself, looking down and screaming after dispatching a ball to the boundry…or even his gem of a delivery getting rid of Chris Lewis. But well, I’d have to pick the moment where Imran and Miandad hugged and then waved the Flag. That one still moves me a little.

  5. Qamar says:

    What Pakistan needs today is just a charismatic leader like Imran Khan.

  6. hifsa says:

    Imran khan’s speech and the cup being given and listening to the song ‘we rule the world’ after that….

  7. Rao says:

    Aamir Sohails Sajda comes to mind whenever I think of the victory. I was a 5 years old back then, but I remember watching it still. on Facebook on Facebook