Reliving March 25, 1992

Reliving March 25, 1992

March 25, 1992 will always be remembered as one of the most glorious days in the history of Pakistan cricket. It was on this day, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, that Imran Khan’s ‘cornered tigers’ completed their fairytale journey at the cricket world cup. Wasim Akram’s magic, Ramiz Raja’s flight of victory, Aamir Sohail’s sajda, Imran Khan’s controversial speech are the various moments that spring to mind when one recollects the magical 22-run win.

What is your favourite moment from the final? Where did you watch it? Did you think Pakistan would be able to pull it off? Who was your player of the match?


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293 Responses to “Reliving March 25, 1992”

  1. A.I.Shah says:

    I loved the match, the performance of the players, the energy they fought with and brought home the Cup. But what comes to my mind is the hopelessly selfish speech Mr. Khan gave, which was controversial and unfair to say the least.

  2. ali says:

    That was a great day. still remember like yesterday. I am sure Pakistan is capable of doing it again and again and again. Just a matter of time. Over joyed and thrilling moment for all of us. I was in 7th grade. I remember all the students going wild even though it was during the month of Ramzan. We, Pakistanis, really need to believe in ourselves. Just imagine, how Pakistanis are capable of doing un-thinkable as far as the world is concerned. Because we have that potential to achieve our dreams if we have the resolve and put our minds together. Long Live Pakistan and Long Live Pakistani People. The future is definitely ours!

  3. jamil says:

    Ramiz Raja’s he goat jumping after he got the catch.

  4. Asad says:

    I watched the match in a tailors shop sitting on the floor as there was no electricity. It was soo funny, we had to chip 2 rs each in to get the petrol for generator. The whole match I was sitting in one position and when we won I could not even get up.
    Those were the days!

  5. Amer Akram says:

    Well , the Players at that time played for Pakistan, but now they play for themself.

    It is really embarasing that we have the World Best Bowlers and Batsmen and we are not taking any benifit out of them.

    Also It is very shameful that other countries are taking benifits from our star but unfortunately due to bad Management of PCB we are lacking behind.

    Wasim Akram – Best Bowler , but coaching KKR
    Imran Khan – Dislike PCB
    Inzi – At Home
    Aamer Sohail – Dislike PCB

    Many others on the list.

  6. Shoaib says:

    Imran’s Khan controversial speech?

  7. Ather says:

    Alan Lamb being bowled by Wasim Akram in a gem of a delivery. Alan Lamb slight nod of appreciation to Wasim and commentator saying “Alan Lamb has been cleaned up, and perhaps so is England”

  8. Moiz Khan says:

    Catch and run by Rameez Raja really make me feel the victory.

  9. Waqas Awan says:

    Contentment on Imran Khan’s Face soon after the last wicket fell and his shoulder’s raising celeberation were the most delicate style ever of celebrating a world cup win. We are missing such a leadership, Allah bless him, Aamin

  10. MUJIB ALI(Dubai) says:

    Pakistan played as a team, and won the championship. Yes I remember Rameez Raising the hands after taking the catch, the sajda, and hug of the two giants Imran & Javed. Even today if we place as ONE and give appreciations to every team member, that he is very important, im sure we will retain the title of T20 series.

  11. Moiz Khan says:

    m still feeling the victory by reading the above blogs…..CANT FORGET THE THRILL…….. WASEEM STUNNIG UNSTOPABLE BALLING …………AND …….IMRAN KHAN TOP CLASS LEADERSHIP………WAO

  12. Tanveer Hasan says:

    I was on ship at that day, sailing as 4th-engineer, listening the commentry of the match on radio.

    Overjoyed and proud as pakistani, at the fall of last english wicket.

    Will we get any more moment in our history like that?

    looks really hard.

  13. Ahmed says:

    Imran Khan and Javed Miandad, the two greats, hugging each other. Here are two incredibly different personalities, with two different views about cricket, how it should be played etc etc. Leaving all the differences aside, uniting for a common purpose, ie, glory for Pakistan cricket. While writing this my eyes are full of tears.

    Compare this with todays, “bits and peices” cricketers, thinking themselves to be born to lead the team – yes we have 6 or 7 wannabe captains in the team, most of them apart from two or three will do politics and worse still underperform to put the rival in bad light.

    Yes Imran and Miandad hugging and then raising flag as mentioned by Hassaan is the MOMENT. Hats off to two of these valiant fighters with unquestionable loyalty to Pakistan cricket.

  14. Naveed says:

    Was in the US. Specific memory of the world cup final, a friend giving me a high-5 which I missed, the blow knocking down my glasses & leaving me dazed & confused. I think it was the Chris Lewis wicket. Apart from the final, all other matches were through an old short-waves radio and we were using pots and pans in the kitchen in a desperate attempt to improve the signal.

  15. zeeshan says:

    Ramiz Raja’s ‘flight’, Wasim’s magical deliveries, Miandad’s reverse sweeps, Mushtaq Ahmed taking off and running wild after taking a catch in the deep, the WC song and Imran lifting the World cup…and pretty much everything else as well! Haha man its hard to pick one.

  16. Muhammad A. Dalvi says:

    When Miandad hold Imran from behind & they hugged each other.
    No doubt Wasim Akram was the player of the match

  17. Siddiqui says:

    The hug between Miandad and Imran…and together holding the flag. Don’t want to dampen the spirit, but the question is… will we ever get to see that again in our lifetimes?

  18. Zahid says:

    World Cup 92 and two things come to my mind:

    1. Inzi-Bashing of the English bowlers.
    2. Victory lap with the Songe!

  19. A. Jamal says:

    It was the first occasion for Pakistanis in Riyadh to watch the match on satellite (those days satellite dishes were not domestic). Many Pakistanis had gathered from early morning (every one skipping offices), gathered at a special arrangement made in a Saudi Telephone Co compound. It remains one of the most memorable moments in our lives. After the win, all had contributed money to distribute sweets in the city of Riyadh

  20. Muddassir says:

    Though not on my favourites list, but Wasim Akram Celeberating his second consecutive wicket of Lewis with his hands all the way touching the sky.

  21. SACHIN SHAH says:

    As a avid cricket follower, I personally feel that a strong Pakistan side is a must for World Cricket.

    Identify a genuine young talent and give him a free rein. Salman Butt is the most likely candidate for all the forms of cricket and plus he is articulate and can speak well.

  22. S.RAHMAN says:

    Imran khan lifting the world cup!!! absolutely unforgettable moment!
    I was 12 back then but I still remember it as yesterday!

    • sabir Ayub Rabbani says:

      I was living in Jeddah at that time. And it was like a Eid for all the Pakistanis. We really felt proud for our country and our team. They really made us proud. And it was all because of Imran Khan and Wasim Akram but for me the player of the match was Imran Khan because of his outstanding batting and awesome captaincy. And next day picture of Imran Khan holding the worldcup was published on the front page of the Arab News ( English Daily ) with the caption ” PAKISTAN ON TOP OF THE WORLD ” it was simply awesome.

  23. ASAD ABBAS says:

    Hmm I was just 9 that time… and I remember that Wasim Akram’s take wicket and claps with wicket keeper with smiley face and Ramiz Raja’s running after taking catch…glorious victory by Pakistan it was and we are waiting for same victory since 18 Years…:(

  24. Ahmed Omair says:

    Wasim’s two magic deliveries in the final and Inzamams Knock in the Semi-final

  25. Shiraz Hassan says:

    Very interesting!!! as far as I remember the most memorable moment was the catch of Ramiz Raja, the last wicket took by Imran Khan.. !!! on Facebook on Facebook