Reliving March 25, 1992

Reliving March 25, 1992

March 25, 1992 will always be remembered as one of the most glorious days in the history of Pakistan cricket. It was on this day, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, that Imran Khan’s ‘cornered tigers’ completed their fairytale journey at the cricket world cup. Wasim Akram’s magic, Ramiz Raja’s flight of victory, Aamir Sohail’s sajda, Imran Khan’s controversial speech are the various moments that spring to mind when one recollects the magical 22-run win.

What is your favourite moment from the final? Where did you watch it? Did you think Pakistan would be able to pull it off? Who was your player of the match?


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293 Responses to “Reliving March 25, 1992”

  1. Bilal Hasan says:

    Akram’s back to back incoming deliveries were the moment we figured out Pakistan is new champ. His bowling was backed by sheer swing and pace. it was a team playing for a country not for personal goals.

  2. Hi. I just love Wasim Akram, he is the real fast bowler which respect the game in true sense.

  3. Zohaib Anjum says:

    My player of the of match was Wasim Akram, and the best moment was when Wasim got those two wickets, with two amazing balls, and the final catch that was taken by Ramiz. I guess I was in grade two at that time, got to watch the match along with my grandfather.

  4. Morad says:

    Akram had just got Alan Lamb out and Lewis Walked in…

    I was watching UK’s Sky Sports Coverage and the commentators were talking about a strong list yet to bat…

    Next Think you know that Ian Chappel saying “subtract Lewis from that list”…

    Could not believe it … for a moment we all thought that this was a replay…..

    To this day I still get a Hair Raising Feeling despite not having as many hair as before!!

    Cornered Tigers! Who can forget that exact moment!!

  5. zahid khan says:

    Imran’s great captaincy and the belief he instilled in the team, in the final Pakistani players body language was incredible!

  6. Nadir says:

    The greatest moment was of course when Wasim removed both Lamb and Lewis and I think beauty was the ball of the whole world cup to remove Lamb. Then the partnership between Miandad and Imran which consolidated the Pak Innings and later on excellent display by Inzy and Akram.
    At the end of course was hugging between Miandad and Imran.
    And who can forget Imran’s controversial speech not even thanking the team at all and not thanking the supporters.

  7. Shahid Khan says:

    We arranged cable tv(as that was new in India those days)watched the match and was overjoyed when wasim took lamb and chris lewis. We loved each and every member of Pakistani team including miandad. and yes still the memory of last ball six in sharjah is a proud moment to me (though I am an Indian). Muslims in our muhalla distributed sweets on this occasion.

  8. Shehryar says:

    On a personal note, my best memory of the 1992 World Cup Final was…. I had recently settled in England from Pakistan with my family only 8 months before the World Cup.

    Studying O’levels at the time at school in London, I was one of the few handful of people in that school who was a Cricket fanatic having wildly fantasies throughout my childhood that one day I would end up playing for Pakistan alongside my heroes as a Cricketer.

    I still clearly remember the final was held on the Wednesday and just a day before, on the morning of the Tuesday, during our school assembly, the deputy head teacher of my school, himself a fan of English Cricket, proudly announced infront of the entire school that the ENGLAND CRICKET TEAM were in the Cricket World cup final tomorrow and that they were playing the final against PAKISTAN! While announcing this when he said PAKISTAN he gave me a ‘careful’ glare, a look as he had already identified me as the only non-England supporter.

    He also knew that I was the only Pakistan supporter in the whole school who would naturally not be supporting England but otherwise. There was a hint of scare in his glare towards me because he knew we were up for the win because we were lead by the greatest Khan the world has ever seen.

    On the morning of the final (next day) I took a voluntary holiday from school! So excited I was for a Pakistan win. And let the deputy head teacher & Co realise their fears without me being around at school. Neither I could afford to miss the final.

    The day after the Pakistan win (thursday morning) it was as if somebody had died at my school. My PE teacher came to me and said ‘Do really think Botham was given out caught behind correctly?’ and blah blah. I said ‘did you see Botham’s reaction when he nicked that quick delivery from Akram?’ Did he have a clue where the ball was when he tried to fend it??

    Great debates and cry’s and moaning started about the final. By the way, deputy head teacher & Co included my fellow Indian students who wanted England to Win and Pakistan to lose and were more excited about it because Pakistan had lost their group match against India.

    In the end we got our Ultimate Prize….. The World Cup 1992!!!!!!!!

    • Shehryar says:

      Still to this day…I am saddened by the fact that the ‘Lion of Pakistan’ the great Imran Khan announced his retirement from Cricket after the World Cup. And quit the tour of England in the summer of 1992.

      In the five test matches that were played in the 1992 England test series he would have atleast scored 3 hundreds and also gone well past 4,000 test runs with his average much closer to 40.

      A much more fitting end to his illustrious career. Started his great test career as a fast bowler in England and ended it in England as a specialist batsman, a great allrounder and Captain. He wouldn’t have needed to bowl a single over as he was nearing the age of 40.

      He had already made Pakistan bowling attack so strong and lethal. In 1992, it was the first time ever in history, that an England Test team really feared a Pakistan bowling attack and ended up crying again.

      Pakistan Cricket desperately needs another Imran Khan at the moment.

  9. Kashif Bilgrami says:

    Greatest moment was Moin Khan hitting Willie Watson for six in a mis-timed shot that was intended for mid-on but landed long-off boundry for SIX !! (divine intervention )

  10. shahid says:

    I was toooooo young than but I still remember few moments especialy Imran’s and minadad’s hug. Imran is a true leader may GOD bless him.

  11. asif saleem says:

    I was in Karachi and giving my 7th class annual exam for the first half and wasn’t able to see Pakistan batting, how ever during the exam every student and teacher was interested in knowing the score and thanks to one of our lovely teachers every 30 mins, she used to come and tell us the score so that we continue be attentive to exam and not loose focus. I watched the second half of the match at home where Pakistan bowled, to me there were two great moments in that match, superb bowling spell by Wasim Akram (that’s the best display of swing, fast and accurate bowling) and lastly Imran Khan collecting the trophy with a lovely speech that further saw him also raise money for Shaukat Khanam hospital. I extremely loved 90’s Pakistan where we won a lot of great world events and recall that in 94, we were title holder of 4 world titles (Cricket, hockey, squash and snooker) and want to have that glory back!

  12. Qaiser says:

    Stand up,Stand up,
    for the Champion
    Stand up.

    I cherish every moment of it, that is probably the best moment of my memory book.
    Felt proud being pakistani, flying sky high and off course the song always brings back the memories.

  13. umair says:

    Oh yes I was only 6 and I still remember the excitement on my parents’ faces at that time.
    I can never forget Javed Miandad and Imran Khan’s hug when they were walking towards the world cup shield.

  14. M Ali Kemal says:

    I had a Biology Practical Exam that day for MAtric (10th Grade) and I saw the whole Pakistani innings and when I went back home 4 0r 5 wickets were down of England and I saw then two crucial wickets of Lewis and Lamba then Neil Fairbrother :)

  15. dr zahid pervez says:

    I was at iftaar I remember and at the fall of last wicket the way Imran smiled ……It was the begining of an end of a leadership………..he really led us to win…….let him lead the country too.

  16. ADNAN HAIDER says:

    I was 12 years old when Pakistan won the world cup, and was never very interested in following the game. However this world cup the coloured clothing changed every thing. I must say this was the most well organized tournament ever. 9 most competitive teams, excellent pitches, excellent crowd, brilliant umpiring and a perfect result for us.

    However Imran left an unsettled world champions of cricket even in world cup final we played with 3 bowlers only, Wasim, Aaqib and Mushtaq and Aamir Sohail and Ijaz and Imran bowled the rest of overs. What followed in Pakistan cricket is painful at times however I have no regrets following the game so passionately as it has given me the most memorable movements of my life such as, beating England in England in 1992 and 96, Sydney 1996, Chenai 1997 (Saeed bhai’s record), Nairobi 1996, Chennai 1999, Calcutta 1999, Headingly 1999 (pool game against Australia) Edbaston 2001(end collapsing last day), Banglore 2005 (India collapsing against a weak Pakistan attack), Karachi 2006(wining from 6 for 39), world cup finals in 20/20 cricket.

    Love Pakistan cricket love Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad.

    Adnan haider, Rochester NY.

  17. Arsalan says:

    I still remember those MQM flags and a Pakistani shirtless in the stands waving the flag. But yes, the semi final and final were miracles. Wasim and Inzamam the best and of course without Imran’s leadership, it might not have happened. I remember how everyone was criticizing Imran for not saying anything about the team itself.
    I remember Miandad arguing with Imran not to play rashly and Imran just smiling away and looking to wack every ball out of the ground.
    The one thing to learn is unity which I think we have lost in cricket

  18. Talal Khan says:

    I remember it like it was yesterday…
    Imran coming one down…Miandad and Inzi…
    Wasim’s 2 wicket over was magic…
    I feel the unsung hero was Mushtaq Ahmed with his 3 wickets with 1 maiden..

    My favorite moment though was .. Miandad pulling Imran for a victorious hug.

  19. Sohail Nini says:

    The best moment undoubtedly was when Wasim Akram bold Alan Lamb and Chris Lewis in two deliveries. I remember his interview also in which he said he had Nusrat Fateh’s “Allah Ho” in his mind while he was bowling that over. That world cup had spiritual and emotional feelings attached to it as it was the holy month of Ramadan and whole nation prayed for the win. Really, unforgettable 1992 world cup.

  20. naeem khan says:

    The best moment I like in 92 world cup was when Ian Botham was given out and the reaction he showed. I love that. He deserved not to be given the knighthood.

  21. Imtiaz Ullah Khairuddin says:

    My favourite moments were Inzi’s batting in the semi-final and final. It was a great joy to see a youngman with no credentials behind him; in front of packed stadiums; batted with so grace and ease against the best.

  22. Shams says:

    I was 10 years old at the time. Since it was a day/night match, it was late evening when the match finished and we had won. I clearly remember when Wasim Akram got those wickets and the catch by Ramiz Raja. It was the most exciting time in Pakistan cricket. I was only 10, but I remember running out of the house and see people congratulating and enjoying the moment.

    I hope pakistan cricketer and the board can leave the politics out of the game and put the best team together and bring back the cup to pakistan..

  23. malik says:

    I remembered it very well. It was really a glorious moment in Pakistan’s cricket. Imran khan took a courageous decision by coming on one down position and Miandad supported him. Everyone was criticising Miandad and Imran khan that they are playing slow but they made a wonderful partnership that took Pakstan to 242 total score. And Imran khan with the consultation of Miandad defended it very well. Wasim Akram also played a crucial role by taking key wickets at the right time. Mushtaq Ahmed’s wicket was also wonderful. Inzimam’s role in all world cup matches was of course key to Pakistan’s victory stand.

  24. Salim says:

    Miandad and Imran hugging at the end. It was a genuine, hearty hug, a culmination of their years of collaboration on the field. Imran responded to Miandad’s invitation in an unlikely manner–with open arms. I don’t think he had shown any such affection towards Miandad before that point. In the context of Imran-Miandad relationship, it was indeed a magical moment. For those of you who haven’t seen or paid attention, go watch it again.

  25. worldorder says:

    Rameez’s catch to win it, Imran’s straight sixer, a halmet-less Inzi, Wasim’s onslaught, Imran hugging Miandad and the awesome song to go with that. Sour part was Imran’s speech. on Facebook on Facebook