Awaiting the budget

Awaiting the budget

The next so called pro-people budget is going to be presented on June 5. Do you think this could really provide some relief to the common people? In light of the stern conditions in the shape of value-added tax, elimination of subsidies and a considerable power tariff increase asked by the IMF and World Bank, how could this be of assistance to the masses?

Who will bear the brunt of the overall price increase in the daily commodities in the consequence of this? Could the resignation of the Governor of the State Bank come at a worse time?

Do you think the allocation of the defense budget in light of the on going war against terror would yet again consume a major chunk of the Federal budget and if so, is it justified?

Text by Jawad Muzaffar.

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33 Responses to “Awaiting the budget”

  1. Setting an model is not the strongest means of influencing another, it is the only means.

  2. Tanveer says:

    Every time any government passes budget they just raise taxes. How come a person like janitors who were worried with the previous taxes carry on there living. Can they send their children to schools or they just satisfy on having two times meal a day?

  3. hina says:

    If I will be the president all problem will be solve.

  4. ARahman says:

    What is the use of complaining about the budget? The real problem is our national priorities. We spend about 12% of our GDP and 60% of our national budget on the military, military pensions & benefits, debt servicing accumulated mainly due to weapons acquisition. On top of that, we spend 20% of national budget for running our bloated government. What is left is a meager 20% for human development. We made this choice by becoming a security state, so why complain?

  5. Dabir Ahmed Pir says:

    Every year when the budget is proposed same type of discussion takes place but no govt has ever responded on the concerns of the worried public and the real COMMON MAN. Every time when there are increases in commodity prices or utility rates it is claimed with pride that the COMMON MAN has been accomodated and will not be affected . But who is this COMMON MAN, DOES HE NOT USE ELECTRICITY,GAS OR WATER does he not eat food or drink tea.Despite increases in the minimum salary there is no monitoring .Taxes are only for those who are weak enough to pay.Law makers are the worst tax evaders.I personally think that things will never improve unless this COMMON MAN wakes up and starts asserting his strength and stops voting on BARADRI SYSTEM and makes those at the helm of affairs realise that they are there due to him, therefore he needs to be respected & looked after.

  6. A.Bajwa says:

    Pakistan is supporting huge government and heavy policies with an economy slightly bigger than a least developed country.On top the internal balance is tilted against the social sectors.

    How long the pain can going on!

  7. Ahsan Butt says:

    I read all comments but I did not get any suggestion but criticism………. I want to ask people that what would be the solution of this scenario? every body use to criticize the things but nobody come forward to resolve them……. making law is very easy but to implement in the practical world is very difficult…. every one is making statement that this budget is not for poor people….. but tell me what should we do… nobody bother about this. someone says we should spend 25% of our GDP in education…. tell me how this is possible in this poor economy……. you should give some authentic reason for the rejection of this budget and come up with solution. there is not a difference between our rulers and people’s way of thinking.

    • Umer Ijaz says:

      My dear brother.I just mentioned in my comment that people who wish to apply some practical solutions are discourged to such extent that they come up with their resignations atlast.Everyone knows the solution even the Govt itself but truly speaking she is not willing to go for solutions.
      It is better to foresee things rather than just supporting the wromg acts of Govt.

      • Ahsan Butt says:

        you said
        “Everyone knows the solution even the Govt itself but truly speaking she is not willing to go for solutions.”
        this is a statement which arises hundreds of questions which needs to be answered. i declare this statement is the error of subjectivity. do not assure things personally and relate it to the rest of the people.
        it is correct that Our government know the problems but they do not know the solutions of these problems.
        and they know because they can fight against other parties as u see in different talk shows.

        and, Unfortunately, we pakistani do not know even our problems. we votes for them and than condemn them. first we have to realize the problems and them go for solution.
        Pakistan does not Yes or No. Pakistan needs those people who points out the right problems and gives correct solutions.

        how many people say YES or NO in their comments? 98%.

        • Umer Ijaz says:

          If solutions are known to the masses then Govt is no exemption.My observations are not personal rather they are open and shut to every sage and educated person.Problems are known ,solutions are known but the thing is the implementation.

  8. Umer Ijaz says:

    The imposition of taxes is just to pay the price ofthe foreign debts.The Govt has aimed to strangle the masses with clutches of its barbaric economic policies.People cannot afford to pay for what is already imposed on them.The resignations of the Finance Minister and the Governor of SBP indicate alarming situation regarding the economy of the country.
    Our Govt is just planning to have ‘Yes Men’ with them.This budget would bring no blessings to this country rather we will be forced to plunge in the fire of poverty and inflation.
    Hats Off to our Government!

  9. waqas says:

    For me this year budget is to kill the already dying industry of Pakistan & to fulfil the wished of foreign multinationls & let thm have control of 180 million consumers directly… This democractic gov is actually there to kill all those who have voted for them…

    But on the other hand our nation is actullay very rich & u will see no body wil come on street to prtest cus we got alternative & r very happy to afford thm .. ppl r getting used to generators if there is no electricity or gas ….

    My only question is the nation with 60% youth (20 to 30 years) is really that dumb that cant even see what is happening???? & my worry is we are slowly loosing & givein up Pakistan may Almighty protect it ameen.

  10. wajid bashir says:

    This is politcial budget for political parties.
    It has nothing todo with betterment of economy of pakistan.
    This budget for Strengthen political parties not country .

  11. asad says:

    Strange, no exceptionally strange, as per law salaries of all senators & mna’s have increased by 50%,along with federal employees less Armed Forces who for the first time in the history of Pakistan have been ignored, how is it said ,cosmetic ofcourse, that ministers salary has been decreased by 10%. Mr. finance minister people of this country are not brain less, shame on you for hiding the real facts.

  12. Hi,

    Nowadays, Pakistani are quite crippled and compelled to introduce value-added tax, elimination of subsidies and a considerable power tariff increase owing to their past and current mistakes in a shape of contracts with International financial agencies. Now we are facing the music of these institutions and their loans are getting upsurging rather than scaled down.

    If we want Pakistan to be flourished and competed rest of the world, I have one idea that the earmarked budget for development budget just for one fiscal year should be liquidated for foreign loans.

    Otherwise, we well reiterated that it not pro-poor budget or mass friendly budget.

  13. Dr Junaid Ashraf says:

    I agree with most of the guys about this year budget, I see no change in the lives of our common man after this one, rather ll increase the miseries..
    can only pray to Allah to forgive our sins and change our miserable state.. Ameen…………………

  14. Batada says:

    It is strange to note that despite rising prices of essential commodities and in the presence of hounding inflation no provision for increase in pension of retired employees has been made. How we can call it a people’s Government. Will the Honorable President Zardari would like to do anything?

  15. Gn Magsi says:

    Defence budget may not cut due to war with anti state elements one is much surprise to that Pak army the best army of the world has not won the war due to strategy to drain the resources of poor masses of Pakistan. We are pledge with world bank and IMF due to policies made by corrupt rulers

  16. nawaz says:

    Ground realities show that all the governments always destroy the hopes of poor people in every budget. You can say it a politicians budget. Poor is always poor in every budget . I hope that all the government employees and poor will bear the burden of health and wealthy politicians and rich people like slaves.

  17. Alhaj Muhammad Khan says:

    The new incoming budget seems to be pessimistic because the indicators before its presenting coming from the governmental sector are more discouraging. VAT,according to the well known analysts creates more inflation. we are already in the verge of abyss,how can a common man accomodate in this state of uncertainity and dispondency.

  18. NAFIS says:

    The existing situation of the country would not change if we start spending atleast 20-25% of GDP on EDUCATION…

    People in general are either tax-shy or avoid paying tax altogether… VAT will be a positive measure in the long run to increase the tax base, however, by applying this direct taxation government should reduce indirect taxation on electricity, petroleum products etc..

  19. Niaz Ahmed says:

    Common people are already in un survive/hand to mouth position due increase in commodities,loadshedding, unemployment. Now coming budget floods more problems for common people in shape of (VAT) known as 16% high voltage Watt, elimination of subsidies, increase in Electricity etc.
    Here every day of last year was budget day for increase in commodities, things,milk,medicines etc. Is one Budget day will give relief to the common people of last year 365 days?

  20. Afzaal says:

    Its a shame that government can’t tax the elite. why they always shy away from direct taxes why they always impose taxes that effect only the poor and poorer. if VAT is alternative to Sales Tax why don’t they let Sales Tax stay if VAT is just another name for it that is not true.

    Government cant cut expenditure foreign visits of cabinet members, the so called protocols for every single parliamentarian each and every one of those travels in conveys who pays those bills us when they are not in parliament do they travel like same on there own money ?? no

    i have no hope from this budget i think it would increase our miseries.

  21. Mona says:

    well the govt dedicated 364 days of the year a budget day either in daily updation of new petroleum prices or new price for veggies & provisional items , electricity.Every day is our budget day so the 5th June would also a same day for us if some relaxation is shown on 5th June there are still 365 more days to make up for new /enhanced taxation.

  22. Muhammad Ibrahim khan says:

    Sir, the budget is prepared for the elite class of Pakistan for their maximum benefits and poor will be remained poor for their whole life.

  23. hhaarroonn says:

    Dear Mr. Shahzad and all other who commented.

    Let us spend more time in trying to work for a better, more robust economy for Pakistan then just sitting there and waiting for things to get bad to worse. Let us do something about it cause we don’t have another boat to sail if this one sinks.


  24. I think this budget will trigger the down fall of the government.

    The budget will help the elite class and the political people get richer.

    Shahzad Badar

  25. imran olia says:

    Expected inflation increase by 20 % , if VAT is levied . Agriculture tax shall be levied and efforts shall be made to enhance the GDP on Facebook on Facebook