Awaiting the budget

Awaiting the budget

The next so called pro-people budget is going to be presented on June 5. Do you think this could really provide some relief to the common people? In light of the stern conditions in the shape of value-added tax, elimination of subsidies and a considerable power tariff increase asked by the IMF and World Bank, how could this be of assistance to the masses?

Who will bear the brunt of the overall price increase in the daily commodities in the consequence of this? Could the resignation of the Governor of the State Bank come at a worse time?

Do you think the allocation of the defense budget in light of the on going war against terror would yet again consume a major chunk of the Federal budget and if so, is it justified?

Text by Jawad Muzaffar.

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33 Responses to “Awaiting the budget”

  1. Umair Khalid says:

    With poor striving for basic necessities and upper class thriving they need to be targeted in the next budget. Over the last few years we have seen a shift where upper middle class has now become lower middle class and the elite class is getting more and more wealthier so I hope in the coming tax if nothing else is elite is heavily taxed.

  2. waqar says:

    Well, after having analysis on past trends. I do not think so that this budget will be common people friendly. But it seems that government now can not make blunder mistakes in budget! They must consider the common men with liabilities.

  3. Usman Raza says:

    Answer to all question is negative regardless “Yes” or “No”. Sorry but its the truth.

  4. Azeem says:

    There’s tax on everything… wonder if there is relief for anyone?

    • naila mLIK says:

      This is true that this budget is proved to be a havoc for the Pakistanis n there is no relief for us in this question is for the concerned authorities
      When will be really free and sovereign state ??? on Facebook on Facebook