Rise and reach out

Rise and reach out

The worst floods in Pakistan’s history have carved a swathe of devastation across the land, leaving death and despair in their wake. The floods triggered by torrential monsoon rains have caused widespread devastation in northwest Pakistan, killing some 1,500 people and affecting more than four million.

In this desperate hour, we all need to rise to the challenge and reach out to our fellow Pakistanis who have lost everything and now face an uncertain future. To aid the relief effort, Dawn News is holding a two hour special transmission to raise funds for the flood victims. We will be joined by celebrity philanthropists such as Sheema Kirmani, Khalid Anam, Rizwan Beyg, Mahira Hafeez, Sania Saeed and a host of other experts and heads of relief organisations.

Special reports from the field will tell the stories of those who have lost everything to the merciless flooding and are desperately awaiting a helping hand…YOUR hand.

This is an effort by The Dawn Media Group for providing relief to the flood victims. Join us from 5-7 PM on Friday and rise to the challenge. Please donate generously and make their struggle less difficult. Rise Pakistan, and bring back your identity.


National Bank of Pakistan
Haroon House Branch
ACCOUNT # 1520-4

You may also make donations to the following organizations:


Accepting donations:

ASDA 6-6 Askari Bank G8 Markaz Islamabad
Foreign currency account number 0083-02800002
Bank Alfalah LTD Jinnah Road Rawalpindi
Telephone number: +92-51-9250404/5

Food Items are being accepted for donations: dry milk, non perishable food items, lentils, and water at the nearest Red Crescent office


Sarafa Bazar, Boulton Market, Mithadar, Karachi.
Ph: +92 (21) 2413232
Fax: +92 (21) 2413232

Near Merewether Tower, Kharadar, Karachi.
Phone: +92 (21) 220126 1-62
Fax: +92 (21) 2313434
Email: edhikarachi@hotmail.com

17-A Muslim Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.
Ph: +92 (42) 5414211

Near Masjide-e-Shohada, Aabpara, Islamabad.
Ph: +92 (51) 2827844


Clothing: Clothes of various sizes, beddings, shoes

Utensils: Large plastic cans that hold 20 liters of water or liquids, crockery, buckets

Toiletries: Tissues, soaps, Dettol (antibacterial cleaners), towels

Food: Rice, sugar, flour (Atta), onions, potatoes, cooking oil, tea, milk (tetra packs or powder), safe drinking water, cooked food

Medicine and/or Medical Equipment: Water purification tablets, life saving drugs, vaccines for malaria, cholera, typhoid, influenza, pain killers including strong ones like morphine derivatives, tremadol, pethadine, kinz, antibiotics e.g. tetnus, amoxil, gentamycin, IV (intravenous) cannulas, IV Drip sets, IV drips: normal saline, ringer lactate, local anesthetics (injections), cotton bandages, cotton, surgical instruments: e.g needle holders, forceps, tweezers, suturing materials, skin staples


PM=92S Flood Relief Fund 2010 has set up an account at all branches of the National Bank of Pakistan:

Account No: 898989.

Donation may be deposited through NBP=92S regular pay-in slip. Donor will receive counter-slip duly stamped as token of having deposited the donation amount.

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93 Responses to “Rise and reach out”

  1. sultan says:

    i have a Question! will Pakistan face food crisis???

  2. Hasan Farhan says:

    The United Nation’s World Food Program has been able to deliver a one-month ration of food to over 2.5 million people so far. WFP logistics is grappling with a constantly shifting picture, with roads passable one day and impassable the next. Many victims are congregating on main roads – causing traffic jams and slowing deliveries. At any one time at least 550 trucks are currently transporting WFP food around the country. Malnutrition is a growing threat for those affected by the floods, young children in particular. So far, WFP has reached 750,000 infants and toddlers with specialised food products such as supplementary plumpy and high-energy biscuits. The airborne relief effort remains critical to reaching the over 800,000 people isolated by the floodwaters. As such, WFP has doubled its helicopter fleet to 10, adding to the 15 aircraft provided by Pakistani authorities. More helicopters are expected to join the effort as they become available.

    Please donate generously to the WFP Pakistan’s donation account whose details are given below:

    US Dollars:

    Title: WFP Pakistan Imprest Account
    Account No: 01-7336926-51
    Currency: USD
    Bank details: Standard Chartered Bank Ltd, Plot No. 19-A, Markaz F-7, Islamabad

    Pak Rupees

    Title: WFP Pakistan Imprest Account
    Account No: 08-7336926-38
    Currency: PKR
    Bank details: Standard Chartered Bank Ltd., Plot No. 19-A, Markaz F-7, Islamabad

    Donations via cross check in the name of WFP Pakistan can also be sent via mail to

    United Nation’s World Food Program
    P.O. Box Number 3030,

    To know more about WFP relief efforts in Pakistan, please join our group on facebook


    Thanks & Regards

  3. Shakeb Elahi says:


    I would like to make some suggestions regarding eth food that is being delivered to the flood affected in Pakistan. Currently either cooked food in plastic bags or uncooked food like flour,rice,lintels and powdered milk is being delivered out by many Foundations, NGO even the Army and the Government. Regrettably this is not alleviating the suffering of the people .The reason is that cooked food with meat content and plastic bag delivery gets spoilt very quickly and if eaten causes further suffering , also there are some food donors who are more concerned about the taste of food as if this is a one time meal. The uncooked food requires fuel and a place to cook the food. The normal fuel in areas that is hit is dry cow dung, or wood .In some areas kerosene and LPG is also used. None of this is available hence uncooked food is wasted away. Meticulous planning is necessary as this food supply has to continue for a long time. The eating habits of the people should also be kept in mind. I shall therefore suggest the following. All international donor sources should organize that the food should be in cans only. In what are called “Military rations” The food items should be limited. For example Boiled Eggs , Cooked and Boiled Potatoes and Chick Peas, Boiled Rice, Bread Rolls with high content of Milk. Water with Sugar content . Then all of these could be prepared very easily . They have a longer “shelf life”. If the variety of items is less it shall help in curtailing wastage and most importantly theft, where you see that a lot of food is stolen and resold in the market.

    Shakeb Elahi
    Dubai UAE

  4. Ash says:

    At this tragic time, Pakistan government puts politics over humanity. Do you need to prove a point by not taking aid from India rather than using everything you can to help the affected people? Sad.

  5. Sohaib Ahmed says:

    It is undoubtedly a grave situation. Nevertheless there is an opportunity to wipe out feudalism from Pakistan when the water recedes. Just wanted to share an idea..if you agree please elaborate how it might be possible. I pass on the torch!

  6. Vishwas says:

    This is really tragic that Pakistan Govt. is still playing politics even while accepting help from India. An ordinary Indian does not hold anything against Pakistan or Pakistanis.

  7. Muthu Kumar says:

    May God be with the families who lost their kith and kin in this tragic hour. Condolences from People of India. I ask the Government of Pakistan why did you refuse our $5 Million Aid ? Why show attitude ? Do you want to see India as Enemy for Ever ? Where do you think it will take us to ? Nowhere ? If you really thought it will help suffering people you wouldn’t have refused and simply play game and say it has to be routed thru UN. This only shows your country in poor light.


  8. Sandeep Rana says:

    Pakistan Floods Photos:

    Have a view :


  9. A.khan says:

    Suggestion: Inorder to handle current flood situation and to provide relief services to the peoples in an organize way,I think we have to utilize the pattern of NCC training ,we have to close all countries colleges and universities for the period of one month and start the compaign by mobilizing youths under the supervision of soldiers in diffferent groups same like alpha,bravo,charlie and give them work package/task list with the budget.

  10. jalwa says:

    Musharraf tried his level best to have dams constructed, but the political people opposed his solidly visionary plans. Had Musharraf been giving the mandate, he would have had at least a dam bulit to avoid large scale devastation caused by the floods.

  11. Asif says:

    I hope now that the tax regime in Pakistan is finally changed to bring more of the affluent people under the tax net. Pakistan has one of the lowest tax to GDP ratios in the world! No capital gains taxes on property or stocks or anything! No taxes on big agriculture! We would not need aid if tax system was fixed and corruption in tax dept, customes, and zakat & ushr (yes zakat dept is one of the most corrupt) is eliminated.
    President who is a dollar billionaire and PM who is a big landlord and worth hundreds of millions of dollars, both contributing very little. Astonishingly the PM has himself refused to donate cash to the PM Flood Relief Fund. He has said he will send a few truckloads of goods. Who knows!

    • jalwa says:

      The way government end up taxing more than GDP ratios of the world is by keeping basic necessities such as electricity and petrol the most expensive in the world. Moreover, the rates of other commodities such as sugar, wheat, oil and meat are constantly going up. Oh well! when most of the tax money and other surcharges are going to get stashed in the pocket of corrupt government officials and politicians,
      until there are radical changes in bringing integrity and accountability to the system, mere tax extraction won’t change anything.

  12. Hasan Farhan says:

    The United Nation’s World Food Program has been able to deliver a one-month ration of food to over 1.2 million people so far. Working with over 30 NGOs, WFP is providing food to between 125,000 and 150,000 people per day with an eye towards reaching more than six million people with food aid over the next three months.

    Please donate generously to the WFP Pakistan’s donation account whose details are given below:

    US Dollars:

    Title: WFP Pakistan Imprest Account
    Account No: 01-7336926-51
    Currency: USD
    Bank details: Standard Chartered Bank Ltd, Plot No. 19-A, Markaz F-7, Islamabad

    Pak Rupees

    Title: WFP Pakistan Imprest Account
    Account No: 08-7336926-38
    Currency: PKR
    Bank details: Standard Chartered Bank Ltd., Plot No. 19-A, Markaz F-7, Islamabad

    Donations via cross check in the name of WFP Pakistan can also be sent via mail to

    United Nation’s World Food Program
    P.O. Box Number 3030,

    To know more about WFP relief efforts in Pakistan, please join our group on facebook


    Thanks & Regards

  13. Mansoor Ahmed says:

    I fully support Mr. Bajwa’s comments of 21st Aug. In addition the people shoudl rise against the corrupt local leaders, for example, MPAs, MNAs and powerful local lords have diverted flood water to towns and villages to save their own lands and property at the cost of lives of the poor people. It’s time for a cleansing of corrup landlords, jagirdards, waderas, sardars, maliks etc. Else forget about a better pakistan and prepare for the end of pakistan.

    Supreme court should also question how the aid arriving in the country is being used, is any one updating the books or not?

    • I fully endorse the ideas of Mr Mansoor Ahmed of August, 2010. There are umpteen reasons of sorry plight of the ill-fated flood-stricken Pakistanis. No doubt, natural calamities do come and the present catastrophic floods are no exception to this phenomenon. But the unmoved industrialists politicians !!! What’s really lamentable is their supine attitude toward the prevailing situation. They are the later-day Neros. It is said that influential zamindars got the banks cut and diverted tides the to poor neighborhoods in order to save their own palaces and forms. Every single day I see blood-curdling pictures of the Pakistanis hit by the wrathful floods; I see in pictures, human-beings dabbling to get out of the ruthless waters to save their lives. These ill-fated people lost their homes and hearths. My heart bleeds when I hear that the people who were millionaires a few weeks ago have, now, become mere paupers. Cruel fate!!!!!! The down-trodden masses of Pakistan have taken every peaceful and positive measure for the amelioration of their lot but in vain. Now the Pakistani masses should take some draconian measures to get out of this morasses. They should struggle to get some law enacted to force the self-centered industrialists and politicians sitting in the ivory towers to open their coffers to help the flood-effected Pakistanis. Failing to do this will eventually lead to repetition of the French Revolution in Pakistan.

  14. Capt, Khalid Tanwir says:

    I was flying to Quetta from Lahore yesterday and I was shocked to see the vast area affected by the flood and the damage it has caused. At one point it is difficult to identify between river CHENAB and SINDH.Eastern and western banks of these rivers are merged with each other.
    May Allah guide us in this critical time, so that we can come forward to help our brothers and sisters affected by these floods.

  15. superman says:

    International Donations will not be as big as for other countries. Pakistan’s government is so corrupt
    it’s beyond words. I can’t believe how bad the infrastructure for support is in Pakistan.
    I found out first hand how corrupt this gov. Bribes and deals and favouritism.
    I hope things change for the people of Pakistan.

  16. The flooding in Pakistan is a horrible thing. It seems that very few states are committing aid. Why doesn’t the United States rush in to save those poor souls? I wish I knew what I could do to help. Does anyone know where to donate funds?

    • Asif says:

      Malika, you could donate to your country’s Red Cross or Care or Oxfam or UNICEF or UN World Food Program ‘Pakistan Flood Relief efforts’ on any of these organizations websites.

  17. A.Bajwa says:

    Pakistanis has to realize a few simple things

    1. No gov’t can provide instant flood relief to over 20 million persons dislocated by floods.

    2.This time the Indus river is overflowing due to heavy rains caused by global warming.This is going to repeat over the coming years.

    3. Pakistan would need flood control measures. These are non existant so far.

    4. Pakistanis should fear God and avoid cruel acts like bombing girls schools and brutally murdering boys in public.After earthquake, terrorist bombing and floods we should sedate down and live in fear of God or we will meet the fate of communities mentioned in the Holy Quran.

    5. We have to divert all our resources to economic development including managing our rivers.

    6. We should feel grateful to countries who help us in hour of need.

  18. Raj S says:

    For all Those Living Abroad, you can send your drafts and checks to the nearest Pakistani Embassy or Red Cross Mission (directing them to forward this to Pakistan Flood Relief).

  19. Raj S says:

    The informal Indian Association in Westborough, MA, USA have raised $800/- for our Pakistani Brothers and Sisters in this time of need. May god give them strength to face this calamity.
    I am disappointed and upset with Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bahrain and other rich Gulf countries for acting as if the flood never occured. God bless America for coming first with good aid.

  20. Observer says:

    The need of the time is to imperatively work on providing food and water to the affectees.
    If you feed them well, you have many millions of adults among the 20 million, to work on rebuilding on a wartime footing. We have the army on the field for super vision and organizing them. Provide them clean food and water (and medicines when needed). They can stay in shelters similar to a battle front. They are in the thick and thin of it and will get the drive to rebuild if fed well. The roofs can come later after the the infrastructure that is going to serve them.

  21. Mahmood Rana says:

    Overseas Pakistani in UAE can not send donations in the Flood Relief Accounts as per UAE Central Banks instructions.
    Donations for Charity can not be transferred. Account must be in person’s / dept name.


  22. M Shaoor says:

    This is the nation whose soldiers in the battle with taliban insurgents approached each and every layer of this land no matter how deep it was or how hidden this was but unfortunately service teams are unable to reach the drowing people during this most dangerous flood. I salute this nation. Further, my innocent people, just keep donationg but use the common sense and basic mathematics that we have been donated wit billions of dollars from world’s generous nations and if divided theoritically so at least each affected can can proper food and cloth but what is happening that most of them are loath of getting even some thing for their life saving where this massive funds are flowing ????? the peoples are not drowning in fflood water but in the uninterrupted flow of corruption being funcitoning in this country. THERE MUST BE AN STERN ACCOUNTIBITY ON THE USE OF FUNDS DONATED FOR THE FLOOR AFFETCED PEOPLE.

  23. We as Pakistanis must get our compasses re- alligned after seeing the response of many countries during our worst natural crisis.

    It is only the West that has come out with humanitarian relief. Its an eye opener for us all to see the response of muslim countries specially the oil rich Kingdoms of the Middle East during our most critical moments.

    Pakistan must pullout of all these so called Muslim conferences and forums. Its just an eye wash

    • Nasrullah Khan says:

      You are absolutely right Air Commodore. It is times like these when you find out who your true friends are. The Mullah’s will try to whitewash this help but we must now stay steadfast and ignore them. We have a country to rebuild and we can do it with International cooperation rather than rely on the conspiratorial theorists. The media should take note of this and help the nation move on and not dwell on the hawks who are ever prevalent on peanut talk shows.

    • Allabuddin says:

      Yes you said it. The west is happy to jump in and help, by man power – doctors etc- money, material, medicine, and so forth. I think their mentality is shaped by their belief system which is based on Judea- Christian values as they say.

      It’s high time we thinking men and women muslims in Pakistan break out of the mould and liberate ourselves by reading books about other faiths etc and not blindly live in darkness.

  24. Raju says:

    It feels comfortable to see so many Indians coming forward in these difficult times. lets keep up this spirit.

  25. Eimaan says:

    people need to donate as much more as they can. and fast but i wonder shouldn’t our president be sitting in his office right now and working out solutions for this problem, planning evacuation and collecting funds himself rather than touring the world. ???

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