Rise and reach out

Rise and reach out

The worst floods in Pakistan’s history have carved a swathe of devastation across the land, leaving death and despair in their wake. The floods triggered by torrential monsoon rains have caused widespread devastation in northwest Pakistan, killing some 1,500 people and affecting more than four million.

In this desperate hour, we all need to rise to the challenge and reach out to our fellow Pakistanis who have lost everything and now face an uncertain future. To aid the relief effort, Dawn News is holding a two hour special transmission to raise funds for the flood victims. We will be joined by celebrity philanthropists such as Sheema Kirmani, Khalid Anam, Rizwan Beyg, Mahira Hafeez, Sania Saeed and a host of other experts and heads of relief organisations.

Special reports from the field will tell the stories of those who have lost everything to the merciless flooding and are desperately awaiting a helping hand…YOUR hand.

This is an effort by The Dawn Media Group for providing relief to the flood victims. Join us from 5-7 PM on Friday and rise to the challenge. Please donate generously and make their struggle less difficult. Rise Pakistan, and bring back your identity.


National Bank of Pakistan
Haroon House Branch
ACCOUNT # 1520-4

You may also make donations to the following organizations:


Accepting donations:

ASDA 6-6 Askari Bank G8 Markaz Islamabad
Foreign currency account number 0083-02800002
Bank Alfalah LTD Jinnah Road Rawalpindi
Telephone number: +92-51-9250404/5

Food Items are being accepted for donations: dry milk, non perishable food items, lentils, and water at the nearest Red Crescent office


Sarafa Bazar, Boulton Market, Mithadar, Karachi.
Ph: +92 (21) 2413232
Fax: +92 (21) 2413232

Near Merewether Tower, Kharadar, Karachi.
Phone: +92 (21) 220126 1-62
Fax: +92 (21) 2313434
Email: edhikarachi@hotmail.com

17-A Muslim Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.
Ph: +92 (42) 5414211

Near Masjide-e-Shohada, Aabpara, Islamabad.
Ph: +92 (51) 2827844


Clothing: Clothes of various sizes, beddings, shoes

Utensils: Large plastic cans that hold 20 liters of water or liquids, crockery, buckets

Toiletries: Tissues, soaps, Dettol (antibacterial cleaners), towels

Food: Rice, sugar, flour (Atta), onions, potatoes, cooking oil, tea, milk (tetra packs or powder), safe drinking water, cooked food

Medicine and/or Medical Equipment: Water purification tablets, life saving drugs, vaccines for malaria, cholera, typhoid, influenza, pain killers including strong ones like morphine derivatives, tremadol, pethadine, kinz, antibiotics e.g. tetnus, amoxil, gentamycin, IV (intravenous) cannulas, IV Drip sets, IV drips: normal saline, ringer lactate, local anesthetics (injections), cotton bandages, cotton, surgical instruments: e.g needle holders, forceps, tweezers, suturing materials, skin staples


PM=92S Flood Relief Fund 2010 has set up an account at all branches of the National Bank of Pakistan:

Account No: 898989.

Donation may be deposited through NBP=92S regular pay-in slip. Donor will receive counter-slip duly stamped as token of having deposited the donation amount.

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93 Responses to “Rise and reach out”

  1. Hasan Farhan says:

    The United Nation’s World Food Program has been able to deliver a one-month ration of food to over 430,000 people, and hopes to reach over two million in the next ten days as the operation gains momentum. With the operation in high gear, WFP now estimates that at any one time, a fleet of over 200 trucks are on the move around the country delivering food to flood victims.

    Please donate generously to the WFP Pakistan’s donation account whose details are given below:

    US Dollars:

    Title: WFP Pakistan Imprest Account
    Account No: 01-7336926-51
    Currency: USD
    Bank details: Standard Chartered Bank Ltd, Plot No. 19-A, Markaz F-7, Islamabad

    Pak Rupees

    Title: WFP Pakistan Imprest Account
    Account No: 08-7336926-38
    Currency: PKR
    Bank details: Standard Chartered Bank Ltd., Plot No. 19-A, Markaz F-7, Islamabad

    To know more about WFP relief efforts in Pakistan, please join our group on facebook


    Thanks & Regards

    • Hasan Farhan says:

      WFP has reached some 750,000 people in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Punjab. With the operation in high gear, WFP now estimates that at any one time, a fleet of over 200 trucks are on the move around the country delivering food to flood victims.WFP hopes to have reached as many as 2 million people with food aid by 20 August – WFP’s largest case load this century. Please join the following group on facebook to know more: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=143072115715082

  2. narayanan says:

    dear brothers,
    i am really got upset to hear this news about out my pakistan brothers and sisters. Hope all the world will unite together at this time of critical situation of humanity.

  3. Hasan Farhan says:

    Please join us if you want to make a difference and help the people of Pakistan suffering from the recent devastating floods..



  4. irshad says:

    Can any one tell me which one is the most honest charity in Pakistan for flood relief donations.
    thank you.

    • Adnan Bashir says:

      Hi, I have been giving charity for many years to Edhi welfare trust, and I believe they are one of the most authentic organizations in the country. Their administration and the way they handle your donations, plus their elaborate workforce on the ground and their presence in most parts of the country, make them one of the most reliable. Of course there are others like ICRC, Ansar Barni, etc., but I always bet on Edhi..

      • jalwa says:

        EDHI FOUNDATION! Right on to trust for giving your donation for minimizing and eliminating sufferings for humanity.

  5. I really enjoyed this post. You describe this topic very well. In bringing Medical House Call services to patients, the hands of time are essentially turning back. I remember how medicine used to be practiced, before busy doctor’s offices, complicated insurance policies, long lines at clinics, rushed office visits, and crowded emergency rooms. I have noticed that somewhere along these channels of aggravation, doctors began to lose sight of what mattered most- their patients. I remember when the doctor and patient were able to develop dependable relationships through Medical House Calls and had all the time necessary to discuss, examine, diagnose, and treat their condition. The idea behind developing this type of practice model was to minimize the understandable aggravation that both patients and physicians have grown accustomed to in busy modern day medical practices. Medical House Calls makes a doctor visit easy and hassle-free in your own surroundings.

  6. Pankaj Rai says:

    I am distressed to learn about the floods. Though an Indian, I believe that human life is precious in any country or part of the world. I will try and see whether some fellow Indians from Bangalore would be willing to come forward and help.

    I pray to God to look after everyone.

    Best regards,


  7. Arif says:

    We feel deeply sorrow for the flood effected brothers of pakistan.For giving contribution to the flood affected people Humanity first international, a charitable organisation like red cross may be used. Web: http://humanityfirst.org/

  8. mzo says:


    PTI central Disaster fund
    Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (Disaster Fund)

    A/C Number: 0008-129572-001
    Swift Code: PLCOPKKA

    KASB Bank Limited, 90 West Razia Sharif Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan

    please donate generously for our pakistani brothers and sisiters.

  9. mzo says:

    u can donate online for flood victims at http://insaf.pk
    Imran khan has setup charity account , donate generously .

  10. Asif says:

    For those asking about making donations onine or direct deposit they could donate to Red Crescent Pakistan via direct bank deposit. Info at http://www.prcs.org.pk/AIDS.ASP
    Or the Red Cross online for their Pakistan Floods 2010 relief effort via their secure donation page.
    Or UNICEF online for their Pakistan Floods relief effort.

  11. hafiz says:

    hey dawn bros,is there any place in india i can donate for the flood relief in pakistan?

  12. Hasan Farhan says:

    Dear All,

    Please donate generously for victims of the Pakistan Flood. You can donate online on the United Nation’s World Food Program website at



  13. Asif says:

    Raise to the occasion and save your nation.

  14. sanjay says:

    Is there any trusted online link or system (like earthquake in Haiti) so that people like me who are in abroad can make contribution for relief effort in pakistan. Please share with us so that we do what we like to do.


  15. Awais Bin Saeed says:

    I really appreciate the efforts of Pakistan’s media and people.

    I want to just suggest that our media and the people should focus on seeking Allah’s forgiveness so that we might receive His mercy. With all our help and troubleshooting efforts, we also should be focussing alot of seeking forgiveness as Allah says,

    “…’Why do you not seek forgiveness of Allaah that you may receive mercy?’” [An-Naml: 46]

    Please convey this to as many people since this is also a major part of helping ourselves from this crisis.

    • ashfaque says:

      Dear Mr. Bin Saeed
      Allah has no thing to do with this disaster and asking for forgiveness will not help these destitute people. What would be most helpful from you is the financial assistance that you can give for the purchase food and medicine. Remember Allah help those people who first help themselves. Allah is not going to send Man Salva for the starving people.

  16. Omar says:

    Dear Dawn,

    There are a number of Pakistanis living abroad that would like to wire transfer money. Please provide clear wire transfer instructions for the above listed charities ASAP. Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    • Bilal says:

      Yeah I have been thinking of sending money too so it would be great if possible to have a simple system of money transfer for the flood victims of Pakistan.

      • Naomi says:

        I prefer to send money directly to Pakistan, rather than to an international aide agency. Please post instructions on how to donate to the above listed charities from abroad.

        • Asif says:

          One can donate for specifically for the Pakistan flood relief effort of an international aid agency like Red Cross or UNICEF or CARE http://www.care.org and these have national chapters in your countries so that you will get a tax receipt too. Donating to them online is as good if not better than wiring money to a bank account in Pakistan.

  17. Faraz says:

    The actions of our president have dampened the atmosphere not only in Pakistan but also around the world, in the Czech Republic where I am there has been a lot of negative publicity in the media, on govt mismanagement and people here are told infact not to pay contributions to the govt of Pakistan because they will just be lost in corrupt circles.
    Its a sad state our country is in. I hope all of you who voted in this Zardari personality are happy now.

  18. usman says:

    Give Give Give Everyone.

    God bless Pakistan.

  19. Shafi says:

    Dear Sir, There are many Pakistanis living abroad who would like to contribute in cash or in kind. Can you give them some safe addresses for these contributions. Pakistanis must not gloss over the shameful conducts of their leaders whose only desire is to govern but not serve the public that elected them. We should not just ‘move on’ over laundered money, fake degrees, nepotism and fake democracy. There should be true a nd strict accountability of past and present corrupt actions if Pakistan has to ‘move on’ otherwise ‘ tumhari dastan tuck be na ho gi dastonon main’.

  20. solly says:

    how do i make a donataion from a foreign country

  21. Irfan says:

    Today Pakistan facing many challenges:-
    1. Terrorism
    2. Natural Calamity
    3. Declining Economical Situation

    But our great great leaders I am regret to mention instead of joining hand together to support people of Pakistan they are accusing each other. I have no word to describe their ignorance and cruelty.

    O leader of this good nation come forward show the world and the people of Pakistan how much you love this country come forward and keep aside your grievance join hand together to support people of Pakistan in this crucial situation, do not accuse each other do not publicized your effort and do not politicize the situation please please come forward open your heart hug each other come to one platform and show the strength of unity practically.

    One suggestion to the Government of Pakistan I hope my suggestion will not be use for any individual personal benefits. We should take loan from Banks in Pakistan and to pay back money to the Banks Government should pass a bill in Parliament to impose 5% natural calamity tax on Electric City and Telephone bills for 6 months from this we will generate enough money to support our people our self and we may not require any support from any other country. One important thing that this tax should not be extend able and make sure that it should automatically abolish after 6 months.

  22. Osman says:

    Salam.. you’ve mentioned only the bank account numbers. Can you also please mention the beneficiary names along with the bank accounts as this is important during online bank transfers……

    Kindly send this (or publish this) at the earliest!! I would be very grateful.


  23. UMER IJAZ says:

    The passion of the Pakistanis have always been commendable in any crisis.They join hands to help the sufferers to a great extent.Catastrophes and calamaties are natural things to happen but the thing is to deal with them with perseverance and wisely.
    here,i should mention that one of the major reasons of all what has happened in Pakistan (generally) and in KP (specifically) due to floods is just the absence of Kala Bagh Dam.We cannot den the fact that KBD is our necessity.Main opponents of KBD belong to KP and now unfortunately they have been mostly affected by floods and torrential rains.Now, they are looking for help,what they deserve but the matter is that we should foresee the problems.We oppose the solutions in the beginning and then we repent over the matters once they occur.
    KBD is in the interest of the nation and it should not be ignored on the basis of Provincialism or politics.Its need of every Pakistani,no matter,whoever he/she is.We need it and we should unite to accept the reality so that we may not have such horrible aftermaths of floods again.

  24. Ajit Verma says:

    Is there an option to make the donations online ?

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