Live blog with Aisam on Sept 21

Live blog with Aisam on Sept 21 will host Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi on Tuesday, September 21, for a live blogging session with its readers.

You can send in your questions or comments for the tennis star as he returns to the Dawn Blog after a record-breaking run at the US Open.

Questions can be sent via the comments section of this forum or you can log on to for a live chat with Aisam on September 21 at 5.30pm PST.


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123 Responses to “Live blog with Aisam on Sept 21”

  1. Maaz Ahsan says:


    In the depths of all miseries our beloved country is facing these days, you really helped bring some happiness and to tell you honestly, the words you spoke for Pakistan on the final day of men’s double meant alot to each pakistani. I am not in Pakistan as I am working in middle east but I cannot tell you how proud you made me by saying the way it should have been said. I was disappointed of what our ministers did while getting a chance of lifetime to gather donation by Wallstreet time square story. But you are the one we all educated ones have in ourselves. That if we need to speak about our country, we need to represent our country we do it the best way we can bcoz that is my identity, that i my motherland.

    I praise you and wish you all the best in your future. I wish you had reached this level 5 years before :) we could have seen you for years to come in the world of Tennis, but still I am sure there is more to come for you in future.

    With regards,

    Maaz Ahsan

    • Sana Ali says:

      Dear Aisam, hats off to your professionalism and patriotism. In your opinion, what’s the remedy for the mess that Pakistan’s cricket has become? How can it be sorted out?

  2. paatchu says:

    Aisam Bhai,

    I am from INDIA….
    It was a great moment, when ur speech touched hearts of all..
    That was a moment where SPORTS grown much higher than what it seems!!….
    All those greed,creed,race politics became irrelevant…

    Keep up ur good pace…
    All the best from ur brother from India

  3. Faisal Qureshi says:

    Hi Aisam, dude you are awesome, and your overwhelming speech touched the heart of MillionS!! and will be remembered for long InshAhllah :)
    ok so a question hmmm, you are good looking guy plus without any doubt u’ve won hearts of many!! Ladies.. so tell me what was your previous life like?..any affairs? girls?..those moments you knw.. ;)

  4. wahid sharif says:

    As Salaam O Alaikum

    Dear Aisam ul Haq

    Grate job done keep it up

  5. Muhammad Asif says:

    Commendable Performance, Both in field and off the field. I appreciate your efforts in making a point to the whole world that we are as peace loving as the rest of the world. Since you have now become a Hero of the nation you have more responsibility on your courageous sholders. I am with you and so are the thousands of well wishers for our beloved homeland, lets reunite and stand up as a nation not as a crowd… “PAKSITAN ZINDABAD”

    Regards – Asif

  6. Rushna Khurram says:

    Salaam Aisam,

    Yes, your speech teared me up a bit too. In times of so much hatred against Pakistan when people have forgotten amongst their infinite accusations that it is we the Pakistan being victimised the most though we sustain our resilience, you said it all on behalf of Pakistan – the land and the people.

    A precious thanks to you bro.
    May Allah be with you, ameen.

  7. ahmer says:

    good on ya mate. good on ya

  8. Saher says:

    O my God!!!!!!!!!! what an amazing speech u made infront of whole world after your splended performance.. The SIMPLE but INFLUENTIAL words followed by huge round of applause and appreciation are hard to ignore.. Your words are the voice of every Pakistani. The thing is we as a nation wanted a platform to give our feelings a voice… HOW and WHEN to deliver is the thing needs focus and now it’s obvious that it’s not that hard too. You’ve bacame an example for us .. Every Pakistani living in any country/region/piece of world, whether popular or not, can make it possible.

    I want to thank and congratulate specially your Parents/Guide for their well brought-up.

    I like your personality as well :0)
    Keep rocking and stay blessed.

  9. Hassan says:

    You made us proud. Keep up the good work and best of luck for your future.

  10. M. Bilal says:

    How do you practice your volleys? I really want to learn to play nice volleys. Please tell me how to practice them? and who is your favorite tennis player?

  11. Haris Hussain says:

    Dear Aisam,

    Congrats on your great achievement with your neighbouring partner. Well, keep yourself flying high in the skies but beware not to fly too much as it can decrease your energy and you will flee back with enormous speed. Its an advice.

    Keep up the dignity of the flag of Pakistan on your young shoulders. Best of luck for your future assignments!!


  12. Aila Khan says:

    Hi Aisam

    Cheering you all the way from Down Under. Your speech was the best ever!!!

  13. ayesha says:

    Dear Aisam,

    heartiest congrats on doing so well, both for yourself and for your country have filled our hearts with pride..
    and in return, i am enrolling my nine year old son in tennis lessons…
    may Allah bless you every day with happiness, and more achievements..ameen

  14. Zeeshan Qazi says:

    AoA Aisam,

    I have been a tennis fan since my school days when Becker and Steffi Graff started winning. Watching you (a Pakistani) play the finals of a grand slam was literary a ‘Dream Come True’ as much for me and my folks as it must have been for you. You have really made us all so proud. May Allah SWT bless u and give u more successes in the future.

    U showed great character when u used the historic occasion to voice those historic comments as those were the only good words the world has heard about Pakistan since long.

    I would really appreciate if you could (whenever/wherever possible) send the message of ‘Unity’ to Pakistani populace as we are so deeply entangled into this ethnic, sectarian and religious strife… May Allah SWT help us.

    JazzakAllah hi Khair!

  15. Hashim Raza says:

    You did the heroic deed exactly at the much needed time when the mood of the nation was somber and melancholic due to the misdeeds of our cricket heros whose wicked acts brought shame and ignominy to the already distressed nation.

  16. Khalid Hasan says:

    Hello Aisam!
    This is a sincere advise for you to concentrate more towards your game instead of indulging into the fame-game. You have to go beyond what you have achieved so far, and that would only be possible when you work hard further to win an individual WORLD TITLE. You need to have that to become a REAL PRIDE FOR THE NATION. Please take yourself off from the media fame and WORK HARD TOWARDS YOUR GAME ONLY.

  17. Karim Dilawar says:

    Hi Aisam,

    Just wanted to know if you were to vote right now…who would you like to see as PM of Pakistan?

  18. Bilal Anwar says:

    AOA Aisam….We are so proud of you brother…May Allah give you more success and may you keep making us proud. We love you !!!!
    Thank you and keep spreading positivity around the world about PAKISTAN!!

  19. Bintulislam says:

    Excellent selection of words…

  20. I don’t really have much to say except keep up the good work :)

  21. Tehmina says:

    Dear Aisam, congratulations on your and your partners’ amazing performance in the US Open. As a Pakistani in New York, I was so proud to see you make it to the finals of the doubles events. Your remarks at the end were also so well said. Thanks for lifting our morale, and good luck with your future endeavours, we will certainly be cheering for you!

  22. bilal says:

    THANKS for bringing smiles on the faces of all pakistanis!!! you gave us hope and made us proud!!! keep it up!!

  23. 1) what do you intend to do after tennis not talking singing or marriage or acting in lollywood during the tennis career but after tennis?

    2) what do you make of pakistan’s sport scene?

    3)what do you think of young players in your sport in comparison with other sports and in other countries?

    4) do you think you will become a sports writer afterwards or is that written for you?

    5) have you ever played at gymkhanas what do you make of admissions on to tennis courts

    6) at your university – you played tennis i assume what do you think now looking back?

    7) what you do make of your impact on tennis do you think kids will want to take it or will they drift after you quit pro tennis like squash champs – the khans jehangir or jansher khan in squash?

    8) when do you think tennis will be able to get a dubai golf – $1million dollar prize type for dubai or asia?

  24. Alena says:

    Aisam! I have always loved tennis but missed Pakistan in the sport! And finally you have filled the void! Loved every bit of your play! Do more! Unlike Pakistan’s majority of media, I and many others will be by your side through thick and thin! Cause u made us proud :D All the Bessst!

  25. Murtuza Babrawala says:

    Excellent Aisam:

    You have played and performed well. You have done well to show the World that Pakistan and India can be friends and work well with each other. Our politicians have failed us with respect to positive India and Pakistan relationship. Would you do something alongwith you partner Bhopana to show in either India or Pakistan that our countries can live and develop as good neigbours? on Facebook on Facebook