Osama is Dead: You have to have your say

Osama is Dead: You have to have your say

Osama Bin Laden had become a house hold name post 9/11. He will also probably go down in history as the most popular “Most Wanted” personality of all times. Now that the tall and lanky, 60 something man carrying around a kidney dialysis machine in his old age is dead, will the World become a safer place?

Irrespective of who you are and where you’re from, this man has probably impacted your life in both subtle and obvious ways. The acts of this man and his followers have put Muslims around the World and especially in Pakistan, in a very precarious situation. There is no doubt about the fact that the death of Osama Bin Laden marks a significant achievement for the “War against terror”. However, the manner in which Osama has been killed and the place where he was finally discovered raises many awkward questions for Pakistan.

As long as Osama Bin Laden has been in the news, you’ve heard different stories about him, his motives, his sinister plans and what not. What are your thoughts on Osama bin Laden, his life, his death and the likely aftermath of all the events that have taken place leading up to his death. Has justice been delivered or has the World paid too heavy a price for the “Most Wanted” man of all times?


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248 Responses to “Osama is Dead: You have to have your say”

  1. Khan Rashid says:

    Finally we see the end of a long and well planned and executed stage drama. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US needed an enemy to fight against and serve the purpose of globalizing US military intervention. Whereever they wanted to go they created this war on terror drama and started military action there. One act of the drama has ended, now the second act has started. Lets see where do they take the “War on Terror” now…………

  2. Praveen says:

    This is the height of corruption. Pakistani people do not deserve it. It is only because of cheap politics and corruption.
    I sincerely hope that these events will bring out an Anna Hazzare in Pakistan. I hope and wish that Pakistan is able to come out this troubled time.

  3. FA Hussain says:

    What a shame. Billions of $$$’s spent on the Pakistani Military at the expense of education, health care etc., and they could not even detect a foreign intrusion lasting 40 minutes. I’m sure both India and Israel are intently studying this situation. Question is…who is minding the nukes???

  4. It’s unusually foreseeable that a variety of these enjoying Bin Laden’s dying also are so delusional as to be stating such things as, “America is the freest country on the planet.” Price of 9/11? Hundreds of thousand tops. Expense of hunting down Bin Laden? We’re bankrupt. Which was his stated goal. In death, he is nonetheless successful.

  5. Jim walker says:

    Now that it seems the Pakistan military had no clue about four American choppers dropping in uninvited into a town with a military academy and three regiments and they had no clue, I am now thinking the pk military and isi had nothing to do with the Mumbai attacks. That needed some smarts to pull off

  6. Ryan (USA) says:

    I am deeply sorry that Osama was found to be living in Pakistan. This period between our two countries would be much simpler if he was found at a camp west of the border. It is also very troubling for Pakistan that he was able to live there for so long indicating that he had a network of support. Regardless if Osama’s support was sponsored by the government or not, the fact that the Military and Civil Authorities have allowed for this network to exist threatens the stability of Pakistan as a democracy. The founder of this very News Paper would not be too pleased. I use to work from time to time with some Pakistanis on some pretty difficult and sensitive issues, and I have never work with better or more compassionate people. Don’t loose your faith, don’t loose your identity as a nation, stand up to those who are trying to erode your democracy, they will back down when they see that you are many.

  7. Mirza Obaid says:

    its been very good if osama bin ladan is no more but many Q are spinning in my mind the mysterious person and after his death he is still mysterious y American govt. not showing the picture and video of d osama’s body?if that operation was done by American govt as they are saying then how they came into such no fly zone area y they were not restricted by the Pakistani army?on the side they says that osama was in that compound since last august how it is possible that such wanted person do such kind of a mistake by remaining in one place for such a long time?Mr. Obama is on tv saying osama is no more and now more then two days no pic or video of the Bin ladan’ body is given to the media?media war by American’s govt is too fast they get their target take his body with them and buried him to sea in no time but if we go to the past if America get their any most wanted person they shown to d media first for the long time ?but they did do this now?

  8. Jin says:

    I still commend the ISI and the Army. For 10 years the deceit worked and billions of dollars flowed in. Alas! all good things must come to an end. But wait, there is still the nuclear card to be played. Keep the billions flowing and the Army and ISI will prevent the terrorists from over running the country and seize the nuclear weapons. These americans are sure suckers. Let us suck them for all that we can get. Know that if they dont need Pakistan they will throw us like yesterdays garbage.

  9. The reported killing of Osmama Bin Laden in Abbottabadh Pakistan is not quite justice.
    Justice if it is then by whose standards? The summary execution of a man and a religion
    demonised in a popular media controlled by one side and suffered by others is no standard to go by.

    Osama was cultivated and nurtured by the US when convenient for the US. He turned on them when the Soviets had departed Afghanistan. But that was the result of the US’s and west’s ignorance of and their naievete when it came to firebrand Islam of the Saudi and Afghan variety.

    Pakistan on the other hand cannot now complain. There is precedent for these types of raids at international law although illegal. Osirak Irak remains one outstanding example of pre emptive action against an enemy. No one complained loud enough then for any punitive sanctions against Israel then.

    Today the then silent nations like Pakistan reap what they sowed with their silence in the face of such unilateral unlawful action. Entebbe was the other. But the circumstances there were slightly different.

    There was South Africa’s Apartheid regime entering the frontline states in ‘search and destroy’ or hot pursuit missions. All of this was tolerated by the west and by their allies including Pakistan.

    We do not know if Ben Laden actually even lived in that place in Abbotabadh. He could well have died a long time ago. Nothing is credible in the form of information or evidence when it comes out from the USA. To question their position is to invit the insult of being a ‘conspiracy theorist’. There are already retractions and changes to the ‘facts’ as first put out by the White House.

    Thee are some very big gaps in the story. Two Helicopters with a range so big it could get into northern Pakistan (from Afghanistan) back again after being detected without being intercepted and without Pakistani forces knowing of their breach into Pak airspace is pure fantasy.

    They must have flown in and out via Indian territory and perhaps even stopped over there briefly. The distances otherwise make such a flight impossible.

    To take Ben Laden’s corpse then to the Arabian sea would have required flying over Pakistani territory. Unlikely, after news of the event had distilled through. Again using Indian territory was the only other plausible solution. Take a look at the maps to solve this problem.

    If the west could have killed Ghadaffi’s son and grandchildren with impunity why could they not have gone after Pakistan’s leaders if they objected? something smells here. There must have been complicity within the army (not that thats wrong if it was in Pakistan’s interests) and the US must have known otherwise they deserve the tragedies that befall them for being incompetent.

    Gopal Raj Kumar

  10. Ilias says:

    I hope Osama’s death will end terrorism as we know it, but I’m not so sure about that…

  11. Ahmad Laeeq says:

    This is a slap on the face of ISI and the Government of President Zardari. President Obama was watching all the activity from his Whiate Hose command room in real time and our administration was sleeping or may be dividing the cabinet seats. Americans came and picked up their target from the back yard of their military Academy. No one was able to find out. The news was given by the foreign president and our authorities were in their political wrestling. What is next? they will come and destroy our nuclear facilities or may be we will find our nuclear bombs in the Smithsonian museum for the public viewing. Shame on the ISI and the government. This is a day of embarrasment and humilitation for Pakistan all over the world. We living in foreigh countries have no face to show our neighbors and coworkers. We are so weak and impotent in our inteligence, god bless Pakistan. Did any talk show host demanded resignation of the ISI head or the Prime minister Gilani? We are so used to humiliation that no one can humiliate us any more.

  12. Khan says:

    My name is Pakistan and I am not Terrorist State or into Harboring Terrorists.

  13. aghastone says:

    Shame on you. There will be dire consequences.

  14. OK, it’s all over. The military finally got Bin Laden. A chapter finished for us living in the United States.

  15. George says:

    Even Osama is not safe in Pakistan. What’s up with ISI? It has been taking dollars from US to hunt down Osama and from Osama to keep him safe from US. ISI has disappointed both of them.

    Under General Kiyani, Pakistan Army has surrendered to rag-tag Taliban , the native women being flogged by barbarians , Shias & Ahmediyas & Christians have been butchered at will, Raymond Davis got away after killing two pakistanis in Pakistan .

    Now the question is , has Pakistan seen its lowest under General Kiyani’s watch or is there more to come ?

    How many more terrorists are being shielded and protected by Kiyani and Pasha? Will they give them up and restore some honor to Pakistan or US will have to hunt them down on it’s own?

  16. Imran says:

    the main people commenting are Indians. Surpise surprise.

  17. Muhammad says:

    Our nation as a whole and our establishment in particular should now realize that we are living in a global village we are not living in Mehmood Ghaznavi era we have to leave the policy of terrorism once and for all and we should endeavour to eradicate all sort of extremism from our society. We have fifth largest army in the world and if we want to go Hangu (a KPK city) we have to go first to Afghanistan we cannot even go to our own city directly from Peshawar due to terrorists attacks, which is totally unacceptable what is our army is doing they cannot even make a road save for her own people due to fear of terrorist?

  18. WorldCitizen says:

    I believe Bin Laden was under house arrest by the ISI and was being used as a bargaining chip when the time was right. The good citizens of Pak should not be ashamed by their government’s deception. US did the right thing by swooping in and killing him. I hope you can take your country back from these corrupt “officials” and have the peaceful and profitable future so many of you deserve. As for the hate mongers in your country – they will soon see that God does not approve of wanton bombings and murders based on opposing religious views.

  19. sid says:

    how only osma is responsible for all terrorism happening on this globe………. but if we people can see and analylize only americcan armies are everywhere causing huge homicide… r we insane or wat?

  20. In conclusion, justice has been served. We’ll in no way forget our beloved ones and individuals lost on the horrible event from September eleventh. Additionally although Osama may be no longer, the battle against terrorism carries on. Let us commemorate the occasion, yet let’s in no way forget. God Bless us Every one.

  21. Max says:

    Either Pakistan has the worst intelligence service on the planet or OBL was being sheltered.
    Which is it? Probably a bit of both

    • trrao says:

      To give a benifit of doubt to Pakistan ISI and army is only for giving a way out. Everybody in the game knows they protect all the key persons wanted by other nations. Otherwise their bargaining position is lost for the umpteen billions of dollar aid they are getting from west. Everybody is afraid of telling the truth. The ISI is one of the finest organisation no less than the CIA or erstwhile KGB.

  22. Nasrat Baloch says:

    Osama or no Osama; will this world now ever see peace???????????????

  23. Ramesh says:

    Friends as far as it is about Paki government should be ashamed of them yes but for the reason why they not protesting this incident just because to get more aid… But this is also a fact that it is all plot by CIA at the time when Paki government asked them to leave their country and election in US is at door step so it was the right time to do this.. US has ruined sovereignty of Pakistan many time and this time is the limit.. They did jam the radar system and did this operation to prove their statements and continue operation in Pakistan. It will also give boost to Obama’s government to win next election… Fruit for thought……

    • Imran says:

      interesting to see how very few Pakistanis like me, are even commenting on any site at all. there are more comments on Sky News from Westerners than anyone on any Pakistani newspaper site combined in total. Perhaps the reason why is that the Western Governements like to keep their population under fear (read The Popcorn Effect by Faith Popcorn) whereas the general Pakistani population of over 160million people just hasnt been fed all this nonsense. The fact is Al Quaede never existed and neither did bin laden. This whole thing is a stunt to save Obama in which Zadari is 100% complict in organising it so Obama looks like a hero. US will never openly attack Pakistan because of the “special” friend arrangment between these two corrupt governments.

  24. joshila says:

    all one can say is that is is pathetic news for pakistan.the innocent civilains will find it hard to digest that osama bin-laden was living in a mansion without the help of ISI and the government.his 8 times bigger mansion was build under the guidance of elite in the army but that was backfire,as a big mansion is hard to go unnoticed.there was when the culprits commit mistake.but,only a man has died,an ideology to spill blood hasn’t.instead he should’ve invested in making hospitals,schools,roads(he himself was a civil engineer).the people would’ve remembered him more if he spreaded peace!!!

  25. Ramesh says:

    Immad I agree with you 100% as this is most possible fact…but if you read other comments it is sad that people are so bias when it is about Pakistan they even don’t want to be rational at all….

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