Pakistan vs India: You have to have your say

Pakistan vs India: You have to have your say

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No matter where you are, just as long as you’re tuned in to the live coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 India vs Pakistan semi-final, here is your chance to provide your analysis, set the field, live commentate, share pictures and videos, predict the outcome of the match and have your say as Pakistan takes on India in what promises to be a cracking showdown.

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The prospect itself is so hot that it does not require you to employ the art of phrasing and utilise your gift of gab in order to have your say, but have your say you must because its Pakistan versus India and the cricket fever doesn’t get any hotter than this! This is exactly why we at would like to invite you to have your say and let it out your way regarding the biggest event, need I say, bigger than the World Cup final that the cricket crazy world is about to witness.

You can send us your critical analysis in the form of a blog post ( or shout out in a comment. You can also tweet at us @dawn_com or leave your comments on our Facebook page and we will feature it here along with all the other contributions from our readers. We’ll be challenging our own producers to come up with interesting content on the epic event to be held in the near future but we want you to have your say as well.  Compose a song, make a webcam video cheering your team, or send us an audio visual slideshow! Do something and we’ll put it up for the world to see.

The internet has become an intense driving force in modern times as recent events have shown. Fuelled by the voices of the online population, this time around Pakistan vs India is bigger than ever! So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to have your say, your way, and let it rip. However, we do advise you, for the sake of “good sportsmanship” to refrain from the “free and frank exchanges of views on female relatives” which has always been an essential part of the India-Pakistan rivalry, as alluded to by Cricinfo.

P.S. Our friends from across the border are equal contributors to debates on our website, so let us be insightful towards content vouching India triumphing over Pakistan and not forget that as fans, what we’re really celebrating is the spirit of cricket.

P.P.S. The winner of this competition (it’s not really a competition, it’s just an opportunity for you to rant out whichever way you want) will get the chance to watch the Pakistan vs India Semi-Final of the ICC World Cup 2011 live on our competitor’s television channel!

The views expressed by the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

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Featured Comments

Taimur Sikander says, “This is what Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik had to say about the Pakistan-India semi-final on March 30: “I had given a warning yesterday (Sunday) that there should be no match fixing. This time I am watching it very closely. If any such thing happens, we will take action,” Malik told reporters in Karachi Monday.

“They should continue the practice and go to bed early, rise up according to their schedule and dedicate themselves to the game for Pakistan,” he added.

Mr Malik, we are also watching you very closely. Go to bed early, eat your cereal and focus on your job.

We’re sure it must be a tough job, picking out the right tie and handkerchief combination.

It is understood that you have since called and apologised to Pakistan’s captain, Shahid Afridi about your earlier remarks.

“A section of (the) press has twisted my statement out of context, and wrongly projected my words,” Malik posted on Twitter, Monday night.

You know what they say about those who speak too much…

P.S. The people do in fact trust the players more than they trust you, as is being said by many a Pakistani politician.”

Shagufta Naaz sent us a short piece titled “War Games”:

“‘Pakistan and India go to war in the semi-final’ screams the headline of a leading Urdu daily (incidentally, one of the same group that has been shouting itself hoarse in the pursuit of Hope for Peace). “It’s war!” say my friends as they gear up in green T-shirts (the price of which keeps rising as the date of the match draws closer). “It’s war!” state all the commentators, analysts and of course, the ubiquitous morning show hosts. Oh yes, a match between India and Pakistan can never be just that: a game between two teams; thanks to over 60 years of a very complex, painful history, any meeting in the ground is seen as yet another encounter with the enemy. It’s not just cricket, it’s war.

Excuse me, but am I the only one who finds this casual use of the ‘W’ word distasteful? Yes, winning against India is a matter of pride and honour (or so they say), more so even than winning against the Aussies, even though it was an Australian who called our captain ‘idiotic.’ What would our reaction have been if an Indian had said that I wonder?

But to come back to the impending semi-final, feelings are running high on both sides of the border — and even further ashore. Students studying abroad report that fights between Pakistani and Indian students erupt daily on campuses, even before the two sides have come together in the ground. These are kids, many of whom may not even have seen their ‘homeland.’ Certainly none of them lived through the horrors of Partition, the trials of the ’65 and ’71 wars or perhaps even the tense days of Kargil. So where is all this anger coming from?

Perhaps all Pakistanis are born with an anti-India gene; perhaps Indians too have an anti-Pakistan gene; and perhaps venting this anger at a cricket match is better than taking it out in a more deadly manner. But just for the record — war is about death, destruction and unimaginable misery. A cricket match is about fun, excitement and, if we’re lucky, a reason to celebrate. Let’s try to keep the difference clear.”

Comments on Facebook

Chinmay Sharma says, “Many ppl have said that this is just a game but lets be reasonable it is actually a war on sports field. India and Pakistan are playing after 4 years. It doesn’t mean that ppl will kill each other but its a kind of satisfying frustration of an uneasy relationship like tom and jerry. So far but so close.”

Muhammad Hasan says,  “Clash of rivals, but with manners and ethics. :) bats not guns, balls not artilary crackers.”

Raahil Faraaz says, “There is huge excitement over the match and we are all looking forward to a great game of cricket that will be a victory for sport. It gives me great pleasure to invite all pakistani to visit Mohali and join us and the millions of fans from our two countries to watch the match.”

Zia Ullah Akhunzada says, “It ll be more than a cricket match.Pressure will be on both teams.A great chance for Pakistan to take the 1996 revenge.”

Tweets @dawn_com

Anjum_y tweeted, “I hope India and Pak cricket fans keep in mind they r playing Gentleman’s game semifinal. Let the sportsman spirit prevail please.”

RishadShaikh tweeted, “I have to admit, I am guilty of Youtubing Shoaib Akhtar’s crazy yorkers against Dravid and Tendulkar in hope of a repeat spell!”

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742 Responses to “Pakistan vs India: You have to have your say”

  1. Ram says:

    Let us look at it like a game and compliment each other. Hope both teams do well. Hope this match mitigates the past enimity and the future bitterness if any.
    Welcome the Paki brothers. Hope our guys show the best of our hopitality.

  2. Khurram S Khawaja says:

    This is only a game. There will be a winner and a loser….let the sporting spirit win!

  3. karunakar says:

    I am a regular reader of Dawn-and in it I get an old world charm and values of my generation. I do not get it any Indian newspaper.
    Though Indian i wish Pakistan wins this match – not an unpatriotic wish-they need some good news in the country.

  4. Luqman B. says:

    I am a Pakistani and wish to see a good and close match of cricket full of exciting moments. In
    the end, it should remain what it is – a match of cricket.

    If it can opens ways for diplomatic dialogs and friendship then go ahead and have more of it.

    Ofcourse, I support Pakistani team and will be excitedly reading cricinfo commentary. Hope to see a last spark of Shoaib Akhtar. But I hope something good aouses from this visit to India

  5. Strawberry Shortcake says:

    Tik Tok on the clock!…Pulse racing…heart beating……Go Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeens!
    Love You Team Pakistan!

    • Strawberry Shortcake says:

      And….can the Indian media please please please stop negative portrayal of the Pakistan cricket team…..all that crap about using black stones for practice and some minister saying the match is fixed….can we, for once, have a peaceful, non-controversial match?

      • Sheeba says:

        Exactly! That is what required from the Indian media. Pakistan cricketers are not that weak that they need to use these kind of techniques or negativity of any sort.

  6. Capt Prabhat Sharma says:

    Dear All,

    I trust the writers in this Blog realise that they have a readership they cannot dream of, just because of this match tomo. There is a very large readership of this blog and many are writing in it too. There is a lot of baiting taking place on this blog. Please don’t fall for it and go on a tangent and populate this blog with negative comments about the other team or country. This is simply a game of cricket, which has its origin as Gentleman’s game. Basically we (Indians and Pakistanis) are the same people, from the same stock and there is a lot of cultural affinity between our two countries. Use this occasion to say something positive to each other. You will have something fond to remember after this game is over, your positive contribution towards peace and friendship. Those of you, who can watch this game with members of the other community, pls do so. There may not be such a chance coming soon again. I will be going out to Dinner tomo night with my Pakistani friends to celebrate the game of Cricket. This match has given us a reason to come close, grab it with both hands.

    Wishing you all a great and enjoyable match.

  7. Ajay,Mumbai says:

    Relax guies!
    we sd nt play word war here!
    this is just a cricket match between two great nations.
    we sd respect players of each others country bcoz somehow they are also human being just like we are! wat ever d outcome of match,we have to take it sportingly and behave normaly wid d loosing team!
    I hope sporting spirit and brotherhood between two nation will prevail for indefinit time in coming days so we can walk holding each other hands to the glory of peace and superiority in d world!

    • Anjum_Y says:

      Not sure why don’t we see similar messages on Indian blogs or media from Indians ?
      Thanks for your thoughts.

  8. Aki says:

    Its good to see love between two nations. this is not a battle this just a entertainment. I pray for both Pakistan and India. i Wish match will tie and both captains hug each other with happiness and love. India u r well come Pakistan is always with you lets be together and live together.


    • suneal says:

      Aqeel the compliment right back at you. It is people of your calibre that whitewashes all bad language used on youtube after all there are very good people in Pakistan. Thank you. we have given our tickets to our guests.

  9. Jaswinder says:

    I believe Umar Gul factor is the only difference in this game, if he strike Pak will win and if he fails to do Pak will loose.
    he is the only fast bowler in this world cup, whose performance is mind blowing in this world cup.

    • Sheeba says:

      but Indian batsmen are way better than the Pakistan batsmen! and when Indian bowling is taken into account, they have Zaheer Khan as the main seamer, who is the leading wicket taker after Afridi.

  10. Nilesh says:

    It is always a serious discussion when there is cricket match betn those two teams. As of today both are performing great. I would say it’s start to FRIENDSHIP betn two nations. All are seeking for peace & happiness.
    Lets join together to support the Game of friendship. No matter who win, it’s a game.
    Top polititions from both the countries will witness the game. Cricketers, you are the representatives from both the sides. Give a massage of trueness, team work & intigrity.
    No matter who will win, but let our leader understand that it is not a WAR. It is a just game of FRIENDSHIP.


  11. Mohammed Kamal Uddin says:

    Pakistani players are highly talented and gifted. They can make any team sweat and cry. They can break the backbone of any team and kill them point blank. They have got enormous ability, but the point is if they can match their ability and willingness. Let’s pray that the Pakistani players offer their best on March 30 to make the contest an exciting and memorable one.

    Kamal, Dhaka

  12. hari says:

    we admire determination of Pak. despite losing 3 quality players, they are challenging india and even may possibly win.
    best wishes to both teams. may the best team win. but pl. play sportingly.
    let not an ugly event hang our head in shame in front of PMs of both countries.

  13. rashid zaidi says:

    I am an old Pakistani, who has met Indian players like Bedi and Gavasker and other on their tour of Pakistan. The Indians are great people one of the oldest civilazation on earth. We are all made of the same cast with variation that makes us different and diverse. I live abroad and only watch cricket when India and Pakistan play. There are no two teams that create so much buzz. Almost 1/4 of humanity is involved. May the best team win. I like some of the comments by Indian writers some are passionate yet others are outright compassionate. We need to see beyond our differences and make our countries more friendlier.
    Let the bigger and more able one begin the process of doing that by being generous and by burying the past there young people on both sides of the border who want to change the old order.
    It will be an exciting game to watch at 2AM in the morning. Good luck!

  14. Mohan says:

    As much as I would be happy if India wins, I wish Pakistan wins this time and goes on to win the world cup.

    This is probably a wild idea, but I think this will somehow help create new euphoria in Pakistan. If the people of Pakistan start believing in Pakistan again, may be they will more effectively counter all the centrifugal forces within. Which in turn is good for everyone! Pakistan needs it more than India does, at this point.

  15. Ali Shivshanker says:

    Namaste and As salaam walequm to all my Hindus and Muslim brothers and sisters. Let’s the game of cricket bring US closer than ever. Only one team can win the match but both teams have won our hearts already. We were living together, we were one why can’t we. Where did it all started and when will it ever end? How difficult it is to understand that before we are Hindus or Muslims, WE are HUMANS.

    Love you all……willing to do anything to see US together!!!

    Khuda Hafez and Ram Ram

  16. Jamshed Azmi says:

    Tragedy is that we are our own worst enemy. What motivation and inspiration when a senior politican states that he has ‘called the team and warned them against match fixing’ and the most ‘respectable’ newspaper in the country promptly prints it.
    Make no mistake about it all the pressure is on India. Despite the heavy heartedness that would be associated with any defeat to India ( leave alone in a world cup semifinal) – this Pakistan team had already exceeded expectations on all counts. India is the number one test and number two one day team globally which is a tangible and statistically derived ranking. – They are expected to win.
    Pakistans biggest struggle will be playing in front a crowd where they have nil support – something they have never experienced before not even in previous appearances in India.
    Hats off guys, stick to basics, and enjoy yourselves. The best team tomorrow will win.

  17. Aftab Kenneth Wilson says:

    Good opportunity to rebuild the broken bridges. Just few years back both countries were so cordial on visits from both sides of the border. We love to see those relationships back. I hope both teams will give the best which they have. One has to reach finals. India has a better batting line-up so do we have a better bowing line-up. My God, what a match it will be. Temperatures are already very high and both are considering it as a final match. I hope all goes well. Good luck to both teams. Cup should remain in Asia. Yes, we would love to see Pakistan as winners but once again one has to go packing back. Good gesture shown by the Indian PM by inviting his counterpart in Mohali. All eyes are only focused on the match so allow me to remain focused.

  18. Ajay says:

    Lovely to see positive comments from both sides, i wish good luck to both the sides. I am indian and obviously i support my team, i think it is foolish to predict a fav. in this contest because even a weak team will try to give 200% for their country. any team holds the nerve will emerge winner.

    • Sheeba says:

      Actually it will just be a pressure game; the team who has more ability to cope up with the pressure will win the game, its not about the talent only. So, some of the players who are better in ranking might perform lesser and some who are not top level players may boost up.

  19. mallik says:

    Its just another game, get to work!

  20. hirni says:

    want a nail biting game but india wins in the end…match should not be one should have finish like sharzah cup when javed mian dad hit boundry..this time it should be our yuvi:)

  21. Praveen says:

    This is a great rivalry… very positive and friendly…cool to see. I believe India looks good on paper, Pakistan has played consistently well in the tournament. Both are very good teams. Now it is a matter of time of the day.. how it turns out. Five overs in the game could change the outcome. Irrespective of the outcome…it is going to be a greatly inspired game! Go guys! Win for friendship between India and Pakistan. A tie would be awesome initial outcome…I know eventually it would have to be decided. I would be happy if Pakistan wins.. lakin host ka bhi to kuch lihaaz karna chahiye… :) Get one for Sachin…the face of good cricket for many years!

  22. Mac says:

    It will not be 1 sided match for sure. India will start as favoraites and will end it as favourates for WC final.

  23. Humayun Irshad says:

    Very positive comments from the Indian masses. People of both countries want peace and harmony. Cricket is a game, let it to be a game; Source of cheer and fun. For sure we will enjoy this encounter. However, we the people of Pakistan will also welcome the Indian team to come to Pakistan and play here.

    For Kashif comments, Rahman Malik himself is a fix man, don you know the character of this man and his companions. Whatever they do themselves, also expect that everybody may do this. So relax and let them bark on our heroes.

  24. bash says:

    i only wish it not ot be a one sided match…the excitement shall last till the last ball :)
    best of luck to both teams especially Pakistan ;)

  25. KJ says:

    I’m positive that India will win convincingly..there will be no drama…India will bat second and will win by 4 wickets with 3 overs to spare…No forgiveness…
    But one thing for sure, this match is definitely not fixed..both team are sincere in their efforts..but indian team is way too ahead…have fun…

    • Sarfraz says:

      Pakistan is tough team.. esp with their recent performance.. but Indian should be cool and be able to handle the pressure on Facebook on Facebook