Pakistan and the way forward

Pakistan and the way forward

With August 14 approaching fast, would like to know your thoughts on Pakistan and the way forward.

In your opinion, what should be done today to fix the many problems Pakistan faces?

Please give your answer in one sentence along with your name, age, location and profession to qualify for the survey.


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259 Responses to “Pakistan and the way forward”

  1. Mohammad Merchant says:

    Pakistan require a public revolution like Iran.People of all folks of life are corrupt.

  2. Mohammed Fiaz Younis says:

    The problem with Pakistan is the corruption in ALL political parties, and Government Institutions, Police, Customs & Excise, etc etc, and please don’t tell me that it doesn’t happen because it has happened to me while i have been there, no matter who they are, I live in the UK, but can see that things have not changed since i have been going back to my family home, in the past 20 years, still the same politicians in office, still the education system is not up to international standards.
    Stop relying on handouts from foreign countries eg US, UK, NATO etc.
    Pakistan is a great and proud country, but it has long gone off the path that our founding father envisaged.
    Kashmir needs to be sorted out once and for all, peace and free trade with India is a must, after all we all have family that still live in India.
    Fiaz Younis

  3. A.Bajwa says:

    Pakistan has quite a few things to do:

    1. Regularization of the economy

    2. Professionalize bureaucracy

    3. Upgrade teachers one grade above the bureaucrats.

    4. Computerize the government machinery to make it transparent.

    5. Activate the Parliament and Judiciary

    6. Divide provinces into more units and transfer more powers to local governments.

    7. Encourage Kashmiris to take Kosovo route.

    8. Encourage Pashtoons to sort out their differences.

    9. Encourage all institutions to be financially self sufficient.

  4. jabbar kazmi says:

    i will quote the great chairman mao … Unite the messes to fight the few ….these few include corrupt political leaders. Worst of the lot are so called religious leaders mullahs ….the only way to fight mullah virus is educating people giving them courage to ask questions… Otherwise this mullah plague will eat up the whole nation……we need radical solution bit like Chinese cultural revolution….educate people and give them power. Get rid of mullah culture and waderaism,,…then we will rise like a united nation….a powerful nation… Pakistan zindabaad
    jabbar kazmi,
    sialkoti in UK
    associate engineer electronics

  5. Syed Ali says:

    One and Only solution:
    1. Implement the rules ” OMAR’s LAW” hazrat Umar’Razi Allah unho’s Law all thing will settled. There will be no complain of injustice and every one in living in peace and the country will increase its GDP.

    2. In result you have good scoiety foe every person of state and good opportunity of work of every person of state.

    3. Live Long Pakistan

  6. Maqsood says:

    Agreed with what is said by others. Want to add one more thing, We need to develop a strong sense of Nationalism amongst ourselves, which probably has been vanished. We should be calling us Pakistanis and not ‘muhajirs, sindhis, pushtoons or punjabis’.

  7. Ram Tirath Sharma says:

    5 Points to note in order of priority for Pakistan’s Independence day on August 14

    1. Peace treaty with India will cut the defence budget by half and keep on talking about Kashmir.
    2. Overhaul of your education system.
    3. Keep religion for spiritual purposes only and close all those schools that teach hatred towards others.
    4. Land Reforms are a must.
    5. Free trade and travel with India will help Pakistan economically when millions of Hindus travel to their sacred places in Pakistan. Exchange rate 1 Indian rupee = 2 Pakistani rupees.

    • Mohammed A. Sukhera (USA) says:

      If India wants a peace treaty with Pakistan it has to come to terms with Kashmiri people, grant them independence and respect the human rights every Kashmiri deserves. Over a quarter million Kashmiri people have been killed by Indian security forces in the last 64 years. Pakistan wants this mayhem and slaughter of innocent people to stop. Pakistan has been negotiating with India in good faith for the past 64 years. The fact is India does not want to resolve the issue insisting that it’s an integral part of India. We can’t have normal relations with India until Kashmir problem is resolved. Indian military commanders have been threatening to nuke Pakistan. India must understand that Pakistan has the capability to defend itself.

  8. Mohammed A. Sukhera (USA) says:

    Things would not change for the country unless we change the economic system. Government owned/operated major enterprises are the real problems. They are losing milliions of dollars annually. We can’t contnue funding these enterprises by borrowing from foreign countries. The Way forward is to sell these (PIA, textile mills, Wapda, Railways, Post office, banks, insurance companies etc) to private companies and payoff foreign debts.

  9. Rana says:

    As a nation we all should give love and respect to each other. especially all our instititure parliment , judiciary, army consider all citizens equal.

  10. ahmer says:

    implementation of khilafah……..there will be no discrimination in cast,creed,colour,race all the muslims will be one ummah as in the past during the regime of khilafat….we have ruled the world for more then thousand years during th regime of we should learn from the past….

  11. atique ahmed says:

    I agree with Tariq of USA. its very simple,Join Imran Khan’s “JAAG UTHO” campaign and vote for Imran Khan’s Party in the next General Election. Hoping elections will not be rigged.

  12. Nasir says:

    Need to separate religion from politics and give regard to humans. It should not matter to which religion one belongs. We cannot implement Islamic laws until we adopt Islamic values, that we surely do not have.

  13. R.Kannan says:

    I think the fundamental problem affecting South Asia is that we have a feudal system with economic & political power concentrated with an elite. The key to overcoming this is to have better local self govts as local problems need local solutions. A centralised or regionalised govt is too far removed from the problem & offers elitist solutions. If the government operates at the vilage or mohallah levels, that is when local problems get speedy resolutions and the only issue becomes protection of minority rights & opinions. Much of the problems we see, including areas like Baluchistan or the Maoist affected areas in India, arise from a sense of deprivation as the resources are used but benefits to local populace low. Mixing issues like religion with governance is not the solution as history has repeatedly shown no corelation between good governance 7 religious beliefs.

  14. rubiya says:


  15. Sarfraz says:

    Education: Educate the masses with single education system abolish seminaries. Only education can transform

  16. Abdullah says:

    education, education and education!

    Walk around the bazars of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and you’ll feel that the people really need an education (How to behave, how to talk, how to walk, telling the truth, etc,etc). education and literacy are two different things so the two must not be confused.

  17. Sarfraz says:

    Educate the masses. Change your education system with all children receiving one kind of education Close Seminaries. Bring women together with men.

  18. Habib Khan says:

    Its good to see that so many concerned Pakistanies r showing there concerns, it is commendable. Am sure there r many millions having the same sentiments. The way forward is there, but will take time ( as we all know ) commitment and dedication. Look at the history, all Nations have come up with period of time.
    Our country needs :
    1) Education : so people can elect the right person (as the rulers will reflect the nation)
    2) Accountability : Laws r there but NO implementation
    3) Sincerity : which is all most negligible.
    4) Health : healthy nation means healthy country.
    The list goes on and on……

    Habib Khan

  19. Hindu says:

    Separate religion with state.
    Equal rights for all citizens.
    Ban on preaching hate against another religions and war mongers.
    Strict laws for people destabilising Pakistan or another nations.

  20. Tariq Khan says:

    Ruthless accountability across the board, vertically and horizontally. Punish all those involved in steeling public money and corruption according to strict punishment in Sharia. Make them example for the rest of society. Just as a cancer affected limb is amputated to save one’s life, similarly the corrupt in the society needs to be removed to save the Nation and our great country from complete destruction.

    Tariq Khan, 47
    IT Consultant
    Sydney, Australia

  21. A Nasim says:

    I agree with most of what has been said above. Separate religion from politics and the educational system……get rid of illiterate mullahs, corrupt politicians, corrupt army generals, rewrite our history, make peace with neighbors on a priority basis, rewrite our foreign policy, speedy and examplary justice and equal rights for all provinces, citizens and minorities. This is a long wish list and I wish Pakistan the best on this coming August 14!!

    • shahzad says:

      i agree . As soon as religion is removed from business of the state and politics everyone will see the difference. Human rights should be the ultimate aim of the state.

  22. Abed Ali says:

    Get the civil g\government to have full control over the Army and ISI. Shut down Madraasas that preach violence.

  23. Trueman says:

    Profession: Engineer
    Age: 32

    Pakistan is going through the dark ages as did the Europe and Usa. All aspects of corruption, un-rest and in-stability in our society resemble what nations across the globe have faced in history. The sad thing is we as a nation are very illiterate on both religious as well as civic grounds. Therefore we are bound to under go these sufferings for at least a decade more. To be honest there is no one line solution to Pakistan, to start with lets us pray that we as a nation come up united,with a clear and distinct line towards the notions of who we are? and what we want to be? and let us hope when we do get these answers finally, we still have a country with us, known as Pakistan!

  24. Land of Indus says:

    Follow the genius and vision of Mr. Jinnah who founded Pakistan on the basis of secularism and democracy.

  25. Wasim says:

    Publicly punish/execute all corrupt “leaders”. With them here – nothing is possible.
    Bring land reforms and abolish all feudalism and slavery.
    Make peace with India – give up Kashmir. Open up the borders and allow free trade and seek help from them in education and technology.
    Make the Justice System clean and supreme.
    Transfer all of the defense budget to primary education, research & development and health care.
    Get rid of all discriminatory policies and make merit supreme. There should be no borders with a country.

    Name: Wasim
    Age: 29
    Profession: Software
    Location: Islamabad

    • rubiya says:

      awesome idea!this is the realistic solution,to uproot all the problems of Pakistan.make peace and harmony with neighbor(read India),and cutting all the defense budget,transferring it for health care & education sector. on Facebook on Facebook