Justice, finally?

Justice, finally?

Justice delayed in some cases isn’t always denied. After a year since the senseless and utterly tragic deaths of two brothers in Sialkot, the jury has given a judgment.
Talking to Dawn, the family of Mughees and Muneeb said they were satisfied with the verdict in which the court sentenced seven of the convicts to death on four counts, gave life-term on four counts to six of them and jailed nine policemen, including a former district police officer, for three years.

Perhaps they can now begin to heal.

Given this with a prompt verdict on Sarfaraz Shah’s case, can one begin to hope for justice in this country which often seems to host more chaos than order?

Will people who assume they can take the law in their own hands, think twice before they start beating an innocent teenager to death?

Can the citizens of Pakistan finally expect efficiency in the cases of complete injustice?

Dawn.com invites its readers to give their view.


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110 Responses to “Justice, finally?”

  1. “Take away love and our earth is a tomb.” ~ Robert Browning

  2. Maria Rehman says:

    Justice always comes although it may be late or too late but must comes.i pray to ALLAH to bring peace & Harmony in Pakistan.

  3. Nisar Channa says:

    I was very delighted when I listened the verdict because the way they did that criminal and brutal act were liable of such punishment. I request the government to provide such type of justice in all the cases but without delay .

  4. sana yasin says:

    Finally Justice.they deserve it and InshaAllah will be sanctioned to death.

  5. Zulfiqar says:

    Finally, some justice.

    But I honestly think the policemen deserve life imprisonment, too. If they done their job and intervened and stopped the mob, the two boys would have been alive and there wouldn’t be the need to five death penalty to these animals either. So many lives lost due only to police inaction and they only get three years?

  6. yasmeen says:

    Finally justice was seen to be done, in a legal way. May the souls of the victims rest in peace. Sialkot has set an example for the rest of the country.

  7. Ashfaq says:

    first thing is that, the family of victims can never be satisfied fully – only Allah can give them sabr & shower His blessings so that they slowly come to normal life and expect Jaza from Allah for this great loss. May help the family.

    Somewhat releif (they will never have their sons back in this world) that law can provide is only, only & only when the punishmet is ACTUALLY carried out.

    second thing is, the punishment to the police is extremely less than they deserved – they could have stopped the lynching very easily

    third what about many other such killings where there is no footage available?

    fourth, if this punishment is actually carried-out, would be a sigh of releif for Pakistani people thinking there is justice in pakistan even for one out of many hundred of cases

  8. sanaullah bugti says:

    thank God, may their souls rest in peace amin. but this is just a beginning and justice needs to be more common than it is now.

  9. Ahmed HM says:

    There are people who are commenting on the killers of Bilal and trying to somehow pin these brothers as the alleged killers should know that a person is not guilty till brought to the court.
    If you try to follow the steps of these brothers, their familes and their life … its more like an allegation based on some old grievance. They were specifically hit on the faces so that their faces are not recognized later onwards. Even their parents did not know about their kids till Iftar when they started to search for their missing kids.

    I think the punishment is less, these killers should also be hanged upside down along with Waqar CHohan.

    • Ahmed says:

      Agreed. These people should be handed even harsher punishments ! and yes even if the two murdered brothers were dacoits, even then killers should be punished. The SHO should also have received death sentence.

  10. Atif says:

    being a skeptic i would be satisfied when the death penalty is actually carried out.

  11. Shehzad Zafar says:

    The other two people of the village allegedly killed by two brothers due to which this lynching occured are still waiting for justice. Can any one tell that who killed them.

    • Ahmed HM says:

      Just be realistic and try to follow the case. It was just an allegation that these brothers were involved in the kiling of those two brothers. The boys were killed even before brought to the court …

      There are many who get killed by dacoits everday, and no justice occurs …

  12. Bina says:

    jusitce is finally done but this was one incident caught on camera and so it got attentions, there will be many Hafiz and Muneeb who never got justice and may never will.

  13. kashif says:

    It is encouraging to read that justice has been done but what i want to know is that what about the other kid who was murdered at the same day(i think bilal was the name) by these two suspects(two brothers). Did their family got the justice? plz justice should be same for all, and not for only those who got media attention.

  14. Usman says:

    It has been a great decision. I wish these people to be hanged at the same place where they killed both brothers. Unless the execution is public, impact of such decisions is not long lasting for the society. An example needs to be set for the killers so that in future nobody dare such inhuman acts..

  15. abdul says:

    Only if the judiciary system starts functioning efficiently, independently and correctly then a big change can emerge immediately.

  16. abdul says:

    Only if the judiciary system in Pakistan starts making efficiently

  17. BN says:

    One more feather in the cap for the Pakistani Judiciary! Still, the policemen should have got the death sentences as they facilitated the lynching.

  18. Shakeel GHOURI says:

    It’s happy to see that we still have the values of justice and true norms of life. Tribute to the our judiciary who have declared such great verdict. There was a chance that if this case had been dealt on the basis of political affiliation, it would have never been solved in this manner. At least, now people will not venture to commit such heinous crimes.

  19. anwar hakam says:

    While the sentences of these barbarians seem befitting the crime, I am afraid it will be most likely reduced, if not entirely overturned on appeal in the higher courts. Therefore we don’t need to get too excited too soon. Let’s pray that these sentences are actually carried out.

  20. Parus says:

    Finally a ray of hope has emerged after so many dark years…….its a good start

  21. Tariq says:

    A lower court announced its decision, there is still a long way for implementation. Soon you will hear the news that criminals challenge the lower court decision in higher court. Again lawyers’ mafia will come into to the picture, one mafia group will defend the decision other will oppose. Both groups will make substantial money and publicity by this week case. Probably higher court will take two to five years for giving the decision. Decision will change the lower court’s verdict – decision may be like sentenced to one of the convicts to death on two counts, gave life-term on three counts to two of them and jailed one for six months and found others innocent and order to release them including former district police officer.

  22. K Khan says:

    I am very satisfied with the decision. when I first saw the Video I am very surprised to see how the people killing the innocent brothers and no one even tried to stop them that why the Allah Azaab come to our nation. Unless we stop killing innocent people Allah Azaab never ends. In my view kill these people the same way they killed the innocent boys, so they know how much pain the innocent boys got before they died.

  23. Taimur says:

    that is encouraging. I hope Qadri, the murderer also gets punishment from our courts.

  24. Arif says:

    Amen .
    Let the healing begin.

  25. Z. Niazi says:

    NOT ENOUGH! The Judiciary needs to set absolute precedence in a BIG way… Make examples out of them in a very PUBLIC way…Only then will these heartless and mindless animals learn to understand the value of LIFE itself…

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