Pakistan and the way forward

Pakistan and the way forward

With August 14 approaching fast, would like to know your thoughts on Pakistan and the way forward.

In your opinion, what should be done today to fix the many problems Pakistan faces?

Please give your answer in one sentence along with your name, age, location and profession to qualify for the survey.


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259 Responses to “Pakistan and the way forward”

  1. R.K.Jain says:

    Seriously and genuinely abandon your obsession to snatch Kashmir, all your problems will be solved.

    R.K.Jain,63 yrs,

  2. usama says:

    Nation Should Re concile its Ethical values. Foreign aid should be rejected

    • sakthivel says:

      at present Pakistan could not survive without foreign aid. Instead of spending foreign aids in military purpose Pakistan must properly spend the aids in education, health and infrastructure

  3. Omer says:

    FIRST Pakistan, remove politics from public institutions.

  4. Pakistani says:

    Work for the country n nation not for their own personal motives, from public to government, new leadership required, zero to less American influence, stand on your own feet no American aid means no American influence, stop drones attacks , stop army action wherever its happening.
    And let the verdicts of judiciary should be respected by government.
    make the country as per the speeches and aspirations of the founding father Quaid-e-Azam Mohmmad Ali Jinnah.

    Nothing is lost, but we as nation need to work smart and hardly and honestly. no one will come to our help including China or US, its just we the people could help our own self n bring ourself out of this mess which are responsible.

    Pakistan Zindabad!

  5. Huma says:

    1-Should control corruption
    2-Control on inflation.
    4-Public awareness

  6. Palvasha von Hassell says:

    Develop love for country, social conscience and promote education.

  7. umair says:

    Unity, Faith, Discipline.

  8. Mansoor Iqbal says:

    Just plan to vote for Imran Khan , he is the man with the plan!

  9. Imtiaz says:

    Army’s budget should be cut by 50% and proceeds diverted to education. School curriculum should be changed to secular international and best man to do that is Dr Pervaiz Hoodbuoy. State and mosque be separated. There should be uninterrupted democracy for decades, which will bring in transperancy, rule of law, human rights and freedom of thought and action.

  10. R.N.Swamy says:

    Make peace with India!

  11. Aamil Dharani says:

    I think Education will solve all problems in Pakistan

    Aamil Dharani
    Dallas, Texas
    Student on Facebook on Facebook