Justice, finally?

Justice, finally?

Justice delayed in some cases isn’t always denied. After a year since the senseless and utterly tragic deaths of two brothers in Sialkot, the jury has given a judgment.
Talking to Dawn, the family of Mughees and Muneeb said they were satisfied with the verdict in which the court sentenced seven of the convicts to death on four counts, gave life-term on four counts to six of them and jailed nine policemen, including a former district police officer, for three years.

Perhaps they can now begin to heal.

Given this with a prompt verdict on Sarfaraz Shah’s case, can one begin to hope for justice in this country which often seems to host more chaos than order?

Will people who assume they can take the law in their own hands, think twice before they start beating an innocent teenager to death?

Can the citizens of Pakistan finally expect efficiency in the cases of complete injustice?

Dawn.com invites its readers to give their view.


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110 Responses to “Justice, finally?”

  1. malik says:

    Not yet. We have to wait until their sentences are carried out in letter and spirit.

  2. Zubair Abbasi says:

    It remains to be seen, how appellate courts handle this case. Don’t forget Mukhtarain mai case, where all accused were sentenced to death by the trial court but acquitted at the Supreme Court.

    Unfortunately, our laws lagged behind and it is not difficult for any criminal to go scot free and countless innocents to suffer the severity of law.

    This failure of law to represent the feelings and fullfil the needs of society is one of the major causes of the failure of effective governance in our country.

  3. mohammad says:

    it is ok, we need to root out such mafia and corrupt system from our society, as per the teachings of our prophet(peace be upon him).MAY ALLAH GIVE US HIDAYAH

  4. Aftab says:

    encouraging sign, good to see these evils are behind the bars…. I think the punishment for police officers is not enough. Also it is a good example for people who take Law in their hand and think they can avoid the punishment. Hope It will give more courage to judges to take decisions on merit. Allah bless Pakistan…..

  5. Indian justice system have lot to learn from this example. In India it would have taken 10-20 years for this to happen, even if this has happened the punishment would be 7 years imprisonment with Rs.2000/- fine.

  6. The funny thing in such situations, is how every person of the general public has become a judge in passing “judgements” of “3 years is nothing” and the likes; when judges sit in the courtroom, they have the entire investigation in front of them along with all the case details. The media did a good job by highlighting the case, but they definitely didn’t give a COMPLETE picture of the case, the situation, or of what exactly happened.

    Something we keep forgetting is whether the two boys were innocent young kids or small-time robbers is not up to us to decide, it is up to the courts, that deduce it from the investigation results.

    However, regardless of the outcome of any investigation, no individual can take into their hands the law and all cases should be referred to the judiciary.

  7. Razzaq says:

    Mumtaz Qadri is still waiting for judgement? Why? he has confessed killing Salman Tasir more than once.

  8. Murtaza says:

    Justice will only be served if superior courts do not overrule this judgement. It seems to be the norm in Pakistan that lower courts, anti-terrorist courts convict people and the superior judiciary lets them free. Until convictions turn into punishments, nothing will change. Rather government should introduce public punishments for such cold-blooded crimes to really make future crime perpetrators think twice before committing such henious crimes.

  9. Farrukh says:

    Justice is done, perpetrators got their punishment, but the question remains,,, has the menace been removed from its roots? are the innocents secured from such evils in future? what measures the nation has taken to strenthen the bond of tolerance and respect the dignity of our fellow countrymen?

  10. Rabia Khan says:

    Hi every one,as all saying justice done.I want to raise one question…as eye witness hv
    recorded their version that first man Mr Bilal was shot by these two brothers and when mob arrested them others hv identified them as mobile and jewelry snatchers on gun point.And also quoted they had misbheaved with ladies while sntaching their earings.Now tell Me,a man shot dead at spot,they couldnt run,got caught..what would realtives of deceased do???And then others come whole have been robbed by them????Justice been served to whom???

  11. Zafar Khan says:

    Rest in peace dear Mughees and Muneeb as great provisions and bounties are waiting for you in paradise. And for the killers! I hope you rot in the prison while you wait for your execution and may you find no respite but everlasting torture in HELL. How much I remain saddened with the thoughts of the merciless and brutal beating both of you went through last Ramadan. You will be remember for a long time to come Mughees and Muneeb. We will continue missing you and praying for both of you. Rest in peace my children!

  12. Muhammad Saeed says:

    i appreciate the decision, but just assume what if this incident not recorded on mobile, wheather our police and judiciary has capability to issue such verdict.

  13. Murtuza Babrawala says:

    After the tragic killing of these two brothers, I lost all hope to see Pakistan as a moderate and modern Islamic state. Now this verdict, although a bit late inspite of all the evidence, have arisen the hope Pakistan will turn around.

  14. Rizwan says:

    This is great news and a very positive step towards the cleansing of our society. However, we must not forget that this incident is only one of many incidents that happen in our society very often. This happens to be something that was caught on video. I am very sure the only reason these killers were even arrested is that they were caught on video and our media rightly made a big deal out of it.
    Having said that, it really made my day to see that these scum of the earth will get what they deserve.
    RIP the two brothers!

  15. Rehan says:

    Who then killed ‘Bilal’ the milk man and the young boy ? When will Bilal and his family get justice?

    • Ahmed HM says:

      How many people are killed in mobile snatching incidents encounters everyday? Are the killers caught?
      No alleged deserved punishment till proved guilty …

  16. Annas says:

    I am really delighted to listen for the first time that justice has been served in this land of free people. We call the westerners free whereas here in pakistan every one is free to kill and maim others.

  17. khalid says:

    Hats off to the brave judges and please give them the remaining issues too.

  18. Kareem says:

    Let us pray that perpetrators of Kharoatabad incident are also brought to book.

  19. Mohsin says:

    I don’t think that perputators would be sentenced as per verdict. This is only a political show.

  20. Vaqar Raees says:

    Now, it is media’s responsibility.
    Publisize the news as much as possible.
    So that it may show that justice is still available, if intentions is there, and may become ea example for those who want to do a same crime again, which has been done.

  21. Jawad says:

    I am happy that they finally got them. This is really a big decision congrats !!!! but I think they deserve the same kind of death as they given those two innocent brothers, my heart still cry for them. God bless them.
    If we keep continue wrap up these type of cases in this fashion I am sure one day we will be an honor nation in the world.

  22. Nasir Sayani says:

    Wow! Long awaited justice, I don’t think all my life I have ever seen a justice like this, especially the policemen, they didn’t get more but something is better than nothing. Brave to the presiding judge.

  23. Aisha says:

    This is very good to see our country giving justice, they should also be hung in front of public like they did it brutally with those bothers. The video was spine-chilling but the question is what about the people who were encircling the assaulter and making videos??

  24. waseem says:

    Chief justice zindabad. justice will give a new face to pakistan. When killers and terrorists will hanged on the street with death penalties after that the crime ratio will definately reduced. These killers should not allowed appeal to supreme court. (Patriotic pakistani)

  25. Agha Ata says:

    A judgemt is no judgement unless the sentence is inflicted on the criminals. Chances are that the culprits would appeal in the higher courts and before long will be acquitted, as it has been happening in Pakistan for decades. History repeats itself more frequently in this country than in any other? (The recent example is of Mukhtaran Bibi)

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