Facing the music

Facing the music

Pakistani cricketers, Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir were handed down sentences at the Southwark Crown Court in London today.

Salman Butt is to get 30 months of prison time as the judge holds him responsible for ‘corrupting Amir’ while Mohammad Asif has been handed a one-year sentence and Amir will be detained for six months at the Young Offenders Institution.

In your opinion, is this a fair verdict?

More importantly, will this discourage players from indulging in corrupt practices in cricket?


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245 Responses to “Facing the music”

  1. ghosia says:

    the verdict is absolutely right.they deserve this punishment. although we can not neglect their talent and the lose of their absent but we are better than the these dishonest players of the team.this punishment will teach a lesson to other Perfidious.none of other will dare to do this again.

  2. Waqas Majeed says:

    im satisfied with the verdict but i would want amir back by all means, he was innocent, he was directed to do wrong things, therefore he should be given one more chance!

  3. Nisar Hussain says:

    thats good now no one can make such kind of mistake

  4. Wajih Qidwai says:

    Very well deserve punishment. We have been saying that PCB could have save them. But Why? do we really trust on our boards? We know that a ban was placed on Shoaib Akhter in Past and we heard voices in his favour from everywhere and even some politicians were there to help him. Nobody was ready to listen what he has done? We could see a lot of demonstration from all the the Pakistan in favor of these 3 cricketers if the same punishment was given in Pakistan by Pakistani Board or Courts.

  5. khan jr says:

    According to the Justice Qayum report the rot began in 1979 with Asif Iqbal. There was a lull (probably singlehandedly due to Imran Khan’s captaincy) which was followed by a complete collapse of ethics.

    The report names and shames the likes of Wasim Akram, Salim Malik, Ijaz Ahmad and Inzamam-ul-Haq.

    For a start advertising companies should at least refrain from displaying Wasim Akram’s face on TV, which is quite ridiculous when viewed with the mound of evidence against him. Otherwise it would indicate that being a corrupt match fixer still pays dividends.

    Former players such Wasim Akram and Inzamam should no longer be depicted as cricketing ‘heroes’ but as cricketing villains, who betrayed the trust of the Pakistani public.

    • Kamran says:

      I totally agree.

      It annoys me that Wasim akram, Inzi, Ijaz Ahmed have got away with throwing away so many matches for money.

      They should b charged with treason instead of benig treated like heroes.

  6. irshad says:

    corruption by star heroes must be checked.Since the balance in the accounts of players has come to surface. The federal Board of Revenue should discharge its obligation/duty to charge to tax the ill-gotten money of corrupt players,

  7. Tahir Shariff says:

    Match fixing incidents of IPL should also be investigated

  8. Izzy says:

    Look at these guys. What Pakistan gave them and what they gave back to my Pakistan. Shame on all of ‘em.

  9. azam says:

    if i was jury member i would have sentenced them severe punishment and made an example in history.

  10. Kamran says:

    Good, now go after the rest of them..ex players included!

    If you take a look at what was going on in the 1990’s, some of Pakistans major superstars were accused of fixing matches let alone spot fixing.

    If you refer to the Justice Qayyum inquiry, and read some of the statements by the former players themselves, alarm bells ring at what some of the greats of Pakistan of cricket had been accused of.

    A Pakistani judge had fined the likes of Wasim Akram, Inzimam and had banned Salim Malik for life.
    They were all notoriously involved in match fixing, the loss to Bangladesh in the 99 WC is a prime example!

    I feel if we dealt with the problem of match fixing in the 90’s, Pakistan cricket would not be in the sorry state it is now.

    Its no surprise that corruption still exists in Pakistan cricket as we never dealt with the problem earlier.

  11. touseef says:

    They deserves punishment their punishment would turn out to be Symbolic and a lession for youth …

  12. kumar says:

    I do not believe that Pakistani players are capable of any wrong doings; the British are trying to malign the fair name of Pakistani cricketers and spoil the name of Pakistsan itself. The whole episode is untrue, a utter lie. Pakistani players zindabad! Pakistan zindabad!!

  13. F Khan says:

    They all deserve what they got. Aamir has already accepted the charges so there should be no discussion as to were they involved or not. If we want that this does not happen in Pak cricket again PCB should go after Kamran Akmal & Wahab Riaz there is enough evidence to prosecute them as well. Harsh punishment is the only deterrence against avoiding future such incidences.

  14. Imran Hotiana says:

    Pakistan’s first notorious cricketer was Saleem Malik since then no player was brought to justice. Substantial penalty is always required to deter further and future corruption but unfortunately Pakistan seldom witness anything more than ban on already retired players. Absence of deterrence could make any society a nursery for corruption and this is what happened in our case. I hope this decision will force other players to think twice before selling their game and fans at least outside Pakistan. I wish similar verdicts could be awarded and carried out on our politicians and bureaucrats.

  15. Abbas says:

    In these difficult times for the nation, if these three committed such crime bringing disgrace to all of us it means they had no respect for their nation, neither any self respect. Infact it should have been 10yrs each, 2.5yrs is too little for the damage and humiliation they have caused to millions

  16. zubair says:

    the verdict was fair, rather lenient. it will not bring any behavioural change either in convicted players or in pakistan team squad as fines were nominal. only heavy fines may bring some behavoural change in corrupt pakistani psyche.

  17. Aftab Ahmed Shah says:

    Three defaulting players have been rewarded beffitingly for their adventurism. They truly deserved what they got for bringing shame to their motherland. Nation is now wondring when our corrupt, morally bankrupt and incapable politicians shall face the music!!! We all are looking forward to that blessed day when we shall get rid of this curropt lot. Allah please help us.

  18. Hashim says:

    I think they have got far less then what evil deed they have done, Asif & salman’s property( that acquired after joining cricket team) should be confiscated while feel sorry for Amir who has been trapped by capt & his gang

  19. Shoaib says:

    Three Pakistani EX-STARS will remain in UK prison for upto 2.5 years! WHAT A SHAME FOR THE NATION!

    My question when the episode became public it was quite evident for a sane mind that they are gonna be proven guilty. Why couldn’t we prosecute and charge them in Pakistan? Any ban or imprisonment in Pakistan prior to this action would have been much less shame-less. ALAS! we absolutely have no ability for reasonable thinking.

    Pakistan is not alone, it’s crystal clears that leagues like IPL are staged, completely manipulated world cup and the list will be long. The problem is we have most inept any myopic International representation in the form of current PCB.

    • Faisal says:

      Brcause crime took place in UK. Once they are done with them you can prosecute them. :)

    • S. Zafar H. Rizvi says:

      How could this be a national shame. Its a shameful act no doubt and we may feel betrayed by the act of these
      crooks but we must remember these are individuals whom we as a nation did not choose. Its a
      national disgrace when our elected reps indulge themselves in these crooked activities and what have
      we done to rid ourselves from crooks? c’mon people focus on.the right target

  20. J says:

    Are we waiting from Scotland yard to come and get la ran akmal and wahab riaz?

  21. javed Shafi says:

    They are lucky to get mild sentences by Justice Cooke.It could have been worse.However it is shameful.

  22. rafiq khan says:

    shame on them and on our collective conscious.

  23. Aamir says:

    I think Salman Butt being the most educated person was trapped in this whole episode of corruption. His facial expressions, his present outlook, his appeal to the court all suggest that he is trying hard to convince that he was framed. I still have a feeling that the corrupt Asif and Aamir were involved, not Butt.

    • Shoaib says:

      What’s education got to do with this! Salman Butt once didn’t deserve a place in the team but he had strong back-up in the board, that’s why despite his poor performance he was continuously pushed with the team. Eye-opening example, he was made vice captain in inaugural T20 cup. (wow! such irrational appointments can only be done in Pakistan).

      The point I’m trying to prove is if you appoint someone at a place s/he didn’t deserve, chances of corruption at very high. In a broader perspective the case is so true about the whole nation. NO MERIT, MORE CORRUPTION

    • M.Kashan says:

      I appreciate your opinion about Salman Butt but I don’t think that he is innocent. whereas for Asif, he was found guilty the last time as well. However, I conceive that Amir got carried away with all that money he would be making by just 2 no balls as he belongs to an average family

  24. The developments which took place since last 4-5 years in Pak cricket team have made them a laughing stock. Afridi and Younus khan have acted in very irresponsible way in recent past. sudden disappearance of Zulkernain to London disgraced the team.Then came the most shocking news of Butt,Asif and poor Amir
    being indicted of corruption charges. All these don’t augur well for the team. Trio have conducted in a very shameful manner. Its an act of treason and punishment given to them fall much short against the crime they have committed.

  25. Concerned patriot says:

    The act of the 3 cricketers was CHEATING and actually amounting to TREASON against our beloved Pakistan.Pakistan must ban them indefinitely.We as a nation take such acts lightly and thus land ourselves in bad limelight again and again.Examples, good ones, should be set.In the case of AFRIDI, who was caught CHEATING in Australia biting the ball, has again been welcomed back in Pak team as a hero.What examples are we giving/setting for our youngsters.PCB must toughen above including the Patron in Chief.Pakistan’s honour is most important.


    • Tahir Shariff says:

      Certainly a law can be passed making overseas match fixing by national players is an act of treason. Yes, we need laws that are stricter than Sharia.

    • Waheed says:

      Afridi was caught not only biting the ball but also once he was caught digging the pitch. He should have been banned for at least 5 years. Instead, the whole Pakistan was Boom Booming all around him and wanted PCB to make him Pakistan captain (including past cricketers). Unfortunately Ijaz Butt obliged to public and ex. cricketers demand. I wonder most of us who are going after Aamir, Asif and Salman Butt in rage and disappointment are really feel ashamed on their acts or are just mad because they were caught cheating and deceiving……

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