Haqqani exit

Haqqani exit

Husain Haqqani has resigned from his position as Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States following his meeting with the top leadership of the country. Haqqani has said he is ready to face inquiries regarding his alleged involvement in the memo-gate scandal.

While the diplomat’s three-year tenure in the key position has come to an end, the scandal is not likely to be buried in the near future. The government was brought under pressure by opposition parties to launch a fair probe in to the matter and Haqqani’s exit seemed inevitable.

Will Haqqani’s resignation pave the way for a fair and independent probe into the scandal?

Who, in your opinion, is likely to be handed the all-important appointment of Pakistan’s ambassador to the US?

How will the US government react to Haqqani’s exit and will the move strengthen or weaken the relationship between the two countries?

How do you rate Haqqani’s three-year tenure as Pakistan’s ambassador?

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35 Responses to “Haqqani exit”

  1. Shazia says:

    I give credit to Mr Haqqani for resigning. He has the right to prove himself innocent, unless proven guilty.
    This unpleasant incident has put the diplomatic front one foot back, in these troubled times for our nation.

  2. Hamid Abbasi says:

    It reminds me of a line from Ghalib’s poetry:
    “Bade bay abroo ho kay tere koochay se hum niklay”.

  3. Sheikh Salamat Ali, says:

    In our foreign policy affairs, back-door diplomacy, is practically a way of secret, confidential style of handling state issues, if necessary under or beneath the office- table. Mr.Hussain Haqqani, since long, had enjoyed close, confidential relationship with the top leadership of all political parties/rulers, who used to, both strong as well as weak sort of rulers, just as we have at present. As our powerful ambassador to the most powerful USA, Professor Haqqani used to do all possible ‘things’ which he deemed fit to please the Pakistani ‘topmen’. It was his way
    of doing things, mostly at his own, which sometimes back-fired as we find in the current ‘memo-gate’ affair, and for which he had to pay the price of his over-confdence style of doing things diplomactic. Anyhow on surface this is not something unpardoneable in our own peculiar pakistani style of diplomatice-practices.His resignation is suffice as punishment, if an inquiry equired so. The present situation is not,simply, the work of an individual act. It is a collective outcome of our mindset shapped during all-powerful regimes, which we must regard as things of past, never to be repeated again.

  4. Fahad Baqai says:

    although he is a part of the Zardari team, but Zardari will used him as a escape goat.
    Also I am sad about Haqqani’s resignation, as I am of view that he is in intelligent person and has handled the affairs till now very diligently.

    Also Army will considered this as their win and civilian govt will be considered as failure which is not a good sign for democracy


    I have no doubts that Mr Haqqani is an intelligent person and has handled the affairs till now very diligently.The way he climbed the ladder to success is quite interesting.The real picture will ultimately come after the investigations but I feel he is trapped by the divine law which goes side by side of the physical laws.Being smart is something else but being over smart can be disastrous.I wish him good luck.

  6. IMRAN ASLAM says:

    Three year period of Haqqani in USA was disastrous for Pakistan; he was either working for himself or his boss, Asif Zardari and not for the country. Pakistan-USA relationship during his term sunk to all time low.

  7. ajit says:

    It is amzing to note that Mr. Husain Haqqani was trapped in to leaving an electronic trail of communication with a person like Mr. Mansoor Ijaz ,which was authinticated by none other than Suja Pasha ,the ISI chief !
    May be we will never know the real answers.
    It seems Mr. Haqqani is naive and inexperienced enough to willingly sacrifice his three year carrer as a diplomat to postpone the demise of Mr. Zardari in the aftermath of Mr. Osama Bin Laden’s discovery in Abbotabad.
    It seems Pakistan’s military establishment is sending a strong message to America indicating that America will have to communicate with Pakistan military and not the civilian government through their chosen and trusted representative.Civilian government is not allowed to communicate either freely or serectly with the US policy makers. Least of all the civilian government shall not make a deal like Kerry-Lugar which under cuts military component of financial support that Pakistan receives.
    This is a crucial and pivotal time for the military power brokers in all the countries such as Egypt,Syria,Myanmar, Pakistan and so on. It is the Pakistan military’s last desperate attempt to wrest control from the civilian rulers which is destined to loose in the end. Peoples all across the globe are not willing to accept the supremacy of military rulers.
    US in this context will play hard ball and not yeild to the HQ.

  8. Saad M. Waraich says:

    I personally am sad about Haqqani’s resignation, either forced or voluntary. Relationships between the US and Pakistan will not be affected significantly but Haqqani’s removal will further exacerbate the civil-military balance problem in Pakistan.

    His removal will be taken as a victory by the khakis as they never liked him from the very beginning. One of his biggest crimes was not being to protect “their honor” duing the KL Bill discussions.

    Am also quite disappointed in the opposition for the way they jumped on the memo issue and made such a big deal out of it. NS and co knew full well that it is civilian autonomy that stood to lose but for them the short-lived pleasure of seeing Zardari squirm was good enough.


  9. Rauf Soomro says:

    While Mr Haqqani’s resignation is good step in a democratic norms and for accountability, but having a national endemic hypocrisy and dishonesty where no one is really honest and free from various considerations, the question of fair and independent probe into the memo scandal is virtually unthinkable especially in the country/nation that has been divided in various nationalities, religio-sectarian and ethnic lines, and all the institutions are not only decaying, but fighting with themselves; and where there is no rule of law, but law of jungle-might is right.

  10. Arif Kamal says:

    Haqqani was a much better ambassador than what Pakistan gives him credit for. He single handed had to defend and represent Pakistan during the shameful arrest of Osama Bin Ladin, and through numerous Pakistani fiasco’s. Having met and dealt with many Pakistani ambassadors to the US, I must say Haqqani did a great job. He came with a lot of baggage and was not initially liked or respected by the community, yet he earned his stripes. Zardari made a scrape goat out of him in memogate, and as in the past Zardari will make it up to Haqqani. Politics is a dirty business.

  11. Amir Alam K. says:

    Haqqani resignation is a smoke screen. There is much to it. I can’t believe Haqqani would write a memo without the tacit approval of Zardari. He has been made scape goat.

  12. iqbal says:

    It was timely decision by Haqani to resign from his position. However,it has yet prove that who is behind the scene, Hussain haqani has offered his full co-operation by offering Blackberry record and blogs too. Pak- US relations wont be affected any more beceause who ever would take ambassador’s caharge, He/she would be on same line of manging better relations between US and Pakistan.

  13. well, Mr Haqani was a mouth piece of an in efficient government and he was serving Washington more than Islamabad. his activities from the beginning were not up to the work and his sole aim was to please the President of Pakistan. for this he put the nation pride and jeopardy at risk. During President and his kitchen cabinet and friends official visit to USA, mr Haqqani spend lavishly on hotel rooms and other extra curricular activities. this man dark tenure comes to a logical end.

    Any patriotic Pakistani can represent Pakistan in USA, there are many around. Pakistan is a land of talented people. the next ambassador past should be clean from any embezzlement and he should not be among the inner circle of Mr President

    US starts reacting and trying to protect the men, who are loyal to him. US get wonderful services from our ambassador, it was a premature exit for this ambassador and it is also an indication, probably Pakistan trying to get release from the clutches of US and adopting an independent and sovereign policy.

  14. Bajwa says:

    Come on guys, if Haqqani sahib has dictated such an letter, it was with the consent of govt. It is the duty of the ambassador.Why otherwise, MR Haqqani would do such a thing. Now, if president or prime minister says we will enquirer, it is politics and all over the world ambassador is the first person to suffer.

  15. Rudy says:

    Mr.Haqqani was the right guy for Pakistan which has a lot of fence mending to do. As an Indian American I wanted him to succeed but he deviated too much from his role as a diplomat to keep the Pakistani military happy. Shame that he could not continue his generally good work.

  16. MJ says:

    I think Gen. Kayani should be appointed as an ambassador to the USA along with his current job. Gen. Pasha should be made Foreign Minister, in addition to his current duties.

  17. Tahir Mahmood says:

    It was destined to happen as Mr Haqqani despite the facts that he is intelligent,hard working and devoted to his on own agenda and goal of rising to the peak of the helm of the affairs.I know and have been watching him since long time,when he was little sparrow in the media world.I am not challenging his abilities but he has been always a ambitious in his career and compromised a number of times for self projection as he likes to stay in limelight.He knows how to deliver the things and take advantage of it. Senator Kerry’s tribute to Mr Haqqani is clear indication of his good relation methods.
    Another, example of his over smartness is the letter to Washington Post on behalf of MR Zardari after 2nd May operation by US.He never denied that letter too.
    The relation between any two aubergine states are based on the policies made at county level and the Ambassador is the person who executes them and protect the country vital interests in other country.yes some time the diplomats are more active and visible in the society.It all depend which country.Like how many Pakistanis media person knows who is the ambassador of Iran in Pakistan but every Pakistani knows the name of US diplomat.
    To me it doesn’t make difference who represents Pakistan in USA but has to a career diplomat.There shouldn’t be political nominee.

  18. KZ says:

    although he is a part of the Zardari team, but will now be used as a escape goat..

  19. Mirza says:

    Haqqani is a brilliant talker, no doubt but was he a good ambassador?. A pakistani who keeps his country’s interest first. I doubt it. he was always full of himself. But then where can you find a pakistani who keeps Pakistan first.

  20. mir m hussain says:

    The former Ambassador to US Mr Haqqani, provided a great service to pakistan’s relationship with US in very difficult times, i have seen some of his interviews on us TV, he was articulate, spoke with integrity
    and clearly stated the policies of Pakistan from different issues that Goverment faced than and now.

    Having said that, i am completely dissapointed if this Memo was sent to the former Military Chief of US, to get their help in restraining our Milatary for a take over. Lets acts as a Mature nation in taking our own
    decisions and not letting others to interfere in our affairs.

    i hope a inquiry is initaited into this MEMO affair by our Judiciary and the record is set straight.

  21. Shakeel Ahmed says:

    A very sad day for civil democracy in Pakistan. It only goes to show that’s how this ungrateful country cares for a some one who tried so hard to keep her flag high in the world. It’s also shows how blinkered and blighted Pakistani media is? Is it any wonder the mere name of the country draws scorns and frowns in the world. Pakistanis have proved time and time again that they extremely paranoid, invert, self serving and narrow minded people nothing more

  22. Imran Siddiqui says:

    I am glad that Mr. Haqqani has resigned because Pakistan can’t afford a prolonged dispute between the executive and other institutions.
    This resignation will pave the way for a fair and independent probe into the scandal.
    Nothing better than a career diplomat BUT there is a possibility that former ambassado, Major Gen. Mahmood Durrani may become the ambassador to the USA, I say this because we have seen stranger things happen in Pakistan.
    Mr. Haaqani’s exit will have no impact on the current state of relatiosnhip between Pakistan and the USA because the later will fine-tune the new ambassador to their needs.
    The tenure of Mr. Haqqani was good for the PPPP and for certain institutions in the USA.

  23. Badar says:

    As Ambassador, Haqqani performed well defending Pakistan eloquently during his US media appearances. However, his American critics often mentioned that he had become too American and could not do justice with his job.

    His role during Kerry Lugar Bill and recent memos scandal was negative. If he’s innocent, he should sue both Financial Times and Mansur Ijaz. But I doubt it will happen. He should also give up wrong perceptions about Pakistani Military, his mentor and supporter during JI/IJT days at KU and much beyond.

    He deserves an impartial inquiry and should be treated with respect until proven guilty or innocent.

  24. Mohammad Ayub Khan says:

    There is no one inevitable in Pakistan. It makes no difference if Haqqani stays or exits. The system will keep running. There no one important for the people of Pakistan. There will be a long queue of aspirants standing for slot. In all cases the Pakistani people shall continue to suffer.

  25. jd shami says:

    You know why Haqanni resigned so quickly – to stop futher damage to Zardari government. I bet you Zardari/Gillani are the authors of this memo and they both must be investigated.

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